Star Trek Conventions are STUPID. Never Been to a Star Trek Convention.

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Books like this influenced me as a young lady, so I never went after Brent with romantic intentions. He had to overcome my stereotypes about Hollywood to win my heart. He did that with his music album of love songs for me, Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.
This is a pretty accurate description of Hollywood, especially under Loree McBride and why I think most of Hollywood is STUPID. That’s why I gave up on screenwriting and started writing novels instead.

What you see below is the Loree McBride Jesuit troll reaction to the above video.

Not sure why Loree McBride’s trolls are posting a bunch of crap about me buying some model kits. Why I’ve never owned model kits my whole life. I think Star Trek conventions are stupid and have NEVER BEEN TO ONE STAR TREK CONVENTION FOR THAT REASON. Anyone who believes Loree McBride’s nonsense is a retard. I fell in love with the real Brent Spiner BECAUSE OF HIS MUSIC, THE ALBUMS HE MADE FOR ME. Him being a Star Trek star was a LIABILITY HE HAD TO OVERCOME TO WIN MY HEART. In my twenties I felt all Hollywood actors were Satan worshipers and evil. By the way, I haven’t totally lost that view, especially since 2017, where Loree McBride has TOTALLY TAKEN OVER HOLLYWOOD. This is why I told my men that there were too many shallow Hollywood guys on my marriage list and I wanted the LIST PARED DOWN. My ideal man as a young lady was Christian missionary James Hudson Taylor who gave up riches and fame to be a humble, God loving missionary and almost converted the entire country of China. Yeah, I’m really the type who’d construct a Star Trek model kit!! Oh, my God! What a bunch of RETARDS to even claim such a thing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I obsess over serving Jesus Christ. I don’t waste my time with foolish Star Trek NONSENSE. The following movie shows you the kind of man I want for my husband. And, guess what, I’m so proud of Brent Spiner for studying at Dallas Theological Seminary! I’m so glad he NO LONGER WORKS FOR HOLLYWOOD, cuz Loree has used his clone to steal his acting job and DESTROYED his Hollywood career. I’ve gotten over my prejudice against Hollywood actors, but I’d still prefer Brent not deal with the HOLLYWOOD CESSPOOL, that is, UNTIL WE CAN KICK LOREE MCBRIDE’S BUTT OUT OF HOLLYWOOD.

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