King David HUMILITY (Gail Chord Schuler) vs. Absalom ARROGANCE (Loree McBride)

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The following messages by Bible scholar and teacher Dr. Robert Dean contrasts my government and leadership style (which is like King David since I am literally fifty percent King David) with Loree McBride’s leadership style (which is amazingly similar to that of Absalom, who is a type of the Antichrist).

NOTE OF INTEREST: Robert Dean’s church is located in the Meyerland/Bellaire part of Houston WHERE BRENT SPINER GREW UP. When I was married to David Schuler as a Coast Guard wife, the Lord stationed our family in the Houston area out of 120 possible duty stations! At this time, David did not know that Brent and I had been communicating long distance. The Lord knew I’d use Brent’s hometown as the backdrop for much of my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version, which the Lord describes as a prophecy. I’m still working on Silver Skies 1996 Version, cuz I never really finished it. But my goal is that it will be a Bible prophecy love story with a literary quality that will rival Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. My original intent, when I wrote Silver Skies 1996 Version was that it would be a saga that would encompass pre-tribulation earth, the tribulation and the millennium. Not sure I will write the sequel, which is set in the millennium, but am definitely researching for the tribulation section of the novel right now. I’m taking my stinking time, cuz when I started Silver Skies 1996 Version, it was my intention that this would be the only novel I’d write and it would be a masterpiece love story based on Bible prophecy. For this reason, I had done so much research for this, that I had several file cabinets filled with material for the first two-thirds of the book, which I’ve already finished. The last third, set in the tribulation, requires a tremendous amount of research, which I’m doing now.

My leadership style is characterized by humility in contrast to Loree McBride’s leadership style which is characterized by arrogance. Loree McBride has Antichrist powers and meets with Satan regularly. I know that Jesus Christ approves of my Conspiracy Law, because when I told my men I published it at my website in 2014, he clapped with approval. The following messages are thoughtful and well thought out and give wisdom to my followers to help them understand why God approves of me as U.S. President and Empress and condemns Loree McBride (who is definitely going to hell and the lake of fire unless she gets right with God). I think she feels resentful because I have forgiven Zack Knight (ex-Antichrist) and allowed him onto my marriage list, along with his true love, Rule 13. But I could forgive Loree McBride if, she, too, would choose love over arrogance. I was able to reach Zack in a rare moment when he felt totally humbled and chose for love over pride. In that respect, I am just like my ancestor David, who readily forgave his enemies. But some of his enemies, like his OWN SON ABSALOM, felt David was too soft and they resented his forgiving heart. Dr. Robert Dean brilliantly exposes the differences between King David and those who opposed David.

Here is my platform as U.S. President:

I once told Jesus that I felt the most perfect government this world has ever had was under King David and Jesus said that’s true. Of course, when Jesus comes to the throne in the future 1000 year reign, THAT will be the perfect government. It will be a Constitutional Monarchy of sorts, in that Jesus will have a law (like a Constitution) that everyone must follow or they’re in trouble. But it won’t be a Democracy, because Jesus will be a perfect ruler and so it will be a monarchy. So, it appears, my current government, based on the Bible and on Biblical truth, which is Conspiracy Law, is, thus far, the most perfect form of government yet that has existed on planet earth. In fact, I think my type of government is a TYPE OF THE MILLENNIAL REIGN OF CHRIST. It is interesting that I am literally half King David and Jesus Christ HIMSELF has King David ancestry. It appears God is giving the world a break, under my rule, before the rapture and then the horrific seven-year tribulation happens.

Any ways, I encourage those who love me as President and Empress to listen to the following videos, which describes why the type of government that I’ve instituted is the best government this world has ever seen up to this point. I feel God ordained my existence for this time, to give the world a bit of a preview of his future 1000 year reign through Jesus Christ, THE PERFECT RULER. The people who oppose me as President and Empress, will be just like those in the future millennium who will oppose Jesus Christ and take part in the rebellion at the end, siding with Satan to try and overthrow Jesus Christ.

We are all very busy and it may take some time to go through the following messages. But they are well worth your time to undo the Loree McBride anti-Biblical brainwashing and propaganda we are inundated with daily via Loree’s mainstream media propaganda machine.