World War III: Jesus Christ (Gail Chord Schuler) vs. Satan (Loree McBride)

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Hearing brain to brain that about half the world has made my Conspiracy Law the supreme law of their country. Loree McBride is very busy rounding up nations to oppose me. It appears that Russia, the United States, Mexico, China (in the midst of a civil war, but my side is winning), Iran and others side with Conspiracy Law. Basically, since Russia has been my ally since 2003, Russia’s allies are the first to get on board with me.

Loree seems to have the U.K., and much of the European Union on her side and she has the nation of Israel (or at least their government). Lots of countries are in civil war mode, because Loree is a great infiltrator and she’s trying to retake the United States.

Pray for the world.

Loree McBride is the ANTICHRIST for now. She has literal Antichrist powers. It’s obvious she won’t be the Antichrist for the tribulation (who will be a MAN). But Satan may make the Antichrist a transgender man.

I personally think we will defeat Loree McBride. And the Antichrist in the tribulation will be a transgender man Angelina Ballerina (or Alexander the Great). I believe Loree is currently ruling as Angelina’s proxy from hell.

Loree McBride may also be the False Prophet.

The reason she’s in power is cuz she has immortality right now until she fulfills her role as either Antichrist or False Prophet. I know the Antichrist cannot be killed until the final battle. Loree’s immortality has gotten to her head and she feels so special because Satan has made her his right hand person for now.

Loree McBride is actually a clone prototype and if we take out a clone, she is immediately recloned and the new clone has Antichrist powers. Actually, I am wondering if Loree is the False Prophet, because she’s really good at spreading a religion of sorts.

Angelina’s power resided more in HERSELF. Loree is more of a social justice warrior PREACHER. Perhaps Jesus has given Satan permission to use his False Prophet now, too. I know the Antichrist arrived on the scene in 2012. This is kind of complicated and to know the details you need to read my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Satan could be using females right now to confuse everyone about what’s really happening.

I believe that if Loree LOSES HER FOLLOWING, she loses her Antichrist/False Prophet powers and we will be able to execute her. When that happens, Conspiracy Law may become international. If my law becomes international, then God will use me to bring in a TYPE OF HIS MILLENNIAL REIGN right before the rapture. That would be AWESOME. That won’t happen until we are able to take out the Loree McBride Jesuits. There will NO PEACE ON EARTH AS LONG AS LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS CAN OPERATE. They have TO GO. Just like Jesus needs to take out the Antichrist/False Prophet and Satan’s followers in the Final Battle before he sets up his 1000 year reign.

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