2003 Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (7-1-2003)

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7-1-03 Bemerkung über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Ich bin sehr beshäftigt und müde. Gott offenbart mir zuviel. Ich werde später bei meinen Bibelstunde offenbaren, warum ich heute diese anderen Gesetze bestimmte.

Сейчас десять часов утра.

Refer to previous statements for definitions used in legal document below.
The following are new definitions, which will be used in the following legal document:

GENETIC MATERIAL is defined as any material from a body which yields genetic information.

INNOCENT WOMAN is defined as a woman (alive or dead) whose eggs are used for reproductive purposes without her permission and who is relevant to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case–like Loree McBride, myself and/or my family members, etc.

REPRODUCTIVE POLITICAL CONSPIRATOR is defined as any person who is a party to a reproductive procedure (cloning, artificial insemination, fertilized egg implanted in a woman, etc.) which involves using eggs or semen from people who are relevant to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case, and using their eggs or semen without their permission for reproductive purposes.

REPRODUCTIVE CONSPIRATOR is defined as any person who is a party to a reproductive procedure (cloning, artificial insemination, fertilized egg implanted in a woman, etc.) which involves using eggs or semen from people who are NOT relevant to the Spiner/Putin/Schuler legal case, and using these eggs or semen without their permission for reproductive purposes.

The Russian government will not allow stolen eggs, semen, or any material from any person’s body to be used without that person’s permission (or, if deceased, that person’s family’s permission) for any reproductive purpose (artificial insemination, cloning, or implanting a fertilized egg in a host [probably female host] body). If permission is granted from the person or, if deceased, their family, for this type of reproductive procedure, this permission must be filed in writing with the courts and must clearly state who gives the permission and name all parties to the reproductive procedure and state clearly which reproductive procedure is involved. Also, any permission granted by persons for cloning, artificial insemination and/or any pioneer reproductive procedure must be REGISTERED with the Russian government, with permission granted from the Russian government before such procedure is carried out, in order to determine if such a procedure could be deemed a threat to the Russian government. The registration must state clearly the names and identification of those whose genetic materials will be used in the reproductive procedure, so there is no doubt whose genetic material will be used in the procedure, and state clearly which reproductive procedure is involved.

If an innocent man or woman’s semen or eggs are used or have been used in reproductive procedures WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE MAN OR WOMAN INVOLVED, they have 15 days to come forward (except for artificial insemination and imprinting cases, in which they have 7 days to come forward) and have the pregnancy terminated. The methods for the public posting of this notice, will be as described in my 6-29-03 and 6-30-03 Bemerkungen. After 15 days, if any reproductive conspirators are found, they will be tried in court.

If a person is found guilty of being a reproductive political conspirator, they will be executed. For those reproductive conspirators who have produced born babies, the baby will live, but any reproductive political conspirator involved will be executed for high treason against the Russian government, and any babies that are a product of their conspiracy will be given up for adoption.

Any reproductive political conspirators who are NOT Russian citizens will be treated according to the guidelines I set forth in my 6-30-03 and 6-29-03 Bemerkungen.

For those found guilty in a Russian court of law of being a reproductive conspirator, but not a POLITICAL reproductive conspirator, they will be punished in a manner that respects the wishes of the violated persons (the INVOLUNTARY semen or egg donors), with judgments meted out by the courts on a case by case basis.

I just finished typing the above legal document and it is 10:40 a.m. I have not read today’s paper and won’t, until I type what God showed me from the Bible this morning.

What I type below within brackets should be signed and (publicized on the Russian news) by Vladimir Putin. I also sign the bracketed statement (immediately below in brackets) electronically, by my signature to this Bemerkungen. I want the bracketed statement below (with both my dated signature and Vladimir’s dated signature) to be publicized on Russian news. I encourage Brent Spiner to also write a statement, perhaps one of thanks to Vladimir Putin, and we will publicize it on the Russian news. Vladimir, Brent and myself all have highest regard for each other and there is no animosity or jealousy between us. And our mutual respect and regard for one another needs to be established and known.

[[Vladimir and I want to state our firm conviction that we feel that Brent Spiner, the American Star Trek star, is beyond reproach and absolutely innocent regarding any involvement in any type of reproductive conspiracy. And we are grateful to Brent for his generosity of spirit which supports our marriage, in spite of the fact that we believe Brent still loves Gail. A man who sacrifices the love of his life to another man, because he feels his love would be happier and safer with that other man, has a magnanimous heart, too big and generous, to be capable of the reproductive crimes which we seek to prosecute. And it is NOT our purpose in creating these new reproductive laws in Russia to implicate Brent Spiner in any way.]]

As I type my “ESL Notes” (time is 3:20 p.m.), the Jesuits are messing with my WordPerfect functions, so that they don’t respond properly to the commands. It’s causing a lot of problems. For instance, when I do Ctrl + B for bold and Ctrl + I for italic (which normally works), bold and italic are not applied to my text. They are also overriding the commands I use in the Graphics section, so I just gave up on Graphics and used a verbal description.

Today we have a very concentrated Bible study, involving two tribes: Zebulun in Numbers 26:26-27 and Joseph in Numbers 26:28-33.

1st) Zebulun.

NEW PARAGRAPH. Numbers 26:26 (2 + 6 = 8)–(5) Zebulun, (10) Sered, (15) Sardites [SARS? Is something going on in Samara, Russia? ], (17) Elon [rearrange this and you can almost spell CLONE. Also, Elon kind of sounds like LONDON or LENINGRAD–old name for St. Petersburg. Are Jesuits planning on having some clones walk the streets of London or Leningrad? Is the #26 chromosome connected with cloning? Notice, we are in word 17, the cloner is the WHORE.], (24) Jahleel, (29) Jahleelites. [TOTAL: 29] You can almost spell Loree from Jahleel and Jahleelites, except the OR is missing. Maybe all this doubles emphasis indicates CLONES? Jahleelites sounds like Japan + Loree. And if you subtract Japan and Loree’s letters from Jahleelites, you get PUTIN, without the U. However, you can almost spell Jesuits from Jahleelites, the only letter missing is U.

We are in Num. 26:26 (666?) And it was on 6-26-96 that I found out about Loree McBride, when I read the June 26, 1996 edition of the Houston Chronicle

We are talking about Zebulun. Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet. Chromosome #26?

Zebulun could be the U.N. + European Union + U.S.? Because Zebulun is word #5, associated with U.S.

Notice there are a lot of EE sounds in these verses. LorEE? Jahleelites?

Too many Japan sounds. Is Japan and/or Samara, Russia involved in the reproductive conspiracies or maybe SARS?

Are we going to have Loree clones? Lots of EE sounds, with the long E sound in English. I have a Bible with pronunciation markers.

Notice Elon + Leningrad might mean EGG.

Could the Jesuits have removed Loree’s eggs from her, maybe right after she died or while she was alive?

Sered (word #10) could be Spiner’s sperm in Loree’s egg (a fertilized egg implanted in a woman?)

If you subtract Sered from Spiner + Loree, you get PINOL, which has letters like Putin + Loree or CLONE.

I wonder why the Jesuits decided to print their lying article about Brent Spiner’s baby from the DEAD Loree in T.V. Guide? Maybe they have her eggs?

In Num. 26:29, where we discuss Joseph’s family; Gilead or the Gileadites alliterates like EGGS. We are in v. 29 and I was 29 when I was pregnant with my only child. (24) Gileadite.

[TOTAL: 24]

Num. 26:30 seems to implicate Japan and some Jews or Hebrews in the reproductive plot? Helekites?

Jeezer (Z for chromosome #26 and Japan?). K from Helekites is the 11th letter of the English alphabet. Could the Jesuits have confiscated sperm, semen, or eggs from 9-11 victims? Are we going to see some strange 9-11 offspring walking around? Maybe some Jews?

Notice how the following verse from Proverbs alliterates like EGG. Prov. 1:19 (1 + 19 = 20)–”So are the ways of every one that is GrEEdy of Gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.”


Now that I’ve finished typing my Bible study notes, I will read the paper at 6 p.m.

I have consolidated all my legal reproductive laws in one document called REPRODUCTIVE LAWS.

I just heard on the news about crooks impersonating cops and pulling people over on the road. You planning something for me, Jesuits? They have the sirens and everything. It appears Vladimir is using the reproductive laws I wrote in Russia right now, so now the Jesuits want to create the law and LAW ENFORCEMENT conspiracy.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-1-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-1-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-1-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-1-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-1-03
Place: Melbourne, FL