2003 Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (6-30-2003)

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6-30-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Ich werde später bei meinen Bibelstunde offenbaren, warum ich diese Gesetze bestimmte.

Сейчас одиннадчать часов утра.

See yesterday’s statement for the definition of the terms used in the following legal document:

If a pregnancy via an innocent man’s “stolen sperm” results in the birth of a baby, and it is found out, the mother’s case will be brought to the courts, and if the mother was a willing participant in this plot, she will be executed along with those who collaberated with her, because this type of woman is not fit for motherhood, and she and those who participated with her are guilty of HIGH TREASON against the Russian government.

The born baby will be kept alive and given for adoption.

If men or women involved in “stolen sperm” pregnancy plots are found guilty (in Russian court) of being STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS, and they are not Russian citizens, they will be DEPORTED permanently from Russia, never to visit [or return to] Russia ever again. If they return to Russia, THEY WILL BE EXECUTED, because they are considered ENEMIES of the Russian government.

Those cases where the woman was not a WILLING participant in the “stolen sperm” conspiracy will be tried individually, with judgments varying, depending on the nature of the case. If stolen sperm conspirators extorted or raped a woman into pregnancy by using an innocent man’s “stolen semen”, those who extorted or raped her will receive the death penalty (for HIGH TREASON against the Russian government). In most of these rape or extortion cases (involving innocent mens’ “stolen sperm”), aborting the fetus would be recommended.

I have not changed my mind about any laws I recommended in yesterday’s Bemerkungen. What I wrote today just gives more details about what I recommended yesterday.

I have not read today’s paper or watched the news yet, and won’t read today’s paper until I write down what God showed me in my morning Bible study. I may watch the news.

In Jude 11, Korah is mentioned, along with Balaam. Though it’s spelled Core, which rhymes with WHORE or LOREE. See previous statements. Jude 11–”Woe unto them? For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of (20) Balaam for

(22) reward, and perished in the gainsaying of (29) Core.” Core is the last word of Jude 11, which indicates GOD’S EMPHASIS. Also, Core is the 29th word of Jude 11, and I was 29 when I was pregnant with my son. That is the ONLY pregnancy I’ve had. Notice the OR sound in Core, kind of like Russian Orthodox or LOREE or WHORE?

Of further interest, we have two spellings of the same thing in the Bible: KORAH and CORE. The ONLY letters kORah and cORe have in common are OR. God emphasizes the OR. When you take the OR out of Korah and Core, you can almost spell ChinA, but you’re missing the IN☛ like the IN from PUTIN?

Numbers 26:9-11–(2 + 6 = 8) v. 9–”And the sons of Eliab, Nemuel, and Dathan, and Abiram. This is that Dathan and Abiram, which were famous in the (22) congregation, who strove against Moses and against Aaron in the company of (34) Korah [I was 34 when Brent 1st talked to me], when they strove against the Lord” [TOTAL: 40]

v. 10–” And the earth opened her mouth (artificial insemination? abortion?), and swallowed them up (11) together [both men and women involved in conspiracy must be executed] with (13) Korah, when that company (17) died, what time the fire devoured
(23) two hundred and (26 and 2 + 6 = 8) FIFTY (27) men: [the # 23 before the term two hundred and FIFTY indicates AMERICAN involvement, see my comments in previous statement about Solomon’s Song 8:12 (8 + 12 = 20☛ infidelity number)] and they became a sign.”[TOTAL: 32 words in v. 10]

Let’s turn again to Solomon’s Song 8:12. “My vineyard, which is mine, is before me: thou, O Solomon, must have a thousand, and those that keep the fruit (USA keeps the fruit–see previous statement) thereof (23) TWO HUNDRED.” The last words, TWO HUNDRED, are GOD’S EMPHASIS.

See my previous statements for the significance of the #23. In both Solomon’s Song 8:12 and Numbers 26:10, the term “two hundred” begins with WORD 23. Then God adds an extra 50 onto the term “two hundred” in Numbers 26:10, so there will be no doubt about which nation He refers to. The United States is definitely involved in this “stolen sperm” conspiracy in Russia right now. And that’s why I included in my legal documentation, which I’ve written for Putin’s benefit without any help from Putin, instructions on how to handle non-Russian citizens involved as STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS.

Please also note that there are 23 O’s in the Song of Solomon. Could the TWENTY-THREE O’s symbolize openings for abortions or for artificial insemination? See previous statement. AbORtion? Russian Orthodox? More on this OR alliteration later in this statement. Numbers 26:11–” NOTWITHSTANDING, THE CHILDREN OF (5) KORAH (6) DIED NOT.” [TOTAL: 7] This is why I’ve instructed that any babies born (life begins with the breath) from this conspiracy should be allowed to live.

THE TOTAL WORD COUNT IN NUMBERS 26:9-11 is 79. Is Bill Fuller 79? I think he is. I graduated from Florida State University in 1979. V. 9 has 40 words. V. 10 has 32 word. V. 11 has 7 words.

32 minus 7 = 25. 40 minus 32 = 8. 7 + 8 = 15. 40 minus 7 = 33. 25 + 8 = 33. What religion allows Jesus Christ to DIE TWICE with their wafer ceremony?

NEW PARAGRAPH. The last word of Numbers 26:15 is SHUNITES. It sounds like Schuler + Putin.

The last word of Num. 26:20 (infidelity #) is ZARHITES. #26 chromosome?

The last verse about the tribe of JUDAH (my tribe) is Num. 26:22 (26 + 22 = 48 or 1948, year when Israel became a nation). Num. 26:22–(15) THREESCORE, (20) five. Threescore sounds like WHORE or LOREE or SCHULER or R for Russia? Notice that W and L are missing from THREESCORE, this is because God OMITS the W and the L, in order to INSULT THEM. God does not want to honor the Whore or Loree. And what verse comes after v. 22?

NEW PARAGRAPH in Num. 26:23.

13 verses in Numbers 26 start with the word “Of”. The LAST verse that starts with “Of” in Num. 26 is verse 49. Brent was born in 1949. Ruckman was saved in 1949. Could the “Of” be an abbreviation for Offering? Maybe it symbolizes Balaam’s Satanic Heave Offering? See my earlier statements regarding the Heave Offering. One of the “Of” verses is v. 44, which is also a new paragraph. “Of the children of

(5) Asher after their families: of Jimna, the family of the Jimnites: of (17) Jesui, the family of the (22) Jesuites: of Beriah, the family of the (29) Berites.” [TOTAL: 29] 29 is my pregnancy age. Berites sounds like Brent + Putin, maybe the Jesuites’ semen concoction with Brent and Putin’s semen? Because the #22 is linked with the Jesuits, it seems to indicate that they fake like they’re ROYAL JEWS from King David and that they are JESUS CHRIST and from his family. Notice all the #5s associated with the whore. It indicates the Whore has strong dealings with the United States. And that the U.S. is involved in the SEMEN plot. BUT, they fake like they are Brent and Putin’s friends, so a lot of these traitors who appear to be on Putin’s side (and cause so much trouble for us) fit the description of the Jesuits (by studying the numbers we have a description of the Jesuits) in this verse. The numbers preach their own message.

Num. 26:46, the last word is Sarah, Asher’s daughter. They claim to be THE JEWS. This is what I’ve said all along. Sarah is THE MOTHER OF THE JEWS.

The last WORD of Numbers 26 is NUN. Sounds like PUTIN.

NEW PARAGRAPH. Let’s go back to Numbers 26:23. Could Issachar be Russia? Num. 26:23–(17) PUA, (22) PUNITES. (Vladimir Putin?) [TOTAL: 22]

Num. 26:24–(9) SHIMRON, (14) SHIMRONITES. Schuler + Putin? You can spell MRS. From Shimron or Shimronites and NOTICE THE WORD NUMBERs 9 and 14. You take the MRS out, and both words almost spell Schuler and Putin. [TOTAL: 14]

Num. 26:25–(15) thrEEscORe. [TOTAL: 21]

Numbers 26:23-25 are all about Issachar (Russia?). Notice the total word count from these verses about Issachar is 22 + 14 + 21 = 57. I was born in 1957. The numbers 23 and 25 seem to indicate a strong U.S. involvement with Russia, and not all of it is good.

Numbers 26:38–This is Benjamin, Brent Spiner’s tribe. The children of Benjamin are ASHBEL? Are these the offspring of Brent’s stolen sperm? By the way, there was a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called “The Offspring” and I based my “Lal” teleplay, which made print in Data Entries, from “The Offspring”. Notice all the “Of” beginnings in Numbers 26, THE JESUIT CHAPTER (see v. 44). Ash-BeL or Brent + Loree? The name of Brent’s offspring are ASHBEL? God seems to hint that the sperm was stolen WHEN BRENT WAS WITH LOREE. To get enough sperm to impregnate 24,000 women would require a lot of sperm. Maybe they’ve been collecting it since the time Loree moved into Brent’s house.

I’ve always told Brent he made a BIG MISTAKE ALLOWING LOREE INTO HIS HOUSE.

Maybe Loree supplied Brent’s sperm to the Jesuits and confiscated it from him FROM HIS HOUSE. After all, the Jesuits could read Brent’s mind, so they knew when he had his fantasies. Then they instructed Loree TO GO GET IT and bring it to them. It appears the Jesuits compiled QUITE A COLLECTION (24,000 women in Russia? I’m not sure about this, but this is what God seems to indicate.) Loree was a good confiscator. That’s why Brent’s offspring are called ASHbeL, because the agent that created the offspring was the children of ASHER (Jesuits) in cooperation with Loree. Loree did great service for the Jesuits. Brent must have left quite a lot behind on his sheets and Loree GOT IT ALL. Personal opinion: I don’t think Loree got much sex from Brent, and what sex she did get, was through extortion or rape. But he had to release his sex drive somewhere and it was not going into Loree. So it went on his sheets and SHE GOT IT. When Brent let Loree into his house, THE JESUITS WERE HAVING A PARTY.

Notice that Bela and Ashbelites are mentioned as Benjamin’s offspring. Notice that you can almost spell LOREE from Bela and Ashbelites, but you’re missing OR. God is emphasizing WHO THE BREEDER IS. It’s OR or LOREE and the Russian Orthodox Church. If 24,000 women were impregnated with Brent’s sperm, some of these pregnancies are going to go to birth. So Brent will have children, and they are mentioned in Numbers 26:39-41 and what interesting names they have (Bela? Ashbel? Shupham? Ard?) Ard indicates AR for Russia.

Shupham seems to indicate that an offspring from Brent will be the Schuler/Putin marriage. In. V 41, there are 45,600 from the tribe of Benjamin.
Thought for the day: Prov. 30:5-6.

I’ve noticed in yesterday’s Florida Today, there seemed to be a lot of hints about babies, Romania, Roma, Reese (Russia?) Witherspoon, X-rays (X chromosomes?), 15, paRRish, Reese Witherspoon has a wedding ring with ASScher decorations. I wrote yesterday’s statement before I read yesterday’s paper, which was read this morning.

The phone just rang (time is 5:15 p.m.) As I typed the above paragraph, Bill Fuller got the phone.

I think the Jesuits made Reese Witherspoon into a star. You can find a cute blonde or brunette on every street corner in the U.S., and with the right props, financing, and promotions, anything is possible. Just like they made Billy Graham into a star. Reese Witherspoon’s teeth look just like Loree’s. It looks like the Jesuits wanted to create a star from a Loree McBride “look-alike”. With a multi-trillion dollar income at their disposal, it would not have been too difficult to create a star from a Loree “look-alike”. See Jack Chick’s documentation.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-30-03
Place: Melbourne, FL