Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (6-29-2003)

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6-29-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Сейчас двенадцать часов дня.
Gott mir offenbarte bei meinen Bibelstunde unglaubliche Sachen.
I have no time to write what God revealed now, but will do it later. I have not read the paper or watched the news, and won’t, until I write what God revealed to me today.

The following paragraph I just studied (time is 1:15 p.m.) is from p. 107 of The Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Handbook by Diaz-Rico (rhymes with San Francisco) and Weed:

Paraphrases of simple instructions can give students yet another opportunity to process spoken input. Repeating important words and phrases need not be dull. Wong-Fillmore (1990) gives an example of an important point that was communicated to students using simple, repetitious phrases.

TEACHER: Who remembers the person who came to speak to us yesterday? CLASS: The mayor [Diane (DNA?) Feinstein, mayor of San Francisco]. TEACHER: Good. And what was special about the mayor? CLASS: She is a woman. TEACHER: Yes! The mayor is a woman. A woman can be mayor. What else can a woman be? CLASS: President. TEACHER: O.K. (Oklahoma GOVERNOR Frank Keating? Does Frank rhyme with Francisco?), a woman can be president. What else can a woman be? CLASS: Governor. TEACHER: Yes, a woman can be governor. Very gOOd.

When I type into this Bemerkungen my Bible study notes later, the above insert from the Language Handbook will make more sense. It is amazing what God shows me. Vladimir has only spoken to me one or two sentences at the most today, and never tells me how to interpret my Bible study.

Yesterday, I wrote down WordPerfect commands to help me work faster with WordPerfect. However, the Jesuits have overriden some of these commands so that they don’t work. For instance, Ctrl + F12 does not bring up the Format box. It does NOTHING. These WordPerfect commands are listed under Edit, then Preferences, then Keyboard, in the WordPerfect 6.1 keyboard editor.

Time is 9 p.m. and I finally write what God showed me in Bible study this morning. Again, to get the full impact of the following Bible study, the verses must be studied in conjunction with the King James Bible passages mentioned:

Jude verse 11–”Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of (12) Cain, and ran greedily after the error of (20) Balaam for reward, and (24) perished (see my ESTHER comments) in the (27) GainSayING of Core.”

We are in Numbers 24 and 25.

Numbers 24:24–(9) Chittim [China?], (13) Asshur [American Jesuits who fake like they are Judah Ben HUR☛a Savior for the David woman’s people, see Hollywood movie Ben Hur], (17) Eber [Europe and Russia’s Baal worshippers, that’s why the “b” is between E and R☛these are more Jesuits]. Notice this verse is doubled with the number that is significant in the Laci Peterson case. “And ships shall come from the COAST OF CHITTIM”–SHANGHAI is on China’s COAST.

Numbers 24:25–(11) place [PALACE?] Vladimir made love to me (via 666-Computer) from the English royal palace when he was there this past week, and I believe he allowed Brent to do the same. I told Vladimir I wasn’t comfortable with this. The Brent lovemaking session got interrupted and was never finished, which is fine with me. I don’t feel comfortable about imagining I make love to two men at the same time, though I still love Brent. I have pushed my feelings for Brent into my subconscious and am satisfied to satisfy those feelings in the 1,000 year millenium, though I will be exploring them in my novel Silver Skies, if I ever get the chance to finish that book. Vladimir is very understanding about the feelings Brent and I have for each other.

I believe Brent will always have feelings for me, even if he acquires another woman; but he loves me so much he’s willing to let Vladimir have me, because he thinks I’m safer with Vladimir. Brent thinks I’m better off with Vladimir, so he’s letting Vladimir have me. Apparently, in this present life, God agrees I should be with Vladimir. My Bible study seems to confirm this, and also all the miraculous insights I’ve gotten from the Bible came after Vladimir came into my life.

Back to Num. 24:25 (24 + 25 = 49–YEAR WHEN BRENT WAS BORN). AND THIS IS THE LAST VERSE OF NUMBERS 24 (Laci Peterson case). Notice the word “place” in v. 11, this almost spells like PALACE. Did Brent Spiner’s sperm somehow get into the Buckingham palace, when Putin was there? I noticed Vladimir came with a Russian Orthodox priest, could this priest have received Brent’s sperm and somehow transported it back to the RO leader at St. Petersburg or the Moscow mayor? Maybe even transported it on Putin’s jet?

In Num. 25:1 SHITTIM (Shanghai and Moscow?) is mentioned. I asked God what SHITTIM stood for. After about 10 minutes of prayer, He seemed to indicate that it was Shanghai, China in collaberation with Moscow. In this verse, Israel is corrupted to “commit whoredom”–this indicates some sort of SEX ORGY which is part of a devil worship ceremony–the Jesuits do plenty of this stuff, the whole Jesuit order is based on Satanic rituals and worship. Notice it’s described as “commit whoredom with the daughters (plural) of Moab (Moscow with a “b” on the end, Brent Spiner’s sperm is part of the ceremony?).” MORE THAN ONE WOMAN IS INVOLVED IN THIS JESUIT PLOT.

In Num. 25:4, people’s heads are hung up, “heads” seems to indicate 666-Computer involvement in a Jesuit plot. Because this is mentioned in chapter 25, it also indicates American collaberation in the plot.

In Num. 25:6–A Midianitish woman is implicated in a plot against Israel, to CORRUPT THEM VIA A SEX ORGY (see Num. 25:1). From my previous Bible study, I believe this indicates a Moscow [Midian] woman–a Russian woman who works for Jesuits.

In Num. 25:8–(24) woman (27) BELLY. The woman who caused the Jews to turn to idol worship, was thrust THROUGH THE BELLY. Immediately, I suspected another pregnancy plot, when I read this. So far, it appears Europeans, Americans and Russians are working together in some sort of pregnancy plot involving the 666-Computer and Brent’s sperm and maybe Putin’s semen as well. Though I believe that Putin has had a vasectomy. God indicates in v. 8, that this sex orgy caused a PLAGUE. So I asked God what was the plague? He seemed to say that Moscow women will become impregnated with stolen sperm (Putin’s and/or Spiner’s) and will ALSO HAVE SEX WITH OTHER MEN (because a man is thrust through in v. 8 as well as the Midianite woman. He’s called a man of Israel, so he fakes like he’s on my side and supports Putin). So while this artificial insemination happens, this whorish woman is also having sex with other/another men/man. This will be the Jesuits’ Satanic ritual, a corrupted version of God’s HEAVE OFFERING, which is BALAK and BALAAM’s offering. And then after the pregnancies advance for awhile, the Jesuits will use the 666-Computer to cause these women to ABORT THEIR FETUSES. THIS IS THE PLAGUE. That’s why heads were hung up in v. 4.

Balaam wasn’t happy that God forced him to bless Israel, so he found a way to work around it and to cause God to CURSE Israel, it was a corruption of God’s heave offering, which involved a sex ritual with the daughters of Moab. In Numbers 25:2 it indicates the people ATE SOMETHING as part of this ritual. Did the Jesuits produce some food product out of Shanghai (in cooperation with Moscow–SHITTIM) that was tainted with Putin’s semen (which they stole from his lovemaking fantasies about me in Buckingham palace?), so that this product was eaten during the Satanic “heave offering”? I’m not sure why they would do this, unless it was to imprint the fetuses (produced from the sex orgies) with Putin’s DNA? The Jesuits don’t need semen with sperm in it, to introduce DNA into a body. Maybe eating this substance would enter the whore’s body and cause Putin’s DNA to be in the whore’s fetus? Maybe they mixed this with Brent Spiner’s semen, which did have sperm in it?

Maybe Brent should get a vasectomy, too. I asked God to give me insights into these verses and this is what He seemed to show me.

Now let’s go back to Jude, in v. 12–”These are SPOTS in your FEASTS of (8) charity (a perversion of God’s HEAVE OFFERING), when they (11) feast with you (Wasn’t Vladimir at a great feast in Buckingham palace? Apparently, the Jesuits were THERE TOO, undercover. Though I am not implicating the royal family.), feeding themselves without (17) fear: clouds they are without (22)water (a jet makes a cloud that has no water), carried about of winds (like a JET?); (27) trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, (33) twice dead (Does this give us a clue about the food item they concocted in collaberation with Shanghai?), plucked up by the roots (GINSENG? My mother has been telling me to take ginseng. Maybe the Jesuits want to make something of this? Notice all the G and S alliterations in ginseng)”

The Catholic Church worships the CROSS, and they have a ceremony where they EAT JESUS’ body (supposedly)–this means they kill him AGAIN or TWICE DEAD. This insults God Almighty. God does not GLORY in the death of His Son. It was a necessary sacrifice, but God doesn’t GLOAT about it and does not command us to wear crosses or to worship Jesus’ death. We are to glory in His resurrection.
Some interesting facts about latitude and longitude. God led me away from my Bible during my Bible study, for this section:

Shanghai is at ~longtitude 122. Jesuits may want to focus on longitude and latitude because Putin was in LONDON or very near GREENwich, England (which is at LONGITUDE ZERO).

This is God’s way of saying that ALL TRUTH COMES FROM ENGLAND or the King James Bible.

Poland (Polish Pope?), Romania (Brent’s ancestors are from here and Romania sounds like ROME), and Chad (Africa) and Zaire (Africa) are at ~ longtitude 22.

Zimbabwe, Africa (David Livingstone’s territory) is at ~ latitude 22.

The bottom tip of ENGLAND hits latitude 50.

Moscow is at ~ latitude 56 (see previous statement) and is 45 mi. N of equator.

St. Petersburg, Russia is at ~ latitude 60.

The HAWAIIAN ISLANDS (USA–where RiCHard ChamBERLAIN is–almost sounds like Berlin, doesn’t it?) are at ~ longitude 156 to 157 and latitude 20 to 22. Recall that I often played the love scene between Ralph and Meggie from The Thornbirds on my VCR. I studied this scene from the novel The Thornbirds extensively for my novel Silver Skies. Notice all the CH sounds in his name–CHINA?

P. 97 of the Crosscultural Language and Academic Development Handbook has story about China and Chang (though I changed the names when I typed it as “notes” into a story about Martin Luther) with a 6th grade class. On p. 98, a GREEN dot (like the points for latitude and longitude?) is mentioned as a STOPPING POINT. “SPOTS in your feasts of charity?”–see Jude. Recall that longitude ZERO runs through GREENwich, England, which is in LONDON, where Putin was this week, when HE MADE LOVE TO ME VIA THE 666-COMPUTER.

Back to Numbers 25:9 (my birthday is 9-15 and Putin’s is 11-9). Notice that 24,000 die in the PLAGUE. Have the Jesuits impregnated 24,000 Moscow women with semen from Putin and/or Brent? Wow, what a mass abortion ritual they must be planning with the 666-Computer!

The U.S. is part of the plot, because we are in chapter 25. Jesuits want to make sure they bring U.S. poison into Russia, so it will follow me there. Maybe all these aborted fetuses would be imprinted somehow with Putin’s DNA? With the Chinese ginseng concoction that the “stolen sperm impregnated” whores eat?

We need to make it a crime to confiscate a man’s semen and to use it in ANY MANNER without his permission. Maybe they can CLONE babies from semen without the sperm? I don’t know. The Jesuits made an issue out of cloning, right around December 27, 2002.

From reading the Bible in Numbers 25, the solution to this PLAGUE is to thrust through the woman’s belly OR KILL THE FERTILIZED EGG. Maybe this can be done with the 666-Computer. God indicates the MEN need to be executed as well, MEN ARE INVOLVED. All men who participated in SEX ORGIES with these women, according to the Bible should be EXECUTED. The men need to be punished somehow, even if it’s not execution. Read Numbers 25:8. They are conspirators AGAINST PUTIN’S GOVERNMENT, with the goal to overthrow him. Their goal is to destroy Russia. And if they aren’t dealt with, THEY WILL DESTROY RUSSIA, just like the women of Moab in Numbers 25 could have destroyed Israel, if they weren’t dealt with like they were in Numbers 25.

Notice God says there will be PEACE, if the executions are meted out. In v. 11, Phinehas (Putin?) SAVES ISRAEL FROM GOD’S WRATH. In order to save Russia and the U.S. from God’s wrath, this abominable sex orgy (involving 24,000 women–see v. 9), must be dealt with seriously.

Numbers 25:13–Hints that we are dealing with semen that was LEFT BEHIND. “And he shall have it and HIS SEED AFTER HIM. . .”

Numbers 25:14–May offer clues as to the men involved in the plot. Zimri–Salu–a PRINCE–Spiner? Sperm?

In the Bible, Gideon also dealt with Midianites. See Judges 7:25 (26) Zeeb. Oreb is also mentioned here. Notice all the letter Z’s. Z is the 26th letter of the English alphabet. Is God hinting about something to do with chromosomes? What is special about the 26th chromosome? I forgot some of my genetics. I do recall there was a recent newspaper article about the X & Y chromosomes and their numbers were mentioned, numbers like 23, 24, 25, or 26. I can’t remember the numbers.

You may want to check all recently impregnated women in Moscow for Putin’s and/or Brent’s DNA.

Num. 25:15–(19) head [doesn’t sperm have a HEAD? THIS MAY BE GOD’S CLUE] A CoZbi is mentioned and a Zur. You may want to check out chromosome #26 because Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet. Is there a 26 chromosome? The “b” in CozBi may indicate that Spiner’s sperm may be connected to this 26 chromosome somehow. Does this #26 chromosome affect a sperm’s HEAD? This verse seems to indicate PUTIN’s DNA may be involved in the #26 chromosome because it says, “he was head over a people (like Putin), and of a CHIEF HOUSE in Midian (Moscow).” Or it could be referring to Moscow’s mayor.

V. 17–The solution is in the X chromosome (female). I believe the “v” in vex refers to Vladimir Putin. God says he is to VEX the Midianites and SMITE THEM. To smite the WHORE (we are in v. 17), use the X chromosome. READ THE VERSE. Maybe this means to kill the fertilized egg. I don’t know.

Prov. 29:8 [2 + 9 = 11]–”Scornful men bring a CITY into a snare: but wise men turn away wrath.” The city is MOSCOW? [TOTAL: 14]

Because of Phinehas (Putin?) and his executions, God gave him a covenant of PEACE–LAST WORD OF V. 12 IS PEACE. This 24,000 conspiracy must be dealt with severely as God instructs in Numbers 25, if we want PEACE. Not sure if he means actual executions, but maybe He does. I think maybe the solution is in the X chromosome. The solution is in Numbers 25 somewhere.

After prayer, God seems to indicate the following solution:

The term IMPRINT is defined as using any part of a person’s body WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION (especially any sexual fluids), in order to leave their DNA and/or other type of imprint in another person’s body (especially a fetus or a baby). Any woman who is described as “imprinted” would also include her fetus/fetuses and/or her baby/babies/offspring, since they may have been imprinted via her body.

The term INNOCENT MAN is defined as any man relevant to this case, like Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner, Bill Fuller, Franco Nero, etc. who had sperm or semen stolen from him WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION and whose sperm or semen was used to impregnate or “imprint” a woman or women and/or her fetus and/or her baby/babies/offspring without his permission. The term STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATOR is defined as any woman who WILLINGLY allows herself to be impregnated (WITHOUT THE INNOCENT MAN’S PERMISSION) with sperm stolen from him, OR anyone that collaberated with her in this type of impregnation. A STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATOR is also defined as anyone who uses extortion or rape to impregnate a woman with an innocent man’s sperm (when the innocent man has NOT GIVEN PERMISSION TO USE HIS SPERM FOR THIS PURPOSE).

If it is true that thousands of women are now impregnated or imprinted with stolen semen from Putin and/or Spiner and/or any other innocent man, serious measures must be taken to deal with this. I propose the following legislation, which needs to be passed immediately: Within the next 7 [Numbers 25 or 2 + 5 = 7] days, any woman who willingly has allowed herself to be impregnated or imprinted with stolen semen from any innocent man, can come forward and have her pregnancy terminated. After 7 days, if it is discovered that any woman is pregnant because she willingly allowed herself to become pregnant with stolen semen from an innocent man, she will be tried in a court of law for HIGH TREASON, along with those who collaberated with her. If found guilty, she receives the DEATH PENALTY, ALONG WITH THOSE WHO COOPERATED WITH HER. These people will destroy Russia. This plague must be EXTERMINATED. They have 7 days to come forward in order to terminate their pregnancies. After this, if they are caught, and proven guilty of willing impregnation or “imprint” from innocent mens’ stolen semen, they get no mercy and will receive THE DEATH PENALTY.

They are collaberators with Jesuit-killers who want to turn Russia back into a DICTATORSHIP and, therefore, MUST BE EXECUTED.

This law should be posted in Russia where all can see and/or hear it, and after it has been posted, the 7 day deadline starts. More than likely all STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS will hear of this law, without the necessity of much fanfare over it, because they are nervous about what Putin will do; and so they keep abreast about anything related to this case.

If STOLEN SPERM CONSPIRATORS come forward, we will strive to protect their privacy, but this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the case. If it is determined that they are not “stolen sperm conspirators” but are, in fact, extortion victims, they are welcome to submit an extortion statement, which would be considered an attachment to my 1-18-02 statement under my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document with all the rights of my written legal documentation.

XXX–G.S. (6-29-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-29-03
Place: Melbourne, FL