Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law (7-2-2003)

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7-2-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Gott offenbarte mir bei meinen Bibelstunde wichtige russische Geschicte.

1865: Толстой написал роман ‹‹Война и мир››.

As I typed the above (in Russian), the phone just rang (time is 10:30 a.m) and my mother answered. God, in my morning Bible study, seems to indicate that He is very pleased with the reproductive laws which I wrote for Russia, and that these laws must be executed, or else Russia will be guilty of America’s sins.

I heard on the news last night that there is a serial cat killer in Colorado and Utah, and he butchers cats after he kills them, to display their carcasses before the cat owner’s family. This sick person obviously works for the bastard Jesuits. God calls the Jesuits “bastards”–see my previous statements.

Time now is 10:30 a.m. and I have not read the paper, and won’t, until I type my Bible study notes from this morning.

Time is 12:27 p.m. and I have organized the presentation of the reproductive laws which I wrote (over the past several days) in my REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document. It is in a very understandable and logical format now. I received no assistance from anyone in writing these laws. These laws are ALL my own work and are the result of using my OWN brain; and of my prayers to God (where I asked God for wisdom–I am descended from Solomon).

I just heard on the news that a small plane crashed in Linden, New Jersey at around 12:27 p.m., when I finished organizing my REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document (see above).

As I studied today and wrote my ESL notes, I came upon the following passage (p. 139) in The Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development Handbook:

Students can plan a MOCK TELEVISION SHOW and deVise VaRiouS formats that include ideas from the literature studied. For example, a WEATHER announcer can talk about the weather and climate, a NEWSCASTER can give the latest update on the characters, and a GAME SHOW hose (Bill Fuller watches game shows a lot) can ask contestants to answer questions or to act as characters or objects in the story.

I rewote this section (on p. 139) for MY ESL notes, differently, in my own words.

We are still in Numbers 26.

Numbers 26:40–the sons of Bela (or outcomes of the Brent + Loree relationship?) are: Ard (Russia?), Naaman (Amman, Jordan?). Is there something going on between Russia and Jordan?

Every tribe signifies a nation (see earlier statement) and I’ve noticed that are offspring with SH names in just about every tribe mentioned in Num. 26. Could this indicate that my influence is going into most of the nations of the world? Of interest is that in Asher (v. 44-47), the influence is at the top (Pope John Paul?), but doesn’t seem to extend down to the children (there are no “sh” sounds, except for in Asher).

Num. 26:57–(15) Gershom, (20) Gershomites. In v. 57 (my birth year) God discusses the tribe of Levi (The keepers of the Jewish faith whose salary was the tithes of the people. The religious leaders). The 15 and 20 word numbers for Gershom and Gershomites seems to indicate that my influence is strong on religious leaders. (17) Hebronites (my influence is on Jews and the #17 indicates that it is the WHORE who attacks Jews), (22) Mahlites (Muslims? Though I don’t try to reach them. It appears it is happening, despite my wishes), (27) Mushites (Muslims and Shiites?), (32) Korathites (Korah or Core [see previous comments]–RUSSIAN ORTHODOX church? Interesting that God seems to lump Russian Orthodox leaders with Korah. Cf. To Num. 26:9-11).

Amram is mentioned. Amman, Jordan +Russia?

Num. 26:59–(20) Egypt, (30) Miriam and 20 + 30 = 50. Is God saying the USA is like Egypt and Miriam?

Num. 26:62 (notice the reverse of numbers here). In this verse God says there are 23,000 in the tribe of Levi. 23 thousand? See previous statements. The U.S. influence is felt in all world religions?

NEW PARAGRAPH. Num. 26:63–(6) numbered (14) numbered. Is Vladimir numbering sexual conspirators in Russia now? Eleazar the priest (Russian Orthodox?) Z (26th letter of alphabet) in Eleazar is #26 chromosome? You may say there IS no #26 chromosome. I don’t know–maybe there is a #26 chromosome. Maybe the Jesuits discovered it. Who knows? “plains of (23) Moab [Moscow?] by (25) JORDAN near (27) Jericho.” Word numbers 23 and 25 by Moscow and Jordan seem to indicate American Jesuit (JEricho) involvement regarding a (27) marriage which revolves around Jordan and Moscow. This paragraph is significant because it is right before v. 64 and 65 which are VERY SIGNIFICANT.

In Numbers 26, Israel has finally arrived in Canaan (their promised land) after wandering in the desert for 40 years (a punishment for their sins). Those that rebelled against God (Num. 14:29-39) were all DEAD when Israel arrived in her promised land. These dead people caused the DELAY of God’s will for Israel (which was for them to enter the promised land).

God uses this true story of what happened to Israel as a warning to us. Those who rebel against God must be killed, or else we will not have peace (our Canaan or promised land) in this war against terror. Num. 26: 64 and 65 reiterate God’s emphasis (these are also the LAST VERSES of chpt. 26) that God absolutely will not allow us to enter Canaan if any of the rebels are alive. “But among these there was NOT A MAN OF THEM WHO MOSES AND AARON THE PRIEST NUMBERED [this was the old, rebellious gang who cause Israel to wander for 40 years], when they numbered the children of Israel in the WILDERNESS of Sinai. For the Lord had said of them,They shall surely DIE in the WILDERNESS. And there was NOT LEFT A MAN OF THEM, save Caleb the son of Jephunneh (almost sounds like Putin, Jephunneh seems to indicate that Putin USED to work for Jesuits, but no longer does. Or maybe this Jephunneh indicates that Putin destroys Jesuits, because the PHUN is the accented syllable and overshadows the JE.), and Joshua the son of NUN.” So, it appears, God considers Putin to be a type of Joshua or Caleb and honors him in these last verses of Numbers 26, the last word is NUN, like Putin. Aren’t there NUNs in the Roman Catholic Church?

These last verses of Num. 26 seem to honor Vladimir Putin for his excellent work in killing Jesuits. God wants Jesuits dead and will not allow Russia to enter the promised land (peace) if we spare the lives of Jesuits.

God further seems to indicate that the REPRODUCTIVE LAWS I wrote are excellent and need to be executed in order to have peace (in this 9-11 war against terror). The death penalty must be carried out as I instructed (for the reproductive political conspirators), or we will have no peace. God would not allow Israel into the promised land UNTIL ALL THE JESUITS WERE DEAD FIRST. Anyone who serves Jesuits must be executed. The plague must be destroyed.

Num. 26:64–(17) numbered, (20) numbered, (27) wilderness, (29) Sinai. [TOTAL: 29] Notice words 17 and 20 are associated with “numbered”, this indicates that the WHORE and infidelity are associated with those who will put God’s curse on our countries. GOD WANTS THE PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH THE NUMBERS 17 AND 20 OUT OF RUSSIA. Word 27, wilderness, is associated with those who have a marriage (27) obsession. Word 29, Sinai (SIN + America), is associated with those who have a PREGNANCY (I was pregnant at 29) obsession.

Notice we are in verses 64 and 65 and 64 + 65 = 129 or 100 + 29 or (50 X 2) + 29. Are the American Jesuits trying to REPLICATE their American activities into Russia? Or 50 X 2?

And they are doing this by means of (29) PREGNANCY conspiracies? If these American Jesuits, who infiltrate Russia, are not killed or deported from Russia, then Russia (in God’s eyes) will be guilty of America’s sins.

Num. 26:65–(11) DIE, (25) Caleb, (29) JePHUNneh, (31) Joshua. [TOTAL: 35]

The word count or total of all words in Num. 26:64 and 65 is: 29 words in v. 64 + 35 words in v. 54 = 64. God strongly enphasizes these last 2 verses of Num. 26:64 and 65. When we count all the words in Num. 26:64 and 65, beginning with v. 64, we get 64 words.

I asked God what was so special about 64?

In Russian history, in 1864, there were BIG LEGAL REFORMS in Russia. Russia, at this time, freed her serfs: the equivalent of what happened in the U.S. during the American Civil War, except in Russia the serfs were freed WITHOUT A WAR.

Russia, also in 1864, squashed a Polish rebellion (which was inspired by Jesuits–who were urging the Roman Catholic Poles to separate from Russia and form their own country–kind of like the Chechnya situation now–FUNNY HOW HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF). On p. 305 of Russia and the Russians: A History by Geoffrey Hosking (copyright 2001) it says, “the leaders of the Polish rebellion were CAPTURED AND EXECUTED.”

Let me quote from this book from pages 305 and 306: “However, the immediate effects of the suppression of the rebellion were extremely damaging to Polish nationhood. The remnant of its separate status were abolished: the former Congress Kingdom became known in official parlance as the “Vistula region” of Russia. Polish officials were often replaced by Russian ones, and Russian was imposed as the language of public business as well as of education. The Catholic Church was forbidden to maintain correspondence with the Vatican, and bishops who disobeyed were dismissed, while in Lithuania and Belorussia mass conversions from the Uniate to the Orthodox Church were enforced.” The book lists as the source for this information: Lloyd, Rebirth of a Nation, p. 277-279.

Is God dropping hints in Numbers 26:64 and 65 how Russia should handle Chechnya? Maybe God wants Russia to look back at her history and learn from her ancestors.

This period from 1865 to 1869 produced one of the greatest works of literature this world has seen: Tolstoy’s War and Peace. War and Peace was published right after the Polish revolt was squashed.

Tchaikovsky lived from 1840 to 1893.

Looks like the Jesuits are at it again. This time with the Chechens. Maybe by studying history we can get some insights into how to handle Chechnya. This Polish rebellion was CRUSHED. If Russia goes back into her history and handles Chechnya like she handled the Polish revolt, will this usher in a cultural enlightenment period for Russia? When the arts flourish, it indicates the country is FREE.

In 1865: Толстой написал роман ‹‹Война и мир››. (1 + 8 + 6 + 5 = 9 + 11 = 20)

I have added to my RUSSIAN REPRODUCTIVE LAWS document, please refer to it for the new laws I’ve added. All that is in this document is considered part of this statement.

My spiritual justification for the new reproductive laws I’ve introduced today come from Numbers 26:64-65, which God used to lead me to pages 305 and 306 in my Russian history book. We should handle reproductive political conspirator suspects the way Russia handled the Polish rebels in 1864. That’s why God led me to this page in my Russian history book, to show me how to handle the privacy issues which revolve around the investigations needed to prosecute these RPC suspects.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-2-03
Place: Melbourne, FL