Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-4-2003)

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7-4-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Дорогой Владимир,

Ich ging ein Uhr morgens schlafen, und der 666-Computer sechs Uhr morgens weckte mich, deshalb, ich bin heute müde.

Я скучаю по тебе.

С любовью, ── Гел (Gail)

In Numbers 28 and 29 God showed me that the executions need to be on a set day and with offerings. These executions are like the offerings in Num. 28 & 29 in that they are an atonement for the sins of the nation, so they are to be treated with utmost respect. Numbers 30 is about vows, that vows must be honored, which means we must carry out the necessary executions if we said we would; however, it also states that if one is blocked from fulfilling a vow, then the vow need not be honored (interpretation: if a RPC was blocked from meeting the 7 to 15 day deadline, do not execute them flippantly, because their vow to honor the Jesuits was disallowed). So I used what God showed me through these verses to create the laws I created today. The Bible says in Numbers 30:8 (3 + 8 =11), if the vow was disallowed, “. . .and the Lord shall forgive her.” There are 44 words in Num. 30:8.

Time is 11:52 a.m. and I have not read the paper yet. Now that I have finished writing my Bible study notes and my Russian Reproductive Laws (Sect. 8.0 to 8.3), I will read the paper later. My mom is reading it now.

Time is 2:35 p.m. and I have read the paper. I also just heard bits of a news flash in which it appears that Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (my sister’s maiden name is Sandra Dee) had a close call with death. I didn’t hear the details. The Jesuits may want to target judges, because, it appears that the laws which I wrote are being executed in Russia right now and they are very effective against Jesuit treachery in Russia. Judges are very often the ones who pass legislation or introduce legislation. You might say, how can you write laws if you are not a judge or an attorney? I’ve had so much real life experience in dealing with Jesuits, that I’ve learned law “in the streets”. I have legal “street knowledge”. Dealing with Jesuits is some of the best legal training in the world, and that has been my training. So this legal life experience, in combination with my strong natural legal and writing abilities, has made me a “street” lawyer and judge. I call myself the “common sense” attorney, because I learned my law through my own real life legal conflicts. Everyday of my life is a courtroom drama, thanks to Jesuits. I had to learn law to survive. The fact that they haven’t kill me yet, indicates my “street law” is respectable enough to be used in the courtroom and for legislation. I say this, because Jesuits have the money to hire the best lawyers in the world, so I’m up against the best. When you’re up against Jesuit attorneys everyday, you get some of the best legal training in the world, from the Harvard Law School of Life. I call it Harvard Law School because I have to be the best to fight the filthy rich Jesuit lawyers in court. You may say, you’re not fighting them in court. You don’t go to court. Yes, but my statements go to court against Jesuits, so I GO TO COURT WITH MY WRITINGS. Also, I believe Vladimir Putin is using my Russian Reproductive Laws with minimal modification and that what I’ve written has now become Russian law. So I’m practicing law right now; therefore, the Jesuits want to target lawyers and judges. Apparently, my laws are brilliant against Jesuit treachery–so Jesuits want to target the lawyers and judges. They consider me one of them. Money buys brains, so the Jesuits have the best lawyers. This is my Harvard Law School of life training.

I just saw a video clip of what happened to Sandra Day O’Connor, and I can tell by how the board fell like a blitzkrieg onto Ms. O’Connor’s platform, that this was Jesuit work. When you go back and read my statements, you will see that Jesuits rely very heavily on surprise and creativity in their tactics. When I saw that board fly down like a blitzkrieg, almost on top of Ms. O’ Connor, it brought back memories of how the Jesuits tried (several times) to kill me using huge trucks on the road. In all attempts on my life, it was fast, unpredictable and highly unusual. Like I’ve said many times, if it’s WEIRD, the Jesuits are behind it.

I know the Jesuits want to blame this on Vladimir Putin, but this just isn’t his style. He’s more of a plodder and deliberate in his style. This is too sneaky and creative and weird to be the work of Putin. The way this happened to Sandra Day O’Connor, kind of reminds me of the same type of tactic which was used in 9-11: sneaky, creative, and “a brilliant surprise”☛that’s the Jesuit style of warfare.

To give you a further example of their creativity, my mom’s cats (for the first time) are defecating or urinating behind and around her washing machine and on the pillows in front of my computer. We didn’t expect this. It was a SURPRISE. It is sneaky, because they use the 666-Computer to instruct the cat to go when we can’t see her. And it’s very creative. JESUITS ARE VERY CREATIVE CRIMINALS. They could win the Nobel Prize for creativity.

When it comes to creativity, Vladimir Putin can’t even come close to Jesuits. So, what happened to Ms. O’Connor was too brilliant and creative to be his work. Putin’s not that creative. This was definitely the creative genius of the Jesuits.

You might say, what he came up with–this Lyudmila business- is creative. Yeah, well, he keeps doing the same thing over and over with Lyudmila, so he’s not that creative. If it was Jesuits, they would vary their tactics more. The Jesuits are the most creative criminals in the world. This is not to say that Jesuits don’t repeat tactics, but the timing of their repeats is usually creative. They are very creative.

The Jesuits might say, well, maybe Vladimir isn’t creative, but his agents are. Well, Vladimir looks like the type who likes to be in charge and he wouldn’t allow his “agents” to work so independently of his direction. Besides, it’s obvious that all these creative criminals work/activities are all orchestrated by a “master-mind” since they all have a trademark style: creative, sneaky, brilliant, FAST–like a blitzkrieg, and always “a surprise”, and this “master-mind” has a style that is DEFINITELY NOT VLADIMIR PUTIN’S DELIBERATE AND PLODDING STYLE. Jesuits are thorough and very fast, they are usually one to ten steps ahead of their enemies. They move FAST and yet they plan years in advance (this is where their thoroughness comes in). Vladimir is a little more deliberate, he’s a plodder. This is not to say he is dumb, but blitzkrieg style is not his style. This is where his Russian temperament overpowers his German side. Vladimir is heroic and tends to tackle problems HEAD-ON, so sneaky is not his style at all. If he wanted to kill Sandra Day O’Connor, he wouldn’t use a board that falls out of nowhere–that’s not brave and heroic enough for him. His style is brave, heroic, deliberate, patient, and plodding, with a shrewd mind that doesn’t calculate quite as fast as the Jesuits. He stews and simmers over things, and then moves in a deliberate and decisive manner. Jesuits are like the wind, you never know where they will come from. Vladimir is more like Joshua (in the Bible) who blows his horn around Jericho seven times before he attacks. He has Joshua’s style. You might say that’s not too smart. Yeah, but Vladimir likes to be fair.

I have thought about this Sandra Day O’Connor incident and believe the Jesuits used their satellite technology to cause the “accident” which almost killed the Supreme Court Justice. I have drafted a new set of laws called RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LAW: SPACE TECHNOLOGY, which I hope will help us in dealing with the ever increasing threat posed by this satellite technology which is used by the Jesuits in their war against us. I encourage Vladimir to use this law in Russia and hope that it will alleviate some of the suffering caused by the misuse of space technology for criminal purposes. Please refer to the document I created called RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LAW: SPACE TECHNOLOGY. RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LAW: SPACE TECHNOLOGY will be considered an attachment to this statement.

I am studying from p. 159 and 160 in The Crosscultural Language and Development Handbook and I need to say something about their statistics. While it may be true only 10% of Hispanics, 13% of blacks, and 4% of Asians and Pacific Islanders graduate from high school compared to 72% of the whites–these statistics MEAN NOTHING unless you ALSO GIVE STATISTICS for the percentage of the population that is comprised of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, etc. For example, if 10% of the population is Hispanic and 10% of the high school graduates are Hispanic, then that means 100% of Hispanics graduate from high school. So, in order to get a complete picture, these statistics need to tell us WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION EACH OF THESE MINORITIES COMPRISE.

Could the authors of this book rewrite the following passage into something that makes sense, from p. 162 of The Crosscultural Language and Development Handbook: “Biased assessment has resulted in negative evaluation of English learners, largely because intelligence testing has been derived from models of genetic deficiency (WHAT’S THAT?), cultural deprivation (can you explain to me how this gets into an I.Q. test?), and other deficit models (what’s a deficit model?).” Now, do you see what I mean, when I say these authors need to take a writing course? This is just one example of many from this book.

Time is 8:40 p.m. and the Jesuit agent next door neighbors, just brought Bill Fuller a plate of desserts, even though he didn’t ask for it. I opened the door and took the desserts. I asked the lady who she was, and asked if she lived next door. She was very brazen and seemed proud to serve the Jesuits. She tried to get a reaction out of me, but I treated her normally. Right now all the neighbors around our home are exploding VERY LOUD FIRECRACKERS. The Jesuits are mad because of the Russian Criminal Law: Space technology document which I wrote. The firecrackers which I’m hearing right now are the loudest and weirdest sounding firecrackers I’ve ever heard: like I said Jesuits are very creative.

XXX–G.S. (7-4-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-4-03)
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CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-4-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-4-03
Place: Melbourne, FL