Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-8-2003)

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7-8-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Numbers 34:7 ([3 + 4 = 7] + 7 = 14)–Last word is Hor. God seems to indicate in this verse that He uses the north country (Russia) , in combination with the #14 woman, to expose the WHORE. “And this shall be your (6) north border: from the great sea ye shall (14) POINT OUT FOR YOU mount (19) HOR:” The numbers 14 and 19 are associated with the day when I became a born again Christian.

Numbers 34:8 (3 + 4 + 8 = 15–I was born on 9-15)–”From mount (3) Hor ye shall (6) POINT OUT YOUR BORDER, UNTO THE ENTRANCE OF (14) HAMATH (is this symbolic of Haman [in Esther–a type of the beast [666]? God may have left off the ‘N’ at the end, so as not to implicate PutiN); and the goings forth of the border shall be to (25) Zedad [pronounced zee-DAD. Emphasis on DAD. Is there a connection between DAD and the #26 chromosome?]:” [TOTAL: 25] Interesting Haman is insinuated here, since the Germans and Italians made a film called Esther to honor me. Again, in the King James Bible [emphasis on 25], God strongly hints that the U.S. is ENTRENCHED with the WHORE and MAD GENETICISTS. 25th word is Zedad (U.S. Jesuit agents messing with some sort of #26 chromosome?) Lots of Z alliterations in these verses. Z is 26th letter of alphabet.

Num. 34:9–[3 + 4 + 9 = 16] (I’ve noticed a lot of emphasis on the #16, not sure why) “And the border shall go on to (8) Ziphron (#26 chromosome associated with Putin and Russia?), and the goings out of it shall be at (18) Hazarenan (sounds like HazOR [Josh. 11:10–a bad land in the Bible] or Russia [Ar] or Putin or Haman? Cf. To Rev. 18): THIS SHALL BE YOUR (23) NORTH BORDER.” This verse indicates strong U.S. involvement (23) with the north (Russia).

Num. 34:10–[3 + 4 = 10 = 17 OR 3 + 4 + 1 = 8] “And ye shall point out your (7–divine #) EAST border [Christ comes from the EAST when he returns to defeat the beast (666) at the Battle of Armageddon] from (10 is # of the Gentiles) Hazarenan to (12 is # for Israel) SHepham.” Read Isaiah 46:11 and Isaiah 41:2. This verse indicates Jesus Christ will be ruler of both Gentiles and Jews, after He beats up the beast.

Num. 34:11–[9-11?]”And the coast shall (5) go down from (8) Shepham to (10) Riblah [Russia? Putin? Brent? Loree?], ON THE EAST SIDE OF (16) AIN (Ainu? I am descended from Ainu of [EAST?] Japan, and the Ainu I am descended from are from Grand Prince Vladimir of Russia); and the border shall descend (Christ descends upon Armageddon–see also 1 Thess. 4:16), and shall reach unto the side of the sea of Chinnereth (China?☛) (33) EASTward.” [TOTAL: 33] Is this Christ’s vengeance for his (33) DEATH?

In Prov. 8, wisdom is associated with GATES, see v. 3, 34.

In Prov. 8:36 [8 + 3 = (11) + 6 = 17] (LAST VERSE IN CHAPTER) there are 17 words and DEATH is the LAST AND 17th WORD. We had a lot of DEATH on 9-11-01. God ‘s letting you know WHO THE KILLER WAS. It was the #17 WHORE (see Rev. 17). “But he that sinneth against (6) me [the one who sins against Christ is #6 or 666] wrongeth his (9–I was born on 9-15 and Vladimir was born on 11-9? What IS this with the #9? 9-11?) own soul: ALL THEY THAT HATE (15) ME love (17) DEATH.” Christ seems to say that those who hate (15) ME (the 9-15 born woman), also hate Jesus Christ and love DEATH. Have you noticed a lot of people DYING lately? You see, I AM FROM THE SAME FAMILY AS JESUS CHRIST, from King David.

Now, what’s interesting about Proverbs 8 is that in verses 15 and 16, the words KINGS and PRINCES and JUSTICE and JUDGES are mentioned. I was born on 9-15-57. My sister was born on 8-16-60. My mother has royal blood from Japan and Russia, but she lacks royal blood from Israel. My father has royal blood from Kings David and Solomon. When my mother and father conceived my sister and myself, royalty from THREE countries blended together into our genes. Verses 15 and 16 are the ONLY verses in this chapter that mention kings and princes, so God emphasizes that my sister and I have a UNIQUE COMBINATION of genes and that it’s a ROYAL combination. Also, we are associated with JUSTICE.

God seems to indicate that the Jesuits want to target my sister. There have been a lot of references to 16, 21, and 11. See Prov. 8:11 (her birthday is 8-16). Prov. 8:11 has 21 words. “For wisdom is better than rubies (Cf. To Prov. 31:10); and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.” [TOTAL: 21] Sister’s BD–8 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 0 = 21.

My sister may need extra protection from the Jesuit’s satellite technology or their 666-Computer technology. God tells me the Jesuits are up to something with my sister. While I typed these Bible study notes about my sister, I got a phone call from SUNTREE realty for some woman I never heard of (I erased it) and GRANITE was mentioned. You Jesuits plan on using your satellite technology on my sister? You’re going to break a chunk of granite on her head or something? You know those TWINS just died after having HEAD surgery. And my sister has TWINS. What IS this with TWINS and HEADS and GRANITE? This “real estate agent” (Amber) asked for a Ms. Weshu and said she was from Suntree realty, and that Buddy was picking up a piece of GRANITE from the cellar and was running 15 minutes late. She was leaving a message on the answering machine when I picked it up and told her she had the wrong number, then I said, ”Have fun. You’re a Jesuit agent.” This “wrong number” occurred from 9 to 10 a.m. this morning. Vladimir has my permission to retrieve that message and have it transcribed onto this statement as an addendum to this statement. I’m sure it was wiretapped.

I believe Vladimir should make the following statement: “I, the Russian President, want the United States to exert extra measures to protect Gail’s sister (Sandra Metcalf) during this time. If Gail’s sister (Sandra Chord Metcalf of TEXAS) is harmed because of American negligence, this could be cause for serious problems in the relationship between Russia and the United States. Also, Gail received a phone call at (321) xxx-xxxx from someone who identified herself as Amber (this person called while Gail was typing [onto her computer] notes about her sister in her legal statement) and this Amber asked for a Ms. Weshu (there is no Weshu at Gail’s house) and mentioned granite. Some twins on the news just died (from MASSIVE HEMORRHAGE or blood loss) after having unsuccessful head surgery. And Gail’s sister has twins. I am afraid for her sister’s life. And Gail has requested that I demand that this phone caller be traced and investigated. This call occurred at around 9 to 10 a.m. on Gail’s mother’s phone at (321) xxx-xxxx. I want that call traced, and find who made that call and put that “Amber” woman on 666-Computer surveillance, so we can read her memories and see who was behind that call. In fact, I want all ‘strange’ phone calls to (321) xxx-xxxx investigated immediately and traced, and when those callers are found, I want them put under 666-Computer surveillance, so that Russia can investigate these phone calls. If the U.S. will not cooperate in this matter, Russia and the U.S. will have serious problems.”

I have just finished typing this section (above) and now I will read the paper. Time is 10:34 a.m.

A homicide bomber killed a 63 year old Jewish woman in Israel. He entered the woman’s HOUSE and blew himself up, and maybe some GRANITE fell on the woman in the process, her THREE grandchildren were injured. My sister has THREE children, two of them are TWINS. If you’ll notice, these twin SISTERS who died (on the news)–they were SISTERS. Also notice their HEADS were attached, they had a problem with their brains. Is this an insinuation that Putin is the orchestrator of the 666-Computer conspiracy?

The Jesuits brought these women to the forefront, because it’s obvious whoever is behind this 666-Computer conspiracy is obsessed with people’s BRAINS. If Putin is the orchestrator of the 666-Computer conspiracy, then why did he allow the Jesuits to READ HIS MIND? For years the Jesuits read Putin’s mind and HE DIDN’T KNOW IT. If he’s the one who started it, HE’S NOT TOO SMART. You Jesuits are saying, Putin deliberately allowed his enemies to read his mind FOR YEARS, and he’s the one who has been using this 666-Computer technology on everyone all along? COME ON, JESUITS, GIVE US SOME CREDIT FOR INTELLIGENCE.

So you say, he didn’t deliberately allow it to be known, but it happened anyway. COME ON, JESUITS. It appears that it’s pretty easy to keep top technology a secret, because we never figured out that there was a 666-Computer UNTIL I FIGURED IT OUT by circumstantial evidence (in Aug. 2002). Now, if you Jesuits are so good at keeping this a secret, when you’ve been using this 666-technology since at least the 1980s, what makes you think Vladimir couldn’t keep it a secret for that long, if he wanted to? You kept your satellite technology a secret, too. That’s why you’ve been doing so well, because you’ve been using ground-breaking technology THAT YOUR ENEMIES ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH.

That’s pretty smart, to use ground-breaking technology that NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT. You know why? Because there are not any criminal laws to stop you in your criminal use of this technology BECAUSE NOBODY KNOWS/KNEW ABOUT THIS GROUND-BREAKING TECHNOLOGY. And the reason there are no laws regarding this technology IS BECAUSE THIS TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN kept TOP SECRET. That’s why I took it upon myself to WRITE SOME MUCH NEEDED LAWS FOR SOME TECHNOLOGY THAT IS BEING USED IN A CRIMINAL MANNER. You may say, you’re not qualified to write laws about this technology. Well, I’ll let Putin decide on that. No laws have been written about proper use of this technology, so I decided to do it BECAUSE IT NEEDED TO BE DONE.

Jesuits love to use ground-breaking technology because THERE ARE NO LAWS WHICH REGULATE THIS TECHNOLOGY and Jesuits don’t want to be constrained by any laws BECAUSE THEY HAVE CRIMINAL INTENT. That’s why I decided to write SOME LAWS. There’s one thing that makes me very qualified to write these laws and that is that I’ve had EXTENSIVE experience in dealing with these kind of criminals and I UNDERSTAND THEM AND HOW THEY THINK AND OPERATE. It is essential when you write laws for criminals that you can write laws which will condemn the guilty and clear the innocent, this requires a profound and deep knowledge of these criminals’ psychology and methods. I’ve dealt extensively with these Jesuits and I KNOW THEM, so because of that, I’m qualified to write these laws. You can’t write effective laws for these types of criminals without having dealt with them EXTENSIVELY–THEY’RE TOO SMART. This takes more than book knowledge, it takes EXPERIENCE.

They say, that isn’t true. Alright, were there any laws regulating criminal use of stolen semen or eggs for artificial insemination or cloning? Were there any laws regulating criminal use of the 666-Computer? Were there any laws regulating criminal use of satellite technology? The reason there weren’t any laws is because no one (including Putin) realized that these technologies were being used in such a widespread criminal manner.

Anyways, I guess the Jesuits wanted to get my sister 1st with this GRANITE–BRAIN (Amber phone call–see above) conspiracy, and then me next, and to blame it on Putin. They are specifically targeting my FATHER’S side (the JEWISH side) of the family, in order to create the impression that Putin is ANTI-SEMITIC. They want to blame their murders of my Jewish-blooded family members on the Germanic Putin. I do not believe Vladimir is anti-Semitic and if he ever had an anti-Semitic position it did not come from his heart, but may have been an official Russian policy that he thoughtlessly adopted. You know how politicians take on the mantle of their predecessors, and often unintentionally espouse positions that don’t really reflect how they feel. Sometimes, out of ignorance, we support those things we don’t believe in because we don’t have all the facts, and may be too busy to investigate everything we espouse. Now that he has the facts, he supports peace in Israel and I believe he is grateful to the Jewish people for giving this world the Bible, and so, therefore, would take the Bible position, which is to support Israel. But he has to be wise in how he expresses this support since he currently deals with Muslim terrorists within his own country. It’s a tricky fence walk.

Two editorials in Florida Today (7-8-03), “Choosing, not imposing, virtue” and “Patriot Act plays into enemies’ hands” strike me as being the joke of the century. Imagine a bunch of Jesuits (who sponsored Hitler) preaching to us about the immorality of the death penalty for Jesuits (that’s basically what “Choosing, not imposing, virtue” is about), and the immorality of trying to find Jesuit spies in our country☛ “Patriot Act plays into enemies’ hands”. Actually, I tend to agree with the Jesuits a little about the Patriot Act, that’s why when I wrote Russia’s laws, I only encouraged surveillance of suspects. Though I heard some jackass Jesuit lawyer on Bill O’Reilly’s FOX last night, say the term “reasonable cause” is a stupid legal concept because it means we arrest at whim and that reasonable cause can mean ANYTHING. Alright then, what do we do, arrest NO ONE? Or the other alternative is to arrest EVERYBODY that fits a certain category? Yeah, that’s the JESUIT solution. That’s why ALL THE JEWS WERE ARRESTED by Jesuits under Hitler. If reasonable cause is not a good reason to arrest people, then what IS? Give me the alternative JACKASS. The only alternatives would be to arrest ACCORDING TO CATEGORIES (the Jesuit solution) OR to arrest NO ONE. If we arrest NO ONE, that means all capital murderers, kidnappers, extortioners, child molesters, terrorists GO FREE (Yeah, we know why the Jesuits are against arresting for REASONABLE CAUSE, because maybe some legitimate criminals might be put OUT OF CIRCULATION).

Oh, wouldn’t that be terrible. That’s means the Jesuits can’t be criminals anymore. They have to behave themselves. What a calamity. As I typed this, I just heard on the news about some workplace shooting in Mississippi. The Jesuits are behind this, OF COURSE. Time is noon.

Time is 1 p.m. There’s a thunderstorm coming and Smoky (my mom’s Siamese looking cat) is terrified so I let her in the house. I think she may have urinated in the game room’s corner. Some cat did, and I cleaned it. This is unusual behavior for these cats. They are usually very good about the litter box. Some 666-Computer Jesuit vet is programming these cats.

An article in Florida Today (7-8-03) called “Unattended dryer likely caused fire”, I believe, drops hints about another Jesuit plot for this house. It’s about an unattended dryer (I don’t know very many people who stand by their dryer when it’s operating) that caught fire, and then some cat in the apartment needed oxygen and had to go to the vet. While we’re on this subject, I’ve notice a strange smell coming from the laundry room and it’s not cat urine or feces. I believe the Jesuits are using satellite technology to cause wires and chemicals (maybe in the air conditioner) to fuse together into some kind of chemical reaction, and it’s causing a smell in the laundry room. Whatever that smell is, it’s a good imitation of cat urine. But I’ve kept the laundry room door closed, so no cats have been in there. Could this lead to a fire? Jesuits are using their satellite technology to cause mechanical malfunctions in dryers or air conditioners in order to start fires? There was a suspicious air condition repair man who worked on the LENNOX (LENIN?) air conditioner inside this house several months ago, he may have done something. I do recall that his behavior was suspicious.

The Jesuits have orchestrated this whole Kobe Bryant (some sports star) incident, in order to make THEMSELVES appear to be mirror images of Kobe Bryant. Actually, when I heard about Kobe Bryant and his lifestyle, I didn’t think he was guilty of the sexual accustions against him. And I think the news media didn’t smash him that bad, because they told us about his lifestyle, which presented him in a positive light.

I called 1-888-382-1222 to register my mom’s phone on The National Do Not Call Registry last night. That’s because the Jesuits always have their fanatical agents call this house with all sorts of solicitation. And I know my mom and Bill don’t like all these solicitations, I’ve overheard them joking about all the crazy sales pitches, like they’re worn out. I’ve heard my mom say, “Another stupid sales person.” Well, guess what is in today’s paper? Yeah, TODAY, the Jesuits decided to list the 1-888-382-1222 phone number in Florida Today. I got the number from NBC world news last night. So, now that I’ve called this number, which I got from the NEWS, the Jesuits arrange to print it in the PAPER THE NEXT DAY. So now the Jesuits have orchestrated the Putin NEWS CONSPIRACY with the U.S. news and newspapers. I don’t plan on telling my mom and Bill I registered their phone number, and I’m sure the creative (see my earlier statements) Jesuits will come up with another way to harass us on the phone. In fact, they just called (time is 2:05 p.m.) and gave me a “blank” when I answered the phone.

Regarding “Defect increases chance of stroke” from Florida Today (7-8-03)–hey, you Jesuits plan on giving me a stroke on my next jet flight? I can understand why you’d want to kill me.

Jesuits are currently playing games with me as I type, so that my characters sometimes “wiggle” as I type.

I began studying from The Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Handbook and decided maybe I ought to make a copy of the 1st half of the book (even though I’ve taken notes on it in this computer), because this book seems like an excellent resource and I may be able to use it. And then, it seemed to me, that Vladimir (via 666-Computer) encouraged me to do so, and said “it may come in handy”. I went to the Bible to get confirmation about this, and opened the Bible randomly and God seemed to agree with Vladimir. I really wasn’t sure if I should copy the whole book, since it’s very time consuming, but the book is due back at the library tomorrow. Anyways, right after Vladimir told me to copy the whole book, the phone rings, and some lady from a Dr. Kriete (not sure of spelling) called:

“May I speak to Bill Fuller?” she said “He’s not here. Can I take a message?” “Do you know when he’ll be back?” “Can I ask you what this is in reference to?” “Who am I speaking with?” she said. “I’m his step daughter.” Then she talked about Sheila, some secretary, and left me his phone number and said to use ext. 227. “Oh, how interesting. I was married at 27. Good bye.”

As a result of all the strange phone calls, I’ve had today. I’m going to write a brief legal document for Vladimir:

From 7-8-03 and onward, all phone calls and conversations made to (321) 253-3533, which is my mother’s phone, can be transcribed and included as addendums to my 1-18-02 statement, with all the rights that I give to my written legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. Also, for any “strange” phone calls made to (321) xxx-xxxx, and I’ll let Vladimir decide which phone calls are “strange”, I request that the caller be traced and placed under 666-Computer surveillance. ONLY Vladimir Putin, Russian President, has the authority to authorize 666-Computer surveillance of callers (and any suspected collaberators of the caller) who make “strange” phone calls. A suspected collaberator would be someone who may have instructed the caller to make the call. For instance, if a doctor’s office calls, Vladimir would have the authority to use 666-Computer surveillance not only on the secretary who called, but on EVERYONE in the doctor’s office (these people would be the suspected COLLABERATORS).

Regarding this New Jersey teenager arrested for conspiracy to murder, who traveled with a ton of weapons. I believe this is a set up for my son. Because the Jesuits hired Erich’s schoolmates to tease him to the point where he failed 6th grade in Seattle. And this NJ teenager is described as a victim of bullying. My impression of Erich is that he is fine now and not getting the harassment he received when he lived with me. However, the Jesuits want to resurrect my son’s old problems and maybe plan to frame him with some his “friends” who may kidnap him and get him involved in a “conspiracy with guns”. They want to frame my son with a murder conspiracy, when everyone knows he’s innocent, TO MAKE GUN OWNERSHIP LOOK EVIL. And then to blame this FRAMING OF MY SON on Putin, because Russia has stricter gun control laws than the U.S. They might say Putin orchestrated this conspiracy to frame my son with a murder conspiracy involving guns, in order to try and make the U.S. realize that the U.S. needs stricter gun control laws, like in Russia. The reason the Jesuits do this, is because currently Putin criticizes the U.S. for lax laws in medicine and space technology, so the Jesuits think they can transfer this “attitude” to guns. I don’t think Putin is interested in influencing America’s gun laws. It would be to the Jesuits’ advantage to have gun control in America, because then when no one has guns and they takeover the country, no one can defend themselves.

You might say, how do you feel about Russia’s gun control laws. I don’t know. I’d have to examine them. I have no position on their gun control laws right now. I do know the Jesuits are intensely interested in the U.S. right now, more so than in Russia. I think the Jesuit attitude is that if they can takeover the U.S., they can get the world, and they consider America’s gun control laws a problem for this takeover–there are too many gun owners who can shoot them. If they takeover Russia, it may not make much difference (and maybe the Jesuits don’t have to change Russia’s gun control laws BECAUSE THEY LIKE THEM), and Russia is economically devastated right now. However, because Russia has so much land, the Jesuits don’t want to lose their possibility of taking over Russia either, so they ARE concerned about my marriage to Putin AND I have considerable influence in the U.S. because of my marriage to Putin as well. But I firmly believe that the Jesuits are more interested in the U.S. than in Russia, so it is VERY IMPORTANT TO THEM to get the U.S. and they know to accomplish this, the U.S. citizens MUST NOT HAVE GUNS. The U.S. is a more powerful nation than Russia, so it’s more important to the Jesuits. However, the Jesuits are afraid if I go to Russia, that Russia might become a powerful nation for democracy (because of my influence) and they’re worried Russia might become strong enough to be a formidable foe to their agenda. So they’re watching Russia intensely BECAUSE OF MY INFLUENCE.

Time is 11:26 p.m. and Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that Amy Kellogg of FOX is sick again and that they are using OTHER 666-Computer torturers to torture her, it’s not the same torturer. Vladimir didn’t think I could write a law to deal with this and told me he had to catch them all and that would take time, but I told him he was wrong, that I can write a law to deal with this and here’s the law, which I will refine tomorrow and include in the RRL and RCL:ST documents:

If a suspect or animal has already experienced life-threatening or near life-threatening torture by a 666-Computer torturer and then ANOTHER 666-Computer torturer tortures that SAME SUSPECT or animal, the next non life-threatening torturer will earn IMMEDIATELY (without any stop orders necessary) 17 earned torture hours, which will put that torturer into jail for 17 months under complete surveillance, and then when the 17 months are finished, that torturer will be executed. Any next torturer on the same suspect does NOT need a stop order, since this torturer is OBVIOUSLY part of the same conspiracy as the 1st torturer and is TARGETING the suspect or animal. Exceptions will be if the NEXT torturer inflicts near life-threatening or life-threatening torture, in which case the NEXT torturer will be EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY. The Russian government will not allow a conspiracy of 666-Computer torturers to target and wear out any suspect by the use of VARIOUS torturers; therefore, any next torturer will be dealt with swiftly and more harshly than any 1st torturer on any suspect.

If a suspect or animal has experienced non life-threatening torture from a torturer, and is tortured again by another non life-threatening torturer, the next torturer will immediately be put in jail for six months under complete surveillance, no stop orders are necessary for ANY torturer who tortures a suspect who has already been tortured by a torturer. After this NEXT torturer serves his/her six months, if he/she tortures again, he will be executed.

Since these are new laws, for those next torturers who have already earned the death penalty under these new laws (because they were not aware of the severity of punishment for next torturers), I will leave it up to Vladimir how to handle those WHO WERE UNAWARE OF THE NEW LAWS FOR NEXT TORTURERS. But from this time (11:30 p.m on 7-8-03 EST in the U.S.) onward, any NEXT torturers will be treated according to the new laws I’ve written just now.

The Jesuits are messing up my spacing, so that it is harder to read my legal documents. Time now is 11:40 p.m. I will refine these additions to my legal documents tomorrow.

XXX–G.S. (7-8-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (7-8-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (7-8-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (7-8-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-8-03
Place: Melbourne, FL