Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-15-2003)

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8-15-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I am disappointed in Vladimir Putin for not giving Landmark Baptist Church more guidance in how to handle me. I feel that the schedule which has been imposed upon me (by Landmark Baptist Church), in order for me xxxxxx, since it gives me no flexibility (day to day) to deal with Jesuit induced problems. If I had known that this rigid, inflexible schedule would be imposed upon me, it is very possible that I may not have taken this xxxxx, for fear that the outcome would not be well (in my war against the Jesuits). I feel that the reason that this unwise schedule has been imposed upon me is because Vladimir Putin (as a result of his experiences with me) thinks that all King James Bible believing Christians (in leadership positions) have more wisdom than he does in ALL matters, and so he’s reluctant to interfere or give guidance to these Bible believing Christians (because he feels inferior to them).

What Vladimir needs to understand is that I have about ten times more experience in dealing with Jesuits over ANY BIBLE-BELIEVING CHRISTIAN. So he is wise to listen to me for advice about how to deal with Jesuits, but he must realize that most Bible believing Christians do not have the extensive experience I’ve had in dealing with Jesuits and (when it comes to dealing with Jesuits), he should rely more on his own judgment or on my opinion than on any Bible-believing Christian. He should not assume that ALL Bible-believing Christians (like myself) have my level of wisdom in dealing with Jesuits, simply because they haven’t had the experience I’ve had in dealing with this particular problem.

I have told Vladimir over and over again that the typical xxxxx schedule is too demanding for a person like myself (who is intensely targeted by Jesuits)–that I need a schedule with more flexibility. Apparently, he allowed Landmark Baptist Church to schedule me the way they have because he didn’t understand how IGNORANT this church is in Jesuit dealings and, it appears, Landmark Baptist Church has made some serious mistakes in how they planned my schedule.

I insist that Vladimir Putin get more involved in guiding Landmark Baptist Church over what responsibilities I should have and when I should have them and how I should have them. Vladimir has more wisdom about Jesuits (because of his position as President) and should definitely get more involved with how Landmark orchestrates my schedule. I have observed Landmark for several weeks now and have concluded that they lack the experience needed to handle Jesuits wisely and are in DIRE NEED of Vladimir’s guidance in this matter. Vladimir needs to get more involved in directing Landmark Baptist Church over how to handle, plan and orchestrate my schedule.

I feel I have made some serious mistakes today out of sheer exhaustion, and this would not have happened if Vladimir was more involved in the planning of my schedule and activities. Vladimir is a new Christian and tends to idealize Christians because of his very positive experiences with me. What he fails to realize is that EXPERIENCE COUNTS in all fields and endeavors, and Christians, just like anyone else, need experience in certain matters in order to be successful. There is no magic wand to gain this experience JUST BECAUSE ONE IS A BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, even if they are a pastor or missionary. Dealing with Jesuits requires extreme wisdom and Vladimir UNDERESTIMATES how important his input is in these matters. He assumes that Bible knowledge (like a pastor or missionary has) means that one is wise in ALL MATTERS. While Bible knowledge certainly helps, there are certain things in life that require extra wisdom and dealing with Jesuits is one of those areas. In a matter as challenging and formidable as dealing with Jesuits, one needs the advice and counsel of someone like Putin or myself (who have had extensive experience dealing with Jesuits).

I can tell you from my extensive experience in dealing with Jesuits that the schedule Landmark has me under will not work well, since any person as targeted as I am by Jesuits has to EXPECT TO LOSE AT LEAST A COUPLE HOURS EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF JESUIT HARASSMENT. And any schedule (for my life) which does not take this into consideration is an UNWISE SCHEDULE. I have already mentioned my concerns about this inflexible schedule which has been imposed upon me to Vladimir and, it appears, not much has been done about it. This could result in a disaster and something needs to be done about my schedule. I warned Vladimir that the typical xxxx schedule is too demanding for a person in my position, and that he needed to insure that my day to day schedule would give me flexibility. This has not happened, and I fear what will happen if something is not done about my schedule. I don’t understand why Vladimir has not listened to me in this matter. I warned him about this before I moved out here to Haines City. Apparently, he felt that the Christians at Landmark Baptist Church (because they were devoted Christians) did not need his guidance in how to deal with Jesuits.

That is naive. That would be like assuming that because one is a Christian and knows the Bible that one automatically knows how to be a general in a war, even though one has had no military training. Landmark Baptist Church needs more input and guidance from Vladimir and I INSIST THAT HE GIVES IT, because if he doesn’t, they will continue to make mistakes over how to handle me, because they lack the experience they need to deal effectively with Jesuits. There are some things in life you can ONLY LEARN THROUGH EXPERIENCE, and dealing with Jesuits is one of those areas. Vladimir’s extensive experience in dealing with the Jesuits (because of his involvement with me) and because of his extensive experience with those Jesuits who orchestrate the Chechen rebels, qualifies him to be a wise counselor in Jesuit matters. And, I believe, he should have a higher opinion of his own counsel and quit putting Christians up on a pedestal (just because I have helped him so much). He must not forget that I have had experience with Jesuits that most Christians never have had or never will have, so he should not assume that all Bible-believing Christians have my wisdom about Jesuits and should not overly rely on Christians to be wise about Jesuits. He needs to babysit Landmark Baptist Church more. They lack the experience they need to deal with this complex Jesuit problem.

I will pay a price for the time I took to write this and will lose sleep which I can’t afford to lose right now, but this statement MUST BE WRITTEN.

XXXXX–G.S. (8-15-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (8-15-03)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-15-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL