Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (8-16-2003)

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8-16-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I sense the Jesuits are using several strategies right now at xxxxx:

1) To try to create the impression that I and/or Landmark Baptist Church is racially discriminatory against blacks and Hispanics. I have noticed some xxxxxx who appear to be Jesuit puppets. A xxxxx named Luis, and one named Carlos in xxxxxx have been trying to make me mad at them xxxxx. The Jesuits deliberately chose Hispanics for this task, so that I would get these xxxxxxx into trouble and appear to be anti-Hispanic. Their motive for doing this, is for a very simple reason: most of the leaders of the Jesuit Order are Hispanic. So the Jesuits’ only sorry defense is to claim that the Jesuits are discriminated against because they are HISPANIC. I never heard anything so funny in my life.

2) It appears they also want to make I or Landmark Baptist Church appear anti-black. Not sure why, since there aren’t many blacks in Russia, unless they want to accuse Russia of being anti-black, in case Russia has to go to war with a TERRORIST NATION which is in Africa (a possibility). In this way, if Russia attacks an African nation, the Jesuits could claim that Putin’s motive for doing so is because he hates blacks. Again, I’ve never heard anything so funny in my life. A black xxxxxx named Raquel, in xxxxxx, has been serving Jesuits–but she’s really a nice girl and I think that maybe her parents (or Jesuits — via the 666-Computer to her brain) are pushing her to do this. Rachel and her parents must go to bed at night dreaming about the Jesuit BIG BUCKS they’ll get, if they can advance the Jesuit cause in xxxxxx. I’m sure the motive is MONEY. Raquel does not dislike me, I can tell, but maybe she wants a new car (a Mercedes Benz?) Or maybe they plan on making her a secret millionaire. After all, the stakes are big and the Jesuits will do anything to keep a King James Bible believing Christian from marrying a RUSSIAN PRESIDENT (Oh, God forbid, then maybe Russia can’t be controlled by a Jesuit agent — like Stalin). Oh, wouldn’t that be a tragedy!

My xxxxxx have been fairly quiet, that is, until Friday, when the Jesuits instructed some of their xxxxxx agents to act up a little more xxxxxx in order to try to make me mad at blacks and Hispanics. I try to keep xxxxxx, but if the Jesuits want to mess a xxxxx brain with the 666-Computer while I xxxxxxx, that’s not my fault, and I think we are going to have some xxxx. Of course, the Jesuits will claim that IT IS my fault. I must be a sorry xxxx because I couldn’t make the xxxx concentrate (I couldn’t wave a magic wand and stop the effects of the 666-Computer on the xxxxx brain). So, if I’m a good xxxxxxx and keep xxxxx quiet, then I’m the mean BUGER MONSTER who hates blacks and Hispanics. Now, if I smile and act like I like xxxxx too much, then they’ll laugh and carry-on (no xxxxxx will take place)! Of course, the whole call-in will be elaborately timed to occur on a day when I’m exhausted and not in a good mood, so the Jesuits (hopefully) can trick me into saying to something to land me in court (one of their favorite tactics).

Of course, don’t forget to throw in a couple of blonde girl trouble makers (since I think Vladimir’s daughters are blonde) to make Gail Schuler appear to hate blonde girls, that way if she married Vladimir and his daughters get into trouble, the Jesuits can say that it’s Gail Schuler’s fault because Gail hates blondes. Don’t forget about the elaborate and forced Jesuit production Legally Blonde, designed to make Loree McBride look like a martyr (in preparation for her murder).

And then we have the red-head bleach head, designed to draw attention to red heads, by instructing women to bleach their hair a BRIGHT, FIERY red and to make sure their roots show (since my hair grows very fast). This is in order to draw attention to the fact that Gail Schuler’s hair is not really red but black. Not sure why the Jesuits think this is important. Maybe it has to do with China’s RED flag.

And why am I tired? Because the 666-Computer keeps me up at night and makes me wake up at 4 or 5 or 6 a.m., NO MATTER WHAT TIME I WENT TO BED THE NIGHT BEFORE. The 666-Computer has never let me sleep in the whole time I’ve been here, even on days when I CAN (and there haven’t been too many of those days). I had one night where the 666-Computer awakened me with a cough spasm that almost made me vomit. And I often awaken feeling nauseated because I’m so tired.

Mess up the new cell phone I bought, so that I have to waste time returning it to the store and, of course, make sure all the lines I wait in are EXTRA LONG and eat up time I could be using xxxxx.

If the Jesuits luck out the new xxxx will be fired, which means she’ll never go to Russia as a missionary and MOST IMPORTANTLY will never marry the RUSSIAN PRESIDENT. God forbid. Wouldn’t it be terrible to prevent another Stalin from taking over Russia? Why, the Jesuits must do ALL IN THEIR POWER TO PREVENT THIS. This would be a major calamity. In the meanwhile, the bribes to the xxxxx are in the millions (because Gail Schuler is a serious threat) and the stakes are high!!!! The Russian president goes to bed at night dreaming about making love to her: THIS IS A MAJOR CALAMITY!!!

I’m sure I left something out. I don’t have time to keep up with all the latest, creative and brilliant (and, don’t forget, WELL FINANCED, Jesuit orchestrations).

And I’d like to crown the Jesuits with the Nobel Prize for FANATICISM AND STUBBORNNESS. Nobody beats them in this category. They are the BEST!!

I’ve been averaging 4 to 6 hours a sleep a night. The average has been around 5. I tried to sleep in this morning, even though I went to bed at 1 a.m. last night. But I awakened around 5:30 a.m. and have been up since, the 666-Computer refused to let me sleep after that. I have a lot of concentration lapses and memory lapses because of this.

XXXXX–G.S. (8-16-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (8-16-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (8-16-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (8-16-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 8-16-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL