Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (9-19-2003)

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9-19-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

When I awakened this morning and tried to rise out of bed, I felt like the room was swaying around me and I didn’t have a sense of balance or of where I was at. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER THAT I HAVE HAD THIS TYPE OF DIZZINESS. This is VERY SERIOUS because I do a lot of driving and I have indicated in my 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document, that any PLP who induces a condition like this SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED. Today is the day of my “born again” birthday (I became a born again Christian on 9-19-71); and (last night) some Jesuit agent car driver drove by the bonfire we set last night in the football field (as part of a pep rally before the homecoming football game) and yelled at the top of their voice from their passing car: “I love Jesus!”. I think the reason this agent yelled this, is because just previously I stood up and gave a testimony at this bonfire, and I said that there was a lot of love among the students and the staff. Apparently, the Jesuits think they can make a conspiracy out of this. It never occurred to me (until today) that our homecoming football game where the homecoming queen will be crowned (and I think the queen is Autumn Norman) is on the day of my “born again” birthday (9-19-71). You can expect the Jesuits to try and make a conspiracy out of this. I ask for Christians all over the world to pray for Autumn Norman today (and from now on) because I believe Jesuits target her. She’s a beautiful, sweet girl and I don’t want the Jesuits to harm her. In fact, as I awakened this morning, I could tell the 666-Computer was being used in an attempt to implant “jealousy” type thoughts into my brain–to try to make it appear that I am jealous of this beautiful girl.

Again, I ask Christians all over the world to pray for Autumn Norman, because I fear for her life. Jesuits are brutal; and, of course, if they target Autumn, they will try to blame this on an innocent party. I suspect Autumn will be crowned homecoming queen tonight at the football game. Back to the jealousy issue. . .usually, if I perceive that a woman is superior to me (in any way) I admire her and strive to emulate her, but I don’t waste my time or emotions with jealousy. To me, jealousy is the most STUPID EMOTION IN THE WORLD. It accomplishes no good to ANYONE. I am not afflicted with a jealousy problem because I am too BIG a PERSON to waste my time with this stupid emotion.

Pray for the high school football team and for the players because many of them have been targeted by the Jesuits already–especially Marcus Julien (a 9th grade black boy on the football team).

Pray for Andrew Pitts because he was used earlier in the year to act like he was romantically interested in me, and the Jesuits want to make it appear that Vladimir is jealous of Andrew. Andrew is a nice boy and Vladimir and I both like him. Andrew is the quarterback on the high school football team. It appears God is doing a work in Andrew’s life.

Christians all over the world, PLEASE PRAY FOR AUTUMN. The Jesuits believe that by targeting her, they can prevent my marriage to Vladimir Putin. Autumn has such a sweet aura about her that she reminds me of Sleeping Beauty from the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. She even kind of looks like Sleeping Beauty. She has a natural dark ash blonde hair and grace and beauty. This is truly a lovely girl and I ask for much prayer for her and for all xxxxxxx. I think Autumn is ten times prettier than Loree McBride was, and that’s because Autumn has inner beauty as well as outward beauty and Autumn is womanly in every sense of the word. Loree reminded me of a shallow glitter box, but Autumn has grace and sweetness and softness.

Loree McBride at one time called me on the phone and in a deep, exasperated and infuriated voice yelled, “Hey b—h, what the f–k are you doing with my boyfriend!” I recall, at the time, I thought the incident was humorous and I had no idea who the caller was. At that time, I wasn’t aware that Brent had a girlfriend, so I figured it was some wacko. I knew that whoever this caller was, that Brent would never be interested IN HER, so I wasn’t worried about that. I knew a guy as sensitive and caring as Brent was, would never be interested in such a vulgar woman. I still believe today that the only reason Brent had Loree for a girlfriend is because she raped him [after his drink was spiked (it’s not a good idea to drink any alcoholic beverages if Jesuits target you)] and she acquired “girlfriend status” after she raped a drugged out Brent (when the “sexual” transaction occurred–between he and Loree, I don’t even think Brent was aware of it) and then he couldn’t get rid of her after that. I don’t believe Brent was ever aware that Loree was a Jesuit agent, until I told him in Dec. 1999 that I felt Brent and I were victims of the Roman Catholic church (and that Loree was just their pawn); because I recall that ONE TIME on some website I read, it was casually mentioned that Loree was Catholic, and that clued me in. What really clued me in was that GOD WOKE ME UP in Dec. 1999 and told me that my enemy was the Roman Catholic Church. After I told Brent that I felt our enemy was the Roman Catholic Church, the Jesuits IMMEDIATELY quit using ANY CATHOLICS as their obvious agents, and used their brilliant infiltration abilities to acquire cooperation from persons within groups perceived to be the Jesuits’ enemies.

Again, I would like to emphasize that I feel the enemy was the Vatican and not the Catholic people. I have a Catholic girl in my 12th grade class (Ramona Pillay) who I DO NOT FEEL IS A JESUIT AGENT. Right now, I don’t feel that Pope John Paul is my enemy. Bill O’Reilly of FOX news is a Catholic and I don’t feel he is my enemy. I don’t think the Pope and the Jesuits are getting along.

Back to Loree. . .apparently, she made a extortion deal with Brent (after he was drugged and raped by her and she worked with Jesuits at this time) and she (under Jesuit direction) threatened to expose his romantic interest in a married woman (myself, at the time) if he wouldn’t go along with it and that’s how she MAINTAINED HER GIRLFRIEND STATUS WITH BRENT SPINER. And, of course, she received instructions from Jesuits the whole time she was Brent’s “girlfriend”.

I read about Loree being Catholic on some website in 1996 and it was only mentioned once. It’s just that I scrounged the websites to learn all about her (when I discovered she was Brent’s girlfriend). I would like to say that Brent wasn’t too wise in the way he handled Loree, and that’s why it’s impossible for Brent and I to get together in this life. Vladimir Putin is a lot wiser in handling Jesuits than Brent. Though both Vladimir and I feel that Brent is one of the biggest people you could ever meet. Brent Spiner is a very big person (extremely generous and forgiving of his fellow human beings).

I’d like to say that I am not the jealous type. I rarely or NEVER am jealous of any girl. As hard as this may seem to believe, I don’t recall ever (in my entire life) being jealous of anyone. About the closest I’ve come to jealousy was a feeling of resentment that Loree McBride could have Brent Spiner’s companionship and that I could not. This really wasn’t jealousy of Loree AS A PERSON, but just jealous that she got to be with him (even though he didn’t want to be with her) and resentful that this shallow, glitter box could be with him, and that I couldn’t be with him to give him the encouragement and support he needed. Because, at that time, all I wanted was his companionship and my motives weren’t completely selfish. I knew what an encouragement I was to him and I could tell that Loree didn’t give a flip about Brent.

I also believe the Jesuits have been inducing confusion in me (using the PLP Vladimir assigned to me) so that I “mess up” xxxxxx. And then, when I appear confused and disoriented (because of this PLP who “supposedly” is following Vladimir’s instructions as he manipulates me via the 666-Computer), a Jesuit agent xxxxxx says xxxxxx, “Are you confused, Mrs. Schuler?”

The Jesuits are trying to create a CONFUSION conspiracy (via the 666-Computer and satellite technology) and they are setting it up to frame Vladimir with it.

This PLP (who supposedly is following Vladimir’s instructions regarding me) has been very sly and targets confusion in me specifically as I prepare to teach grammar and only when I teach grammar to create the impression that it is my weakness in grammar (and NOT THE 666-COMPUTER or some other technology used on me [directly or indirectly]) that causes me to stumble and “mess up” as I teach grammar to students. The Jesuits have used the 666-Computer on me to induce confusion as I teach grammar to my students. You see, Vladimir is weak in English, so he may not recognize that his PLP is inducing confusion in me (as I teach English grammar) and that in targeting me as I teach English grammar, this TRAITOR PLP is strengthening the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. So this TRAITOR PLP violates Vladimir’s instructions as this TRAITOR PLP manipulates me (using the 666-Computer or some other technology); and because VLADIMIR is weak in English (because it’s not his native language), he is UNAWARE THAT HIS RULES (regarding the use of the 666-Computer on ME) ARE BEING VIOLATED; and that he is being framed by the Jesuits with a “English grammar CONFUSION” conspiracy which revolves around the 666-Computer and satellite technology. By doing this, the Jesuits hope to implicate Vladimir with their infiltration into the A-Beka curriculum this year (which infiltration was designed to make me look stupid at English–so that the Jesuits can claim that I did not write Silver Skies).

The Jesuits are on a rampage with PLPs and are obtaining excellent cooperation from wicked physicians (with many of these physicians posing as PLPs who support and follow Vladimir’s guidelines for PLPs) Apparently, American physicians (as a group) have some of the lowest moral standards of ANY PROFESSION. This does not mean I condone killing doctors because many of them are good people. But it is fairly obvious that many of them are NOT GOOD PEOPLE. If American physicians are such a righteous group, the Jesuits wouldn’t be able to obtain such excellent cooperation from them. A wise man once said, “There’s nothing more dangerous than the combination of high mentality with low morality.” This is an apt description of your average American physician–especially the ones who work in RADIOLOGY. My personal experience has been that the family practice physicians and those in primary care have the highest moral standards. Maybe it’s because those who enter the primary care fields are motivated by an attitude of service, whereas those who become specialists are motivated by arrogance and pride and the desire to “strike it RICH.” Specialists get PAID MORE. So, those physicians who become specialists may be motivated by GREED, and that is why Jesuits obtain more cooperation from SPECIALISTS.

Another reason Jesuits may want to ruin my concentration is so that I will overlook important points as I write these statements.

It is possible that the Jesuits are able to give instructions (via the 666-Computer or some other technology) in a manner which makes it impossible for Vladimir and his group to “read” what is being “instructed” to the 666-Computer practitioners. In other words, the Jesuits can communicate SECRETLY to PLPs (who supposedly are working for Vladimir) and then these PLPs can communicate SECRETLY to those they manipulate. They have some sort of blocking mechanism or SECRET COMMUNICTION which prevents Vladimir from intercepting and reading their SECRET 666-Computer instructions to SECRET PLP Jesuit agents. This is some advanced technology which Vladimir is NOT aware of.

This war we are in is a war of technology and the one with the SMARTEST GADGETS AND TECHNOLOGY WINS. So, it is very important to keep up with all the latest advances in 666-Computer technology and satellite technology so that the Jesuits don’t have an advantage. But like I’ve stated, I believe the Jesuits INVENTED the 666-Computer and much of the satellite technology which they employ–so it only makes sense that it is THEY, and not US, who are aware of all aspects of how to use the 666-Computer and satellite technology–and, OBVIOUSLY, if they have an area of expertise of which we are not aware, they WILL NOT DIVULGE IT TO US. So, there needs to be constant research into ALL ASPECTS OF 666-COMPUTER and SPACE TECHNOLOGY (AS WE DEAL WITH JESUITS).

I will now go into my 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document to write some new laws to deal with this issue. Please pray for me as I do so because I am quite disoriented, but these laws are important.

The following are the updates I made today to my 666-Computer Laws for Privileged Licensed Practitioners document:

6.0 A SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM is defined as any communication technology which is used illegally (or outside of the conspiracy laws which I’ve written) to communicate with PLPs and/or those manipulated by PLPs.

6.1 It is obvious that the Jesuits have come up with a method (or methods) to SECRETLY communicate with PLPs and/or those manipulated by PLPs, so that the Russian government is unaware of these communications and/or is unable to read or intercept these SECRET communications. Anyone who is aware of a SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM and does not divulge it to the Russian government within 7 days, will be given the death penalty as a 666-Computer conspirator and/or space conspirator. Those who come forward to divulge information about any SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM must cooperate fully in the Russian government’s investigation of this conspiracy.

6.12 Exceptions will be for those who are held back by EXTORTION from coming forward to the Russian government during the 7 day deadline with SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM information. If someone is a victim of extortion so that they cannot come forward with SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM information, this extortion victim (when they come forward) must supply the name (and full identification) of the extortioner(s) and make a sworn recorded statement (while under 666-Computer lie detection) regarding the circumstances surrounding their extortion. If it is determined that this person (who comes forward) is truly an extortion victim, this person will be spared the death penalty AS LONG AS THIS PERSON COOPERATES WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT IN ITS INVESTIGATION OF HOW THIS PERSON WAS AN EXTORTION VICTIM and as long as this person cooperates with the Russian government in its investigation of the SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM conspiracy. Those who WILLINGLY hold any person against their will from coming forward with any SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM information will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators.

6.13 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM technology and who were unaware of the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection). Those who were unaware of the deadline will only spare themselves the death penalty if they will make a sworn confession (under 666-Computer lie detection) as to how they were unaware of the deadline and this confession will be entered into the courts.

6.2 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM technology and who discovered this/these SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM technology or technologies after the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection), these/this person(s) must also make a sworn confession as to how they discovered this/these technology or technologies after the deadline and this confession will be entered in the courts.

6.3 Anyone who discovers any SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM technology after the deadline, is required to immediately report it to the Russian government. Those who neglect to do so will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators, except for the exceptions noted in Section 6.12 and 6.13.

6.4 If all SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM technology/technologies is/are discovered, Russia may waive Sections 6.1, 6.12, 6.13, 6.2 and 6.3, depending on if Russia has anymore problems with SECRET COMMUNICATION MEDIUM technology/technologies.

Vladimir seems to tell me (via 666-Computer) that once I updated my 666-Computer Laws for PLPs document today regarding the SECRET COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY, that some people have come forward and we have received the following information: Vladimir seems to indicate to me (via the 666-Computer) that the Jesuits have been using satellite technology (using something like radio or television signals) to secretly communicate with PLPs and with those manipulated by PLPs. So PLPs and those manipulated by PLPs are receiving “messages” (through some sort of satellite signals DIRECTLY TO THE BRAIN) that are a violation of my SPACE conspiracy laws.


Back to my discussion about this illegal satellite conspiracy. . .The secret SATELLITE communicators need to be ferreted out and investigated. Because the Jesuits have been busy with their secret satellite communicators, they have tried to draw attention to incidents and/or crimes or catastrophies created by satellite technologies (like Hurricane Isabel and the malfunctioning air conditioner in my classroom). This is because they are using satellite technology to try to implicate Vladimir. The Jesuits have determined that Vladimir is weak or ignorant in his knowledge of how satellite technology is employed for criminal purposes; and in order to frame Vladimir as the orchestrator of the Jesuits’ satellite technology conspiracy, they exploit Vladimir’s satellite technology ignorance.

I suggest Vladimir and the Russian government strengthen their knowledge of satellite technology and how it can be utilized for criminal or conspiracy purposes.

XXXXX–G.S. (9-19-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (9-19-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (9-19-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (9-19-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 9-19-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL