Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (9-28-2003)

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9-28-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have updated Sections 4.0 and 5.3 of my Russian Reproductive Laws document, in order to allow Pope John Paul II to sign and execute death warrants or other legal documents necessary to help the Pope eliminate sexual criminals from the Roman Catholic Church. In these instances, the Pope will be working with Vladimir to eliminate Jesuit troublemakers within the Roman Catholic Church.

I have also designated Pope John Paul II as a President, in Sect. 77.7 of all my conspiracy law documents. This means the Pope can adopt any and/or all of my laws (according to the guidelines I established) for the Roman Catholic Church members throughout the world.

Though I believe the Roman Catholic Church is the Whore of Rev. 17, I believe that the Whore will emerge from the current JESUIT-run segment of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope John Paul has adopted a stand against the policies of his own church, and his current position does not seem to be the position of the Whore. Therefore, I believe the Whore (and the 666-Beast or anti-Christ) will emerge from the current JESUIT-run segment of the Roman Catholic Church.

All updates I have made to my legal documents have been TOTALLY MY OWN, after I spent time in prayer with God. It was NOT Vladimir’s idea or Pastor Carter’s or xxxxxx to include Pope John Paul into my documentation. It came totally from my own thinking processes with no help from ANYONE but God. Vladimir does not tell me in any manner how to write my conspiracy laws. Though, it appears he did let me know (via 666-Computer) that the Pope likes the idea. AFTER I HAD ALREADY DECIDED TO GIVE THE POPE “PRESIDENT STATUS” in Sect. 77.7 of my conspiracy laws, Vladimir encouraged me to include the Pope in my conspiracy laws,

The reason I decided to update sections 4.0 and 5.3 of my Russian Reproductive Laws document, is because I was awakened at 5:30 a.m. because Vladimir informed me that the Jesuits were causing some xxxx male xxxx to be in sexual overdrive and (at the same time) frustrating them in their attempts to find satisfaction. Vladimir and I had a prolonged lovemaking session at 5:30 a.m., so that we could defeat the Jesuits’ attempts to create a jealousy triangle involving men or males targeted by the Jesuits. Though I enjoy lovemaking with Vladimir, I’d prefer to have it at a time where I don’t have to sacrifice my sleep. I am quite tired. I guess the Jesuits always choose my normal sleep time (to induce these attacks on the targeted men) is to discourage Vladimir and I from making love during these times. Because if Vladimir gets plenty of “sustenance” from me, then obviously he isn’t going to have a jealousy problem, and the Jesuits want to make him appear to be JEALOUS, so that they can kill the male they target with their “sexual overdrive” strategy; and then, of course, they’d blame this murder on Vladimir. So, the end result, with these males targeted by the Jesuits, was that they had to prolong their fantasy for an unreasonable amount of time in order to find satisfaction, and that this was obviously an attempt to create a jealousy triangle involving myself, Vladimir and the targeted male. But Vladimir does not want to execute the Jesuit criminal who targets males in this manner, because it would make Vladimir appear jealous of the targeted male; so, instead, I have given Vladimir permission to allow Pope John Paul II to sign the death warrant for the possible IMMEDIATE EXECUTION OF THESE CRIMINALS. This use of the 666-Computer and/or satellite technology to wear out these boys or men with unhealthy sexual energy must be stopped, but, unfortunately, because of the Jesuits’ obsession to create jealousy triangles (which could result in the murders of these targeted males by Jesuits), it would be wiser to allow Pope John Paul II (instead of the Russian government) to sign and execute the death warrants for this type of crime.

Time is 12:45 p.m. and I have just returned from church. While I was sitting in the church service, Vladimir communicated to me (via 666-Computer) the following bracketed information:

[[It appears that early in the school year the Jesuits used extortion on some of the siblings of male xxxxx. These siblings were instructed (under extortion threat) to obtain for the Jesuits a semen sample of their brother and to deliver this sample to a Jesuit agent. Apparently, the reason these siblings knew how and when to obtain the sample is because of the Jesuits’ mind-reading capabilities where they can follow all students everywhere they go and everything they do. So, if any male student had a “wet dream” and left stuff on his sheets, the Jesuits may have instructed the sibling to confiscate the sample and deliver it to the appropriate agent. It appears that after the sibling delivered “the goods”, that then MEMORY LOSS was employed on the sibling who delivered “the goods”, so that this sibling COMPLETELY FORGOT WHAT THEY HAD DONE FOR THE JESUITS. Next, the semen somehow ended up with physicians, who inserted the semen into teenage girl students from xxxxxxx WHILE THE PHYSICIAN WAS CONDUCTING A VAGINAL EXAM ON THE GIRL. (All physicians who participated in this plot must be put under investigation and tried according to my conspiracy laws.) So the girl was impregnated and DIDN’T KNOW IT. It appears about 40 girls were impregnated in this manner, including some girls of absolutely outstanding character. This is a serious crime and all those who were WILLING participants in this conspiracy should be executed. We cannot allow these pregnancies to go to term, so they will all be terminated by the 666-Computer. There will be a lot of “miscarriages.” No girl (impregnated in this manner), or anyone who is aware of this impregnation, is to advertise the girl’s “miscarriage” or pregnancy, and anyone who does, will be immediately considered a WILLING RPC suspect, and treated as such. Fortunately, thanks to the recent laws I wrote, especially the laws regarding the information we need to replace memory which HAS BEEN REMOVED, we were able to uncover this Jesuit plot before the results would be DISASTROUS. We obtained this information from replaced memory blocks, which had been removed from students and/or others who were/are manipulated by PLPs and/or satellite technology.]]

I recommend that all females who are under the care of PLPs, NOT GET ANY VAGINAL EXAMS FROM ANY DOCTOR. It is not necessary to get a vaginal exam from a doctor (as part of a routine examination), because the 666-Computer does a better job of screening for cancer and most ailments than does a vaginal exam. Unfortunately, getting a vaginal exam exposes a girl to the risk that the doctor may implant semen into her vagina and impregnate her without her knowledge. Vaginal exams would probably only be necessary in cases where the 666-Computer cannot do the necessary screening.

As usual, in church today, I was surrounded by Jesuit agents. Because I wore a sheer blouse, though I was modest because I had blouses underneath it, a woman tried to sit right in front of me in church dressed in a similar manner. She (and her significant other) also parked their car next to mine in the parking lot. The car had a license plate number that read like “bug” (I read the license number from my car)–kind of like “love bugs”? That family needs to be put under 666-Computer surveillance. In fact, anyone who visits or sits in a pew at Landmark Baptist Church should be under surveillance. This church is experiencing heavy Jesuit infiltration.

I would like to state that my decision to allow the Pope to have legal power in my conspiracy laws is not a decision I came to lightly. Before May 2002, I despised the Pope so much, I called him every bad name in the book and accused him of treachery, deceit, lying, being a coward, being a fake. I often called him “fatso”, a “big slob”, a “lying, fathead, killer who ate off of gold plates for dinner”, and a “fat, slob jackass”. I once told Vladimir that I refused to travel with Bush to see Vladimir, if it meant I had to go with Bush to visit the Pope (this was in May 2002 when Bush visited the Pope). In fact, all these conversations were recorded and I give permission to Vladimir to transcribe anything that I said about the Pope anytime, anywhere and include these transcribed comments as addendums to my 1-18-02 statement with all the rights of my written legal documentation as outlined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document.

You might say you’ve done a 180 degree turn.

I am a person who makes judgments based on fact, not on emotion. And, with my genius ability to read people, I noticed that this Pope had changed his position and had given up his designs to cooperate with the Jesuits to takeover the world for the Roman Catholic Church. Around the summer of 2002, I (for the first time) recanted my position regarding the Pope (based TOTALLY on my own observations–NO ONE TOLD ME TO DO THIS). I still think the Roman Catholic Church teaches heretical doctrines and that it is the BABYLON WHORE, but something has happened to this Pope. And though I may not agree with his doctrinal stand and I would NEVER BECOME A CATHOLIC, I feel that Vladimir and I can work with him to “reign in” some troublemakers in his church, because I sense that the Pope wants to do this. And we could use his help. So, Vladimir and I cooperate with the Pope, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE CATHOLICS, but because IN SPITE OF THE DOCTRINAL DIFFERENCES, the Pope and I face a similar problem: we are both troubled by the Jesuits and we both have the SAME GOAL of wanting to get them under control.

The Pope is worried that the Jesuits might kill him and make a martyr out of him, so that is one big reason he’s glad to help me and be mentioned as a helper in my statements. The Pope hasn’t told me this. I NEVER COMMUNICATE WITH HIM. But I figured it out.

XXXX–G.S. (9-28-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (9-28-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (9-28-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (9-28-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 9-28-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL