Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-11-2003)

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10-11-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Yesterday, while I attended a seminar at xxxxxx in Orlando called “Diagramming: A Roadmap to Clarity. . .”, I was given a handout by the xxxxx Bob Kendall. Mr. Kendall instructed us to make a story, in which we would fill in the blanks for numbers 1 through 8 and number 6 was already filled in, with the following quote: “Put it in the trunk.”

Immediately, I thought it was strange that in a DIAGRAMMING seminar, this eight point STORY OUTLINE would be included. And I didn’t like what was written in #6: “Put it in the trunk.”

I told the girl sitting next to me (who was behaving like a Jesuit agent): “Yeah, they often put dead bodies in trunks.” Anyways, I prayed and asked God how to fill out this outline, since the instructor said he would call on people to see how they filled it out. I would like to emphasize, that CHOICE NUMBER SIX WAS ALREADY FILLED OUT AND WE WERE TOLD TO CREATE A STORY AROUND CHOICE NUMBER 6. What I wrote will be in italics:

  • 1. I wrote a love letter to President Putin.
  • 2. It was stolen.
  • 3. The thief was caught.
  • 4. The letter was returned to me.
  • 5. My son asked me what to do with it.
  • 6. “Put it in the trunk.”
  • 7. “Why?” he asked.
  • 8. I said, “Because there the JESUITS can’t steal it from me.”

The instructor told us to give the story a title. So I titled it: “A stolen love letter”

I then wrote on that handout [which had the 8 point story outline and which I received from this Jesuit agent instructor (Bob Kendall)] the following words:

“Dead bodies often end up in trunks. Hey Jesuits, you planning to put a body in a trunk?”

I just noticed something. Notice that in choice number six, the beginning of the quote almost sounds like PUTIN☛ Put it in.

Yesterday, it appeared that all the seminars were rigged to promote the Jesuits’ legal case against Putin. It seemed that the motive of the seminar instructors was not to promote learning or help the students, but to promote the Jesuits’ legal case against Vladimir Putin (which means to promote MURDER).

The Jesuits want to strengthen their legal case in order to increase their murders. The only thing holding them back from committing more murders is that they are worried about BAD PRESS. And, they are worried that Putin’s legal case against them could make the news, and that they may lose some financial support from the bad press this could generate. Therefore, their number one priority is to strengthen their legal case, so that the damage from the press won’t matter. Once they accomplish this, they plan to increase their killings (in order to eliminate their enemies and takeover the world).

I strongly suspect that Dino Pedrone, pastor of New Testament Baptist Church of Miami, is a JESUIT. I observed him yesterday and he seems to have the attitude and demeanor of a JESUIT. In other words, I think he is a fully trained JESUIT who has managed to weasel himself into a respectable leadership position within the fundamental Baptist organization. If I am correct in this assumption, then xxxxx is not to be trusted, because the President of xxxxxx (Dino Pedrone) is a JESUIT.

Jesuits have been instructing their agents to fly planes or helicopters over my apartment when I THINK CERTAIN THOUGHTS, in order to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir; or to fly them over my apartment when I play certain videos. All those involved in flying helicopters, planes or ANYTHING over my apartment, and who do it in a manner to promote the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, should be put under complete surveillance; and any PLPs involved in deliberately trying to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir (by this flagrant and arrogant attempt to fly planes or helicopters over my apartment while I think certain thoughts or play certain videos) should be IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED. Maybe they plan to drop a bomb (chemical or biological, or who knows what) next. We absolutely won’t tolerate this attempt to draw attention to planes and helicopters over my apartment. If they are bold enough to so flagrantly advertise their attempts to help out the Jesuits, then we will be bold to EXECUTE THEM (or their PLPs) IMMEDIATELY.

By the way, at the xxxxx convention, the speaker kept mentioning helicopters and warned people not to get in the way of the helicopters. That whole convention was BIZARRE. I have learned, from my vast experience in dealing with Jesuits, that if something is BIZARRE, then the JESUITS ARE BEHIND IT.

Vladimir seems to have told me (via the 666-Computer) that the Jesuits murdered my fellow teacher’s (Eugenia Segreda) husband (apparently in Costa Rica) and that his body was PUT IN A TRUNK (see above comments regarding the “diagramming seminar”). Vladimir told me about the murder AFTER I ATTENDED THE DIAGRAMMING SEMINAR (which had the 8 point outline mentioned above). I made a cassette tape of music (which was music that comforted me in 1992 when the Jesuits successfully cut off my earthly relationship with Brent) to comfort her as I visited with her for several hours last night to give her support. Please pray for Ms. Segreda and ask God to give her and her family special strength and encouragement during this time. She has five children, most of them teenagers, and they are superb kids. Now they have to deal with the loss of their father. And yet I know that God will be a father to them and that God can give Ms. Segreda another husband, just like He gave Vladimir Putin to me, to replace Brent for me on this earth. But then, I never see Brent as totally replaced, I just see Brent as the “marriage which God has PUT ON HOLD”. Again, I visited with Ms. Segreda for several hours last night. My whole visit with her may be included as an addendum to my 1-18-02 statement (with all the rights of my legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document). I gave her my tape of West Side Story, because God used the music “Somewhere” in this movie to give me a promise (in 1992) about a future marriage that Brent and I will have together. God revealed to me (in 2002) that this marriage will be in the Jewish millennium. I still believe this promise to this day, and that is why I have been able to move forward with my life and to move on to other men in my life (i.e., Vladimir Putin). What is amazing is that I never thought I could love another man like I do Brent, but then you can’t put God in a box.

My decision to visit Mrs. Segreda was TOTALLY MY OWN. No one influenced me in any way to visit her, except that Vladimir (via 666-Computer) supported me in my decision to visit her and comfort her yesterday. But he gave me this support AFTER I HAD ALREADY DECIDED ON MY OWN to visit Mrs. Segreda. After I visited her, Vladimir told me he was very proud of me for the way I handled her. Vladimir is a very positive person. He never criticizes me. If he corrects me, it’s always done in a positive manner. I really enjoy his company and respect his opinion. He guides with me wise leadership.

I would also like to mention that on Thursday night, Mrs. Segreda’s daughter and son(s) were involved in a car accident and it is miraculous that they were not seriously injured. Mrs. Segreda’s daughter told me her arms were swollen and red on Thursday night. Please pray that God will protect Mrs. Segreda’s children. Her daughter’s name is Eugenia also, and Mrs. Segreda has a very nice teenage son named Carlos. I can’t remember the name of her other son.

But if you’re a “brain” woman, make sure the guy really appreciates having a woman who is thoughtful and intelligent. If so, he will listen to you with interest when you discuss higher level thinking topics with him. Brent loves baseball. So you can’t say that just because the guy has some interests that appear shallow, that the guy is shallow. The key point is, does the guy LIKE TO THINK? That’s the kind of guy who will appreciate having a “brain” for a wife. But no man likes a woman who is ONLY a brain, but most people know that, so I won’t dwell on it.

Vladimir is quite thoughtful and intelligent, too, and he has a lot of “common sense”. I sense he appreciates my intelligence as well and seems interested when I delve into topics that require higher level and creative thinking. Actually, Vladimir has more “common sense” than I do, and though he listens to me, he directs me more than Brent did and I’ve learned to respect his judgment. But I can tell he respects my intelligence and is interested in my opinion, he likes to get feedback from me in all matters.

You might say I can’t imagine a woman having your problem. It’s usually men who have that problem. Men claim they can’t find women who can discuss anything intelligently. Yeah, well a highly intelligent woman has unique problems when she gets into a relationship with a man, especially when it gets serious. We have problems that most women don’t have to deal with.

What I’m stating here only applies to highly intelligent women. For most women, they don’t have to worry about this. But if you are a highly intelligent woman, you have a special problem when you marry. You would probably be wise to marry a man as smart as you are, because if you marry one who is dumber than you, he may not truly be interested in your high intelligence (and after marriage may even consider it a threat to his ego), but just wants the BENEFITS of your high intelligence. Which means, if you disappoint him and don’t bring in some income after marriage, he may lose interest in you after marriage and treat you like a piece of furniture, because he resents having a “brain” wife who doesn’t DO HIM ANY GOOD (which means to bring in some income). For you unmarried girls out there, it’s quite a challenge to juggle babies and a career at the same time. So, if you want to be a stay-at-home mom after marriage, make sure (if you’re a “brain”) that the man won’t resent you staying at home with the baby, and won’t resent you because you are not using your “brains” to bring in some income for him. Also, some guys know how to talk to impress a girl–you need to watch him and see if his actions and attitudes match his wonderful words. Better to stay single than marry a man who only wants to use a woman for her “brains”, because even brainy woman need to be loved by their husbands (even if they have a baby or are ill and can’t bring in income because of their “brains”). The end result will be that if a guy marries a girl for her “brains” so that he can have some extra income; after he GETS HER in marriage, he’ll treat her like dirt when she doesn’t “perform”. Believe me, I know–I speak from experience. It’s so important that a true and genuine love exists between the partners when they marry. There is so much selfishness out there.

That is why I think Vladimir or Brent would be a good match for me, they are equal to or superior to me in intelligence. And it is hard for me to find a man who is equal or superior to me in intelligence; and who is great and generous, as well. So I don’t take it lightly when a man like Vladimir is interested in me. I believe he genuinely loves me. I don’t find a man like that too often. Apparently, God is in this relationship I have with Vladimir. What is ironic, is that men are often attracted to a highly intelligent woman during the dating period; but then, after marriage, when their masculine role as the leader and macho male seems to be threatened, then they RESENT HER INTELLIGENCE (especially if it doesn’t result in BENEFITS for them). To prevent this problem, very smart girls need to marry very smart men.

The Jesuits, more than any other organization, rely on stereotypes and labeling to promote their legal case and their war agenda. That is why the Jesuits labeled the Jews as “Christ-killers” and other things during the Nazi Holocaust. They use the labeling, both as a defense and as an offense.

Defensively, they use the labeling to make themselves look like they are victims of racial prejudice. So that when they are justly accused for the crimes which they commit, they can claim that they are set up and framed by those who hate Hispanics. Apparently, most of the Jesuits are Hispanics or from the races that speak the Spanish languages. I don’t think the Spanish are any more sinners than Jews are. The Jesuits have been getting lots of cooperation from traitor Jews as well. They get cooperation from everyone. THE LOVE OF MONEY IS A UNIVERSAL TRAIT.

Offensively, the Jesuits use labeling and stereotypes to create propaganda against the groups they want to eliminate or target. Such labels as the following come in very handy: All southern men are gun toting haters of blacks who promote slavery OR All those who support gun control are red necks who lack brains and are like the KKK. What they will do is take something that is true and stretch it or exaggerate it, so that the truth becomes distorted; and by the time they are through embellishing the truth and exaggerating it enough, it becomes a stereotype and a LIE. The best and most effective lie, is a lie that appears TO BE CLOSEST TO THE TRUTH. An obvious lie is not as effective. So the Jesuits are masters at creating lies that are VERY CLOSE TO THE TRUTH, but are TWISTS and EXAGGERATIONS of the truth.

Back to Vladimir. . .Vladimir is truly an unusual and big person and God has given me another great man in my life, though I am often frustrated that I can’t have Vladimir’s physical presence, just as I couldn’t have Brent’s physical presence. But then Vladimir does communicate with me (via 666-Computer) and this is an improvement over the communication I had with Brent. Brent and I didn’t even know there WAS a 666-Computer. The communication between Brent and I was mostly via my wiretapped phone. The existence and use of the 666-Computer was figured out when Vladimir came into my life. I have seen God working in great ways (He showed me the cure to cancer and AIDS, revealed the 666-Computer and many other things), since Vladimir has come into my life. It appears that it is God’s will for Vladimir and I to have an earthly marriage (in this life). And my marriage to Brent will be in the JEWISH millenium. This seems very fitting since Brent and I (both) have Jewish ancestry. Apparently, the Jesuits don’t want me to marry men like Brent Spiner or Vladimir Putin. Because these are men of INFLUENCE (who have goals and motivations which are not in harmony with the Jesuits’ goals) and the Jesuits don’t want me to influence these LEADERS against the Jesuits’ goals.

I have learned to rest in God in this matter (of not having the physical presence of the men I love).

Time now is 3:45 p.m. and I am doing laundry. Some family has a boy with carrot red hair, who is playing outside when I do laundry (near the laundry room). I strongly suspect that this family is a family of Jesuit agents. The Jesuits always manage to infiltrate every place that I move to. They are the best infiltrators in the world.

Time now is 6:55 p.m. and it appears a Vladimir “imposter” is speaking to me (via the 666-Computer to my brain). The reason I know this is because the personality is not the Vladimir I know. I had a brief thought that came into my mind (which may have been fed into me by the 666-Computer) in which I doubted for about ten seconds that Vladimir is serious about marrying me, but it wasn’t anything that I was really worried about. The thought just came to my mind. Immediately, a voice rebuked me and said, “Don’t ever doubt that I want to marry you. It bothers me that you doubt my intentions.” And then this voice went on and on about this. At first, I thought it was him and I assured him not to worry about this fleeting thought that came to my mind, that it was probably nothing. But when this voice went on and on and claimed that I had changed my mind about Brent and that maybe I would do the same for Vladimir, I started having doubts that this was really Vladimir who was talking to me.

Vladimir, if I am right that this voice was an imposter, and not you, I want you to execute the PLP involved. I think this is an attempt to make you appear unstable and jealous, and this could result in a murder. The Jesuits may be attempting to set up a “jealousy triangle” so they can kill someone. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY VLADIMIR IMPOSTERS. ALL PLPs who try to be VLADIMIR IMPOSTERS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED.

Immediately execute the PLP who is responsible for pretending to be you. We will absolutely NOT tolerate any PLP who PRETENDS TO BE VLADIMIR. Let Vladimir do his own talking to me. He doesn’t need any imposters, and any PLP who dares to be a Vladimir imposter WILL BE IMMEDIATELY EXECUTED.

This person who spoke to me, did not sound like Vladimir. When Vladimir speaks with me, he is calm, positive, humorous, warm, supportive and confident. Vladimir is assertive, but has never been aggressive with me. He has a quiet assurance about him in that he knows that when he gives a direction that it will be obeyed, and he’s not worried about it. He never seems to be worried about what my opinion of him is, or whether I will drop him as a husband candidate. He knows I respect him and he’s not worried about it. He has this quiet assurance about him, and never seems worried over whether he has my loyalty, affection or respect. I think this is because my loyalty, affection and respect have been consistent the past two years and he knows he has my loyalty, affection and respect–he doesn’t doubt it. He never worries about it unless I get mad at him and tell him that he’s in trouble and I’ve never really been mad at him. I speak my mind and he knows that, so he figures if there’s a problem, I’d tell him (which is a correct assumption about me). Vladimir is not easily offended or jealous. What I mean is, if I was mad at him, he probably wouldn’t know unless I told him. For one thing, I’m rarely upset with him, so he does not expect this from me; and I’ve been utterly loyal to him, so he’s not worried about that either. I think he feels pretty confident that I love him and am loyal to him. The reason he’s not worried is because he has had access to my memory banks for the past two years; and these memory banks reveal all the feelings I’ve had for him since Sept. 2001, and my feelings for him have been consistent and loyal. Believe me, if he has had access to all the feelings I’ve had for him since 9/2001 (which I believe he has), he doesn’t need to be worried about me, and he knows it. So he isn’t worried. He knows he can count on my loyalty and support because it’s been consistent for the past two years. He’s more worried about the Jesuits than he is me.

So this imposter really STOOD OUT, and I want you to take care of him, Vladimir.

And I’ve never really gotten mad at Vladimir, though I did scold him once because he didn’t seem concerned enough about my financial affairs. Vladimir and I make a great team. We work out problems together and we do it in a positive manner.

XXXX–G.S. (10-11-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-11-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (10-11-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-11-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-11-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL