Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-12-2003)

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10-12-02 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time now is 9:05 a.m. and I’m listening to FOX News Sunday on channel 35. Sen. Rockefeller is a guest speaker and he used the term “predicate” (because I’m an English xxxxxx) to describe his position that Pres. Bush did not have justification to go to war with Iraq. From listening to Sen. Rockefeller, I feel he is a Jesuit agent, who is trying to create the impression that Pres. Bush went to war with Iraq, NOT BECAUSE IRAQ WAS A TERRORISM THREAT, but IN ORDER TO PROMOTE A MARRIAGE BETWEEN PUTIN AND MYSELF.

Personal opinion: Iraq, at that time (when Bush went in), was controlled and run by Jesuits and so Pres. Bush did not waste his energies to go into Iraq. He is currently in a very difficult mission to undermine a Jesuit stronghold in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Iraq is one of many Jesuit controlled countries in this region, so the task is monumental. And the Jesuits in Iraq are getting support from surrounding countries that are also controlled by Jesuits. Bush has gone into the HEART of the territory in the world where the Jesuits are in control, and Jesuits are very difficult to deal with because they are the richest organization in the world; so it is unrealistic to expect immediate victory in this area of the world where the Jesuits are very strong..

How else do you think they get cooperation from billionaires like Sen. Rockefeller?

I’m not sure what I think of Saddam Hussein. But I do believe that at the time Bush entered Iraq, that the country was run and controlled by Jesuits; and the U.S. is still dealing with the Jesuits who are flooding into Iraq in order not to lose their stronghold and control over Iraq. Jesuits don’t like to lose ANY country–just like they are currently worried about losing Russia.

I strongly suspect that those who live in apartment A11 (in this church apartment complex where I live–are Jesuits in disguise). The behavior, which I have observed from those who live in this apartment, seems designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. I also suspect that those who live in an apartment which is near the laundry room and where a carrot-headed kid lives–that these people are also Jesuits. Jesuits are masters at infiltrating the enemy camp and blending in unobstrusively and mixing in as one of the group. They thoroughly study their enemy’s mindset and habits before they infiltrate–so they are master infiltrators and can put on a show that would rival any Academy Award winning performance by any actor.

There is a man in my church, who is the church’s youth director (Rich Lemon). I often sit in his Bible class as he teaches the 12th graders Bible. This man loves the Lord, has two kids and a wife, and really cares about the teenagers he ministers to. I just heard in church this morning that he has been diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in his chest. I believe that the Jesuits induced this cancerous condition in Rich Lemon, using the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation abilities. See my previous statement regarding how the 666-Computer can be used to cure cancer. Unfortunately, the 666-Computer (because it can change the genetic structure of cells) can also INDUCE CANCER. Apparently, the Jesuits are on a rampage to induce fast-moving cancers in the people (at this church where I work) to create the impression that Vladimir likes to SHOW OFF his genetic manipulation abilities (via the 666-Computer) and that Vladimir is a fiend who enjoys showing off his technological brilliance and inflicting people with all the illnesses that the 666-Computer is capable of inflicting. The Jesuits are desperately trying to pin the blame for their 666-Computer monstrosity on Putin. Since God brilliantly revealed to me some of the uses of the 666-Computer (and now that this evil technology is out in the open)–the Jesuits are determined that they will not be blamed for the criminal use of this technology; and they are desperately creating conspiracies to make it appear that it is not they, but some other group, who is responsible for the criminal use of this 666-Computer technology over the years.

It appears that Rich Lemon’s cancer case is quite advanced because the Jesuits induced a fast-moving cancer into Rich Lemon’s body. They deliberately chose to target Mr. Lemon because I sit in on his 12th grade Bible class and I am Vladimir’s betrothed, so everywhere I go, the Jesuits try to create conspiracies around me. By the way, Andrew Pitts is in this class, also. This may also give the Jesuits extra incentive to target Mr. Lemon.

You may ask, how can the Jesuits get away with this? Wouldn’t Putin be able to detect that cancers are being induced by PLPs into their victims? NOT IF THE PLP WON’T TELL PUTIN WHAT THAT PLP IS DOING to his victims! We are having a problem with PLPs who are disobeying Vladimir’s instructions and not informing Vladimir that they have induced cancers and other harmful conditions in their victims. The only solution to this is that we have to be VERY STRICT with our PLPs. ANYTHING that a PLP does with the 666-Computer which indicates that they have the attitude of trying to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir should call for IMMEDIATE EXECUTION of that PLP–because we can’t trust that PLP and it is very important that we can trust our PLPs. We’ll just have to keep killing them off until we get some PLPs who will work FOR US and NOT AGAINST US. I don’t care if we have to kill 500 of them, we’ll keep executing them, until we get some we can trust. The Jesuits consider it their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to prevent this marriage between Putin and myself, so you can imagine to what extent they are going to prevent this marriage. We may have to execute a 1,000 or more PLPs before we get some trustworthy PLPs. If this is what it takes, we will execute 2,000 PLPs! We absolutely will NOT TOLERATE DISLOYALTY IN OUR PLPs.

Please pray for Rich Lemon (who is 27–notice the MARRIAGE number) and several other church members at Landmark Baptist Church, who have Jesuit-induced cancers (via the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation abilities). See my previous statements regarding the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation abilities. The problem is, if the cancer is advanced enough and is moving too fast, even with the 666-Computer’s ability to change the genetic make-up of the cancer cells in order to reverse the cancer–the cancer victim can still die. It is a race for time when we have a lot of cancer cells to deal with. We have to change the cancer cells back to normal cells fast enough BEFORE THE CANCER CELLS OVERWHELM THE VICTIM AND KILL HIM. Also, the process of genetically manipulating the cells and turning them back to normal cells can be uncomfortable (I know because Vladimir has had to do this operation on me–the Jesuits have done all sorts of experiments on me via the 666-Computer, including inducing cancerous conditions–Vladimir has had to reverse some cancerous conditions in me). But when we have to work fast, like we will have to with Mr. Lemon, the procedure can be uncomfortable, so pray for this man to have the grace to take it. So ask God to give Rich Lemon courage, strength and a special tenacity during this time and that he will have an unusually high pain tolerance. Also, ask God to give us the best 666-Computer practitioners in the world to work on Rich Lemon, so that we can reverse what the Jesuits have done to Mr. Lemon, and do so in as comfortable a manner as possible.

Because we have been killing off disloyal PLPs, we have discovered some of their dirty work by those PLPs who have taken the place of the disloyal PLPs. And so some new stuff is coming to light. Let’s just hope we have discovered Rich Lemon’s condition in time before the cancer cells overwhelm his body to the point where we can’t even undo it with the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation technology. The Jesuits are desperate to kill, so they are inducing FAST-MOVING cancers in their victims. I bet 4 months ago, Rich Lemon didn’t have a cancerous condition at all. The Jesuits induced it all (in him) within the past month or two. We must be VERY STRICT with our PLPs. The Jesuits have heavily infiltrated into our PLPs, because this is where they think they can win against us.

We are going to have to be VERY, VERY STRICT with our PLPs. They must obey Vladimir’s instructions TO THE LETTER and we will not even tolerate an ATTITUDE of disobedience to Vladimir’s instruction. If their actions indicate an ATTITUDE of disloyalty and of support for the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, they will be executed. We will have to handle our PLPs like my ancestor Solomon handled Adonijah (see the Bible–1 Kings 2).

The following is a recent update to my conspiracy laws (666-Computer Laws for PLPs). Please immediately put this law into effect, so that any new technology we may acquire may help us to save Rich Lemon’s life:

7.0 AN IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE is defined as any technology which can immediately or very quickly reverse a cancerous condition, even in cases where the cancer has gotten into the bone marrow or the bloodstream and is very widespread or lethal in the patient.

7.1 It is obvious that the Jesuits have fostered disloyalty in our PLPs, so that they are inducing fast-moving and lethal cancerous conditions (via the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation technology) in violation of Vladimir Putin’s instruction, and some of these conditions are so fast-moving that we are not able to overcome them with the current knowledge which we have about the 666-Computer. I believe there is an IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE (involving 666-Computer or space technology and that this information is being deliberately withheld from us). The withholding of this information is a conspiracy by the Jesuits against us, while the Jesuits use the 666-Computer to induce cancerous conditions which we are not able to overcome without this knowledge and/or technology. Anyone who is aware of an IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE and does not divulge it to the Russian government within 7 days, will be given the death penalty as a 666-Computer conspirator and/or space conspirator. Those who come forward to divulge information about any IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE must cooperate fully in the Russian government’s investigation of this conspiracy (which involves disloyal PLPs who induce cancerous conditions and other conditions in violation of Vladimir Putin’s instructions to that PLP).

7.12 Exceptions will be for those who are held back by EXTORTION from coming forward to the Russian government during the 7 day deadline with the IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE information. If someone is a victim of extortion so that they cannot come forward with IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE information, this extortion victim (when they come forward) must supply the name (and full identification) of the extortioner(s) and make a sworn recorded statement (while under 666-Computer lie detection) regarding the circumstances surrounding their extortion. If it is determined that this person (who comes forward) is truly an extortion victim, this person will be spared the death penalty AS LONG AS THIS PERSON COOPERATES WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT IN ITS INVESTIGATION OF HOW THIS PERSON WAS A VICTIM OF EXTORTION and as long as this person cooperates with the Russian government in its investigation of the IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE conspiracy. Those who WILLINGLY hold this person against their will from coming forward with any IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE information will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators.

7.13 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE technology and who were unaware of the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection). Those who were unaware of the deadline will only spare themselves the death penalty if they will make a sworn confession (under 666-Computer lie detection) as to how they were unaware of the deadline and this confession will be entered into the courts.

7.2 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE technology and who discovered this/these IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE technology or technologies after the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection), these/this person(s) must also make a sworn confession as to how they discovered this/these technology or technologies after the deadline and this confession will be entered in the courts.

7.3 Anyone who discovers any IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE technology after the deadline, is required to immediately report it to the Russian government. Those who neglect to do so will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators, except for the exceptions noted in Section 7.12 and 7.13.

7.4 If all IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE technology/technologies is/are discovered, Russia may waive Sections 7.1, 7.12, 7.13, 7.2 and 7.3, depending on if Russia has anymore problems with IMMEDIATE REVERSE CANCER CURE conspiracies and/or technology/technologies.

It appears someone came into my car (apparently there is a spare key, which my ex-husband acquired years ago, still floating around in the U.S.) while I was in the Sunday morning church service, and stole my tape recording of Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 and Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture. I leave all the music tapes in the car. This tape also has my music from the movie Somewhere in Time, and I gave some of this music to Mrs. Eugenia Segreda, since the Lord used this music to minister to me when I realized the Jesuits had successfully cut off my earthly relationship with Brent Spiner (back in 1992). Looks like I’ll have to make another recording since I absolutely love this music; and I missed it immediately when I couldn’t find it today.

If some Jesuit agent came into my car illegally, this won’t be the first time they’ve done this to me. They did this to me several times when I lived in Seattle. They also came into my car at least once, when I lived in Melbourne, FL. They got the key from my ex-husband in Seattle and apparently the Jesuits made sure to keep a copy of my car key (in case they needed it).

A new Jesuit strategy is to flood the church with people who are not regular attenders on certain nights. This is behavior designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. On those nights when we have an unusually high attendance in church (like we had tonight–it was PACKED), and when there is no reason to have such a high attendance–check out the PLPs who manipulate the person who shows up ONLY on certain nights, but not on a regular basis. And if that PLP has (at least 3 times) directed his patient to commit acts or behave in a manner that is designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, even if it is something that may seem as harmless as directing this person to show up on certain nights (in order to pack the church and draw attention to a crowd)–IMMEDIATELY EXECUTE THAT PLP, because that PLP can’t be trusted and will kill for the Jesuits when given the opportunity. For instance, some guy below me (I was on the balcony) kept scratching the inside of his right ear, and currently my right ear is being operated on by the 666-Computer (I may have a cancerous condition in my right ear that was induced by a disloyal PLP). Execute that PLP who directed that person below me (who was sitting next to a REDHEAD) to stick his finger inside his right ear and wiggle it inside his ear. Check out that person’s memory banks and if it is discovered that a PLP directed that teenage boy to do that, execute that PLP–that PLP cannot be trusted. ANY ATTEMPT (by directions to a patient or any method from a PLP) to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir (once we have evidence that his attempt or communication was made by the PLP to his patient) will result in the execution of that PLP!!!! We will not tolerate a disloyal PLP, because a disloyal PLP is a MURDERER in motive, who will be a murderer IN ACTION, if we give him the opportunity. Once he has the gall to reveal his attitude and motive, we will kill him before he has the opportunity to murder. We won’t wait for him to murder. We will have the wisdom of Solomon, like Solomon had with Adonijah.

I often look at people strange when I sense they are being manipulated by a Jesuit-directed PLP. Anytime I look at someone strange, check out that person’s PLP; and if that PLP is giving their patient directions in order to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, IMMEDIATELY EXECUTE that PLP.

You might say, “You are going on a rampage”. I have no choice. The Jesuits are on a rampage and we will have to use “like tactics” in order to defeat them. They are concentrating all their energies around me, so I’m being hit with a tidal wave of attempts to create conspiracies designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. We have to attack them head on and give them as much of a rampage as they are giving us. This means we may have a mass slaughter of PLPs before we are done. We have no choice. It’s them or us. If we don’t kill them, they will kill us.

Anytime I point anyone out, by looking at them strange or even pointing them out (in which I am trying to indicate that that person is being directed by a Jesuit-directed PLP)–check out that person’s PLP, and if that PLP is currently giving them directions that are designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir, IMMEDIATELY EXECUTE THAT PLP.

The following update to my 666-Computer Laws for PLP document was made on 10-13-03:

2.3 Due to the heavy influx of Jesuit agent physicians who are volunteering to be PLPs. Any new physicians or professionals the Russian government uses as PLPs must be willing to be put under total surveillance (including all 666-Computer and satellite communications to and from that person). In other words, all PLPs must, themselves, be under the care of PLPs. These new guidelines will start today, on this 11th day of July, 2003. All PLPs must be under total surveillance (including 666-Computer and satellite surveillance). It is important that the Russian government can trust its PLPs; and, apparently, the Jesuits are instructing their doctors to volunteer to help the Russian government. The Russian government doesn’t want Jesuit agent doctors working for it. Obviously, if the Russian government finds any incriminating evidence as a result of total surveillance of the PLPs, the Russian government will take the needed legal actions.

2.31 If it is discovered that a PLP has violated Vladimir’s instructions, and this violation was not reported by the PLP who was monitoring that disobedient PLP, BOTH the disloyal PLP and the one who SHOULD HAVE REPORTED THE DISLOYALTY (in other words, the PLP assigned to monitor the disloyal PLP) will be executed. It is ridiculous that we currently have a man (Rich Lemon) who has an advanced case of cancer (due to a disobedient PLP) and that this disobedience WAS NOT REPORTED by the PLP assigned to the care of the disobedient PLP. Why wasn’t this disobedience reported to us? PLPs can READ THE MINDS OF THOSE UNDER THEIR CARE, SO WHY WASN’T THIS DISOBEDIENT PLP REPORTED TO US? Those PLPs assigned to take care of privileged licensed practioners, WHO NEGLECT TO REPORT a disobedient PLP under their care, will be considered an accomplice to murder and WILL BE EXECUTED along with the disobedient PLP. With the 666-Computer’s mind-reading capabilities, the disobedient PLP who was inducing cancer into Rich Lemon should have been REPORTED TO US. This type of NEGLIGENCE by those entrusted to the care and monitoring of PLPs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! In fact, it will be assumed that any PLP who neglects to report a disobedience PLP under his care and monitoring, is WORKING WITH THE DISOBEDIENT PLP in a conspiracy against Vladimir Putin and, therefore, the PLP assigned to the monitoring of a disobedient PLP who does not report the disobedience, will be executed ALONG WITH THE DISOBEDIENT PLP.

XXXX–G.S. (10-12-03), (10-13-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-12-03, 10-13-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL