Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-14-2003)

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10-14-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Because we have foiled the Jesuits’ pregnancy scheme with the students and have foiled their cancer scheme, the Jesuits are currently on a murderous rampage. First off, I’d like to say that Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the Jesuits have induced cancers in just about all the teachers and staff at Landmark Baptist Church and Christian Schools. Though these cancers are curable (via 666-Computer), Vladimir and I have serious problems getting cooperation from our PLPs–many of the PLPs secretly work for Jesuits and undermine our attempts to defeat the Jesuits.

The Jesuits are so desperate right now, that I sense we are in extreme danger and I covet the prayers of Christians all over the world. What I sense they are up to, is that they are getting ready to plan a mass murder-suicide rampage (involving teachers and students at Landmark Baptist Church and Christian Schools).

The reason I suspect this, is because as I was talking to Matt xxxxx’s (one of xxxxxx) mother, she constantly made comments like, “I should slap Matt in the face for his disobedience or I should take care of him.” I’m not sure I got the latter part of what she said correctly, but I sensed a violent attitude and I’m concerned that the Jesuits are getting ready to plan a mass murder-suicide, in an attempt to make their agents into martyrs for the Jesuit cause. This kind of violent talk coming from a mother scares me. I think the Jesuits may plan to kill Matt and try to make a martyr out of him (like they did Loree McBride). Once you cooperate with Jesuits and it is clear that you are a Jesuit agent, if things don’t go well for the Jesuits, one of their tactics is to kill their own agent (and Matt has been working for the Jesuits in my class) in an attempt to make a martyr out of him/her. I sense this is their current strategy.

Some xxxxx showed up xxxxxxx the other day with FAKE BLOOD (and it looked real). Andy looked like he was bleeding from his mouth. This is a bad sign and gives hints about the Jesuits’ current plans.

The Jesuits will DO ANYTHING to prevent my marriage to Vladimir, even if it means staging a mass murder-suicide involving Landmark Baptist church members and students.

The Jesuits are intensifying their threats and I have noticed that the following people now seem to be cooperating with Jesuits: Mr. Hartwig (government xxxxxx)–I believe Mr. Hartwig is an extortion victim and his PLP needs to be thoroughly investigated, A.J. Allen (xxxxx) and Kyle Allen and the Allen family, Luis Gonzalez (xxxxx), Shayla and her husband (college student at Landmark Baptist College). Shayla (not sure of spelling) is a pre-school xxxxxx at the school. This makes me suspect her even more. The Jesuits are clever and would place an agent as a pre-school xxxxx, since this makes her look innocent. They use this tactic all the time. Loree McBride was always mentioned in web-sites as having two dogs. The fact that Loree was a dog owner was an attempt to make her look like a very nice and wholesome person. Actually I sense that this girl (Shayla) who, I believe, is somewhere from Southeast Asia, may be a Jesuit. However, since I have mentioned this, the Jesuits may kill her to make her look like a martyr.

Shayla lives in A11 and looks like a devoted Jesuit–so devoted, in fact, that she might be willing to give her life for the Jesuits–she may be part of a Jesuit murder-suicide plot.

The Jesuits may have some of the other xxxxx at Landmark, since they are intensifying their attacks. I do not sense they have Pastor Carter or the administrator, xxxxx. Most xxxxxx are probably extortion victims. I have no ill will toward any teacher or student. I am only making objective observations after years of experience in dealing with Jesuits. I feel very badly for the teachers and think that maybe I should leave Landmark Baptist Church xxxxx to be with Vladimir soon, since my presence is causing this church and school to undergo severe persecution.

I am very perceptive and sense that a mass murder-suicide plot involving Landmark Baptist Church members and students and staff is “in the works”. I covet the prayers of the world as the Jesuits launch an ALL OUT BLITZKRIEG AND RAMPAGE AGAINST LANDMARK BAPTIST CHURCH AND SCHOOLS IN ORDER TO PREVENT MY MARRIAGE TO PUTIN.

This is truly a case of David against Goliath.

I drove to Lakeland yesterday in an attempt to prevent the Jesuits from murdering Mr. Rich Lemon, a Bible teacher for the 12th grade class. The Jesuits wanted to murder Mr. Lemon and claim that Vladimir did it because Vladimir was jealous of him, since I sit in his Bible class (it’s in the same room where I xxxxxx English). I was afraid if they succeeded in killing him with cancer, that I would never be able to marry Vladimir, so I made a special trip to the hospital to (hopefully) discourage the Jesuits from killing him. I spent time praying with Mrs. Lemon (his wife). Unfortunately, Mrs. Lemon appears to have lied about me and claimed that I made the following statement: “You don’t want your husband to die, do you?” I do not recall that I said this. I strived to be a comfort to her. I feel the Jesuits instructed this lady to deliberately misquote me, to make me appear like I am jealous of her and want her husband.

The Jesuits are desperate to set up ANY JEALOUSY TRIANGLE THEY CAN COME UP WITH, so that they can kill and blame it on Vladimir or myself, and thus prevent a marriage between Vladimir and myself.

The visit that I made with Mrs. Lemon in the hospital in Lakeland (yesterday–including everything I said in the car) will be considered part of this statement with all the rights of my written legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. I’m sure it was recorded, so transcribe it and include it as part of this statement.

Please remember that anywhere I go, you can record and transcribe everything I say and include it as an addendum to my 1-18-02 statement with all the rights of my written legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document.

Mr. Lemon is not my taste in men. Asterisked areas below are where he falls short. Numbers 10 through 13 don’t apply, since Mr. Lemon is a married man. Also, there is no man or male at Landmark Baptist Church or in the schools who meets all the qualities below. Vladimir has all of the qualities below.

Here is what I want in a man. I wrote this on 5-31-02 and my taste has not changed. Please refer to my 5-31-02 statement:

**1. Passionate
**2. Masculine

  1. Character and Dependability
    **4. Bigness of Heart–generous
    **5. Intelligence (Brilliance)
    **6. Prefer older men
  2. Maturity–BALANCED, not a fanatical extremist
    **8. Greatness–concerned for justice and human rights with the COURAGE to follow through.
  3. Sense of humor, in the sense that the man can laugh at himself and doesn’t have an oversized ego.
  4. He must love me with a genuine concern for my health and welfare, and a desire to love me with tenderness, depth and sensitivity. I can tell if the man loves me.
  5. He must accept me the way I am and not try to reform me into his perfect woman.
  6. Emotionally honest, with the courage to reveal his heart to me, to be transparent and with a commitment to intimacy, emotional sensitivity and loving one partner above all others. This does not mean possessiveness, but an absolute trust in me–to the point that he’d bare his soul to me like he would no other, which would result in a commitment to emotional closeness. I must feel one with him, as if he was my arm or leg. AN EXTREME TRUST–my best and most committed friend.
  7. Not jealous. We must give each other the freedom to have friendships with the opposite sex, but in terms of emotional closeness–he should feel closer to me than any other woman. A strong emotional intimacy and transparency between us would tend to lessen jealousy, because we would be so close, we would not feel threatened by the encroachment of others. Also, because both the man and I would be generous, we would want our partner to have the freedom to enjoy the companionship of others besides ourselves.

I realize there will be those who disagree with my assessment of Mr. Lemon (including his students) and that is fine, but I feel he falls short in those areas where I have asterisked. Though I think he has some qualities in those areas, but he is not abundantly blessed in those areas. Whereas, Vladimir is strong in ALL the areas mentioned. I mention all this in order to prove my point that I am not THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED ROMANTICALLY IN MR. LEMON. My motivation for visiting him was to prevent a murder, because this murder WOULD KEEP ME FROM VLADIMIR.

I prayed by his EMPTY bed because there was no place to sit out in the hallway and I was looking for his wife and she did eventually show up. Mr. Lemon was never there. I would not have gone into his room if he was in his room, because that would have created the wrong impression. But he was NOT THERE, so I went in to pray by his bed.

Mr. Lemon is NOT MY TYPE and I have NEVER EVER HAD ANY ROMANTIC ATTRACTION TOWARD THIS MAN AT ALL. It’s just that if the Jesuits killed him, it would prevent me from being with Vladimir and that was what I was worried about. I thought if I prayed outside Mr. Lemon’s room that it would discourage the Jesuits from murdering this man with the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation abilities to induce cancer, and thus prevent me from being with Vladimir.

I know the students think Mr. Lemon is manly, but I don’t think so. Vladimir makes him look sick (as far as manliness is concerned). Vladimir didn’t tell me to say this. This is totally my own opinion. Mr. Lemon is just not macho enough for me. He’s not my type. I like a MASCULINE man. See the list above.

XXXX–G.S. (10-14-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-14-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (10-14-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-14-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-14-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL