Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-17-2003)

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10-17-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time now is 6:15 a.m. I was awakened last night around 4 a.m. and then afterwards experienced very strange sleep patterns. Check out my PLP, the PLP who monitors my care is suspicious. I recall having a dream about writing a letter in regard to not being fired from my job. That dream is suspicious. The Jesuits are up to something. Also, when I awaken in the mornings, I feel very, very tired and this is induced by the 666-Computer. It’s very hard to get out of bed. Some sexual feelings were induced in me, right as I decided to go to this computer to write this.

There was a newspaper article entitled “Bracelet Fad Among Middle-Schoolers Said Linked to Sex” in the 10-14-03 Lakeland Ledger. The store Claire’s is mentioned as the place where these bracelets are bought. This is the store (in Seattle) where I had my ears pierced and I’ve had 666-Computer surgery done on my right ear (recently) for a cancerous condition. Notice the date (the 14th) of the newspaper article. Yesterday, my student Tia Winchester, pointed out something on an A-Beka test I used for 12th grade English that she said was confusing, it was blank number FOURTEEN. According to this article, students wear these bracelets to indicate that they plan to have some sort of sex. It’s like a SEXUAL PACT. Any students who wear these bracelets, should have their PLPs checked out. In fact, any store or person that sells these bracelets, needs to have their PLP checked out and if the PLP is involved, execute that PLP. The end result of this sexual conspiracy will be MURDER. That’s what the Jesuits are up to every time. Any PLPs involved with this conspiracy should be immediately executed, because these PLPs cannot be trusted and will murder for the Jesuits when the opportunity arises. We won’t give them that opportunity.

Time now is 6:35 p.m. Two of my bags were stolen from me in school today. These bags contained my make-up, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brushes (which is not a big loss, just an irritation), my cough suppressant (Coricidin), and my paycheck. What I am really upset about is that THEY STOLE MY BIBLE. My Bible was in one of those bags. I had a very nice Cambridge Bible and they stole my Bible. I had about an $80 Bible, which they stole. So that’s why Matt Creech was reading Bible in my English class the other day! He was doing it when he should have done other things. It wasn’t time to read the Bible. The Jesuits have used the 666-Computer to give me memory lapses so that I forget to bring my Bible to chapel sometimes. So now the Jesuits have a Bible conspiracy. The Jesuits planned this days in advance. I think I’ll just go to church and school without make-up. The Jesuits wanted to steal my make-up so that I’ll go to the store to buy more make-up. They want to claim I’m doing this for Andrew Pitts. Yeah, I think I’ll show up in school from now on without make-up. I don’t have it and I don’t like to wear make-up anyways.

If Vladimir showed up, I wouldn’t wear make-up for Vladimir, except to keep him from being embarrassed in public. So why in the world would I care about wearing make-up for some other guy? I would only worry about make-up, if I had to make public appearances with Vladimir. Other than that, I’d go make-up free around Vladimir. It’s gross kissing someone with lipstick. You think Vladimir wants lipstick all over his face?

Time now is 8:05 p.m. and Vladimir just told me (via 666-Computer) that he wants me to go buy some make-up. He said he likes me to wear some make-up in public. So, I’ll do it because Vladimir requested it. I hope it’s not too expensive because I don’t have a lot of money. But maybe I’ll get some tomorrow. He says the lipstick is not necessary, but just to keep on doing what I’ve been doing. I wear very minimal make-up and I haven’t been wearing lipstick. I’ll do it for Vladimir. I had to get on Laura Little about pulling out what looked like a make-up bag in class today; so, apparently, Laura was part of the Jesuits’ conspiracy to steal my two bags, one of which contained my make-up bag with my make-up.

The 666-Computer has given me a big welt on the inside of my left leg where the top of my knee-highs go.

However, I may buy some sunscreen and 1 piece of make-up. I’ll skip the lipstick, which I haven’t been wearing. But they also stole my chapstick, which I have been wearing. They also stole my sunscreen, which I don’t appreciate. They probably want to give me skin cancer. I was about to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck and that’s when I noticed my two bags were missing. Apparently, someone came into my room and stole my bags. Also, the green attendance book which I use to take attendance (for my teaching) is missing. So, some thief or thieves stole my two bags and my green attendance book. I noticed that the attendance book was missing around 4 p.m. and then when I wanted to leave the school to go to the bank (around 5:20 p.m.), I noticed that my two bags were missing because I had put my paycheck in those bags earlier in the day. I left notes (regarding the stolen items) in the office (after I made copies of those notes on the school’s copy machine).

By the way, all copies made from the Landmark Christian High School’s copy machine can be included as addendums to my 1-18-02 statement with all the right of my legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document.

While I conducted an in-class spelling bee (9th grade), at least half the class said they didn’t want to participate in the spelling bee. Smart kids, like Christi NeSmith, deliberately spelled words wrong and acted disinterested. I ended up picking Andy Blanc, Bradley Lang, Roy King, Adam King, and Coleman Dees as the top spellers in my class. These students are not the brightest in the class, but at least they tried, so they will be in the spelling bee next week. Actually, Coleman did quite respectable. And Andy Blanc surprised me when he spelled correctly some difficult words. I had some real behavior problems while conducting this spelling bee and one of the kids, David Craft, became very angry when I said I would give him a detention for speaking out without permission. David has been speaking out without permission for weeks and he’s not the only one, but I have been clamping down on misbehavior in the class and many of these students are rebelling against the clamp down. David said, “I’m going to get you”. I sent him to the office and I gave him a purple slip that he was supposed to take with him, but he refused to take it and went to the office without it. That boy should not threaten to physically harm a teacher. Something serious needs to be done about him. I think the Jesuits had him say that and maybe they plan on using him to carry it out. I think that boy should possibly be expelled, but for some reason not related to myself. I’ll leave it up to Vladimir what to do about David Craft. David is normally nice to me, but he does not respect my rules and constantly talks and disrupts the class, and I’ve had to clamp down on him, because I’ve been clamping down on others in the class; and I should not have to feel intimidated by this boy and make an exception for him and be more lenient with him just because he threatens me in the classroom.

I also had to clamp down on Laura Little, who was exhibiting a brazenly disrespectful attitude in the classroom. Laura Little and Erica Zito have been disrupting my class by asking me questions (which, I feel, have been directed to them by Jesuits). The purpose of their “rabbit trail” and distracting and convoluted questions is to make it appear that I am an incompetent teacher–to create the impression that Landmark Baptist Church’s motives for hiring me were for reasons other than my teaching ability. They are attempting to make it appear that I’m such a bimbo of a teacher, that Landmark could never have hired me BECAUSE OF MY TEACHING ABILITIES. Actually, it is like climbing Mount Everest to try and teach a class full of Jesuit agents. It’s a miracle any learning takes place AT ALL. The fact that SOME LEARNING is taking place (when I am up against students who are bound and determined to serve the Jesuits) indicates that I am one of the most brilliant teachers in the world!! Everyday I have to deal with students who are determined to disrupt the class. Here are some of the tactics these students use:

1) They deliberately fail tests and act like they don’t understand what I teach to make me appear incompetent.
2) They constantly talk without permission and it’s usually at least 20 of them. What do I do? Give twenty detentions?
3) With the help of the 666-Computer, they make sure that when I teach, to ask me questions over material that I neglected to study the night before or that I overlooked, even if it’s something nit-picky that isn’t that important. Jesuit agent students, like Laura Little and Erica Zito, chase rabbit trails and waste at least 15 minutes of class time asking irrelevant questions. IT’S NO WONDER NO LEARNING IS TAKING PLACE–with all the distraction I get from Jesuit agent students like Laura Little and Erica Zito. If I ignore them, then I’m accused of brushing them off and not paying attention to their concerns. You can’t win no matter what you do, when you’re dealing with Jesuits. It doesn’t matter that I stay up late every night preparing for class. Because of the 666-Computer and because the Jesuits know every nit-picky detail of how I have prepared for class the next day, the Jesuits can hone in on things where they can exploit my teaching weaknesses and pounce on me the next day, BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT I MAY HAVE OVERLOOKED AND NEGLECTED TO PREPARE FOR, since they can read my mind.
4) They all put the wrong date on tests and it’s the SAME DATE.
5) They constantly try to draw attention to the 666-Computer by asking me questions which clearly reveal that they can read my mind or by taking advantage of mental “slips” induced in me by the 666-Computer and then pouncing on me when this happens and then creating an earthquake in the classroom over it.

When I talked with Laura Little’s mom, she asked me to take away Laura’s detention, which I did, even though the girl deserves it. I told Mrs. Little that Laura is right that they aren’t learning in the class and I told her it’s because that class is chaos and I need to get it under control, and that’s why I’m clamping down on some students. Then Mrs. Little said, she would talk with Mrs. Parton (Clay Parton’s mom) and Ramona Pillay’s mom to help get that class under control. I found it strange that she felt she needed to discuss Laura’s problems with these other parents. It’s obvious that Mrs. Little, Mrs. Parton and some other parents of the 12th graders in my class are all Jesuit agents who are trying to create the impression that there is a conspiracy of parents WORKING TOGETHER in that class, WHICH IS CORRECT. However, they want to blame Vladimir for this conspiracy; and it’s not a Vladimir-conspiracy, it’s a Jesuit-conspiracy.

Please note what I said in my car today and transcribe that and include it as part of this statement with all the right of my written legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document.

Another 12th grade student, Rick Gorman, is also a Jesuit agent. That boy constantly asks me questions designed to take up class time and distract me from what I am teaching. He and Laura Little and Erica Zito ask me the most convoluted questions, designed to get me off track and off my lesson; and the questions they ask me seem to require a mind far more sophisticated than a teenager’s mind. In fact, I believe that Laura Little, Erica Zito and Rick Gorman are literally being automated like robots and told EXACTLY what, when and how to speak to me in the classroom by Jesuits; and that all their behavior and words and mannerisms are being directed by Jesuits (via the 666-Computer) as I teach in the classroom. Something serious needs to be done about their PLP. I am starting to wonder, if maybe Laura, Erica and Rick are WILLING Jesuit conspirators. If this is the case, give them the death penalty as I outlined it for juveniles in my legal documents. It is a very serious crime to cooperate with Jesuits. These teenagers know better than to cooperate with bloody killers; and if they do so willingly, they should be given the death penalty. Apparently, their motive is GREED. I was reluctant to accuse them of WILLING conspiracy, but from what I’ve observed in these students, I am starting to suspect it. It seems strange that no matter how many PLPs we kill off, some of these students still continue to serve the Jesuits. I’m not sure about this, but I am starting to wonder. It seems strange, if they are extortion victims, that they are STILL serving the Jesuits after all this time. It makes me wonder if they have been willing Jesuit pawns all along. If they have been extorted into this by their parents, then their parents should get the death penalty. I do have mercy on extortion victims, but from what I’ve observed, I am starting to suspect that maybe there’s more than extortion involved in these cases, maybe there’s GREED. Find out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this. This is serious business dealing with Jesuits and we don’t take it lightly when anyone willingly cooperates with the same bunch that sponsored 9-11-01.

Mr. Hartwig and one of the male elementary teachers (a graduate of Pensacola Christian College) have been behaving in a suspicious manner. Find out what’s going on there. Anyone who is a WILLING Jesuit conspirator gets the death penalty. It’s them or us. Of course, we don’t have to carry out the executions right away. But those who are guilty will be put under the care of jail practitioners.

Pray and ask God to give Vladimir wisdom in these matters. Vladimir and I want to be just and fair and it is never easy, when Jesuits are involved.

I asked my dentist in Tallahassee to mail me my dental records. I’m afraid that these records will be stolen from my mailbox, because my mailbox is easily opened. I could have them mailed directly to the dentist. I hope it’s not too late.

XXXX–G.S. (10-17-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-17-03)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-17-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL