Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-18-2003)

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10-18-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Last night at Wal-Mart, I bought the following items to replace what was stolen from my two bags:

A hair brush for $1.96 (2 hairbrushes were stolen, which were valued at around $18 each)
Blush for $3.22
Almay Cover concealer for $5.27
Concealer for $5.64
Daily Lip Moisturizer for $4.22
Toothbrush for $1.94
Neut On-the-Spot Blemish Wand for $4.97
Aveeno Moisturizer with sunscreen protection for $12.94
Clearasil soap for $2.27

Vladimir just told me to buy some make-up, he did not tell what kind of make-up to buy, except he said not to worry about lipstick.

If anyone is caught around me advertising any of the make-up or other items (directly or indirectly) which I had to buy to replace what was stolen, either when I teach school or when I am out and about or when I am in church, that person (regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, or whatever), along with their PLP, will be investigated for conspiracy charges, and, if found guilty, will be executed (or given the death penalty) as a space or 666-Computer or reproductive conspirator.

I cannot afford to replace my $80.00 Bible, which was stolen. But I have a Bible, which is falling apart, that I can use for now.

The Jesuits have been able to overcome my genius ability to read people because they figured out that I get my discernment from observing the eyes. Therefore, they have been using the 666-Computer to manipulate the emotions, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and the EYES of those who are their agents. They literally TAKEOVER their agent as that agent submits to the Jesuits’ 666-Computer commands and manipulation LIKE AN AUTOMATON. Please read the book War on the Saints (see my previous statements), to see how I view people being controlled like AUTOMATONS. This is NEVER HOW JESUS CHRIST DIRECTS HIS CHILDREN!! The Bible says in 2 Tim. 1:7 ”For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

I have seen the 666-Computer employed to cause a Jesuit agent to cry, like when that agent is describing something that would engender sympathy. This induced crying is designed to create one of several impressions:

1) To create the impression that the Jesuit agent is a nice person who cares about others. This is designed to cover up the activities of a true Jesuit agent and to not expose that that agent’s activities are directed by Jesuits.

2) Or to lessen the penalty for a Jesuit crime committed by the Jesuit agent–BY CAUSING THAT AGENT TO CRY WHEN HE/SHE IS ABOUT TO BE PUNISHED FOR A JESUIT DIRECTED ACTIVITY. This is done in order to make it appear that the Jesuit agent and the one who wants to punish that Jesuit agent are WORKING TOGETHER (in cooperation with the 666-Computer’s ability to induce crying and emotions in a person) in a conspiracy against the Jesuits. JESUITS ARE SLY and know how to put on good theatre. They are so good at theatre, that they NOW HAVE A SOPHISTICATED COMPUTER TO HELP THEM IN THEIR PERFORMANCES!!

Anytime the 666-Computer is used to induce an emotional state or crying or facial expressions WHICH ARE NOT THE NATURAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS or EMOTIONS OF THE PERSON–the PLP who is doing this, along with the person under the care of the PLP, should be put under investigation as a space or 666-Computer or reproductive conspirator, and, if found guilty, those persons involved will either be executed immediately or given the death penalty according to my conspiracy laws. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE THE USE OF THE 666-COMPUTER TO ENHANCE CRIMINAL THEATRE!!

Perhaps they are doing this because Brent Spiner is an ACTOR, so they use the 666-Computer to put on a THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE in order to have the ACTORS AND THEATRE CONSPIRACY!

God CONDEMNS PHONIES. In fact, He condemns them so much that he EXECUTES THEM! In Acts 5, God killed Ananias and Sapphira, not because they didn’t give God enough money, but because THEY LIED ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY GAVE in order to create a FALSE impression that they were GODLY. They were executed for putting on GOOD THEATRE and we will do the same for those who WILLINGLY cooperate with the Jesuits in order to put on GOOD THEATRE. God despises a FAKE, especially when you are a fake pretending to be better than you really are.

Many times in life we all put on good theatre, but to allow a 666-Computer to takeover our body completely in order to manipulate us like an AUTOMATON is a very dangerous activity and leaves us at the mercy of the manipulator. This is a scary prospect indeed and is a version of BIG BROTHER (see the novel 1984). Why, should we, as born-again Bible believing Christians do anything to encourage 666 or the Beast? The only theatre that will be allowed, will be theatre which is not ENHANCED IN ANY MANNER BY THE 666-COMPUTER.

It’s no wonder the students in my classes make me appear stupid. It’s because many of these students are being manipulated by the 666-Computer and directed by geniuses. It’s not the student’s real mind doing the work. That student is LAZY and has allowed ANOTHER TO COMPLETELY TAKE HIM/HER OVER AND TO CONTROL HER. THAT STUDENT DOES NOT THINK FOR HIMSELF/HERSELF. THAT STUDENT IS COMPLETELY UNDER THE CONTROL OF A MASTER COMPUTER. We will not tolerate this and anyone who is willingly involved in a conspiracy of this type will be executed or given the death penalty. We do not encourage the use of the 666-Computer to turn students into SUPER BRAINS (which does not reflect that student’s true and natural abilities or temperament) or into teenagers who have the mentality and outlook of a sophisticated adult (when the teenager does not naturally think that way). Let the teenagers learn from life and prayer and Bible study and discipline, and not by the takeover of their bodies and minds via a COMPUTER.

It is LAZY to allow another to do all your thinking and manipulating for you. THINK FOR YOURSELVES and be YOUR OWN PERSON. It is very dangerous to allow oneself to be manipulated totally by another. It leads to demon possession and all sorts of dangerous states. See War on the Saints by Jessie Penn-Lewis. Demon possession leads to fanatical extremes, dangerous obsessions, and hysterical and strange behavior. Isn’t this how the Jesuits behave? I wonder what spirit is directing them? It’s most certainly not the spirit of 2 Tim. 1:7.

I suspect that because Mr. Hartwig has been controlled like an automaton by the 666-Computer, that he has been a Jesuit agent since the beginning of the school year and I never suspected it until recently, because, with the help of the 666-Computer, he has put on BRILLIANT THEATRE. So brilliant, in fact, that he fooled me with his eyes, since the expression of his eyes did not seem to indicate that he was a Jesuit agent. Though lately, he has been acting more like a Jesuit agent.

In fact, since the eyes are no longer a reliable criteria for determining whether someone is a Jesuit agent. I suggest a NEW CRITERIA. And it is this:

Check out the memory banks of those manipulated by PLPs, and those who have a history which shows that they have literally been “taken over” by the 666-Computer FOR THE PURPOSE OF PUTTING ON GOOD THEATRE–those are the ones we will investigate. One of the Jesuits’ key strategies is to put on GOOD THEATRE–they are the best FAKES in the world. So, anyone who has had a significant amount of manipulation by the 666-Computer FOR THE PURPOSE OF HELPING THIS PERSON TO PUT ON A GOOD THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE will be automatically considered a space conspirator, 666-Computer conspirator or reproductive conspirator suspect; and we will look deeply into this person and will investigate how and WHY they were manipulated by the 666-Computer and/or space technology in order to ENHANCE a FALSE IMPRESSION which this person strived to promote about himself/herself. This type of manipulation is very suspicious activity and must be investigated. GOOD THEATRE is one of the Jesuits’ KEY STRATEGIES. So anyone who is manipulated by the 666-Computer for the purpose of DECEIVING THE PUBLIC about WHO HE IS AS A PERSON is automatically suspicious, and anyone who WILLINGLY cooperates in this type of scheme will be given the death penalty or executed. Because this type of person is a WILLING Jesuit pawn, which makes them an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PERSON.

It is extremely difficult to discern who is or is not a Jesuit agent. The Jesuits have created some very complicated scenarios. I perceive that we have some situations in the church, where one spouse does not know what the other spouse is up to. So we have marriages, where the husband and wife are not a team–but are working against each other. This is a brilliant strategy, since it is usually assumed that if a marriage appears happy and stable, that the husband and wife are working together and not against each other. But let’s not forget that husbands and wives can put on performances with each other, so that one spouse does not really understand or know what the other spouse is REALLY doing. So, we will not assume anything, and we will not allow appearances to determine culpability. We will judge strictly by the evidence. The first step we need to take is to examine the memory banks of those manipulated by the 666-Computer. Those with a history which shows significant 666-Computer activity designed to enhance a FALSE IMPRESSION or to promote GOOD CRIMINAL THEATRE will be investigated thoroughly, REGARDLESS OF HOW ILLOGICAL IT MAY SEEM TO INVESTIGATE THIS PERSON. Jesuits are brilliant because they are directed by SATAN, who is a genius.

We must bathe all our activities and investigations with PRAYER and rely on God to win the victory over Satan and his forces. Because ONLY GOD can win this battle.

That barge (or whatever it was that crashed in New York) had a captain named Richard Smith. Richard Smith is the name of a 9th grade student in my English class, who is being intensely targeted right now. Pray for Richard, this is a sweet boy who loves the Lord, but he’s under intense pressure from the Jesuits. Richard is one of my outstanding negro students.

Currently, I am typing a pre-test for my 12th grade English class and the Jesuits are constantly messing with my WordPerfect program and overriding all my commands, so that I have to go back and fix “errors” induced by interference with my commands. It is really slowing me down. They keep switching from bold to normal, from capitals to small letters. And WordPerfect seems to have a mind of its own and just ignores me. Find out who’s doing this and execute them.

XXXX–G.S. (10-18-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-18-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL