Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-19-2003)

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10-19-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I had a dream last night where I was at a banquet table and I was seated next to President Bush. In the dream, Pres. Bush and I were “buddy buddy”–it was not a romantic type of relationship, but the dream made it appear that Pres. Bush and I were in some sort of deep friendship. Then, in the dream, Pres. Bush left, and his wife Laura was two seats away and Laura and I began an intimate conversation. This dream is strange, since I NEVER think about Pres. and Mrs. Bush. If I am correct in assuming that the PLP who monitors my care orchestrated this dream to me (in my sleep)–that PLP should be executed. Because a dream like this would only strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir Putin. It is quite obvious that this PLP has violated Vladimir’s instructions. Get rid of that PLP. That PLP will kill for the Jesuits when given the opportunity. We will not tolerate disobedience designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir.

Also, any dreams that I have at night, should be NATURAL dreams, NOT DREAMS INDUCED BY THE 666-COMPUTER. Any PLP who attempts to induce ANY DREAMS in ANY PERSON will be immediately executed. No one should have any dreams, other than that person’s NATURAL DREAMS. We will not tolerate any PLP who attempts to regulate how a person dreams or WHAT THEY DREAM ABOUT. Leave the dreams alone. Let each of us experience the NATURAL dreams that we would have WITHOUT JESUIT (or 666-Computer) interference.

Also, for the past week, when I awaken, I am VERY TIRED and it is almost impossible to get out of bed. This needs to stop–and, from now on, any PLP who does this to me, or to anyone else, will be immediately executed. The reason the Jesuits are doing this is because they are causing many of my students to FALL ASLEEP IN MY CLASS (via 666-Computer manipulation). And they want to draw attention to the SLEEP CONSPIRACY (via 666-Computer) which they have orchestrated. Also, we will not tolerate attempts by Jesuits and their PLPs (who are pretending to be supporters of Vladimir) to induce INSOMNIA in their victims. Just LEAVE THE SLEEP ALONE. Let people experience natural sleep. Any attempts to regulate sleep (for the purpose of inducing unnatural sleep states or unnatural dreams) will result in the immediate execution of the PLP involved.

I think one reason the Jesuits want to draw so much attention to sleep is because of that ferry accident in New York, where (it appears) the captain, Richard Smith, fell asleep and caused the ferry to crash and kill about 10 people. Not sure I have all my facts straight on how the accident occurred since I have been too busy to watch the news as much as I’d like. Maybe the Jesuits want to cause some car crashes where drivers will fall asleep at the wheel. Therefore, we will really pounce on ANY PLP who induces unnatural sleep states (including dreams) in ANY person at ANY TIME.

All of these latest attempts, which I have mentioned, are designed to draw attention to the 666-Computer, in order to weaken Vladimir’s case against the Jesuits. The Jesuits are trying to make it appear that it is VLADIMIR, and NOT THE JESUITS, who is responsible for all the crimes committed via the 666-Computer. We will not tolerate ANY attempts by PLPs to do ANYTHING (including inducing dreams, or inducing excessive sleepiness, etc.) WHICH IS DESIGNED TO STRENGTHEN THE CRIMINAL-JESUITS’ CASE AGAINST VLADIMIR.

Any attempt (by a PLP) designed to frame Vladimir with the Jesuits’ crimes will not be tolerated. That PLP will be executed. I know that Vladimir would never instruct a PLP to give me a dream about Pres. and Mrs. Bush. This is an OBVIOUS attempt to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. In cases this obvious, that PLP will be immediately executed.

Time now is 8:45 a.m. and I am getting dressed for church and the 666-Computer is causing me to trip over things. This will not be tolerated. I have to drive to church and any attempt by a PLP to induce dizziness or disorientation in me or in ANYONE–will result in the immediate execution of the PLP involved. Dizziness can also cause deaths and car crashes. This may also be an attempt to draw attention to the clothes I’m wearing for church. If anyone at church, when I show up today, is dressed in a manner or behaves in a manner designed to draw attention to my dress or to myself, that person will be investigated as a 666-Computer, reproductive or space conspirator (along with that person’s PLP) and, if found guilty, will be executed. We may not have to investigate that “attention-getter” person’s PLP, the PLP may just be immediately executed. What we need to investigate about the person manipulated by the PLP is whether the cooperation was WILLING or FORCED. Because we make allowances for EXTORTION.

The Jesuits are messing with this computer, so that they are freezing certain functions so that I can’t enter the data into the computer. Find out who’s doing this and kill them.

Any attempts by a PLP to induce unnatural emotional states into those under their care (including nervousness, twitching, shakes, happiness, courage, sexual urges, attractions, etc.) Will result in the immediate execution of the PLP involved. Let people experience their own emotions. Use of the 666-Computer to enhance performances or to create impressions that are false WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any PLP involved in such an attempt will be immediately executed.

Any attempts to induce unnatural flatulence (gassiness), burping, or anything unnatural related to the stomach or bowel or urinary functions will not be tolerated. Any attempt to induce excessive urination or gassiness of the bowels (by any PLP) will result in the immediate execution of the PLP involved.

Any attempts by a PLP to induce mental confusion, disorientation, mental “lapses”, lack of concentration, amnesia, or any interference with the brain (especially interference designed to be “noticed”) will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate execution of the PLP involved. Any abnormalities regarding the brain should be natural and not induced by the 666-Computer.

Time now is 2:45 p.m. In the morning church service, I’d like to report the following things:

1) I noticed that when I came to the balcony (where I often sit) and noticed that Andrew Pitts and his family were seated there, that immediately my heart began racing. This is unnatural, since I actually feel quite relaxed around Andrew. You see, Andrew reminds me of my son and my son and I were close (when we were together) and I often confided things to my son that I did not even confide to my ex-husband; and that’s because my son is approachable, whereas my ex-husband was not approachable. Most of the time, my son was a genuinely nice person and he cared about others and about being fair and just. In this respect, Andrew takes after my son. I haven’t seen my son in a long time, but I was always proud of how nice he was and how he treated others fairly and with kindness. The few times he was mean, I believe it was induced by the 666-Computer. My son has always been a sweet boy. This doesn’t mean I haven’t had to spank him (at times), but I raised him to be a person who cares about being fair and just with others. Nice people don’t make me nervous. Mean people do. Andrew Pitts is a nice person, so Andrew wouldn’t make me nervous. You might say, what about the romantic interest between you two? THERE IS NO ROMANTIC INTEREST BETWEEN MYSELF AND ANDREW PITTS. I firmly believe that any romantic feelings that may occur between myself and Andrew have or are induced by the 666-Computer; and that these feelings do not represent our natural, true feelings for each other. I respect Andrew and he respects me, and both of us strive to have the relationship which the Lord would want us to have for each other. Actually, from what I understand, Andrew and Vladimir’s daughter are really hitting it off with each other (it appears that love may be growing between the two–it’s still too early to tell) and this may be why the Jesuits are trying to create problems. Any PLP who causes my heart to race, when I am calm, should be executed. It’s obvious that the PLP’s motive for doing this is to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir.

2) I had trouble focusing during church and my vision was fuzzy. This is not the first time the 666-Computer was used to do this to my vision. None of this should be tolerated. If I have vision trouble when I drive, it could result in an accident. The PLP who does this to me should be executed.

3) During the church service, I had a frequent urge to urinate. The PLP who does this is obviously violating Vladimir’s instructions and should be executed.

4) There were many people that tried to draw attention to themselves that sat near me in church. It was pretty obvious, so I don’t need to point them out in this statement, since just about everything I do is on camera. Check those people out and anyone who is found guilty of violating my conspiracy laws, prosecute them according to my laws.

You might say, then you won’t have any PLPs left, if you keep killing them. I guess we’ll just have to keep killing them until we find some we can trust. The Bible says, “. . .broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there by that find it. ”–Mt. 7:13.

I would like to state emphatically that I don’t put my trust in human beings, especially when the money is as big as it is. The Jesuits are using record bribes. So we are dealing with very large amounts of money. The Jesuits are hitting people with record bribes and few people (including faithful churchgoers) love the Lord Jesus Christ enough to do what is right when the money is this big. I’ve learned to expect my fellow human being to let me down and I don’t lose any sleep over it. My faith is in Jesus Christ, who will never let me down.

For instance, though it appears that Andrew Pitts, Richard Smith, Amber Hopson and Eugenia Segreda (who appear to be outstanding students at Landmark Christian High School) will resist temptation and be faithful to Jesus Christ, I am ever aware that all of us are human; and I keep my eyes on the Lord and not on people. I trust God ONLY and expect my fellow human beings to let me down at some time or another. I would like to say, that for a human being, Vladimir Putin has been way above average in terms of reliability and dependability–that’s one reason that I have stuck with him since Oct. 2001. I wanted to marry him then and I still feel the same. It’s a big mistake to rely on people or to expect from people what we can only rightfully expect from God. My strength does not come from THE GROUP, it comes from THE LORD.

Maybe that’s why the Jesuits stole my Bible. They figured out that that is the reason I am giving them such a hard time is because I rely on GOD instead of on THE GROUP. Most people get their strength IN NUMBERS or when they sense that they are part of a group–I never get my strength this way. I go to the Lord for guidance (after prayer and reading the Bible) and I decide what is right to do BASED ON THAT, regardless of whether the GROUP LIKES IT OR NOT. If I perceive that the group I’m associated with is against God’s will as He reveals it to me through the Bible, then I AM AGAINST THE GROUP and will STAND ALONE. God and I make a majority. IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?☛Romans 8:31. If the Jesuits want to kill me, they can help themselves. They’ve been trying for years. Go ahead, Jesuits. What’s the matter with your god that He can’t do His own killing and you have to help him out so much? What kind of a god do you have? Actually, I think the Jesuits are really atheists who just profess to believe in God. Their faith is in their INCOME. THEY JUST SPEAK RELIGIOUS TO GET THE SUCKER’S MONEY!!

You might say, but you keep going to church and that’s a group. Well, many people at Landmark serve the devil, but it doesn’t appear that the devil has the pastor of the church, Mickey Carter. So as long as the pastor seems to be striving to follow God’s will, that’s about as good as I can expect in this life, when I’m up against the filthy, rich ROMAN EMPIRE. The money’s just TOO BIG and most “Christians” love their pocketbook more than the Lord. Actually, I’m not sure that all these people that attend church are really saved, I think we have a lot of FAKES going to church, and some of them may be CHURCH LEADERS.

Vladimir has informed me (via the 666-Computer) that the Jesuits have me surrounded. We have discovered that the infiltration into Landmark Baptist Church and my fellow teachers and students is much more serious than we originally thought. Because we have come up with a new method to detect traitors (which is how often or to what extent 666-Computer technology has been employed to help people put on a PERFORMANCE to make themselves appear better than they are)–we are discovering A LOT MORE CRIMINALS (and some of them are surprises). Apparently, the 666-Computer can really enhance a performance, so these people have fooled us brilliantly.

With Jesuits, things are never as they appear to be. You always have to dig deeper to FIND THE TRUTH. Jesuits are masters at APPEARANCES.

Time now is 4 p.m. and I am working on lesson plans and the homework assignment sheet for the coming week of school. As I do this, the 666-Computer is being used to cause me to mess up and lose my focus and concentration, so that I am making mistakes. Kill the PLP who is monitoring my care. This type of confusion only helps out the Jesuits.

Apparently, physicians (as a whole) tend to be a VERY WICKED group.

I have made an observation about Jesuits. One method they use to destroy a person is to get him or her into a romantic relationship with someone who is a Jesuit agent and, even better, for that relationship to lead to marriage. I suspect that this is how I ended up marrying my 1st husband. Even back then, the Jesuits were plotting to use my husband to destroy me. They were very upset when I decided to divorce their choice for me for a husband. And then when OTHER MEN fell in love with me, who were obviously not Jesuit puppets, the Jesuits have done everything and anything to PREVENT THOSE MARRIAGES and, so far, they have succeeded. When the Jesuits realize they are dealing with a very devoted Christian who will not submit to them, they try to destroy that Christian by getting him/her in a marriage relationship with a Jesuit agent. One thing the Jesuits try to prevent ABOVE ALL ELSE is any marriage union between a man and a woman (WHERE BOTH OF THEM WILL BE UNITED AGAINST THE JESUITS). That is why the Jesuits have so adamantly opposed both of my relationships with Brent Spiner and now with Vladimir Putin. They have tried desperately to get me involved romantically with any man besides these two. Because they know that if Vladimir and I become one that we will be more formidable. The Jesuits are VERY INTERESTED IN MATCHMAKING and they like to choose the partners for strong, Bible-believing Christians–and, ideally, they will choose a partner who will weaken the testimony or destroy the effectiveness of the strong Bible-believing Christian. They try to promote marriages that will enhance their goals and they work passionately and feverishly to prevent marriages which will block their goals. I fear the Jesuits have been very successful in putting some couples together, in order to destroy a STRONG CHRISTIAN who ends up in a marriage with someone who is NOT A STRONG CHRISTIAN or is A FAKE or Jesuit-agent in disguise. Because of strong Jesuit interference and interest in the romantic relationships of strong Christians, strong Christians need to be VERY CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING A ROMANTIC PARTNER. Because if you marry the wrong person, the results can be TRAGIC. I can tell you from experience, that it is almost HELL ON EARTH to be married to a Jesuit agent. The only thing that will keep you from being destroyed when you get suckered into this type of relationship will be a monumental faith in God where you are willing to serve him, even if all HELL BREAKS LOOSE–and, believe me, all hell will break loose, if you ever decide you want to get out of that relationship. Far better never to marry at all, than to marry a Jesuit agent.

The Jesuits are VERY INTERESTED IN MATCHMAKING, but they aren’t too concerned about whether or not it is a good match for the couple involved, only that the marriage will promote the Jesuits’ goals to takeover the world. The Jesuits know that they can’t destroy a country and take it over until THEY DESTROY THE FAMILY UNITS OF THOSE WHO WOULD BE OPPOSED TO THE JESUITS in that country. Obviously, the Jesuits would not want a President of a country to have a strong marriage, where both partners in the relationship oppose the Jesuits’ goals (as would be the case if Vladimir and I married).

You might ask, how could the Jesuits manipulate people into marrying someone not right for them? Very easy: the 666-Computer can induce romantic and sexual feelings into a person. For instance, at the beginning of this school year, I caught Andrew Pitts looking at me as if he was romantically interested in me.

I even asked him, “Why are you staring at me?”

Looking back, I don’t think Andrew was aware that he was doing this. HE WAS TAKEN OVER BY THE 666-COMPUTER AND BEING MANIPULATED BY IT. At the time, I was offended by his staring at me, because I didn’t know him that well back then. I felt like he was insulting Vladimir. This is an example of what I am talking about. The Jesuits induce romantic feelings and use the 666-Computer to promote the relationships they want. The sex drive is a very strong drive and the Jesuits manipulate it according to their goals.

Since that staring incident, I have noticed other qualities in Andrew, which show me that this boy really has some honor and principles and, therefore, I believe that he was literally TAKEN OVER BY THE 666-COMPUTER AT THAT TIME and was not aware that he was being manipulated by his PLP. I now believe that Andrew is not romantically interested in me AND NEVER WAS and that any romantic AND/OR SEXUAL feelings which he has had for me have ALL BEEN INDUCED BY THE 666-COMPUTER. He does respect me and we have learned to respect each other, but there is no romance. However, it is possible that if he and I were NOT AWARE OF THE 666-COMPUTER that the Jesuits could have used it to induce an improper relationship between us. Though, I doubt it, it is possible. It probably wouldn’t happen, because to me, he is more like my son than a romantic partner, so I doubt I’d encourage it. To me, to be involved with someone this young is ludicrous, but the Jesuits will try ANYTHING TO KEEP ME FROM MARRYING VLADIMIR.

However, it appears that Andrew is hitting it off with Vladimir’s daughter, and maybe this is what God wants. This is God’s way of spitting on the Jesuits for what they attempted between Andrew and myself. But if Andrew was not aware (BACK THEN) that the 666-Computer had influenced his feelings, he may falsely conclude that he likes me and needs to do something about it.

You see what I mean? This is how Jesuits manipulate people romantically.

The main point I’m trying to say is this. When a man and a woman are not aware of the 666-Computer and feel romantic feelings for each other, it’s possible that the Jesuits are manipulating them into a romantic relationship because this relationship serves the Jesuits’ purposes. MAYBE THE JESUITS’ PURPOSE IS TO DESTROY A STRONG CHRISTIAN BY MANIPULATING THE STRONG CHRISTIAN INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH A SHALLOW CHRISTIAN (WHO WILL BE AN INSTRUMENT THE JESUITS WILL USE THE DESTROY THAT STRONG CHRISTIAN) IF THAT STRONG CHRISTIAN MARRIES THE SHALLOW CHRISTIAN. The 666-Computer can induce all sorts of romantic feelings, of varying kinds and variety, and without proper discernment, one would think THOSE FEELINGS WERE HIS OWN!! This can lead to DISASTROUS MARRIAGES.

You might say. . .you really believe the Jesuits do this? Yes, I do. I see evidence of it everywhere. And I think they’ve been involved with matchmaking for at least 20 years with people everywhere. They are the MASTER MATCHMAKERS on planet earth. That is why they are so obsessed with my marriage to Putin. They are sexual, romantic and marriage-obsessed FANATICS. They know they have to CONTROL THE FAMILIES TO CONTROL A COUNTRY–that’s why they are like this!!

You might say, this is really scary. I don’t want to marry a Jesuit agent. What should I do? First off, I don’t think anyone should be in a rush to marry. Be very sure that what you feel for your future marriage partner is true love and THAT HE/SHE FEELS THE SAME WAY IN RETURN. There is an excellent book on this subject called Sex, Love or Infatuation: How Can I Know the Difference? by Ray Short, a sociologist. But it is very important that not only you have genuine love feelings for your partner, but that they also love YOU IN RETURN. One-sided loves don’t work. Believe me, I speak from experience. And just because your partner says he/she loves you, doesn’t mean that he/she does. Make sure the actions match the words. Don’t settle for anything less than a deep and true love relationship between you and your partner. If you can’t find one who loves you like that, then DON’T MARRY. It’s easier to get into a marriage than to GET OUT OF ONE. I would also recommend that you seek God’s guidance in the matter through prayer. I personally wouldn’t marry anyone unless I felt the love was so awesome that it was the match of a lifetime, because marriage is such hard work. Might as well think you’ve got the catch of the century, if you’re going to commit to something so challenging.

Another strategy the Jesuits can use is to induce hate or boredom feelings between marriage partners, in order to cause marriage problems. Because in marriage you see your spouse (with all his/her faults), this may not be that difficult to do.

So, the Jesuits can enhance a relationship or break one up, depending on what they want to do. The only reason they have had such a hard time doing what they want in the relationships between myself and Brent, and between myself and Vladimir, is that the love in the relationships I’ve had with these men has been unusually strong–so strong, that the 666-Computer has not been able to overcome it. The Jesuits are not used to dealing with a love this strong, so this has caused problems for them.

I also believe the Jesuits try to use the 666-Computer to induce jealousy feelings. Though I’ve noticed they haven’t tried this one on me. I guess it’s because I’m never jealous, so if they did it to me, they know I’d suspect (immediately) that the 666-Computer is involved; and they don’t like to give away what they are up to.

I feel that Vladimir and I have a true love relationship, that is why I have been so patient with him. He’s worth waiting for. The love between Brent and I will be in the millenium. And, apparently, it is an unusual relationship and that’s why God will honor it in the Jewish millenium.

Time now is 8:53 p.m. I recognized Dr. Ray Hancock as the pastor of Pinecrest Baptist Church in Morrow, GA, when I was a student at Baptist University in 1979 and 1980. I went to his church. So, when I recognized him, I went to the front of the balcony to hear him. I noticed that some people that I feel are Jesuit agents went to the front during the altar call, supposedly, in order to get right with God. Now, I’m not God and I don’t know the motives for their coming forward, but I guess I’ve had too much experience with Jesuits, and I’m not sure if these people went forward to create the impression that they are repenting for being Jesuit agents so that I will trust them, and would therefore not label them as Jesuit agents, or if they REALLY ARE REPENTING. Nevertheless, knowing how clever Jesuits are, I’m afraid that they just went forward to make themselves look innocent. I will judge by their actions over the next couple months, not by the fact that they went forward during an altar call. It’s easy to go forward during an altar call, it’s a lot harder to live a consistent and righteous life day by day (and that is how I will judge them). Though I’m not against Christians going forward. But with Jesuits, you never know. They are so clever. They know how to fool people.

I’m not going to mention any names, but I sense that the Jesuits have the wives of some staff members at this church. If I mention their names, then the Jesuits will pounce on this to claim that I only think they’re Jesuit agents because I’M JEALOUS of them. So I won’t mention their names. I only want to say that it looks like the Jesuits have done a pretty respectable infiltration job. And I request the prayers of Christians all over the world that the Jesuits will not succeed in splitting some marriages, which may be their next goal. Of course, if the marriages split up, they will BLAME ME FOR IT.

They did this to me with Dr. David Castellone of Summerville, SC in 1998. They got Dr. Castellone’s wife so jealous of me that she made an earthquake out of me being his patient and he was ready to drop me as a patient. I mean the woman would call him when I was in the waiting room, and while I waited for this doctor to take care of me and she would interrupt our session. She was CRAZY. I sense the Jesuits are getting ready to do this again. I had a special talk with Dr. Castellone and assured him that I was not after him and that I would like to remain his patient because I felt he was a good doctor. But the Jesuits got his wife and caused her to make a big stink out of me; and I sense they are getting ready to use this strategy again. As long as I am here, things will never be peaceful, because the JESUITS WANT TO CAUSE TROUBLE TO RUIN MY REPUTATION and, therefore, make me ineffective against them. They are on a rampage to RUIN MY REPUTATION and to kick me out of this church.

Vladimir, when are you going to come and get me? Your delay is only giving the Jesuits more time to come up with more plots. I should be with you now.

It’s also possible the Jesuits may be using the 666-Computer to induce jealousy against me with some of the ladies and/or students in this church. This is one of their key strategies. There’s nothing worse than a jealous woman.

I wish I was with Vladimir now. I don’t think it’s wise for me to stay here. It just gives the Jesuits more time to cause trouble. . .and THEY WILL. Believe me, the Jesuits know how to do that. They’re masters at splitting churches and marriages and THEY ARE DETERMINED TO RUIN MY REPUTATION.

The Jesuits are honing in on the ladies. One lady, came up to me in church and said, “Are you behaving yourself?” Which I thought was a strange thing to say. She’s the wife of a key staff member. I can’t remember her name. I think the current Jesuit strategy is to create the impression (with the help of some gossiping staff member’s wives) that I am a LOOSE woman. It won’t be too hard for them to do this if they ever read my novel since I have Japanese, and not American, attitudes towards sex. To these self-righteous Pharisees my Japanese attitude towards sex would indicate that I am a whore. The Japanese approach to sex is much more relaxed than the American; and those who are not familiar with Japanese culture, would assume it means all Japanese ladies have 3 sex partners a day. Actually, I think the American attitude toward sex is sick; and that they don’t have a healthy approach toward it. See my earlier statements. In this country, if you’re guilty of murder, covetousness, pride, selfishness–that’s OK–but if you commit a SEXUAL SIN, you are NEVER FORGIVEN. That is not the Japanese approach.

To a Japanese, sex itself is beautiful, only the use of it in a manner to hurt others is sinful or wrong. Americans judge the rightness or wrongness of sex by a bunch of rules and regulations. Japanese interpret the rightness or wrongness of sex by how it affect THE HEART. It’s a different approach and I have the Japanese approach, not the American approach. So, therefore, Americans, unfamiliar with the Japanese attitude toward sex, would think all Japanese are SEX MANIACS. The Japanese are much more relaxed about sex than Americans. They think sex is only evil if it is used in a manner that hurts the innocent or BREAKS HEARTS. Other than that, to a Japanese, sex is a beautiful and very enjoyable expression of love WITH NO SHAME, but meant to be FULLY ENJOYED WITHOUT RESERVATION. Try telling that to the average AMERICAN church member! For me, this means that because sex is such a beautiful and awesome thing, that I would want to reserve it only for someone very special; therefore, it tends to make me more faithful and not less.

In my 9th grade English class, I could only get the guys interested in the spelling bee. What the Jesuits are doing is trying to create the impression that I flirt with all the guys and that is why only boys seem interested in my teaching–that I can’t get the interest of any girls. And that if any boys say I am a good teacher, it’s because they find me attractive and it’s not because I am a good teacher. The Jesuits are instructing the girls to give me a hard time. Their argument will be that I am a flop of a teacher and can only maintain interest from BOYS because I am a good looking woman! And that the girls are bored because (other than my looks) I offer nothing worthwhile as a teacher. That’s the Jesuits’ latest strategy. I don’t think I am that good looking, but for a 46 year old, I am pretty good looking. The Jesuits have ruined my looks in many areas, but I’m not complaining about my looks. I can’t complain for a 46 year old.

Actually, I’m glad I voted for Autumn Norman for homecoming queen. She’s a real pretty girl and it shows that I’m not jealous. I bet Autumn understands what I go through. Us pretty girls have to deal with all the jealous ones. And it’s no fun. I think Autumn is a nice girl, and that she has some depth. I really liked what she wrote in the literature test. She made a 98 and she earned it, too. I’m proud of Autumn for making a 98. She was one of the top students on this literature test. She usually doesn’t do this well, so this is a real impressive effort on her part. And I didn’t grade on a curve. I believe the other high grade was from Amber Kitchen.

Come on, Vladimir. Would you please come and get me? I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, anyways. Teaching is not my first choice. Though I care about my students and try to do well for them. I do my best, but you can never win when you deal with Jesuits. They can get you everytime.

I do recall something suspicious with one of my students, Clay Parton. It’s funny, I overlooked it at the time. Around a month or so ago, when I had stayed up late (the night before) preparing for a lesson and as I taught my 12th grade English class the next day, several students verbally attacked me in class. I think this whole thing was set up, so that Clay could ask me the question which he asked me very politely, as if he was sticking up for me. Because then, Clay asked me very politely, “How late were you up last night?” This was to insinuate that he somehow knew (via 666-Computer) that I had stayed up late the night before preparing my lessons for that class. But by making it appear that Clay was defending me, the Jesuits threw me off guard; and I did not detect at the time, that that question would strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. Looking back, I can see that Clay probably asked this question to make it appear that all the students are using the 666-Computer (along with myself) in a conspiracy against the Jesuits. Actually, this was a very clever way to draw attention to the 666-Computer. Now that I recall this question, I strongly suspect that Clay Parton has been a Jesuit agent for months and I didn’t know it. Clay is the senior class president. He has always been very respectful towards me. Of course, Jesuits aren’t stupid. They don’t want their agents to be obvious. Mr. Hartwig has always been very respectful towards me. I still suspect that Mr. Hartwig, Clay Parton, Laura Little, Erica Zito, and Rick Gorman are all Jesuit agents. Their behavior and the way they handle me would only help out the Jesuits.

XXXX–G.S. (10-19-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-19-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (10-19-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-19-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-19-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL