Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-21-2003)

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10-21-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time now is 6:35 a.m. and I just heard on the news that a mentally disabled man named Matthew Curry (not sure of spelling) was either injured or murdered by some men who drove over him with their cars. I have a 12th grade student in my English class whose name is Matthew Murray. I think this may be an attempt (by Jesuits) to target Matthew Murray. Please pray for God’s protection over Matthew Murray. I sent Matt to the office, once or twice, because he has been disrespectful to me in the classroom, but I would never wish harm to this young man. I don’t wish harm to any of my students. As to whether Matt is a Jesuit agent, I don’t know. But regardless of whether he is or not, let’s pray that God protects this young man from harm by the Jesuits.

Also, last night in the church service the altars were flooded when I came forward to the altar to pray. This is one reason I rarely go to the altar during altar call, because I know the Jesuits will attempt to make a big production out of it. I believe at least half of those who came forward were FAKES planted by the Jesuits and that their motive for coming forward was to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Putin. The reason I believe this, is because when the preacher (attorney David Gibbs) right afterwards asked if anyone in the congregation was not saved and needed to be saved, NO ONE RAISED THEIR HAND. There were at least 1,000 people in attendance, and many of them were not regular church attenders. EVERY TIME you have a crowd this size, there are always unsaved people out there. The fact that no one raised their hand for salvation, indicates that most of those in attendance were Jesuit agents, who were putting on a performance for the Jesuits. You see, it would not be to the Jesuits’ advantage to have their agents ADMIT that they weren’t Christians, so they instructed their agents NOT to raised their hands for salvation. And yet, I’ve never seen the altars so flooded as when David Gibbs gave the (just previous) invitation to totally surrender our lives to Jesus Christ. The sermon I heard last night by David Gibbs was one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard but, nevertheless, since I’ve been a Christian (from 1971) I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE ALTARS SO FLOODED AS THEY WERE LAST NIGHT. Most of the people who came forward (when I did) were Jesuits or Jesuit-agents IN DISGUISE. That’s why NO ONE RAISED THEIR HAND FOR SALVATION DURING DAVID GIBB’S NEXT ALTAR CALL. Strange. . .very strange, indeed–that no one needed to be saved IN A FLOODED CHURCH AUDITORIUM FULL OF STRANGERS!

Also, I received a letter from my ex-husband ON HIS BIRTHDAY (yesterday). Check that out, and execute any PLPs involved. It wasn’t romantic or anything, but I don’t trust my ex. He mentioned that my son had cyst removed. Strange, to mention this (possible cancer connection) and to receive this letter on my ex-husband’s birthday. Suspicious. . .check it out. I think the Jesuits have my ex-husband again.

The 666-Computer is still being used to interfere with my lovemaking times with Putin. My PLP is no good. Vladimir is having a time with the PLPs. Physicians, apparently, are a very greedy group of people and are extremely wicked. Unfortunately, we have to work with them, because Jesuits use physicians extensively in their attacks against us (via the 666-Computer).

Time now is 9:16 p.m. I just returned from the evening service. First off, I’d like to say that one of the preachers in the morning service (for the Bible conference) was a Jesuit agent. He preached a pointless message which was designed to imitate the style of the preachers preaching in this conference (because the Jesuits plan to use this preacher to strengthen their case against Vladimir Putin). Jesuits have to preach messages based on emotionalism and style (and lacking in substance) because logic and reason and sound doctrine don’t back their arguments. This Jesuit preached from around 11:30 a.m. to about 12:15 p.m. I can’t remember his name. As he preached, there were Jesuit agents in the congregation who were imitating the amens, hollering and hooting of the genuine believers. Jesuits have infiltrated this church thoroughly in order to have their agents behave like one of us outwardly, but secretly their goal is to further the Jesuit agenda (which is to destroy Landmark Baptist Church and to destroy God’s true work), which is based on a BALANCED teaching of the King James Bible. You can always spot a Jesuit, because Jesuits are fanatics and are never balanced. See War on the Saints by Jessie-Penn Lewis. A preacher can preach a passionate message and still be balanced, but it takes some discernment to figure it out. I have the gift of spiritual discernment. Though the Jesuits are so clever, they can fool me for awhile.

Most of the messages have been excellent. This is (so far) the only preacher in the conference who, I feel, was a Jesuit.

To my great disappointment and chagrin, I must report that I can no longer trust Eugenia Segreda. I accidently sat in the place where Dr. and Mrs. Kane (missionaries to India and Burma) sat; and noticed that Carlos (Mrs. Segreda’s son) had a cell phone placed on the pew and it looked just like mine and it said “silent” in Spanish. THE PHONE LOOKED A LOT LIKE MINE. Also, in the past, I have sat on the balcony with Nathan Pitts (Andrew’s younger brother) and that’s because Nathan was with Carlos. And it has been my habit to sit with the Segreda family. So, you see, the Jesuits are trying to implicate the Pitts family and accuse the Pitts family of being in a conspiracy against the Jesuits BY HAVING CARLOS secretly help out the Jesuits, while Carlos “buddy buddies” with myself and the Pitts family. I recommend now that the Pitts family keep their distance from the Segreda family and that Nathan not sit with the Segreda family anymore. If Nathan sits with Carlos, this could strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. Because Carlos is a Jesuit agent. This incidence with Carlos occurred during the evening service, when Raymond Hancock preached an excellent message. Raymond Hancock was my pastor from about Sept. 1979 to May 1980, when I was a student at B.U.A. (the Christian university where I studied missions and education). I have respect for this preacher. My phone is always set on “silent”, so Carlos made a definite attempt to draw attention to my cell phone and TO DO IT IN THE PLACE WHERE THE MISSIONARIES (THE KANES) USUALLY SIT. Also, Carlos had some handwritten notes (in Spanish)–don’t know what they said–this was to imitate what I had done during the morning service when the Jesuit preacher preached. While the Jesuit preached, I wrote a note and placed it on the pew, that said, “What’s the point of this message?” I then circled Rev. 17 in my Bible and placed it on the pew. I also wrote JESUIT PREACHER on the note.

Carlos, Mrs. Segreda, Shayla and her husband come across as very nice people. The Jesuits are brilliant. These people are friendly, warm, and seem to have a real concern for the welfare and others and for high moral standards. You’d never know unless you were a genius at discernment that they are not what they appear to be. I mean, they fooled me for a long time.

I left the evening service immediately and was followed by Shayla and her husband (who are definitely Jesuit agents–they live in this apartment complex). Shayla made it a point to bump into me and to try to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. The Jesuit agents are GETTING RIGHT INTO MY FACE lately and brazenly making their presence known. Jesuits never give you any space, they GET RIGHT IN YOUR FACE and violate all your privacy. That’s why I know they are behind the 666-Computer, because they have this “get in your face” attitude. Where they feel they have the right to impose themselves on you, get into your relationships, get into your business, and get into your private space. They think they OWN people. The Jesuit organization has the MENTALITY to be the sponsors of the 666-Computer. They have this GET IN YOUR FACE ATTITUDE, where they feel they have the right to know all about you, and that they have the right to butt themselves into your life and THEY NEVER MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. THEY ARE ALWAYS BUSY OBSESSING WITH EVERYONE’S AFFAIRS. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST MEDDLERS IN THE UNIVERSE. So, it makes sense that since they have this GET IN YOUR FACE attitude, where they feel they have the right to get INTO EVERYONE’S FACE and into everyone’s business, that they would be VERY INTERESTED IN THE USE OF THE 666-COMPUTER and it’s ability to read everyone’s mind and learn everything about everyone. The JESUITS NEVER MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS, THEY ALWAYS “GET IN YOUR FACE”. You can always spot a Jesuit because they are obsessed with getting in your face, and are nosy while they sweet talk you and try to ferret things from you to help them out in their goals.

Here are the families I don’t trust: the Allens, Segredas, about half the people that live in this church apartment complex where I live, Mr. Hartwig, and there are too many. About half to 3/4 of the students at Landmark Christian High School are currently serving the Jesuits. They are making significant inroads into the staff at Landmark Baptist Church, including some high ranking staff members. I don’t sense they have Mr. Hill or the pastor.

Anyways, I’ve dealt with Jesuits too long and have long observed their brilliant infiltration tactics. I’ve learned there are very few people I can count on not to betray me or to betray the Lord. It doesn’t appear that the Jesuits have Andrew Pitts or his family. But, like I’ve said, I don’t put my trust in people. I’ve been dealing with Jesuits TOO LONG and I’ve seen them take families and people ONE BY ONE and enlist them into the Jesuit army. The bribes are BIG because the Jesuits don’t want to lose Russia. And sadly, most Americans Christians don’t give a flip about Russia, and they don’t care if all of Russia goes to hell. They’d rather stuff their pockets and be comfortable, and if Russia goes bad and the Russian people suffer with concentration camps and tyranny when the Jesuits takeover that country, Americans will let it happen and even HELP THE JESUITS TO TAKEOVER RUSSIA AND SET UP THEIR CONCENTRATION CAMPS ALONG WITH THE MURDERS AND THE TYRANNY, because American CHRISTIANS are selfish and only THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR OWN COMFORTS, and this includes most American Christians (who are the sorriest bunch of Christians you ever saw). American Christians are a bunch of sorry BASTARDS. That’s God’s opinion, not mine. Because God calls the Jesuits bastards. Therefore, anyone who helps a Jesuit is a BASTARD, too. However, I don’t use this word in the Christian school because too many of the students would think that meant they could use some other words that are worse words than bastard. BASTARD is a Biblical word. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians in other countries are bastards. ANYONE who helps out a Jesuit, according to God, is BASTARD. Zech. 9:6–”And a BASTARD shall dwell in ASHdod.” Which church is associated with ASHES? Take a good guess. Don’t forget about the ASH WEDNESDAY earthquake God sent to Seattle when I lived there. Feb. 2001. It’s funny, in that earthquake, there was major damage, but I didn’t suffer any damage at all, even though my building shaked. I think God wanted the world to know what he thinks about the BASTARD that dwells in ASHdod.

This church’s Bible conference has been a real blessing and most of the messages seem to be preached by preachers filled with the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the hearts of the Christians are cold and hard and the ground of the heart which the preachers have to deal with is very difficult. So, there are not much results. However, we are called to be faithful and to leave the results with God. We don’t worry about results, that’s God’s problem. We just do what He tells us to do. These preachers are faithful in teaching and preaching God’s Word and God’s Word WILL BE HONORED.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-21-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL