Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-22-2003)

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10-22-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Mr. Hill, my administrator, just informed me that I will no longer be working at Landmark Baptist Church. He said I haven’t been managing my classes well. Because of my presence at this school, Mr. Hill has been overwhelmed with problems from students and parents (all Jesuit-induced). I personally think the biggest problem is that I have been close to Eugenia, more than any other teacher; and have even confided in her my secrets about Brent Spiner and my special relationship with Brent and hinted strongly about Putin to her.

I told her some of my life to comfort her about her husband’s death. The Jesuits know I’m compassionate and may have set up her husband’s death to trick me into SEEING HER AS A VICTIM OF THE JESUITS and to cause me to trust her, and then to trick me into opening up to her IN ORDER TO COMFORT HER. I’ve told her too much and I made myself transparent to a JESUIT. I FEEL REALLY STUPID RIGHT NOW. THAT WOMAN IS GOOD.

I really trusted her. She fooled me good. I only opened up to her to comfort her over the death of her husband. I now believe that the death of her husband was all part of a brilliant Jesuit set-up to make us NEVER SUSPECT THAT EUGENIA IS A JESUIT. I have done my best, but the Jesuits are too good. After Mr. Hill told me that I will no longer be working at Landmark, I went to my classroom to finish grading some papers for 9th grade. As I was in my classroom, Vladimir told me (via 666-Computer) that my fellow teacher, Eugenia Segreda, is a JESUIT–not just a Jesuit agent, but a full fledged JESUIT. As soon as I heard that, I was glad that I will no longer be working at Landmark. I do not want to work alongside a Jesuit, especially a Jesuit I’ve told all my secrets to. Unfortunately, she and her family completely fooled me. I even mentioned (in this statement) that I felt her daughter was the most outstanding young lady in the school (and really believed it at the time–this just shows you how good that 666-Computer can enhance one’s acting abilities). I mean that computer can actually control the emotions a person feels and what expressions come from the face and eyes. So, it could make a murderer appear to be a saint with a halo over their head.

We have several problems: 1) Eugenia’s Hispanic and her whole family is Hispanic, 2) I got too close to her and told her too much, 3) She has used my cell phone quite a bit and I let her, 4) She has been in my car and has said things in the car that could strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir.

This woman has cleverly weaseled her way into my life and has managed to draw out from me what the Jesuits wanted out of me. In fact, she has been so successful, that, I’m afraid, Vladimir, AGAIN, has had to cancel plans to come and get me. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that the Jesuits AGAIN have ruined my chances to be with the man I love. It just never occurred to me that a female Christian school teacher (with a husband and about five kids) would be a Jesuit. And she was hired the year before. This is her 2nd year teaching, so it certainly didn’t appear like she came on staff to target me, since she was here a year before I even applied to work here. Boy did those Jesuits fool me. I’m not relying on my “genius” ability to read people anymore. From now on, I will pray and ask God for guidance over every friendship I establish. Apparently, she was already “in place” and the Jesuits had an ideal set-up. They had begun targeting Landmark before I ever decided to work there.

I never asked God what HIS opinion was of her. I just made my own conclusions and assumed they were accurate, or maybe the 666-Computer made the conclusion FOR ME and I accepted the lie.

Let me tell you what my problem is. My genius ability to read people does me no good when I’m up against the 666-Computer. That computer can control the emotions which come from the eyes and can manipulate facial expressions. So, I’m afraid, the only way I can tell what people are like, is that I’ll have to go to God in prayer all the time and ask for wisdom. That 666-Computer is too much to deal with.

Please pray for Rich Lemon, the youth director at Landmark. From what I understand, due to the Jesuits’ 666-Computer induced cancer in this man, he is at death’s door. This is another reason I can no longer teach at Landmark. If this man dies, because I sat in his class all the time, the Jesuits will have too strong a case against Vladimir. And now, especially since I have been buddy-buddy with Eugenia (the JESUIT), I can no longer stay at Landmark if I ever want to marry Vladimir. The Jesuits have done a superb job of ruining any chances for me to go to Vladimir via Landmark [because of Eugenia Segreda (their Jesuit)] and because they successfully gave Rich Lemon (whose class I sat in) a very serious and fast-moving cancer. Now that I’m leaving, I hope the Jesuits will allow this man to live. And I hope God will allow this man to live. Please pray for Rich Lemon. I leave this in God’s hands. Though he is not my type romantically, I would never wish for him to die at the hands of Jesuits (because of their brilliant and sinister technology).

XXX1/2–G.S. (10-22-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-22-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL