Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-23-2003)

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10-23-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

It is a real challenge to discern who is and who is not a Jesuit or Jesuit agent, since it is the NUMBER ONE priority of the Jesuits ALL OVER THE WORLD to prevent my marriage to Vladimir Putin. This means that they are employing their most brilliant Jesuits to prevent this marriage. I would put Eugenia Segreda in this category. She has a brother who is a physician, so this lady is no dummy. Actually, it’s kind of strange that a woman of such brilliance would be working as a low-paid Christian school teacher. That’s pretty suspicious right there. This job where I work does not offer health insurance to its employees, so why would such a brilliant woman desire this job?

You might say, but you’re brilliant and you worked there. Yeah, but if you look at my history, I attended a Christian college (after turning down a chance to become an Air Force officer) that has similar beliefs to this school where I teach at–so my reasons for teaching at this school are because of my PERSONAL RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS. Even though Eugenia may claim these are her reasons, I suspect that her religious background would reveal that the Christians she has associated with are not quite the same as the Christians at Landmark Baptist Church. And I do not believe she has a significant history of being associated with King James Bible believers.

The 666-Computer awakened me early this morning, maybe to create the impression that I’m distraught over Andrew Pitts. Actually, I think I may be doing Andrew a favor, if I leave the school. I don’t think Andrew will be alive in 6 months if I stay there.

I believe the present Jesuit strategy is to have all the students cry and be upset that I am no longer their teacher. That’s because the Jesuits know they they will have a strong case against Putin if I go back to this job. I don’t think it’s wise for me to go back. The Jesuits have already taken over the school (though I don’t feel they have Mr. Hill, the administrator) and the Jesuits have control over most of the students and over at least half to three-quarters of the staff at Landmark Baptist Church. You must understand that it is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY OF JESUITS ALL OVER THE WORLD to prevent my marriage to Putin; so, therefore, it only makes sense that they would employ their most brilliant infiltration and bribing techniques (and 666-Computer and satellite techniques) in order to REALIZE THEIR OBJECTIVE of preventing this dreaded marriage between Putin and myself. So to have this HIGH PERCENTAGE of cooperation from this church and school in support of the Jesuits should not be surprising, when you consider it is the Jesuits’ NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of ALL MATTERS IN THE WORLD, to prevent this marriage between myself and Putin. And recall, that the Jesuit organization is the RICHEST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD!

While I may miss some of the students, I don’t think it is in the students’ best interests for me to return to the school. Because of my presence at this school and church, the school and church have already sustained several casualties (Mr. Whitmore, Rich Lemon [the youth director] may soon be another one). I predict if I return, the death rate will mount and may even become catastrophic as the Jesuits launch an ALL-OUT attack (via 666-Computer and satellite technology) on the school and church (while they attempt to blame this blitzkrieg and rampage on Vladimir Putin).

Therefore, Vladimir and I have decided to separate ourselves from this church and ministry in order to (hopefully) cause the Jesuits to lose interest in targeting this church. It’s obvious that if I want to marry Putin, I will not be able to do it through this church, because the Jesuits fooled us with Eugenia Segreda; and, therefore, their legal case against us (if I should strive to go to Putin through this church) is too strong.

I do not perceive that Eugenia Segreda will ever come to our side, though she may attempt to fool us that she has changed her position; but I would be very leery, this woman is too smart. From what I have observed of her, she is a very brilliant and shrewd Jesuit and would be willing to die for the Jesuit cause. I would never believe that Eugenia has come to our side unless she was willing to make a full, complete and uncoerced confession as to how she became a Jesuit, how she trained as a Jesuit and what her goals and motives were for befriending me and for using my cell phone and “getting stuck” so that I had to give her a ride home (where she said things in my car that would strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Putin). We would also want all the details regarding her husband’s recent death and a full confession as to how this may have been part of a Jesuit set-up, all the details of any Jesuit involvement in the recent car accident involving her daughter and sons would need to be confessed as well. Until this woman is willing to make a confession of this sort, I WOUL D NOT TRUST HER AT ALL. And until this woman makes an uncoerced confession like this, I would not feel comfortable working at Landmark Christian Schools, because I would have to deal with her everyday; and her goal is to hurt Vladimir and to prevent my marriage to him, though her mouth insinuates otherwise. HER LOYALTIES LIE COMPLETELY WITH THE JESUITS. When the Jesuits perceive they have a strong case, then they go on a murderous rampage; so Vladimir and I don’t like to make moves when we perceive that the Jesuits are confident they can kill people (as a result of our moves) and then have it all set up to blame Vladimir for their murders. What really makes me suspicious about Eugenia is that she has been my visitation partner. I have relied on her to set up the visits we make to our students. But it seems that every week, something goes wrong: either the parent is unavailable, or Ms. Segreda would be sick, or SOMETHING–and so I would not go out on visitation that week. The Jesuits knew that this church was considering sending me as a missionary to Russia, so that I could be with Putin and to be a missionary as well. In order to prevent this, the Jesuits lined me up with Ms. Segreda; and always made sure that every week, SOMETHING WOULD GO WRONG so that I wouldn’t go out on visitation. This way I would look like lousy missionary material SINCE I DON’T GO OUT ON VISITATION REGULARLY. The problem is when I go on visitation by myself, which I have done, then when I visit the person, that person lies about what I said and makes me appear like a bad person. This is what happened to me when I visited Ms. Lemon BY MYSELF.

So I need a partner, AS A WITNESS. The problem is, I don’t know WHAT PARTNER I CAN TRUST. And now, if all of a sudden, if I no longer go visiting with Ms. Segreda, it will be obvious I have a problem with her. This is what the Jesuits want. They want to draw attention to the fact that I have a problem with Ms. Segreda so that they can say that Putin and Landmark Baptist Church are TOGETHER in a conspiracy against Hispanics. Therefore, I have been trying to avoid Ms. Segreda, but not too obviously, so as to not give the Jesuits an opportunity to strengthen their accusations against Landmark as an ANTI-HISPANIC organization. This is one of the Jesuits’ key defenses, since the majority of the Jesuit movement is composed of Hispanics. Ms. Segreda is a brilliant woman and she is aware of all the legal dynamics going on, and she strives subtly and with cleverness to promote the Jesuits’ legal case against Putin and this church. She constantly “bumps into me” and says things designed to elicit a response from me which would help out the Jesuits. Therefore, if I have to work at Landmark, I fear that on a day when I am stressed out and tired, she may “bump into me” and make a comment to elicit a response from me, and I may slip my tongue and inadvertently help out the Jesuits (while she catches me in a weak moment). I do not want to work day by day with a Jesuit. The problem is, I have developed a habit of sitting by her in church and in school chapel, and if I change these habits drastically, IT WILL BE NOTICED; and I will come across as snubbing Mrs. Segreda: THIS IS WHAT THE JESUITS WANT. But then, if I sit by her all the time (as I have been doing), this also, will strengthen the Jesuits’ case–so this puts me in a difficult position since I have developed a habit of sitting by her whenever I see her EVER SINCE I STARTED TEACHNG AT THIS SCHOOL. To change my habits now would be very noticeable, so I have no choice but to leave the school. It is not wise for me to remain at Landmark Baptist Church.

And her son Carlos (see my previous statement regarding Carlos) always has Nathan Pitts (Andrew’s younger brother) sitting next to him. Not sure what to make of this.

For this reason, I can no longer work at Landmark–as long as she is there. And even if she were to quit, if THE REASON FOR HER QUITTING HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME–I could still not work at Landmark: the Jesuits could make a big deal out of this. Because of Mrs. Segreda, I have to leave. Jesuits are too opportunistic and too smart. I would never want to deliberately hurt Vladimir and am already upset that I allowed Mrs. Segreda to fool me as she has. Only if Mrs. Segreda made a full and uncoerced confession (regarding her Jesuit involvement) could I stay at Landmark. I do not anticipate she will do this, not if she allowed her husband to be killed and her children to be injured and involved in a car accident (as part of a clever Jesuit plot to prevent my marriage to Putin)☛ this is how she gained my trust to get a ride in my car and to use my cell phone. Because of all the trouble she was in, I saw her as a victim of the Jesuits and allowed her to use my phone and I drove her home [because her kids had been in a car accident] I now believe this was all set up by the Jesuits. Though when she began talking in my car as I drove her home the day her kids were in a car accident, I became suspicious. She talked like a charismatic. The Jesuits are behind most of the charismatic movement. And I have had significant problems from my students of charismatic background. Eugenia is a VERY DEVOTED and CLEVER JESUIT.

There are some good people at this church (a minority) and Vladimir and I appreciate them, and, for their sakes, we think God must have another plan for Vladimir and I to come together.

This church just recently had a Bible conference (which I attended faithfully), and I would like to say that the only preachers I felt comfortable with were Raymond Hancock, Pastor Carter, and attorney David Gibbs. The rest I’m not sure of and I will no longer claim to be a genius at reading people.

As far as my comments about my students. You can erase them all. I CURRENTLY have a neutral position regarding all my students. I don’t trust my judgment anymore since I feel the 666-Computer may be influencing how I feel about people. I don’t completely trust any American teenager because it has been my experience that American teenagers are very fickle. I don’t doubt there are some students who may have good intentions and I’m not saying they are all bad kids, it’s just that it’s obvious that many of them are not good kids and (they are all being manipulated by the 666-Computer, which helps them put on a brilliant performance) so my present position is that I have no opinion about them, except to say that American teenagers tend to be fickle.

You might say, what about Andrew Pitts? NO COMMENT. You might say, doesn’t he remind you of your son? NO COMMENT.

What about Autumn Norman? NO COMMENT.

What about Amber Kitchen? NO COMMENT.

What about Amber Hopson? NO COMMENT.

What about Richard Smith? NO COMMENT.

What about Eugenia Segreda? NO COMMENT, except to say that her mother is a JESUIT.

What about Tamara Johnson? NO COMMENT.

So, how do we tell who we can trust and who we cannot trust? This is a difficult question to answer. But we need to find a method or manner in which we can determine who is on our side and who is NOT on our side. I currently think the wisest strategy would be to thoroughly investigate the memories of all those persons we deal with significantly and make sure the MEMORIES HAVE NOT BEEN HIDDEN. This is where the REVERSE MEMORY BLOCKER technology will come in very handy (see my statements). We need to know thoroughly the history of EVERY person that has significant dealings with either myself or Vladimir Putin. And this history must be investigated going all the way back to the childhood of those we have significant dealings with. We will not assume anything about anyone, we will investigate EVERYONE who has dealings with either Vladimir or myself. Also, as we investigate the histories, ANYONE whose history indicates a SIGNIFICANT amount of assistance (via the 666-Computer) which is designed to enhance facial expressions or induce artificial emotions (which are not the emotions of the person) WILL BECOME A PRIME SUSPECT; and these people will be THOROUGHLY investigated, with NO STONES UNTURNED. We will check out EVERYTHING ABOUT ANY PERSON whose history indicates a significant about of assistance (via the 666-Computer) which is designed to assist that person to put on a PERFORMANCE.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-23-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL