Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (10-24-2003)

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10-24-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

1st time, I moved to Tallahassee (Nov. 2001) and an American newspaper reporter lied and said Putin had a wife named Lyudmila. This was #1.

Next time (Dec. 2002), I moved back to live with my mother in Melbourne, FL; and Americans killed my aunt (a DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID) and my uncle’s brother (via 666-Computer) on the same day that I traveled to go to my mother’s house. This was #2.

And #3, was when I moved to Haines City (Aug. 2003) to teach at the Christian school. I have moved THREE times, all of these were attempts to marry Putin and be with the husband God has chosen for me. And EACH TIME AMERICANS HAVE BLOCKED GOD’S WILL AND SERVED THE JEW-HATING JESUITS.

EACH TIME (a total of 3 times, so far), Americans have cooperated with Jew-hating Jesuits to block the marriage. And so, God calls America the country who gorges herself THREE TIMES OVER and is a FAT SLOB (50 X 3 = 150, She feeds herself, but won’t feed anyone else). She does not give out the Word and tries to stop those who want to give it out (like myself and Putin). The United States number should be 50, not 150–but instead of sending the missionary money OUT (as God instructed), she has kept it FOR HERSELF, so that she has 3 times as much as she needs, while the other countries GO WITHOUT AND HAVE NOTHING. Because of the United States’ sin in preventing God’s missionary work and HINDERING it; and then keeping God’s missionary money FOR HERSELF, God will destroy the FAT SLOB (America and the American churches) who selfishly keeps God’s missionary money FOR HERSELF, and God will punish this nation that tries to kill those who want to obey God’s great commission to spread the gospel and God’s Word (the King James Bible) AROUND THE WORLD.

As I was reading, I sensed that God wanted to tell me WHY He has led me to teach at Landmark Christian Schools, even though I am not going to finish the year, but have been let go. I asked God why He led me here in the first place.

I said, “Could it be that you have used my influence to make an impression upon one or two of the students?”


So I began reading the Bible and asked God to show me WHY He led me here and what He wants me to do now.

These passages are about Jehoshaphat who, like myself, is a descendant of David. God told me that I am like Jehoshaphat in several respects: 1) I, myself, have a heart for God–but those under my leadership have not removed the HIGH PLACES. See 2 Chronicles 20:33. 2) Like Jehoshaphat, I have made an UNHOLY alliance in my life. God revealed to me that this was my friendship with Hollywood from around 1990 to 1997 (SIX years).

2 Chronicles 20:VERSE 35 to verse 37☛ “And after this did Jehoshaphat king of Judah join himself with Ahaziah king of Israel, who did very wickedly: And he joined himself with him to make ships to go to Tarshish: (rearrange the order of the letters and it kind of spells STAR–like Hollywood STAR?) and they made the ships in Eziongeber. Then Eliezer the son of Dodavah of Mareshäh prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the LORD HATH BROKEN THY WORKS. And the ships were broken, THAT THEY WERE NOT ABLE TO GO TO TARSHISH.”

This is why God stopped me in the middle of Silver Skies and I was unable to finish, because of my friendship with Hollywood. I am no longer friends with Hollywood. My writing has been put to a halt because God curses me for my alliance with Hollywood. From age 35 to 37 I was a student at the Institute of Children’s Literature. Those were my prime writing years. From 35 to 37, my full-time job was WRITER and during that time I was friends with Hollywood. God has broken my works. Notice the 25th word of 2 Chron. 20:37 is works. The United States (25 + 25 = 50) is full of works, which will be destroyed. God will destroy the works of the United States because she lusts for STARDOM. She is full of Hollywood corruption. Notice that the last word of 2 Chron. 20 is TARSHISH. Tarshish is the sin: IT IS THE LUST FOR FAME, GLORY, STARDOM. This is the downfall of the United States. She thinks her brilliant acting and performances will save her. Like Hollywood, she puts her trust in her own abilities (her works) and her brilliant acting AND THIS IS HER DOWNFALL. America is wedded to Hollywood and Hollywood has destroyed the United States. God considers Hollywood the JESUIT CAPITAL.

Though God has promised a millenial marriage to myself and Brent, the reason this love cannot be realized in this lifetime is because God condemns Hollywood and, therefore, will not permit me to marry Brent in this life. God sees enough good in Brent, that this relationship I had with Brent will be fulfilled in the millenium.

2 Chronicles 20:31 is rich with meaning. You add v. 31 + 25 + 35 (the numbers in this passage) and you get a total of 91. Notice that 91 MINUS 25 = 66. It was in 1991 that Brent first communicated with me and that is when our friendship got started. God seems to say that I am REIGNING right now–that I am a leader who influences Presidents and the fate of nations; and that this reign started when I was THIRTY-FIVE (that would have been 1992) and that my reign (or influence in this respect) will last for 25 years. Read 2 Chronicles 20:31.

What is interesting is that I have been friends with Eugenia Segreda and have taught school at Landmark Christian Schools for 72 days. Notice the amount that God led me to tithe this Sunday. It’s 72 dollars! I just noticed the DIVINE coincidence. When I had decided on the amount that I would tithe, I had not even thought about how many days I have taught at this school. BUT GOD KNEW. I started teaching school on 8-11-03. My last day was 10-22-03. I believe this is all God’s timing and providence, that Mr. Hill didn’t plan it this way. Notice the total amount God led me to give to the church is 88 dollars. All multiples of 11. THERE ARE 72 DAYS BETWEEN 8-11-03 (the 1st day I taught) AND 10-22-03 (the last day I taught). Eugenia Segreda symbolizes the friendship I made with Hollywood from 1990 to 1997. Hollywood betrayed me, just like Eugenia has betrayed me. God sees Hollywood and the Jesuits as THE SAME THING and as having EQUIVALENT MORAL STANDARDS. Notice that Hollywood is famous for its ACTING. And what has Eugenia been doing? She has been ACTING.

By the way, if anyone gives 88 dollars to the church this Sunday, or 72 dollars or 16 dollars–that person will be investigated as a 666-conspirator and any PLPs associated with anyone who gives this amount will be in danger of execution, especially if the amount given is designed TO BE NOTICED. GOD HAS HAD HIS FILL WITH ALL THIS JESUIT HOLLYWOOD SHOWMANSHIP. Death penalties will be meted out for anyone who tries to make a production out of the amounts God led me to give this Sunday. I will leave it up to Vladimir what to do if the amount is imitated by everyone at this church this Sunday. I trust Vladimir’s judgment. He has been consistent and has stood by me over the years.

9-11-01? You can almost get 1991 from 9-11-01 when you rearrange the numbers. 9-11-01 was part of God’s judgment against the United States for this country’s treatment of a DESCENDANT OF KING DAVID. GOD’S FINAL JUDGMENT HAS BEEN MADE. GOD WILL TOTALLY DESTROY THE UNITED STATES. LANDMARK WAS THE FINAL TEST. THE RIGHTEOUS REMNANT HAS FAILED GOD’S TEST UTTERLY.

So, you may say, why did God send you to Landmark Christian Schools? Here is the answer He gave me:


You might say, where did you get this?

Please recall, that in the statements I wrote this summer, I mentioned that the United States’ fate would be determined by how this country treated God’s will, which is that I marry Vladimir Putin. God’s final test would be how I would be treated at Landmark, when I was employed there as a teacher. God chose Landmark for this test, because Landmark represents the final righteous remnant which exists in the U.S. It’s kind of like the situation with Sodom and Gomorrha. God said he would spare Sodom and Gomorrha if He found a minority who would stand by Him and be loyal to Him, but BECAUSE HE COULD NOT FIND THIS RIGHTEOUS REMNANT, he totally destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha.

So Landmark Baptist Church represents the RIGHTEOUS REMNANT left in the United States.

And God has revealed to me this morning, that the RIGHTEOUS REMNANT HAS FAILED THE TEST. God will TOTALLY DESTROY THE UNITED STATES.


You might say, where did you get this? First off, I’d like to say that, for the most part, most of the people at Landmark Baptist Church have done everything in their power to destroy my relationship with Vladimir Putin and to prevent my marriage to Him. As I mentioned in my statements this summer, GOD SAID HE WOULD DETERMINE THE FATE OF THE UNITED STATES BY HOW THIS COUNTRY TREATS THIS MATTER OF MY MARRIAGE TO PUTIN. Since Landmark represents the RIGHTEOUS REMNANT of the United States and they have failed the test, there is not enough righteousness in this country for God to spare the United States. God will TOTALLY DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

God has led me to write the following legal document:

My novel Silver Skies is forbidden to ever be published in the United States of America. Anyone who violates this law will be given the death penalty. Also, my novel Silver Skies must never be made into any type of Hollywood movie or production. If Silver Skies is ever made into a Hollywood production, the violators will be given the death penalty. What I write in this paragraph is to be a permanent law that will NEVER BE REVOKED, and this law overrides any previous laws I have made regarding Silver Skies.

You might say, what has God revealed to you about your future and what you should do next? NOTHING YET. But He will show me. He shows me one day at a time.

See above, on how God led me to tithe $72 this Sunday. And I have just noticed that 72 divided by 11 = 6.5454545454545 or ROUNDED OFF ☛6.6. Notice that in rounding off the numbers, we barely get to the higher number, since 5 is the cut off number for rounding off. 6.5454545454545 kind of reminds me of the last Presidential election we had. I think God is saying that it was a 50/50 toss-up in His mind what He would do with the United States; and that He made up His mind when I turned 45. The close election symbolized how close the United States came to getting right enough with God so that He would spare her, but she fell short by a margin. So God decided to test the righteous remnant and if they passed the test, God would spare the country. But the righteous remnant failed, so the country is gone. If Landmark had passed the test, God would have spared the United States. But Landmark failed and Landmark represents the righteous remnant of the United States. You might say, what about Pastor Carter and Mr. Hill? The situation is kind of like Jehoshaphat. Pastor Carter has a heart for God, but his congregation does not follow His lead. I’m not sure what God will do with those of us (a real minority in the U.S.) who remain faithful despite the apostasy around us. It will probably be a similar situation to what Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had to go through. I don’t know.

GOD IS COMPLETELY FINISHED WITH THE U.S. She is on her way down and it will probably accelerate from this point on.

I was 45 when I first started teaching at Landmark Christian Schools. I am now 46. God says that by age 46 I should have been with Putin. The reason that I am 46 and still not with Putin is because of the sins of the United States. The U.S. HAS FAILED AND GOD WILL DESTROY THE UNITED STATES.

For those who desire to have God’s blessing on their lives, do not put your trust in the United States, you will be treated like the Jewish remnant that went into captivity. The country will be destroyed, but individuals can get right with God and you may be preserved (in some way) even though the country will be destroyed–you will be kind of like the situation with Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (and you will need the courage and faith that they had, because everything around you will be corrupt). The United States is finished. But even when God dispersed the Jews, there was a righteous remnant of Jews that God preserved, though, they too, suffered the results of the condemnation of the nation.

Time now is 7:30 p.m. I had my car serviced at Wal-Mart. The guys who worked on my car were all suspicious and I watched them constantly. Unfortunately, the tread on my tires was very low and I needed to replace all 4 of my tires–especially, since I anticipate that I will be driving (possibly a long distance). I’m not sure where God will lead me next. It cost me about $320 to replace my tires and I had an oil change and other necessary maintenance done. The total was $335.82.

The guys kept asking me for my phone number. I ended up giving them my cell phone number about five times. It seems their computer system was really messed up and kept losing my phone number. And then, when the work was completed there were several mistakes on the receipt:

1) My last name was spelled SCHNLER. Notice the “N” for PUTIN.
2) My car was described as a Plymouth Grand Voyager. Like a Grand CRUISE? My car is a Plymouth Voyager.
3) The color of my car was described as dark green. It is TEAL and looks BLUE.
4) On the receipt for the tire work, they listed the odometer reading as 40,000. But on the receipt for the maintenance work, the odometer reading was listed as 42,245.
5) The computer kept messing up my signature, so the signature for my last name was totally illegible and scrambled into an illegible heap on the receipt.

I went to the man behind the cash register and told him to fix these mistakes in the computer. His initials are ATO, I think. He told me he couldn’t do it, because it would take time. I then told him that I would draw a line through the mistakes and asked him to sign and date above the corrections. He refused to sign his full name and he signed his initials instead and acted like this was a real imposition. When I asked him to rewrite the word “teal” in place of dark green, he scribbled something very illegible, so I had to write “teal” in there for him. He was an elderly man with gray hair, kind of thin, maybe about 6 feet. He initialled the receipt for the maintenance work. You see, I purchased a tire warranty for each tire. If this receipt does not look like mine and anything goes wrong with my tires, Wal-Mart will claim that I never purchased the tires from them because this receipt does not correctly identify me or my car, except in a manner designed to draw attention to my phone and my current church apartment address.

And then another younger man with dark hair showed up, kind of heavyset and shorter. I think he looked foreign, possibly Hispanic. He signed and dated the changes on the other receipt for the tire work. He also said, “Oh my God” as he did this. These are the changes I made in front of these men: 1) I drew a line through the illegible signature of my last name and signed my last name in front of them and had them sign and date that it was my signature, 2) I changed the make and color of the car to a more correct description and had them sign and date the changes, 3) I drew a line through SCHNLER and changed it to Schuler and had them sign and date the changes. Later when I came home I noticed the incorrect odometer reading and corrected that. I couldn’t get a full signature from the old man. The younger man signed an illegible signature, but it was better than nothing. The bottom of the receipt says, “FOR GREAT DEALS ON CRUISES. . .GO TO WALMART.COM”. I also noticed the receipt did not seem to give a lot of details about the kind of tire I purchased. There was a leftover sticker on one of my new tires, which I ripped off and attached to the tire receipt. I also attached a brochure which I picked up at Wal-Mart which had a photo and description of the tires, but not a lot of detail. It was like a page out of a catalog. I asked the men for a receipt which would clearly identify what kind of tires I bought and I asked them for any brochures about the tires. I received no brochures and I think I may have been tricked on the receipt, because the receipt only mentioned the SIZE of the tires, but did not seem to give much information other than this except to say that they were DOUG.TOUR (I guess this is shortcut for Douglas Tires). I specifically requested snow tires because I don’t know where I will live over the next couple years. Snow tires will work anywhere. But you need special tires for snow when you live in snow country. I do the best I can NOT TO BE TAKEN by Jesuits, but they are on an all-out rampage against myself and Putin and it is very challenging. I do a lot of praying. Jesuits are getting tremendous cooperation from Americans. This country deserves to be destroyed. God will probably destroy the U.S. with the very Jesuits that they trust more than they do God. Since America likes Jesuits so much, she will get her wish. I pray I won’t be here when they takeover. America loves Jesuits more than God. And the Jesuits are the Rev. 17 WHORE. There is definitely something suspicious going on at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the Jesuit infiltration is so complete, I can’t go ANYWHERE without being targeted. So I have to be very diligent. Americans are disgusting. I believe all my transactions at Wal-Mart today were recorded. Please transcribe all these transactions and include them as addendums to this statement with all the rights of my legal documentation as described in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. Vladimir and I got to talk to each other a lot today (via 666-Computer). Vladimir thinks the United States has more criminals than Russia, but that we always hear about the Russian criminals and we don’t hear about the American criminals. I told him, he’s probably right. In this country, from my personal experience, there’s a criminal about every other person. That’s why the Jesuits (the chief criminals) get so much cooperation from Americans (including a lot of church-going criminals). I noticed while listening to the Landmark Baptist Church radio station, that the Jesuits have taken over the Landmark Baptist Church radio station. I had bought some tape for packaging at Wal-Mart and when I turned on the 90.3 radio station (Landmark’s station), some TAPE (not a music tape, but strapping tape or something like that) was mentioned by a Landmark Baptist College student on the radio as soon as I got in the car and turned on the radio. Because of heavy Jesuit infiltration into Landmark Baptist College, Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that he has withdrawn from Landmark Baptist College. I told him I was proud of him for even considering the ministry and that God will show him what to do, even if he doesn’t go into your typical full-time Christian service job. Also, the radio station (for the past month or so) is including more music that sounds like rock music. When I first listened to the Landmark station back in July 2003, the music was outstandingly clean–nothing even vaguely resembled rock music, now the music on the station sounds more worldly. The Jesuits took over the station, probably because Rich Lemon was one of the key announcers. The Jesuits have been going to town with Rich Lemon and they want to create a big conspiracy that revolves around him. They may eventually kill him. He’s not doing well. He has a very fast moving Jesuit-induced (via 666-Computer) cancer. Jesuits love that ROCK Christian music and they are introducing it to the Landmark station–this is to make Landmark appear more like the REST OF THE CHURCHES OUT THERE. This is designed to strengthen the Jesuits’ argument that Landmark is part of a world-wide fundamental Christian conspiracy against the Jesuits. The rest of the fundamental churches have gone worldly, so Landmark has to blend in a little more, so she will appear to be like them–THEN THE JESUITS CAN TIE LANDMARK IN WITH THE REST OF THE CHURCHES and enlarge the conspiracy that they claim is against them. Get it?

I asked Vladimir why we couldn’t figure out that Eugenia Segreda was a Jesuit since we have mind-reading capabilities with the 666-Computer. He said it’s because SHE DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS A JESUIT. The reason for this is because after she trained as a Jesuit, she made a pact with the Jesuits where she agreed to have ALL HER MEMORIES OF HER TRAINING AS A JESUIT REMOVED FROM HER BRAIN (via 666-Computer) and that she would follow instructions from her 666-Computer operator (who gets his commands from the Jesuits), but her 666-Computer practitioner was to never release any of her blocked memories to her in order to cause her to recall that she is a trained Jesuit. After I mentioned to Vladimir that her behavior was suspicious, he did a complete memory check on her (including her blocked memories) and this is how he discovered she is a Jesuit. So, the reason she put on such a convincing performance is because she, herself, did not realize she is a Jesuit. The 666-Computer memory blocker had been employed to remove all her memories of her Jesuit training. But even though she may not have been aware she is a Jesuit, her 666-Computer practitioner was aware of it (and his mind was read) and it was revealed that she was as dangerous as any full-fledged Jesuit since all her actions were/are directed by Jesuits; and she had sworn an oath of loyalty to Jesuits (to the point where she was willing to have her memories of her Jesuit training blocked [on the condition she would follow explicitly all instructions she received from her Jesuit 666-Computer practitioner]). Apparently, many of the PLPs we are currently using, have (in the past) been the Jesuits’ 666-Computer practitioners. This may be one reason we are having so much trouble with PLPs. You may say that she must know now that she is a Jesuit and so maybe she will come to our side. I doubt it. If she knows she is a Jesuit, that won’t make any difference. Obviously, if she was willing to sign such a pact with her fellow Jesuits (where she allowed a significant portion of her memories to be blocked and totally removed from her remembrance), this lady is a very devoted Jesuit. I seriously doubt she would come to our side. Though she may try to fool us into thinking so, so we’ll let our guard down. I would only trust her if she made a full and uncoerced confession regarding her Jesuit involvement, including the Jesuit involvement behind her husband’s death and the car accident her kids were in. I seriously doubt she will do this, since this lady is a very devoted Jesuit. And until she does this, I wouldn’t trust her.

XXXX–G.S. (10-24-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (10-24-03)
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CCCCCCC–G.S. (10-24-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 10-24-03
Place: Lake Wales, FL