Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-27-2003)

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11-27-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir, don’t limit the use of these legal documents (EMOTIONAL HISTORY, FINANCIAL HISTORY, KNOWN and UNKNOWN CONSPIRACIES, etc.) for defensive legal tactics only. Use them offensively as well.

For instance, use the EMOTIONAL HISTORY to show the world the depth and true nature of your feelings toward me. Have clinical psychologists analyze your EMOTIONAL HISTORY in terms of the quality of your feelings towards me (and that these feelings have been consistent for over two years). I believe that you have an unusual love for me and that your EMOTIONAL HISTORY will reveal this. You need to broadcast this unusual love you have for me through RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Let the world know just how much you love me. I believe your EMOTIONAL HISTORY will reveal a tender, passionate, caring and sensitive love that is very unusual and that, therefore, you would never want to do me any harm. YOU NEED TO BROADCAST THIS TO THE WORLD. Let the world know that any man who feels like this toward me, would never strive to harm me (physically, emotionally, or otherwise). This is an OFFENSIVE use of the laws I’ve written.

If the world can see how much you love me, they’ll never believe the propaganda trash that the Jesuits want them to believe about you. And all the world will know that if harm comes to me, that it isn’t YOU WHO DID IT.

Here are some other offensive uses of the new laws I’ve written: An EMOTIONAL HISTORY (with analyses) should also be done on how I feel (and have felt) towards David Schuler, Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. And then an analysis (via Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY) should be done on how Vladimir has reacted or how he feels about my feelings for each of these men. In all EMOTIONAL HISTORIES, it should be noted when there has been any interference (via 666-Computer or otherwise), to verify that the feelings were not the natural feelings of the person, but were induced; and, therefore, were not the TRUE feelings of the person.

Use competent psychologists for the analyses.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that Dr. Schechtmann’s patients have been attacked by PLPs. And that at least one has died. An analysis of Vladimir’s feelings (from his EMOTIONAL HISTORY) about these patients that have died should be done.

My CONSPIRACY LAWS have transformed the practice of law, so that judgments are more just and accurate–because we have new laws that allow us to accurately assess motives and to assess all the actions, thoughts, words and emotions (public and private) of individuals.

[[We need to have new screening procedures for medical and veterinary schools in how they pick medical students to study medicine. Only admit those who pass screenings involving FINANCIAL HISTORIES, EMOTIONAL HISTORIES and who are humanitarians or true animal lovers and show no WILLING involvement with conspiracies. We need a new crop of physicians and veterinarians. Then, maybe within 4 or 5 years, we may have more reliable PLPs. We can use the new medical or vet school graduates when they come out.

Set up a PLP training program (only admit those with clean FINANCIAL HISTORIES, EMOTIONAL HISTORIES and who are humanitarians or animal lovers). This training program need not be as involved as full physician training–maybe a 2 to 4 year program. It will help us train workers who can use the 666-Computer, to replace the wicked doctors we have now.

Medical school training does not have to be as long and complicated as it is. There are a lot of garbage courses that doctors take that don’t help them at all in their practice. The Jesuits probably introduced these. I’ve seen firsthand how they influence curriculums from my experience with the A-Beka curriculum when I taught school this year. If you eliminate the garbage courses and streamline the curriculum, you would help medical students save money and train better doctors. There needs to be more computer training in training doctors. Probably the physician training should focus on physiology and anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, pathological sciences, clinical experience, a strong emphasis on primary care and preventive medicine, nutrition and only the sciences they need to know for their practice. Eliminate unnecessary psychology and sociology courses and excessive paperwork and an overemphasis on surgery and pills. You can’t teach doctors morality (so drop the garbage sociology and psychology courses). Some courses in patient-doctor communication skills (but don’t throw in a bunch of fancy psychological garbage–just teach communication skills) may be helpful. They should have morality before they are admitted to medical school (hopefully they learned it from their parents). I think it is possible to have a streamlined medical course and PLP training course (that may not be more than 4 years) that can prepare a practitioner (who is not an M.D.) for the 666-Computer☛ THIS WILL HELP US IN A CRITICAL SHORTAGE AREA. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you eliminate the garbage from the medical school curriculum.]]

I will incorporate the above bracketed section into 666-Computer Laws for PLPs when I have the time. I’m too busy right now. But I recommend this, to show that we are serious in dealing with this problem of the flooding of the medical schools with Jesuit applicants–AND THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM which must be addressed.

((Before ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS (who use satellite technology) are executed–if possible, do a quick memory scan of the satellite criminal to see if we can garner more information about OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY. Apparently, there is more we need to learn. Vladimir has informed me that my PLP was OVERCOME by an ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER (via satellite).

Since it looks like not all satellite practitioners are volunteering the SATELLITE BLOCKER information we need (even under threat of death penalty), looks like we will have to force ALL SATELLITE PRACTITIONERS to undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES and also to undergo SATELLITE INFORMATION HISTORIES.

A SATELLITE INFORMATION HISTORY will be a search through the memory [via 666-Computer] of a satellite practitioner for any and all information about satellite technology.

We give all satellite practitioners two hours from 2:35 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. to come forward with SATELLITE BLOCKER information. Beginning now (at 2:35 p.m. EST), we will begin SATELLITE INFORMATION HISTORIES on all satellite practitioners. Anyone who has information about SATELLITE BLOCKER technology which the Russian government doesn’t have, and doesn’t come forward with this information before 4:35 p.m. (EST), will get the death penalty. Whoever has information about SATELLITE BLOCKER technology better give it to the Russian government within two hours, or they get the death penalty. Before we execute any satellite practitioner, we will get a 666-Computer “memory read” of his memories to acquire all the satellite information we can from him before we execute him. For you criminal satellite practitioners out there, this is a gracious extension of the death penalty, for a former 7 day deadline which has already past. See RCL:ST technology.))

In the meanwhile, broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS that the German PLP who was assigned to my care was overcome (via satellite technology) by an American ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER. We take this crime very seriously and covet any information any satellite practitioner can give us to acquire the OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY necessary to defeat this ploy by wicked American ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS. Though we need to execute these evil Americans, try to get a quick scan of their brain before killing them to learn what we need to know about satellite technology in order acquire more effective SATELLITE BLOCKER technology.

I have a possible suggestion on how to overcome the ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER (who uses satellite technology to OVERCOME the PLP’s 666-Computer operating on a person). Instead of using the forcefield (created by the PLP’s 666-Computer) around the brain to REPEL the enemy satellite signal, use the forcefield to CONFUSE the enemy satellite signal. Maybe cause a rapid cycling of stations or codes (in the forcefield around the brain), so that the enemy signal is so confused about which “station” it’s supposed to latch onto, that it latches onto NOTHING; and, therefore, cannot overpower the current 666-Computer which manipulates that person. Apparently, the satellite signal is so strong it can overcome the forcefield as long as it figures out what its compatible station is, and then it latches onto the station and takes over the brain being operated by the current 666-Computer practitioner. So– this forcefield (to be effective) must not REPEL the enemy signal; instead, it must CONFUSE the enemy signal to the point that this enemy signal latches onto NOTHING because this signal is confused and cannot find its matching “station”. Possibly this could be caused by a rapid cycling of codes or “stations” (in the forcefield) that the signal is so confused about where it’s at that it cannot find it’s matching “station”; and, therefore, in utter confusion latches onto NOTHING in the brain. Possibly this rapid cycling could be programmed into the “forcefield” (created by the PLP’s 666-Computer) around the brain.

The above section in parentheses will be incorporated into my RCL:ST document.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-27-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-27-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-27-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-27-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-27-03
Place: Melbourne, FL