Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-29-2003)

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11-29-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have deduced from my observations, that the Jesuits had a two-pronged plan to takeover the world:

1) Topple and replace any governments that oppose them. Examples of governments they would want to topple would be President Bush’s administration in the U.S. and Pres. Putin’s administration in Russia. They would also want to topple any other government which is not cooperative with the Jesuit agenda for the world. The primary method they would use to topple anti-Jesuit governments would be outward terrorism tactics. Outward terrorism tactics are such tactics as explosions, airplanes crashing into buildings (like 9-11-01), biological warfare, chemical warfare, atomic bombs, shootings, ferry crashes, etc. On 9-11-01, they tried to kill Pres. Bush. If they had succeeded, they possibly would have succeeded in replacing the Bush administration with a government more sympathetic to their goals.

2) Once they had control of the government, they would use that wicked administration as a puppet to carry out their law enforcement activities TO GET THE GENERAL POPULATION UNDER CONTROL. THE PRIMARY METHOD THEY PLANNED TO USE AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT TOOL against the general population WOULD BE INWARD TERRORISM tactics (such as THE 666-COMPUTER and satellite technology). So the Jesuits’ law enforcement officials to force the general population into compliance with the Jesuit-run government would be physicians and scientists (especially satellite scientists). This is why (over the past 20 to 30 years) they have taken over American medicine and America’s space program (the Columbia shuttle disaster was Jesuit orchestrated). So that once they succeeded in taking over America’s government and lawmakers, they would use the 666-Computer and satellite technology to force the rest of the nation into compliance with the Jesuit-run government.

The Jesuits didn’t waste any time to take advantage of space technology to assist them in their goal of a world takeover. I bet they started back in the 1960s.

The Jesuits’ goal was to get control of the government and in control of the LAW-MAKING FUNCTIONS OF THAT GOVERNMENT. Once they had control of the government so that they could make legislation and laws which would promote and maintain a Jesuit takeover of the country, they would enforce these laws to CONTROL THE POPULATION OF THAT COUNTRY (by using their physicians and scientists via 666-Computer and satellite technology). But in order to takeover the law-making functions of the country, they needed to control the country from it’s President on down. If they couldn’t get the President, they needed to wrest power away from him and make him impotent. The Jesuits’ goal for the country is to CONTROL THE LAW-MAKING FUNCTIONS– that is, to control those that are responsible for creating the laws (the President and those in government who make laws) which would make it easy for the Jesuits to put into action their LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS (the physicians and the scientists who would control and punish or eliminate those who oppose the Jesuits–via the 666-Computer and satellite technology).

Most Jesuits are soldiers who are willing to die for the Jesuit cause. This is the reason why so many American physicians have already died fighting for the Jesuits–BECAUSE MOST AMERICAN DOCTORS ARE JESUITS!! The Jesuits flooded America’s medical schools years ago, in order to have in place the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS THEY WOULD NEED TO CONTROL THE POPULATION –ONCE THEY ACHIEVED SUFFICIENT CONTROL OVER THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND LAW-MAKING FUNCTIONS (that is, when they had THE LAWS “in place”), then they planned to use these “law enforcement officials” (the Jesuit physicians) to the FULLEST.

Pres. Bush was a real blow to Jesuit plans to totally takeover the government and law-making functions of the United States. They want to eliminate Pres. Bush or make him impotent.

The Jesuits are horrified that Pres. Bush allows ME to write laws that are EXECUTED in the United States. Because my laws are undermining the legal foundations which the Jesuits had “in place” for their takeover of the United States. To have these legal foundations undermined is a big blow to the Jesuits; because the Jesuits need THEIR VERSION OF THE LAWS IN PLACE, so that they will have the legal power they need to use their LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS (the JESUIT PHYSICIANS via 666-Computer). The Jesuits insist that Pres. BUSH MUST GO!!

Because the Jesuits’ have successfully trashed Germany and Israel’s reputation, they have not had much interest in flooding Germany and Israel’s medical schools (in order to have LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS (the physicians) in place [from Germany and Israel] for their worldwide agenda). Therefore, Germany and Israel probably have the least contaminated medical school curriculums in the world. I recommend that German and Israeli (NOT AMERICAN JEWS or AMERICAN GERMANS) physicians work together with those countries that suffer from severe Jesuit contamination into their medical schools’ curriculum (like the United States); and that these German and Israeli physicians REWRITE THE CURRICULUMS of the contaminated medical schools’ curriculum. Also, the German and Israeli physicians should probably also work on the curriculums for the (2 to 4 year) PLP training program for all the countries of the world that are interested in such a program. I would not rely on American physicians to set up curriculums for medical schools or curriculums for PLPs; because the Jesuits have been intensely interested in American medicine, and America’s medical school curriculums are thoroughly poisoned with Jesuit garbage. In fact, the American MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT is thoroughly poisoned with Jesuit garbage. Most American doctors and veterinarians are Jesuits, so we cannot rely on America’s medical establishment (for this job of removing Jesuit poison from the medical profession).

If there are not enough German and Israeli physicians to help the Russian government revamp corruption within the medical profession, it may be wise to use Japanese physicians next. However, I would not use the Japanese physicians in the United States (because my mother and I live here now). The Jesuits may infiltrate the Japanese physicians and cause problems in the United States order to strengthen their legal case. Maybe use the Japanese in other countries. I have chosen Japan because I feel the Jesuit presence in Japan is not that strong. Though I have noticed some Jesuit activity in Japan.

The following countries have a very strong Jesuit presence, and I would not recommend the use of their physicians to revamp any PLP program: United Kingdom, Ireland, U.S., France, China, Southeast Asia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, most of Europe, all of Central Asia, all of the Americas, India, Pakistan, Australia, Muslim countries, Indonesia, Africa, Middle East (with the exception of Israel).

You have to think like Jesuits think to figure out which countries’ medical systems they would be interested in taking over. They would want to use the physicians from Muslim countries, because they have married the Muslim religion as part of their ideological campaign to get Muslim support in their goal for a world takeover. It’s handy to use Muslims because both Muslims and Jesuits have strong militaristic components in their religious systems. They would choose countries that have sophisticated medical systems or that have a strong Jesuit presence (like most predominantly Roman Catholic and Muslim countries) and they would choose countries that have a good reputation.

Germany does not have a good reputation. Germany has been successfully labelled as the NAZI monster (thanks to a very successful Jesuit propaganda campaign–so the Jesuits kind of lost interest in Germany).

Israel does not have a good reputation (thanks to a very successful Jesuit propaganda campaign, which labels Israel as the cliche of “rich” Jews who terrorize Palestinians).

Japan’s reputation is not that bad anymore. However, only recently has Japan regained any semblance of a military, so the Jesuits may not have been that interested in taking over Japan, because (after WW II) Japan was prevented from building up her military–so, possibly, the Jesuits concluded that Japan would not be of much use to the Jesuits in its worldwide campaign for power. So, Japan may have been “neglected” somewhat by the Jesuits; therefore, Japan may have a medical system that is not too contaminated with Jesuit garbage. Japanese physicians may be of use to us, but don’t use them in the United States.

You might say, why aren’t you recommending Russian physicians? Russia has only recently emerged from communism (which was a Jesuit form of government) and probably still has significant remnants of corruption within its medical system. However, I feel that the Russian physicians are less corrupt than the American physicians. And thanks to the courageous and heroic efforts of Vladimir Putin, the Russian government is probably the best in the world right now. I know I’m prejudiced, but I believe I am correct about the Russian government under Putin’s leadership. So, even though I don’t have much faith in Russia’s medical system (Vladimir and I will work with German and Israeli assistance to “fix Russia’s medical system”), I have utmost faith in Vladimir Putin (who’s half German, by the way). Vladimir is a GREAT ADMINISTRATOR, MANAGER AND LEADER. So, I think the Russian government should oversee the campaign to remove Jesuit corruptive influences from the world’s medical systems, (in spite of the fact that Russia’s medical system, itself, needs some revamping). Vladimir will work with the assistance of Germany, Israel, Japan, and maybe some other countries to help correct Jesuit-induced flaws in Russia’s medical system.

You might say, why does Russia have to meddle with the medical systems of other countries and become part of an international campaign to correct Jesuit infiltration into the medical systems of other countries?

Answer: For a very simple reason. If Russia does not meddle with these Jesuit controlled medical systems, the Jesuits will use those medical systems (from other countries) to ATTACK RUSSIA. So, Russia is being proactive and preemptive and will strive to undo the Jesuits’ medical corruptive influences in all countries of the world (especially countries that have strong potential to attack Russia). You must understand that the Jesuits’ PRIME METHOD OF WARFARE IS THE 666-COMPUTER. Russia cannot go to sleep while the Jesuits build up this arsenal (I call it the 666-Computer arsenal– because it’s a great way to kill off your enemies). And the physicians, veterinarians, satellites and computers which comprise the 666-Computer arsenal are the most vital component in the Jesuits’ war campaign. To ignore this Jesuit 666-Computer arsenal is SUICIDE.

So Russia cannot afford to ignore this mighty weapon (666-Computer technology) in the Jesuits’ arsenal or else the Jesuits might use the United States to destroy Russia (via satellite and 666-Computer). Russia cannot always count on President Bush being in power. And Russia does not want the U.S. to have “in place” a Jesuit controlled 666-Computer and satellite arsenal with which to attack Russia. Also, with a Jesuit controlled 666-Computer and satellite arsenal in place, there’s a good chance the Jesuits will takeover the United States. If the Jesuits takeover the U.S., this would be very bad for Russia. Russia has already had a taste of American Jesuit treachery in the Kursk submarine disaster, which, I believe, was torpedoed by an American Jesuit military submarine. So, Russia knows full well, that the Americans (under Jesuit leadership) can be a cruel and cold people.

After 1990, the Jesuits kind of lost interest in Russia’s medical system, because their new focus was on the UNITED STATES. The Jesuits have concluded that if they can takeover the U.S., then they can regain Russia later. The U.S. is the BIG PRIZE. They planned to use the United States medical system as their launching pad to attack (via 666-Computer) the world for a Jesuit takeover. So Russia’s medicine was not too important to the Jesuits–because American medicine was considered superior to Russian medicine and the Jesuits felt the takeover of American medicine would be a more effective way to use the 666-Computer as a major weapon for a world takeover. That’s why I think Russia’s medical system is less corrupt than America’s–simply because the Jesuits ignored Russian medicine, because it didn’t have as much potential for them as American medicine did. However, I don’t think Russia’s physicians are as good (for our purposes of revamping Jesuit corruptive influences in the medical profession) as are the physicians from Germany, Israel and Japan.

Other countries’ physicians that we may be able to use would be those from Scandinavian countries and Switzerland. Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway) is not considered very militant anymore, so the Jesuits may not have been too interested in taking over Scandinavia’s medical system (so most of those physicians may be alright) and Switzerland is considered militarily neutral. So you may want to consider Scandinavian physicians or physicians from Switzerland. I have also heard (from the doctors themselves) that Swiss medicine is probably the best in the world.

For any and all countries that I have recommended, I would test out these physicians on DUMMY COMPUTERS first to see what they’re like, before establishing any commitment to use any of the medical systems or physicians from any of these countries (Germany, Japan, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, etc.). So test the doctors out on DUMMY COMPUTERS first, before you use them to remove Jesuit corruptive influences in those countries (where the Jesuits have overtaken that country’s medical systems).

[All those who are executed for conspiracy crimes will have all their memories recorded (via 666-Computer) before execution (if possible) in order to obtain the intelligence information we need and to learn how these criminals commit their crimes. We need to learn more about Jesuit methodology, since the Jesuits are relying on pioneering scientific advances in their warfare and we are not familiar with many of their methods of warfare. We are learning about these methods day by day. We need to be more efficient in learning about the sophisticated and very advanced scientific and medical technology these Jesuits use to conduct their warfare.]

I have included the above bracketed section as an addition to all my conspiracy law documents, in Sect. 77.04.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-29-03
Place: Melbourne, FL