Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-30-2003)

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11-30-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that Harvard University (U.S.A.) has granted me an honorary J.D. (Doctor of Law) degree. I would like to say this much. I am honored that Harvard has done this for me. Apparently, Harvard trusts me to conduct myself as a lawyer wisely. And I want to say up front, that I am unfamiliar with the procedures American lawyers must follow to file motions in court. In other words, I know very little about American legal protocol and how to file the paperwork for various legal procedures. Therefore, I don’t plan to take on any cases other than the one I have right now. My only client is Vladimir Putin and my specialty is international law. It is my goal to take elective courses from Harvard Law School whenever I have the time and money, so that I can better deal with American lawyers. I need to be familiar with American law, since America won’t leave Russia alone. However, my specialty is international law and I have no plans to have any other client besides Vladimir Putin. And he is very pleased with my work. I am very busy representing Vladimir and have NO TIME FOR ANY OTHER CASES.

After I take some coursework from Harvard Law School, I may take on other cases if I feel I could do a good job and if I have the time and the case matters to me.

It appears my greatest strength in law is in the WRITING OF LAW. I am a good lawmaker. This type of work is a blend between law and politics. Studying law is a great background for a lawmaker. It also helps to know history, be familiar with current events and to have a deep understanding of how the different societies of the world function and to be a good communicator.

What is ironic is that I have written laws that are being implemented right now all over the world and I haven’t been paid a cent for my work, and I NEED SOME MONEY desperately. The Jesuits have blocked Vladimir from paying my wages. I’m not asking for regular lawyer’s pay, though I think I do better work than most lawyers. I’m just asking for enough money to survive. I have no income right now and this a big concern, because when my income goes down, this gives the Jesuits more room to corner me and strengthen their legal case against Putin.

I work very hard and I do brilliant work, but the Jesuits always find a way to make sure my work is not recognized and that I never get paid for my work. Vladimir says he has reviewed my history (via 666-Computer) and that Jesuits have undermined all my attempts to succeed at any career and in my love life since around 1975. It’s a miracle they haven’t killed me yet. They have tried many times. The Jesuits are cold-blooded killers and most of them are physicians. They have flooded the medical field.

They deduced (back in the 1970s) that I would be a threat to their goals and they have targeted me intensely since the 1970s and the intensity of this targeting against me increased tenfold after Brent Spiner became interested in me. After Vladimir became interested in me, I became the most targeted person in the world (by the Jesuits).

Vladimir wants me to mention this in my statement today: He says that Russia loves me and he wants me to run for Russian President after his term expires as President. He’s worried about what will happen to Russia after he finishes his second term and he wants to assist me as President after he finishes his 2nd term. He’s going into his 2nd term. I told him I don’t want his job. First off, I can’t speak Russian. But he says I will learn. Anyways, I don’t think it’s a good idea–but–I won’t let Russia go to the dogs and if there’s no one qualified to do the job, I’ll take it. I told Vladimir, I think it would be a better idea to let him run for a 3rd term. I think it’s stupid that if you have a good man in office that he can only be President for 8 years. I think this is a law that should be changed. Maybe I’ll work on changing this law next.

Article 81, Section 3 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation says this: No one person shall hold the office of President of the Russian Federation for more than two terms in succession.

Article 81, Section 4 says: The procedure for electing the President of the Russian Federation shall be determined by federal law.

We can use Article 81, Section 4 as the basis for a constitutional amendment to allow a President to hold office as long as the people continue to elect him/her every 4 years. We will use federal law to propose an amendment to the Constitution to allow a President to be re-elected for unlimited terms. Obviously, to change a law like this will require the vote of the people. I think Russia should draft an amendment to its constitution and let the Russian people vote on this amendment. This amendment should allow a President to run for unlimited terms and to be elected as often as the people want him to continue in office. In order for this to work and to prevent anarchy and chaos, the elections should be STRICTLY MONITORED or else the people will resent a President who is continually re-elected.

Time now is 6:10 p.m. and the American Jesuits have been interfering with the German PLP assigned to my care (using satellite technology), to the point that Vladimir was blocked or interfered from talking to me (via 666-Computer). I want an EMOTIONAL HISTORY and FINANCIAL HISTORY and CONSPIRACY HISTORY (see Sect. 5 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS) done on all PLPs who manipulate me or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON (directly or indirectly) and for these histories to be updated hourly. The results of these updates will be available on Vladimir’s website and in my statements (as an addendum to my statements with all the rights I give to my written legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document). If Vladimir desires, he can broadcast anything he wants in connection to investigations made into “blockages” or interferences by Jesuits against the PLPs who manipulate me or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON (via 666-Computer). In the EMOTIONAL HISTORY of any PLP who manipulates me (or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON), have a clinical psychologist(s) specifically analyze the PLP’s feelings toward me (or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON) and toward Vladimir Putin.

It may not be a bad idea to have a clinical psychologist analyze Vladimir’s feelings toward the PLPs who manipulate me (or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON) as well and to have this included as part of Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY.

Also, when “blockages” or interferences occur, analyze the PLP’s memory and see if he/she KNEW (see my TERRORIST MONEY LAWS document, Sections 5 & 6) this blockage or interference would occur. If the PLP did not KNOW that his 666-Computer work on me would be interfered with, then broadcast this on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to make it plain that the PLP is innocent of involvement in any conspiracy against Putin or myself (or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON) BECAUSE THE INTERFERENCE WAS A SURPRISE TO HIM/HER.

Follow the principles I have outlined for CONSPIRACY HISTORIES in my TERRORIST MONEY LAWS document and do whatever is necessary to protect an innocent PLP. It is so hard to find a good PLP, that when we have one, we want to do all in our power to protect him/her legally and in every other way. If a PLP does outstanding work, give the person a medal of honor and maybe a financial reward and broadcast this on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. While we punish bad PLPs, we must not forget to reward the good ones.

ALSO, EXPOSE ON RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BLOCKAGE or INTERFERENCE of the innocent PLP. Broadcast the name of the perpetrator and all those willingly involved with the perpetrator, name their professions (if this seems wise), and what the country of their citizenship is, or any other information deemed essential– on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS and broadcast the punishment that has been or will be meted out to this Jesuit conspirator. Most of the satellite conspirators have been Americans or working with Americans. We want the world to know the extent of Jesuit infiltration into America. America has a good reputation (which is much higher than she deserves) and the truth needs to come out. Vladimir has had considerable trouble with Syria as well. Syria and Americans have been working together for the Jesuits.
Do statistical analyses of all the countries we have considered to use for training of PLPs. Show that the reason we chose the countries and PLPs that we did (for the purpose of removing Jesuit corruption from the medical profession), was based on scientific analysis of the percentage of Jesuit infiltration into the PLPs of that country. We used the DUMMY COMPUTERS to help us weed out Jesuits in the PLP ranks and to help us determine which countries had the least amount of Jesuit infiltration (in that country’s medical professionals).

Present the results of these statistical analyses (for the various countries) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to show that we based our decision (to choose Germany, Japan, etc. as the trainers for the PLPs and as the curriculum designers [to eliminate Jesuit garbage] in the medical schools) not on emotions, but on SCIENTIFIC AND STATISTICAL EVIDENCE.

Present this scientific and statistical evidence to the world on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, to show the world HOW and WHY we chose the countries and the PLPs (for the purpose of removing Jesuit corruption from the medical profession) that we did. If, by any chance, as a result of our statistical and scientific studies, we realize that we have overlooked a country (which we could use to help us remove Jesuit corruption from the medical profession)–please include that country onto our current list of countries– which are: Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, etc. We need all the help we can get.

XXXX–G.S. (11-30-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-30-03
Place: Melbourne, FL