Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-1-2003)

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12-1-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

An EMOTIONAL HISTORY should be done on myself and Vladimir Putin (going as far back as possible) which analyzes our feelings toward the medical profession and toward the physicians in our lives. Also, have a clinical psychologist analyze the feelings I had toward American medicine while I worked on Torches of Tears (this was a doctor story). My hero was an American male physician (surgeon). I had a female physician in the story, who was a heroine also.

There was a physician who was a dear friend of mine, Dr. David Castellone of Summerville, SC. I would like to publicize the analysis of my feelings for this physician from my EMOTIONAL HISTORY. Have the analysis done by clinical psychologists. Broadcast the results of this analysis on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. With Dr. Castellone’s permission, you can broadcast an analysis of his feelings towards me (based on his EMOTIONAL HISTORY), because I believe this physician liked me quite a bit. The Jesuits introduced problems between Dr. Castellone’s wife and myself, in order to cut off my friendship with Dr. Castellone. Dr. Castellone and I have always understood that we liked each other, but that it would go no further than friendship–and we just enjoyed the friendship and let it go at that.

Also, I wrote a novella (not very good, because I only wrote a first draft)–but it was called Torches of Tears and I registered it in the U.S. Copyright Office (so there’s a copy of Torches of Tears at the U.S. Copyright Office). I no longer have a copy of this writing and I even forgot the name of my main characters. However, I do recall that my two leads were a male and female physician (who were in love). In my story, the male physician came up with a clever plot (involving pioneering genetic technology) to escape from harassment by his enemies, where he faked his death. I chose to put this genetic technology in the plot because I wanted to come up with a clever way for this doctor to fake his death, so I could have a real surprise at the climax. In fact, I discussed the plot of this story with my chiropractor [Dr. B. Scott Jones, 11811 Mukilteo Speedway, Suite 105, Mukilteo, WA 98275. Phone: (425) 348-3400, www.drjoneschiro.com]. And all my interactions with this chiropractor were recorded on some sort of videotape. I visited this chiropractor at least once a week for a year. You can air some of these videotaped visits that I had with Dr. Jones on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, just to prove that I am the author of Torches of Tears, in case the Jesuits come up with a clever defense, in which they claim that I did not write Torches of Tears. I DISCUSSED Torches of Tears with Dr. Jones!

Check out the recordings of my visits at his office. Dr. Jones and I discussed medicine quite a bit, so you can get a feel about my attitude toward American medicine from my visits with him. Also, as he discussed medicine with me, you may want to broadcast an analysis about my EMOTIONAL reactions (and maybe my actual thoughts) over what Dr. Jones and I discussed in his office–this would be very revealing about my attitude toward American medicine. Any of my visits with Dr. Jones can be aired on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Even though, both Dr. Jones and I felt that American medicine was too crisis oriented (and not geared to holistic health care), you can tell from my conversations with him that I did not feel (at that time) that there had been a total takeover of all of American medicine by the Jesuits. Dr. Jones and I still believed that many American physicians were good, even if we felt they were in the minority.

It was from the genetic research that I did for Torches of Tears that I was able to deduce the cure to the AIDS virus later. However, this “cure” is not a total cure and I don’t believe it would work for advanced cases of AIDS or for those who are inflicted with a fast-moving AIDS virus (and who are in the latter stages of the disease). However, because of what I’ve figured out, no longer is AIDS a sure death sentence–if it is caught early or in the middle stages, there is the possibility that a person can be cured of AIDS.

I give Vladimir permission to publish Torches of Tears on his website (and to discuss highlights from Torches of Tears on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS), in order to establish that I have no vendetta against the American medical profession. I will have to apologize that I am forced to publish it in its first draft state, since I have been too busy fighting Jesuits to work on my writing.

It has only been recently that I figured out that the Jesuits have totally taken over the American medical profession. I hope that Torches of Tears will establish that I don’t have an “ax to grind” with the American medical profession and that any conclusions I’ve drawn about Jesuit involvement into American medicine has been based on EVIDENCE alone; and has nothing to do with racism, prejudice (or any other such nonsense which the Jesuits may bring up as a defense).
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

The Jesuits are up to their bag of legal tricks again. In the Clay County School District of Jacksonville, FL–you can only fill out a paper application. Guess what’s on the paper application? In the Security Background Check, question #16 is a problem. It’s listed after the typical questions you get like: Have you ever had a criminal record expunged? Have you ever had a teaching certificate revoked? Have you ever been arrested for an offense other than a minor traffic violation? Guess what the last question is: Have you ever been dismissed from employment in another school system or had your contract non-renewed?

This is very tricky. If I answer NO to this question, then I will be branded a liar, since Mr. Hill fired me from my last teaching position. If I answer YES to this question, then I will be answering YES to a question which will be associated with the other questions on this list and it will BE INFERRED THAT I AM A CRIMINAL. I can’t win no matter which way I answer this question. No matter how I answer this question, it’s set-up to ruin my reputation.

You might say, don’t answer the question.

Well. . .at the bottom of the page it says: “To omit a response or to be untruthful in your response, regardless of any previous information received from your attorney or the Court, will be considered falsification of your application and may result in your termination.” What I underlined and put in bold is very important, because this basically annuls the attachment (NOTICE TO THE PRESS–see my 11-25-03 statement) that I insisted be placed on all applications I make for employment (which forbids anything in my application process to be made public through any news media outlet).

The JESUITS ARE TRYING TO OPEN UP A CAN OF WORMS. They are trying to create a legal loophole, so they can leak stuff to the press and blame it on Putin. What I underlined and put in bold and italics (above) creates an “attitude” in this application that any previous information from an attorney or the Court is NOT THAT SIGNIFICANT. This lays the groundwork to open up all this garbage to be broadcast to the established news media.

The way question #16 (see above) is worded, if I say NO, they may claim I am untruthful–it is vaguely worded. I didn’t actually work for a school district, but for a SCHOOL. However, it is vague enough that the Jesuits could run with this legally.

It’s obvious Clay County School District hired a tricky Jesuit attorney to draft this application.

And then if Clay County fires me–the Jesuits will claim it’s all part of Putin’s “GETTING FIRED” CONSPIRACY. Have you noticed a lot of people getting fired in the news lately?

I thought about omitting the 3 months I worked at Landmark Christian High School and to not mention it–but everywhere in the application, it insists that any omissions could be grounds for firing. Here’s what it says. I am typing it exactly as it is written, including the bold type, except that I will italicize and underline sections that are of legal significance to the Putin/Schuler/Spiner case:

I am aware that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements, or misrepresentations on my application or inserts/attachments herein may disqualify me for employment consideration and, if I am hired, may be grounds for termination at a later date. I understand that any information I give may be investigated as allowed by law. I consent to the release of information about my ability, employment history, and fitness for employment by employers, schools, law enforcement agencies, and other individuals and organizations to investigators, personnel staff, and other authorized employees for employment purposes. This consent shall continue to be effective during my employment if I am hired. I understand that applications submitted to the School District are PUBLIC (capitals are mine) RECORDS. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the statements contained on this form and within my application or attachments are true, correct, complete, and made in good faith.


They can fire me later if I don’t mention my work with Landmark. If I do mention my work with Landmark, then they have an excuse not to hire me. AND, if I fill out this application, the way this thing is worded, any of this stuff can leak out to the press and the Jesuits will claim that Putin was behind it, because I WAS DUMB ENOUGH TO SIGN THIS TRICKY PARAGRAPH, and that Putin tricked me into it. Obviously, I have to sign the application if I want to apply for work through the Clay County School District, but look what I have to agree to IF I SIGN IT.
I want to work directly for Vladimir Putin. I am afraid that if I work for any other organization that I will be tricked into signing or saying or doing something that will hurt our legal case against the Jesuits. The Jesuits are using every legal trick in the book to corner me and they are making it impossible for me to get money from any source (besides Putin) unless I compromise our legal case to do so. I don’t want to do anything that will strengthen their legal case against myself and Vladimir. The Jesuits are experts at using financial manipulation to corner me: either by forcing me to work for organizations that trick me into betraying Vladimir (though they haven’t succeeded yet). But they are cornering me more and more and it is becoming exceedingly difficult to work for any organization (without having to sign or do something to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir). I need to be paid DIRECTLY FROM VLADIMIR. And, unfortunately, I DO NEED SOME MONEY.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

I want a FINANCIAL HISTORY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on Phil Condit (the former CEO of the Boeing Co.) and on Michael? Eisner (the former CEO of Disney). Also, any big-shot executive who (all of a sudden) loses his position, quits, gets fired, etc.–do a FINANCIAL HISTORY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on them. All FINANCIAL HISTORIES and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on these big-shot executives who just lost their job (and those involved in the loss of this big-shot executive’s job) will be updated daily and the results of these histories will be analyzed (as outlined in my TERRORIST MONEY LAWS documents) and any important highlights from these HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, make sure to do a FINANCIAL HISTORY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on all those involved in the loss of these big-shot executives’ jobs–don’t limit the HISTORIES to the person who lost the job, do HISTORIES on those responsible (directly and indirectly) for the job loss as well.

Make sure to also emphasize from Vladimir and my memory readings (via 666-Computer) that the job losses of these big-shot executives are total surprises to myself and Vladimir Putin. In other words, establish soundly that Vladimir and I did not KNOW that these job losses would occur; and, therefore, are innocent of any conspiracy revolving around these big-shot executive job losses.

Whenever there is the possibility that the Jesuits will accuse any SIGNIFICANT PERSON of involvement in a conspiracy, do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on any SIGNIFICANT PERSON, and broadcast the results of this CONSPIRACY HISTORY on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I suspect that these job losses of big-shot executives are Jesuit orchestrations to blame either Putin or myself for some sort of conspiracy (which will revolve around the job losses of these big-shot executives)–so CONSPIRACY HISTORIES should be done on myself and on Vladimir. It needs to be firmly established from Vladimir’s CONSPIRACY HISTORY and my CONSPIRACY HISTORY (AND BROADCAST ON RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS), that Vladimir and I KNEW NOTHING about these recent job losses of these big-shot executives.

I have observed Boeing Co. and Hollywood (over the years), and based on circumstantial evidence, I have concluded that there is heavy Jesuit penetration into the Boeing Co. and into Hollywood (see my comments about the HOLLYWOOD publicist Loree McBride). Don’t forget that Boeing has close ties to the American Space Program. And we know Jesuits are interested in satellites!

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-1-03
Place: Melbourne, FL