Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-2-2003)

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12-2-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have noticed that (as usual) the Jesuits are orchestrating all sorts of conspiracies and trying to blame these on Putin, myself or other PERSONS OF INTEREST. All I have to say is, use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES (see TERRORIST MONEY LAWS) to prove that the PERSON OF INTEREST did not KNOW about the conspiracy; and, therefore, is innocent of any involvement with the conspiracy. The CONSPIRACY HISTORY will probably become one of the most used legal documents which I’ve created. Make sure to use it. They can’t (BELIEVABLY) accuse us of the conspiracy, if we know nothing about it!

It may be necessary to use a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on the German PLP assigned to my care as well. They are trying to frame him/her.

Please take advantage of this legal tool (the CONSPIRACY HISTORY) which I’ve created. It is a powerful DEFENSIVE legal weapon against the Jesuits.

The FINANCIAL HISTORY (see TERRORIST MONEY LAWS) is a powerful OFFENSIVE legal weapon against the Jesuits. When they accuse us of involvement with a conspiracy, round up all conspiracy suspects and make them all undergo a FINANCIAL HISTORY, so we can find out who’s REALLY behind the “conspiracy”.

They can’t (BELIEVABLY) accuse us of the conspiracy, if we know nothing about it!

Broadcast any significant findings from the HISTORIES (FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY or otherwise) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Regarding Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean. I would like to point out that he is an AMERICAN PHYSICIAN (M.D.) This makes me leery of him. Secondly, the latest Vladimir has told me (via 666-Computer) about Howard Dean, is that Howard Dean is unwilling to undergo a FINANCIAL HISTORY. Several other of the Democratic Presidential Candidates have undergone FINANCIAL HISTORIES, but Howard Dean refuses. This seems to indicate that Mr. Dean has something to hide. Pres. Bush, myself and Vladimir Putin have all broadcast and published our FINANCIAL HISTORIES. Why won’t Howard Dean do so?

I have a very bad feeling about this Howard Dean; and if I was Russian President, I would not feel comfortable with Howard Dean as President of the United States. More than likely (as Russian President) I would keep my distance from him and approach him cautiously. I would not be close to him.

Pres. Bush is another matter. Pres. Bush has shown that he is a friend to Russia.

But Russia’s experience with the former Pres. Clinton (a Democrat–and Clinton was a Jesuit puppet during his administration) shows that when an American President is buddy buddy with Jesuits, it is very bad for Russia. It seems that America (under Clinton’s Jesuit leadership) attacked the Russian submarine (the Kursk). I believe the Kursk was torpedoed by an American military submarine under Jesuit leadership (under secret orders from Jesuits). This Kursk incident was an attempt to start a war with Russia and to somehow blame it on Russia. If Russia had accused America of attacking the Kursk, I am certain that America would have denied it. This would have outraged Russia and have started a war between America and Russia. Vladimir did not want a war with the United States, so he claimed that the Kursk was sunk because it malfunctioned somehow.

I am afraid that with a President in America, like Howard Dean, that Russia will be in danger of another attack of this sort from the United States.

I have not been able to communicate well with Vladimir today, because American satellite practitioners keep interfering with the German PLP assigned to my care, and have broken into Vladimir’s conversations with me and have tried to be Vladimir imposters. I am pretty familiar with Vladimir’s personality and can usually sense when the voice (via 666-Computer) speaking to me is Vladimir. And there have been some “personalities” in my mind that have seemed different from what I’m used to. So I have been pretty much ignoring the voices I hear today (via 666-Computer). Vladimir and the German PLP are working to resolve this problem of satellite interference from American Jesuits.

Anything I write in my statements or think in my mind (since Vladimir can read my mind via 666-Computer) can be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I have absolute trust in Vladimir’s judgment and have no doubt that he loves me. Vladimir and I are forced to start our own news broadcast to counter the Jesuit control of the world-wide news media. It is very important to maintain some control over the news because the Jesuit propaganda campaign is being used to promote wars and murders. And we have started our own news campaign to counter Jesuit lies and propaganda –we want to minimize the propaganda lies with the truth (by exposing the real war mongers–the Jesuits). Propaganda can be very dangerous. Jesuits cover up too much of their bloody history through their control of the mass media; and they use special effects, psychological smokescreens, slander, biased reporting, glaring omissions in news coverage (usually to cover up Jesuit involvement in conspiracies). They make gods out of Jesuit puppets, etc.to promote the Jesuits’ goal of a world takeover. The net effect is that the Jesuit propaganda campaign (through the news media) glorifies Jesuit puppets and criminals; and makes those courageous and daring souls who dare to stand alone against the Jesuits’ goals for a world takeover (these are those who promote true justice and true peace). These courageous souls are made out to be social outcasts, undesirables, misfits, criminals, suspicious and ones who should be eliminated because they are a “danger” to society. This is what the Jesuits did to Germany (with the Jews) in World War II through a very successful propaganda campaign.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that “Perspectives from History” on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS has already shown the Jesuit involvement in Germany in WWII. However, the Jesuits have slandered the German race in order to cover up Jesuit involvement behind the WWII concentration and death camps; so, I would like “Perspectives from History” not only to show Jesuit involvement in history, but to present a balanced picture. For instance, let’s hear about the brave Germans who dared to defy Hitler. While we show Jesuit involvement in countries, do not forget to highlight those who courageously defied Jesuit treachery. Let’s not only focus on the negative (what the Jesuits did), but focus on the positive (those who dared to stand up to the Jesuits and the price they paid). Let’s highlight some heroes that the world hasn’t heard about.

I want “Perspectives from History” to have a special segment that shows heroes who dared to defy the Jesuits and in this special segment try to focus on those nations or persons that have been victims of Jesuit propaganda campaigns (like the Germans) and have been unfairly blackballed. Let’s present a balanced picture and show some heroes from these groups (like the Germans) that have been blackballed by Jesuit propaganda campaigns. The world will be in for a lot of surprises. Maybe those Germans weren’t so bad after all.

The Jesuits have carefully covered up history and all we’ve heard about for the past 55 years has been those terrible Germans who put the Jews in concentration camps. Let’s hear about the brave Germans who defied Hitler. You see, the Jesuits have covered up all their involvement in the Nazi regime, and the way they’ve done this– is to shift all the blame for what they did to Germany in WWII– to the Germans. The true criminals (the Jesuits) parade around as wolves in sheep’s clothing–and they are very dangerous.

So the real criminals–the Jesuits–go scott free, and the German puppets take all the blame for the Nazi atrocities. What a set up! Jesuits are good at getting others to take all the blame for their crimes, SO THAT THEY CAN CONTINUE TO START WARS, KILL PEOPLE, PROMOTE ANARCHY, MANIPULATE ECONOMIES AND SET UP PUPPET GOVERNMENTS TO SERVE THE JESUIT EMPIRE. If one Jesuit puppet (like Germany, Russia) fails to give the Jesuits world conquest; just blame the puppet (Germany, Russia, etc.) for what the Jesuits did to their country, and MOVE ON TO ANOTHER PUPPET (United States). The Jesuits always go with the winner; and so, it appears, the next puppet after Germany and Russia has been the UNITED STATES. Vladimir and I are trying to prevent the U.S. from a Jesuit takeover because this will be very bad for Russia! So Vladimir and I strive to counter this dangerous brainwashing (with RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) in order to promote peace and justice in the world.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-2-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-2-03)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-2-03
Place: Melbourne, FL