Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-3-2003)

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12-3-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Regarding the Dru Sjodin case, the 22 yr. old missing college student:

When I was at the Melbourne Square Mall yesterday, I sensed something was afoot, because the parking lot seemed eerily quiet for Christmas time and there weren’t enough cars in the parking lot. Also, there were workers digging holes in the ground on the outskirts of the mall and this seemed unusual, especially during the Christmas season. Usually malls try to look very spiffy during the Christmas season, and don’t hire workers to dig holes in the ground outside the mall and to make lots of irritating noise.

There were a lot of patrol cars (police) there as well and it seemed (to me) that those police were too ostentatious. And the police cars always pulled out right in front of me as I drove around the mall. Smart police don’t advertise their presence when trying to apprehend criminals, they are often in unmarked cars. So, I would say that those police were also part of the Jesuit plot. Maybe the murderer of Dru would be a police officer, who knows? Therefore, I was suspicious the Jesuits were up to something. Because I was suspicious that the Jesuits were up to something, I drove my car around the mall several times to “scout out” the area.

I had come to the mall in order to follow up on some resumes that I had left at two department stores, since I had heard nothing from them and wasn’t even sure if their human resources department received my resumes. When I used their computers to apply for work several days earlier, I had experienced computer problems– so I wanted to give to those stores (personally) my resume. Also, I came to the mall to exercise (walk).

As I drove around the mall, I told Vladimir (in my car) to do a FINANCIAL HISTORY on everyone who was in the mall at that time and on everyone in the parking lot. This was totally my own decision. I have had tremendous experience in dealing with Jesuits and can often sense when they are up to something. I also told him to do a FINANCIAL HISTORY on the workers who were digging holes in the ground on the outskirts of the mall. I thought that perhaps the Jesuits would orchestrate some sort of explosion or chemical attack or anthrax while I went into the mall. I said all this aloud in my car, so any recordings of what I said in the car can be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, this is what I really believed (at the time) and this can be verified with 666-Computer memory analysis of what I was thinking at the time. My thoughts (as I drove around the mall) should also be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

It wasn’t until yesterday evening that Vladimir told me (via 666-Computer) that the FINANCIAL HISTORIES which were conducted at the mall (as I requested) produced some startling findings.

There was a Jesuit plot “in the works”, but it revolved around the missing girl Dru Sjodin from North Dakota. Apparently, Dru was on the same cruise ship that Vladimir was on and Vladimir didn’t know it. Vladimir has been on cruise ships a lot lately (I believe). She had been kidnapped from North Dakota and the Jesuits managed to sneak her onto the same cruise ship that Vladimir was on. The plot involved killing her and dumping her body at the Melbourne Square Mall (maybe in those holes that were being dug around the mall?). The plot also involved burying her in some sort of shirt that would be a BILL O’REILLY shirt. You know–Bill O’Reilly of FOX News. And this shirt would have some handwritten message on it, with the handwriting of someone who works at FOX News. So, it appears the Jesuits (in cooperation with some traitors at FOX News, workers or “customers” at the Melbourne Square Mall, the Melbourne police, and cruise workers on the same ship Vladimir was on, and others) had a clever plot (in which to incriminate Vladimir and/or myself) involving the missing girl Dru Sjodin. Vladimir has not told me where Dru is and I’m not sure if he knows. But, I believe, we foiled the plot before the Jesuits had an opportunity to kill her.

As I circled around the mall in my car yesterday, skirting the area, I knew something was afoot, but I had no idea it involved Dru Sjodin.

I do recall that a waterfall and underwater video display was set up next to Belk’s (where I had left a resume) and it was set up as I walked around the mall for exercise. I deliberately avoided it, because it seemed strange. And usually when something is strange, the Jesuits are behind it.

Now that I know about the Dru case, I believe they set up that video display (with all the “water works”) in the Melbourne Square Mall next to Belk’s because maybe they planned to make Dru’s death appear to be a drowning off a cruise ship? And, of course, I had just left a resume at Belk’s–and as I left this resume at Belk’s, the workers there were unusually solicitous of me and seemed to know exactly where I was going, and timed for me to bump into the appropriate people at just the right time. This was obviously an attempt to draw attention to the 666-Computer.

Also, Dru was abducted from a MALL in North Dakota.

It appears part of the plot involved planting some key evidence at the Melbourne Square Mall and to do it while I was there leaving resumes and walking for exercise. Possibly in a baby stroller. I noticed a lot of baby strollers bumped into me at the mall as I walked for exercise. This was all an elaborate attempt to implicate Vladimir in all of the Jesuits’ reproductive plots–maybe to “tie in” the Dru case with all the reproductive conspiracies.

You see, Vladimir used to be head of Russia’s KGB. Head of the spy department. If the Jesuits had succeeded in pulling off this plot–it was a Jesuit attempt to either make Vladimir appear to be stupid or a liar. If the Jesuits could make Vladimir appear to be stupid or a liar (because he didn’t know Dru was on his cruise ship– and, after all, A FORMER KGB HEAD SHOULD KNOW–right?)–then the Jesuits could claim that RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS is unreliable BECAUSE IT’S PRODUCED BY A STUPID MAN OR A MAN WHO IS A LIAR. And, therefore, we shouldn’t trust anything RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS has to say!

The Jesuits hoped by pulling off this scheme, to insinuate that all the FINANCIAL HISTORIES, EMOTIONAL HISTORIES and the CONSPIRACY HISTORIES along with their analyses (which we broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) are all fabrications–or are so stupid, bumbling and incompetent, that they can’t be trusted. Because how could a former head of the KJB not figure out that Dru Sjodin was on his cruise ship while he was on the cruise ship?

What a clever Jesuit plot! Let’s not forget that the Jesuits are mostly physicians, so we are not dealing with a dumb group. It’s possible they could outsmart a former head of the KJB. They are also getting tremendous American cooperation. So they have a lot of people on their side. Vladimir and I are outnumbered, especially in the United States.

It’s a good thing I listened to my intuitive hunches yesterday because we uncovered something quite significant (from a legal standpoint).

While it is correct that the Jesuits can’t accuse us of involvement in conspiracies if we can prove that we didn’t know about them (i.e., the CONSPIRACY HISTORY)–IF THEY CAN MAKE THE CONSPIRACY HISTORY APPEAR TO BE A FABRICATION OR A STUPID DOCUMENT, THEN THEY CAN DISCREDIT ITS VALIDITY–and that is their goal.

So, the next logical step (for the Jesuits) would be to discredit the CONSPIRACY HISTORY. To say it’s a hoax or a lie or unreliable. And that’s exactly what they are trying to do.

Therefore, it is important for us to expose Jesuit attempts to discredit our CONSPIRACY HISTORIES, FINANCIAL HISTORIES and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES– in order to warn the public that there will probably be more Jesuit attempts to discredit our HISTORIES and that the public is urged to keep this in mind as they analyze future “events”.

You may say, “I just can’t believe the American people would be so wicked that so many of them would cooperate with Jesuits in schemes like this.”

Let me respond to this:

I believe the reason the Jesuits are so successful at getting American cooperation is because Americans are very proud of their country and think the United States is superior to every country in the world. Americans are very stuck up about the United States. Americans think that no matter what they do, it’s alright as long as it makes the United States appear strong and superior; and that anything an American does is OK, if it puts down any country that would try to make the U.S. look weak or stupid. Because the Jesuits can read minds, they have deduced that the best way to approach Americans is to appeal to the Americans’ pride in their country.

So here’s the Jesuit approach to the typical American when they want American cooperation and IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM: “We will help make America the richest and most powerful nation on earth and we have the money and the means to do so. All we ask is that you cooperate with us to help us run the United States. We will reward you greatly for your cooperation and will make you (and the United States) RICH. The U.S. doesn’t need stupid Russia or Europe or any other country. If other countries want to put tariffs on the United States–FINE–you don’t need other countries’ money–because, WE, the Jesuits, have more money than the rest of the world COMBINED–and we can take care of all the needs of the United States. We Jesuits recommend that you put tariffs on all those countries that would DARE TO PUT TARIFFS ON THE UNITED STATES. The ALMIGHTY UNITED STATES CAN BEAT ANY OF THOSE PUNKY, UPSTART NATIONS — LIKE RUSSIA — THAT WOULD DARE TO GET IN OUR WAY. The Jesuits (in cooperation with American might and wealth AND THE GREAT, STRONG AND ALL POWERFUL AMERICAN SPIRIT) will conquer the world and put the rest of the world under the dominion of the great, almighty, and powerful United States. How about it? Help us out. Let us Jesuits run the United States and we will reward you and your country with wealth untold. And together, the United States and the Jesuits WILL RUN THE WORLD– to show the world that MONEY CONQUERS ALL (after all, nobody has more money than the Jesuits and the United States COMBINED)–We will show the world that NOBODY CAN BEAT THE UNITED STATES WHEN SHE MAKES UP HER MIND TO WIN!! MONEY CONQUERS ALL.”

This approach works brilliantly because AMERICANS ARE VERY, VERY, VERY STUCK UP ABOUT THEIR COUNTRY. They think every other country in the world is vastly inferior to the United States. And this is why the Jesuits are getting the cooperation of about 90% of the American people. The cooperation in each American (within that 90%) varies from about 50% to 100% cooperation. In other words, some Americans are more committed than others to the Jesuits. But Americans stick their noses up at Russia, Germany and everyone else; and they think they can beat up these other countries and that they have a perfect right to do so. The Jesuits are using American PRIDE to help out the Jesuit cause.

Now, Pres. Bush doesn’t feel this way. And let’s hope that because of what I’ve written today, the Americans will be ashamed of themselves for their pride and have the good sense to re-elect Pres. Bush, who, apparently, has more humility than the average American. All this stuff about Pres. Bush “going it alone” in Iraq is a Jesuit lying propaganda campaign. Actually, Pres. Bush and Pres. Putin are very close and are extremely good friends and are working TOGETHER against the Jesuits. Russia and the U.S. (under Bush) are fighting terrorism TOGETHER. Russia is fighting terrorism (through law and medicine–which is just as important as what the U.S. is doing in Iraq). This is a multi-faceted fight against terrorism, and we have to use many methods of warfare because the Jesuits use many methods of warfare. We are fighting the war against terrorism on many fronts, not just in Iraq.

HEY –you stuck up Americans, JUST BECAUSE AMERICA USED TO BE GREAT DOESN’T MEAN GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS HER, IF SHE HAS THE ATTITUDE SHE CAN HELP OUT JESUITS IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN HER WEALTH. Don’t forget that Rome, Babylon, Greece and many empires a lot mightier than the United States have fallen. Don’t get too high on your horse, UNITED STATES!!

The problem is, the United States has been the richest country in the world for so long and American pride in her wealth is so deeply ingrained–I fear the United States is finished. The Jesuits are exploiting that American pride TO THE HILT. When the Jesuits takeover the U.S. (and they will, eventually–it’s just a matter of time)–the U.S. is finished.

Hey, you dumb American bastards: Study history, to find out what happens to countries when the Jesuits takeover– you proud, STUPID Americans!! The only “virtue” America has left is PRIDE–which is the same sin as the DEVIL. “PRIDE GOETH BEFORE DESTRUCTION AND A HAUGHTY SPIRIT BEFORE A FALL.” PROV. 16:18.

You Americans are just like your father, the devil. Isa. 14:11-15. Read those verses, you American jackasses and see what God thinks about your PRIDE. PLEASE NOTICE WE START WITH V. 11 (9-11-01?) AND WE END WITH 15 (I WAS BORN ON 9-15). God will destroy the U.S. because she defies the descendant of King David and Solomon–the royal Jewish line. The END of the U.S. is associated with “15″. The last word is PIT. I wonder what that means? Why is God emphasizing PIT? Take a guess, Jesuits. Notice that we are in Isaiah 14. In case, you dumb Americans don’t know what these verses are talking about–they are talking about Lucifer–no, Lucifer is not some idiot AMERICAN Hollywood character–Lucifer is SATAN or the DEVIL. Most of you American blockheads never read the Bible, so I have to give you an elementary education!

I will grant that there are a small minority of Americans, who are not cooperating with the Jesuits. And to these few courageous souls, I give my apologies for the above statements.

You can broadcast anything I’ve written in this statement on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.
Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the police at the Melbourne Square mall and in the parking lot yesterday did not undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES. This was a violation of Vladimir’s instructions, since ALL at the mall were required to undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES. I instructed Vladimir to use Jewish Israeli PLPs to conduct the investigations (which will involve FINANCIAL HISTORIES and memory analysis via 666-Computer of all PLPs who did FINANCIAL HISTORIES yesterday of those at the Melbourne Square Mall) into why those PLPs we assigned to do the FINANCIAL HISTORIES yesterday, did not require the police at Melbourne Square Mall to undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES. I have requested Jewish Israelis to do this investigation, because Vladimir (in cooperation with Pres. Bush) used a mix of Germans and Americans to conduct the FINANCIAL HISTORIES of those at the mall yesterday; and if, by chance, it turns out all the guilty PLPs (those who deliberately omitted the police from the Melbourne Square Mall FINANCIAL HISTORIES) all turn out to be Americans, it would be better not to use Germans to conduct this investigation (as to why the police were omitted from the required FINANCIAL HISTORIES yesterday–since the guilty culprits could be either Germans or Americans or both). It would seem unlikely that Jewish Israelis would show favoritism toward Germans, so I have requested that Jewish Israeli PLPs conduct the investigation into WHY the German and/or the American PLPs did not require the police at the Melbourne Square Mall to undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES.

When the Israeli PLPs are through with their investigation (into why those PLPs who conducted the FINANCIAL HISTORIES yesterday exempted the police at Melbourne Square Mall) –broadcast any significant findings from the Israeli investigations of this “police exemption” matter on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.
I watched some of the BBC World News tonight and noticed that the BBC is beginning to cover more of the United States, in an attempt to rescue America’s reputation in Europe. That’s because what I am saying about America is being broadcast over RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. They showed footage of a garbage dumpster in New York City and some news piece about a butcher. It showed a grainy side of New York City. I believe this was an attempt to downplay the high standard of living which most Americans enjoy, so as to create more sympathy for Americans in Europe. This is lying news reporting (using photography).

I want RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to present a truthful version about America’s standard of living. First off, present statistics to show how much money the average American makes and show percentages of how many Americans are in different income groups and define the income groups (let Russians know that middle class maybe around $35,000 a year). In all fairness, mention how much it costs to live here. Then, show footage of what are typical middle class residences in America and then show footage of what are typical lower class residences in America and then show footage of what are typical upper class residences of America. Then just show video coverage of typical American life: the shopping malls, the doctor’s office, the hospitals, the schools, the highways, the television and video and DVDs in the home (you might want to mention what percentage of Americans own a computer, television, video player, DVDs, etc.). You may also want to mention how many Americans own automobiles and how many automobiles the typical American owns. Let Russia see Americans driving in their cars on the highway, show a panorama of American housing, show a panorama of American cities, show a panorama of American country and farm life (emphasize that most Americans don’t live on a farm). Americans enjoy the highest standard of living in the world (I believe)–please present this fact. If they don’t enjoy the highest standard of living in the world, they are probably no. 2 or 3. That picture of America (which was on BBC World News) presents a distorted view of the American standard of living. I don’t want Russia to give the Americans more sympathy than they deserve–just because of false images of America from the Jesuit controlled BBC. Please, mention that I have been so targeted by American Jesuits, that I have been forced to file for bankruptcy in this country because Vladimir has been unable to give me money–the Jesuits have cornered him legally.

The BBC also showed a German who was a cannibal and ate another German. Please do a survey among Germans to get a reaction about how a typical German feels about this incident; and publish the results of this survey on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. We don’t want the BBC to create the false impression that Germany is a land full of weirdos. Just because the BBC highlights one weird German, doesn’t mean all Germans are weird.

Anytime the world wide news media presents false perceptions, RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS will strive to counter this slanted reporting with a more balanced and truthful picture.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-3-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-3-03
Place: Melbourne, FL