Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-5-2003)

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11-5-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I am in Nehemiah in my personal Bible study.

Neh. 11:31–(11-4 is Laura Bush’s birthday)–(5) BENJAMIN (7) GEBA TOTAL: 18. Notice that 31 + 18 = 49. Brent was born in 1949 and was 42 when he first talked to me in 5/91. Brent was born 2-2-49. Dr. Peter S. Ruckman was “born again” in 1949. Nehemiah chapter 11 has 36 verses. 3 + 6 = 9. Putin’s birthday is 11/9?

Note that 5 is associated with Brent or Benjamin, and that 7 is associated with George Bush. Pres. Bush’s birthday is in July (7th month), I can’t remember the day. See my earlier statements for how I decided that Brent is from the tribe of Benjamin and that GEBA stands for Pres. George Bush.

Zech. 14:10 is the verse God used to show me that I will have a millennial marriage with Brent Spiner. God also showed me that during this millennial reign, He would honor Pres. George Bush (GEBA) and Vladimir Putin (Rimmon–Russia [Putin] + M for marriage). SEE MY EARLIER STATEMENTS.

Zech. 14:10–(11) GEBA (16) Jerusalem (29 or 2 + 9 = 11) BENJAMIN’S (47 or 4 + 7 = 11) HANANEEL☛LorEE?☛Loree’s birthday is in June or the 6th month. Loree is associated with 666. I found out about her on 6-26-96. There was a Houston Chronicle article on 6-26-96 about Brent giving Loree a BIRTHDAY dinner celebration at some restaurant in L.A.

Continuing with Zech. 14:10–(11) Geba (16) Jerusalem (47) Hananeel or LorEE– TOTAL: 51 words [notice that 5 + 1 = 6].

When Brent was 51 was the year 2000, which was the year Bush was elected Pres. and throughout this year (2000) Brent tried to marry me.

Neh. 12:39 (12 + 39 = 51 or 5 + 1 = 6). Again, notice the emphasis on 666 and Loree.

Neh. 12:39–(16) fish (22) HANANEEL (27) Meah (31) sheep TOTAL: 40. Notice: 51 + 40 = 91. It was 5/1991 that Brent first talked to me.

Neh. 12 has 47 (4 + 7 = 11) verses. Notice: 91 + 9 = 2000. So, Brent courted me for 9 or 10 years. There’s something about 9. He started 9 years before 2000 or when he was 42 (in the year 1991). See Neh. 11:31. Notice the 31 emphasis–see Prov. 31.

9-11-01/1991???? Note: It was in 5/1991 that Brent first talked to me.
See Neh. 11:5 (5 + 1 = 6). Note that 5 times 10 = 50. Cf. to Zech. 14:10 and Neh. 11:31.

There was a very close election in 2000. The Presidency was decided in FL and the Senate was decided in WA. These are the 2 states where I have spent most of my life. It was in WA that Brent first talked to me on the phone.

Time now is 10:15 a.m. Jesuits are causing my mom’s phone to ring and for rain to start at times which they think will strengthen their case against Putin. Mete out the death penalty–because these are attempts to draw attention to my ethnography and to myself.

It appears that Brent and Bush will be honored by God Almighty in the millennium. God seems to emphasize birthdays–not sure why. When I first thought this thought (that God is emphasizing birthdays) the Jesuits caused it to rain within 30 seconds (using their satellite technology). Find out who is behind this satellite technology and mete out the death penalty.

Vladimir and I don’t appreciate the Jesuits’ attempts to mimic God in order to draw attention to myself and a conspiracy. They are also doing this to DOWNPLAY THE SUPREMACY OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE. By creating false miracles, they attempt to downplay the miracle of the King James Bible. The Jesuits are AGAINST THE KING JAMES BIBLE. That’s why they created the Jesuit Rheims Greek text of Westcott and Hort, WHICH IS THE TEXT FOR THE NIV AND THE NASB Bibles☛TRASH CATHOLIC BIBLES designed to replace the AV 1611 or King James Bible. SEE Ruckman’s book The Damnation of a Nation.

By the way, not all who profess to believe the King James Bible, really believe it: you judge a tree BY ITS FRUIT. So not all who attend a King James Bible believing church are genuine King James Bible believers. See my comments regarding Eugenia Segreda in previous statements. We have Jesuits attending King James Bible believing churches who are posing as Bible believers.

Comparing these verses in Neh. 11:31, Neh. 12:39 and Zech. 14:10, yields a very interesting study in numbers AND BIRTHDAYS [31, 6, 14, 10, 5, 27, 11, 9, 7, 22etc.] and in the words: Geba, Benjamin, and Hananeel. These 3 words are significant [in terms of promises which God has given to me personally from the King James Bible (AV 1611)].

My mother’s birthday is 5-4-29. My sister’s birthday is 8-16-60. What are the birthdays of Andrew Pitts and Vladimir Putin’s daughters and those who will be on the cruise ship with us? I may be onto something.

Bill Fuller (my step-dad’s) BD is 7-31-?? INTERESTING NUMBERS. Check out the verses above. Not sure about my step-dad’s birthday. I may have goofed.

Time now is 3:05 p.m. While I colored my hair and was in the shower rinsing the color out, the Jesuits used satellite technology to cause the bathroom light to switch on and off about 10 or more times. Vladimir tells me (via 666-Computer) that he had to execute about 8 satellite practitioners while I was in the shower. After he executed one, then another one started messing with the bathroom light. It appears the Jesuits had at least 10 back-ups, a back-up for every practitioner that was executed.

I believe this CBS mini-series about Reagan (which was canned) was a Jesuit attempt to trash the husband-wife relationship of a President and his wife, so as to trash (in the public eyes) the excellent relationship between Putin and myself. If the Jesuits can’t prevent the marriage, they will try to break it up, even if it means resorting to subtle slander.

Jesuits appear to have taken over all U.S. news networks, with the possible exception of FOX. I don’t trust U.S. news. I agree with Ruckman, the U.S. NEWS MEDIA is the lying and slanted communist-Catholic news networks.

Jesuits have taken over the cell phone company (Wal-Mart’s Simple Freedom) that is the service provider to the cell phone (Nokia) I now have. My cell phone’s service provider is some Wal-Mart pre-paid cell phone company. This pre-paid service provider (Simple Freedom) gave me a new number (321) 446-8619 on 11-2-03 that has the same first 3 digits as my son’s telephone number. I had to change my cell phone number since I moved to a new area. I thanked them (the Jesuits) for giving me a number easy to remember.

Vladimir, I have given you my cell phone number. Please call (321) 446-8619 on your birthday, which I believe is 11-9, and let me know when I can pick you up at the Melbourne International Airport. You need to meet my mom and step-dad before you invite them on the cruise with us. If you can’t call me on your birthday or there are complications with the phone so that you can’t get through, call me as soon as you can get through. Have Lyudmila and your two daughters arrive and go on a cruise ship before I pick you up at the airport. After you meet my mom and step-dad, then sometime after the meeting, we will all go out to the cruise ship and join Lyudmila and your two daughters (and whoever else you will arrange to be on this cruise with us).

Vladimir and I request that NO PRESS coverage be given our meeting, our cruise together, or any aspect of our relationship. Anyone from the press who shows up and/or attempts to publicize our meeting or relationship is in danger of the death penalty. We want our meeting to be absolutely private. Any attempt by anyone in the press or ANYONE to draw attention to Vladimir’s phone call to me or to my meeting or cruise with him will result in the death penalty.

When Simple Freedom gave me this number, they called me to make sure it worked and they called and the call went through, so the number WORKS. If someone causes complications with this number so that it doesn’t work, that person(s) is in danger of the death penalty. This interference includes any satellite interference or any mental blocks induced by the 666-Computer.

So far, I have only personally given my new cell phone number (321) 446-8619 to Landmark Christian High School. No one else should have this number. I gave it to Landmark Christian High School when I gave them the key to my apartment after I vacated it.

XXX–G.S. (11-5-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-5-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-5-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-5-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-5-03
Place: Melbourne, FL