Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-7-2003)

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11-7-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

When Vladimir and I meet, I will need a computer in which to write statements, since I am certain the Jesuits will continue their mischief. An ideal computer would be a notebook-type computer or a laptop computer. I am certain that Vladimir has a computer like this. When I am with Vladimir, I will use his laptop computer or other computer to continue to write statements. Any legal statements I write from Vladimir’s computer(s) will be considered my written legal documentation and will be continuations of my 1-18-02 statement with all the rights of my statements as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. So, not only statements written from this computer, which I am using now, will be considered my written legal documentation; but any statements I write from any of Vladimir Putin’s computers will also be considered my written legal documentation; and any statements I write from any of Vladimir’s computers will have all the legal rights that any statement I would write from THIS computer would have.

The Jesuits are attempting to draw attention to my cell phone, to cruises, to cars driving and picking up people, etc. All these attempts are resulting in executions (because of my conspiracy laws), so when I notice these attempts occurring, I try to stay out of them, so as not to be implicated in the attempt.

Vladimir and I are still having serious problems with PLPs. The PLPs that control my mother’s cats seem to be violating VLADIMIR’S ORDERS and we have had to execute many of them. American doctors and veterinarians are hopeless.

I have given my new cell phone number (321) 446-8619 to Bill Fuller and he has given it to Florida Air Academy (where Bill Fuller has left one of my resumes).

In Russia, some political party, called “United Russia”–I think–is a Jesuit attempt to make Russia appear communist so the Jesuits can use their Russian agents to kill me when I arrive in Russia and to blame it on Putin’s “communist-Stalin style” government. This political party has been displaying banners of Stalin. The latest Jesuit attempts to frame Putin with murders have been attempts to make him appear to be a Stalin-type of dictator. Putin is executing Jesuits in Russia and so because Putin is killing Jesuits, the Jesuits want to make it appear that he is a bloodthirsty Stalin-type of leader in Russia.

As usual, the Jesuits take a truth (Putin’s courage) and twist it into a clever lie (because Putin has the courage to execute Jesuit-criminals [including Chechen rebels], they say he is a Stalin-type BUTCHER).

My opinion: If there’s any country that is following the style of Stalin, it is the UNITED STATES. Study Russian history BEFORE Stalin came to power in Russia and you will see many parallels between what happened in Russia RIGHT BEFORE STALIN and WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE U.S. RIGHT NOW. Make sure the history book has not been rewritten by JESUITS. The U.S. is also following the pattern of what happened to Germany before Hitler came to power. The last thing that happened both in Germany and in Russia before the DICTATORS took over was that the GUNS WERE TAKEN AWAY FROM THE CITIZENRY. The Jesuits are working on that RIGHT NOW in the U.S. They need laws to take away the guns from the common, law-abiding citizens. THAT’S BECAUSE WHEN THEY TAKEOVER THE U.S., THEY DON’T WANT TO BE SHOT. So they orchestrate incidents to make guns (instead of the criminals) appear dangerous.

OLD WISE SAYING: When you take the guns from the law-abiding citizens, THEN THE ONLY PEOPLE WITH THE GUNS WILL BE THE CRIMINALS!! Criminals always find a way to get a gun. They have no respect for the law.

Both Germany and Russia have stricter gun-control laws than the U.S. and YET THERE ARE STILL SHOOTINGS OCCURRING in these countries. So, you see, GUN CONTROL doesn’t stop criminals from obtaining guns.

I took some handwritten notes about Esther in my Bible study this morning, but will enter these notes later. Time now is 10:20 a.m. I got quite a lot out of Esther this morning. That’s where I am in my Bible study.

Time now is noon. I will enter my notes about Esther. Again, there is an interesting pattern of numbers, letters, words in these passages.

Esther 5:14 [NEW PARAGRAPH]–(14) gallows (18 or 6 times THREE) FIFTY (27) king (29) Mordecai (44) banquet (49) Haman TOTAL: 57 words. Fifty states? I was born in 1957. Brent was born in 1949. 666? 14 is the number which signifies the Jewish royal Davidic line.

GALLOWS = Gail lowered. Starts with “G” for Gail and ends with “S” for Schuler. The gallow is meant for me.

HAMAN = Hor of BabyloN over AMA (American Medical Association) and America. God doesn’t have a very flattering view of the United States and the American people and American doctors. The present day United States is HAMAN. Though God seems to single out Pres. Bush and Laura Bush as being exceptions to the corruption of America☛ See my previous statements.

Aha(SUE)RUS = RUSsia almost became like AHAB (the most evil king of Israel), but RUSsia kicked out the B from AhaB or Babylon and replaced the B with SUE. So RUSsia is now SUEing Babylon, so RUSsia is AhaSUERUS.

Please note (from reading Esther chapter 1), that Ahasuerus was quite a DRINKER and had a reputation for DRINKING, just like RUSSIA.

In Esther 1:22 Ahasuerus PUBLISHES quite a bit. “For he (Russia) sent letters into all the king’s ProVINces (kind of spells like Vladimir Putin?), into every province according to the WRITING thereof, and to every people after their LANGUAGE (my novel has been translated into other languages), that every man should bear rule in his own house, and that it should be PUBLISHED according to the LANGUAGE of every people.”

Vladimir and I have an excellent relationship and I always let him be the boss because this is what I believe the Bible teaches is the wife’s role in marriage. So far, this has not been difficult because Vladimir treats me with great respect and always honors my opinions, even when he doesn’t agree with me. He honors my opinion by listening to what I have to say with respect; and if I question his judgment, we have an understanding that we work as a team and do what is best for our marriage and our relationship; and when there is confusion about what is the right course of action, I allow him to make the choice. So we share input with each other on some difficult choices and then he makes the final choice. I don’t mind letting him make the choice because I know he loves me and strives to do what is best for me and I know also that he is a very wise man, so I feel confident in his ability to lead and to make the choices that would be best for me and for our marriage. I feel it is very important when a woman marries a man that she feels confident in her husband’s judgment, wisdom and maturity–since God designed the man to lead the home. Serious problems can ensue in a marriage when a woman constantly questions the man’s judgment. If a woman does not have confidence in her mate’s ability to lead, she should not marry him.

Often we agree, but sometimes we don’t. He tends to be slower than I like, especially when it comes to our relationship and our coming together; but I defer to his leadership and I have learned that he often has excellent judgment which I may not recognize at the time. I have learned that he is a wise leader and that he has good common sense and judgment, so I feel confident in his ability to lead me and our family. He bears rule in his own house, just like in this Bible passage. But Vladimir encourages input from me and considers my intelligence an asset and wants me to develop my talents and career and to be my own person.

So far, Vladimir and I have not had a fight. We have a very good communication with each other. All disagreements are pleasant and we talk things over and come to an understanding. There is a strong love and respect between us that causes us to work out our differences and to work out differences in a constructive manner which leaves us feeling that there is such a strong love and trust between us that we can tackle AS A TEAM TOGETHER just about anything. We always approach every problem as something we need to TACKLE TOGETHER AS A TEAM. We don’t waste our energy in fighting each other, our energies are consumed in solving the problem TOGETHER AS A TEAM. There is a secret and unchallenged assumption inside each of us, that we are the best of friends and that we can totally trust the other to look out for the best interest of the other. We have no doubts that the other loves us deeply and genuinely–so the relationship can stand a lot of stress, and Vladimir and I have withstood a lot of stress against our relationship and have learned just how deep the love and trust between us is. So we are very calm with each other and we feel our relationship is a miracle from God and is very unusual. There is a total acceptance and trust between us and a deep respect and honor for the other (on both sides) and this helps the relationship sustain a lot of stress against it from the Jesuits and the world around us. We also both have a strong faith in God and the King James Bible.

We are very proud of each other and constantly give positive strokes and praise to each other, even when we disagree, so the disagreements are pleasant. Like I said, Vladimir and I have an excellent relationship. I never worry about his loyalty towards me, nor does he worry about my loyalty towards him. The relationship is SOLID. He teases me a lot. Vladimir has a sense of humor. But underneath every joke and communication between us, it is understood that we totally respect the other. We don’t insult each other or attempt to downgrade the other. Sometimes we don’t have time to discuss the aspects of a choice and a decision needs to be made fast, then I allow him to take the lead and he directs. This is the Bible way to handle the decision-making in a marriage and it works for Vladimir and myself. I need his leadership and I encourage him to lead. I’m glad he’s man enough that I can trust him to be a good leader and he IS A GOOD LEADER.

In Esther 1:1–Ahasuerus is described as ruling over 127 PROVINCES.

The name of his palace is SHUSHAN (Schuler? Putin? or the two TOGETHER?).

In Esther 3:7, PUR = Putin’s Russia? PUR is a lot cast to destroy someone or a group. Now notice that in this chapter 3, that SILVER is the payment used to execute this PUR and that this SILVER is mentioned in chapter 3, in verses 9 AND 11 (9-11?). God seems to indicate that 9-11 was an attempt to manipulate Putin’s Russia into the PUR used to destroy myself and the Jews. The Jesuits never anticipated that my reaction to 9-11-01 would be to fall in love with the President of the country that they hoped (via 9-11) they could use to destroy me. Their main goal for orchestrating 9-11 was to bring Russia into the Jesuit camp which was against me.

There are FIFTEEN verses in chapter 3. My birthday: 9-15. It was on 9/25/01 that I noticed and fell in love with Putin. In my novel Silver Skies, I implicate Russia as part of a plot to takeover the United States. This was correct BEFORE 1990, but after 1990, Russia CHANGED. I believe that as a result of my novel, the Jesuits changed their strategy regarding Russia, and decided (in the 1990s) to use primarily Muslim militants as their main military group to takeover the world. HOWEVER, the Jesuits wanted to ease Russia in as another Jesuit ally and to regain Russia (they knew they were losing Russia because of Putin and Yeltsin). So they wanted to cause a war between Russia and the U.S. and hoped that 9-11 would implicate Putin’s Russia, and then would cause tensions between the U.S. and Russia and that, in so doing, the Jesuits could ADD Russia on as another country to assist them in their attempt to totally takeover the U.S.

Like in the book of Esther, their attempt BACKFIRED, because I fell in love with the Russian President. So, yes, (via 9-11) the Jesuits drew attention to Russia, but it didn’t turn out the way the Jesuits wanted. The gallows (9-11) they built to hang me, will HANG THE JESUITS. The very gallows (9-11) they built to destroy myself and the Jews, will be the gallows that will destroy them, just like in the book of Esther. I never would have noticed Putin if it wasn’t for 9-11. 9-11 made me notice Putin’s heroism and his courage.

Notice in Esther 2:15 that Esther is the daughter of Abihail (almost spells like AbiGAIL).

There are FOUR years between the time that queen Vashti was kicked out and Esther became queen. Not sure what this means, but it’s interesting. See Esther 1:3 and 2:16.

Esther and Mordecai saved Ahasuerus’ life, just like I have saved Russia’s life. See Esther 2:21-23.

MORDECAI = Rearrange the letters and you can practically spell LOREE MCBRIDE or MARRIAGE or CALIFORNIA. Mordecai is from the tribe of BENJAMIN, just like Brent Spiner. See Esther 2:5. So Mordecai is associated with Loree, Brent and marriage and California. Notice Esther 7:10–”So they hanged Haman (see my definition of Haman above) on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath PACIFIED.” (almost spells like PACIFIC. California?)

Notice in Esther that the king’s RING gave POWER to whoever wore it. See Esther 8:2. Have you noticed the Jesuits have been obsessed with RINGS lately? Lord of the RINGS? WEDDING RINGS? The RING signifies POWER. JESUITS ARE OBSESSED WITH POWER.

The GOLDEN SCEPTRE in 5:2 and 8:4 kind of sounds like Gail Schuler? or gail + Putin or Schuler + Putin? This sceptre signified protection under the king’s power because of a special relationship with the king. GOLDEN SCEPTRE seems to indicate a MARRIAGE between Russia and Gail which hangs Haman (America and the A.M.A. under the Babylonian Hor) and saves the Jews and Mordecai (see my definition of Mordecai). This is why America and the A.M.A. (American doctors) oppose my marriage to Putin and are obsessed with a RING.

RING = Russia + Putin + Gail

I think I am just skimming the surface of all God has to say in the book of Esther as it relates to our current situation. Read the book for yourself and delve deeper. There’s more in here, but I’ve dug out some of the stuff that God showed me and God hinted to me that there is more in this book about our current situation.

Time now is 5:10 p.m. As soon as I mentally decided that I needed to go out and check the mail, a next door neighbor, who is a man, immediately came outside and turned on his lawnmower. I deliberately did not check the mail earlier in the day (around 2 p.m.) because another neighbor had hired a lawn service to do their lawn. It seems all the neighbors are doing their lawn. Their lawns look better than our lawn. This may be an attempt to draw attention to Putin. If so, mete out the death penalty. I’m trying hard not to draw attention to what they are doing. But it is hard to ignore Jesuits. They can read my mind and they try to make a conspiracy out of their ability to use the 666-Computer. Within the past hour, Vladimir and I made love (via 666-Computer). During this time, airplanes were flying overhead. So, it is possible, that the Jesuits instructed this male neighbor to come out right afterwards. Vladimir and I do not appreciate this. But it is getting dark and I needed to check the mail. I don’t know what makes people think that they have the right to infringe on the love life of a President and to invade his privacy. Vladimir and I have NO PRIVATE SPACES. A husband and wife are entitled to privacy when they make love, even if the husband is a PRESIDENT. This is a common right that should be given to any human being. But the Jesuits have no respect for these things. They get RIGHT IN OUR FACE with an arrogance and nerve that is astounding.

Time now is 7:30 p.m. and I just watched the BBC World News out of England. This is because the clock in the living room was wrong and I missed the American World News. While I watched the British news, I felt like they knew I was watching. The news seemed slanted to help out the Jesuits. It was mentioned that there are 200 Neo-Nazi groups in Germany and that a major arrest of a Neo-Nazi group (with connections to England) was accomplished in Northern Germany. Yeah, you want to know who’s behind the Neo-Nazi groups in Germany? Take one guess: THE JESUITS. It was hinted that Germany is returning to Nazism. I’d like to hear how the German news media is reporting this. It should be VERY INTERESTING. I might even understand the German news, since I have studied German. Though I’ll admit, I’d probably be mostly lost since they would probably speak too fast for me to catch what they are saying. But I bet if I lived in Germany, that within a month, I could understand the German news IN GERMAN.

It was claimed that the Republic of Georgia is on the verge of a civil war because the public claims that the elections are rigged so that the incumbent President (Schevarnadze? spelling???) stays in power. This President is appealing for calm in Georgia.

This is a hint that if Putin gets re-elected in Russia that his elections are ALSO rigged. Are the Jesuits planning a civil war in Russia? I bet they’ll try and they’ll blame Putin for it, too.

The U.S. war in Iraq was painted in a very bad light with an emphasis on U.S. casualties and that the casualties are increasing and the terrorist resistance is formidable. It was emphasized that in America there is disagreement about how the war is going and the STANDARD STATE DEPARTMENT LINE (exact term used) was emphasized when referring to how the Bush Administration comments about the war.

Israel’s killing of 6 Palestinians was blasted, though it was admitted that Yasser Arafat was funneling money to terrorist groups. However, it was claimed that Arafat was necessary to the peace process.

There was a bit pitch for European golf. Does BBC know Bill Fuller? My, MY, I’M WORLD FAMOUS. Even the British news is slanted against me.

11-8-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-03 Tatbestand

Time now is 12:30 a.m. on 11-8-03. Of my own free will and because I desired to do so (with not even a hint from Vladimir or anyone else to do this), I have stayed up late to add (or incorporate) the following legal documentation into my RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LAW: SPACE TECHNOLOGY document:

15.0 A SATELLITE BLOCKER is defined as any technology or method which can block or prevent OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY or satellite technology or other technology from being used to wrest from a PLP 666-Computer control over a person. Vladimir has informed me that one of his daughters was attacked by an American 666-Computer practitioner while he and his daughters were in flight (up in the air). Apparently, the Russian PLP assigned to Putin’s daughter was OVERCOME by an American 666-Computer practitioner, and Putin’s daughter was attacked (via 666-Computer, with the help of some sort of satellite technology) by this American 666-Computer practitioner who (with the help of satellite technology) wrested from Putin’s daughter’s PLP, 666-Computer control over Putin’s daughter. A SATELLITE BLOCKER can also be any type of warning system that will warn when satellite or OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY is being or is about to be used to wrest from a PLP 666-Computer control over a person, so that an ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER can manipulate that person.

15.01 AN ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER is one who uses the 666-Computer in a manner which is a violation of my conspiracy laws or who uses the 666-Computer or any technology or OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY in a manner to wrest from a PLP 666-Computer control over a person. All ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS along with all those who willingly cooperate with them (satellite practitioners, etc.) will be immediately executed. Willing cooperation with an ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER is defined as any willing (direct or indirect) attempt to assist an ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER in his/her activities. An indirect willing attempt to assist an ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER could be an attempt to frame an innocent party or group or organization for the crimes of the ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER’s conpiracy. A willing attempt is an attempt which is of the person’s free will (with no extortion or coercion involved which would cause the person to act against his/her will).

15.02 OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY is defined as any technology which is used to wrest 666-Computer control over a person away from that person’s PLP and onto an ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONER.

15.1 It is obvious that the Jesuits have come up with OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY to wrest 666-Computer control over a person away from that person’s PLP (maybe this only works in flight, but nevertheless it works SOMETIMES). Anyone who is aware of a SATELLITE BLOCKER which can defeat this OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY and does not divulge it to the Russian government within 7 days, will be given the death penalty as a 666-Computer conspirator and/or space conspirator. Those who come forward to divulge information about any SATELLITE BLOCKER must cooperate fully in the Russian government’s investigation of this OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY conspiracy.

15.12 Exceptions will be for those who are held back by EXTORTION from coming forward to the Russian government during the 7 day deadline with SATELLITE BLOCKER information. If someone is a victim of extortion so that they cannot come forward with SATELLITE BLOCKER information, this extortion victim (when they come forward) must supply the name (and full identification) of the extortioner(s) and make a sworn recorded statement (while under 666-Computer lie detection) regarding the circumstances surrounding their extortion. If it is determined that this person (who comes forward) is truly an extortion victim, this person will be spared the death penalty AS LONG AS THIS PERSON COOPERATES WITH THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT IN ITS INVESTIGATION OF HOW THIS PERSON WAS A VICTIM OF EXTORTION and as long as this person cooperates with the Russian government in its investigation of the OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGY conspiracy. Those who WILLINGLY hold this person against their will from coming forward with any SATELLITE BLOCKER information will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators.

15.13 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a SATELLITE BLOCKER technology and who were unaware of the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection). Those who were unaware of the deadline will only spare themselves the death penalty if they will make a sworn confession (under 666-Computer lie detection) as to how they were unaware of the deadline and this confession will be entered into the courts.

15.2 Exceptions will also be for those who know about a SATELLITE BLOCKER technology and who discovered this/these SATELLITE BLOCKER technology or technologies after the 7 day deadline (and this will be verified by lie-detection), these/this person(s) must also make a sworn confession as to how they discovered this/these technology or technologies after the deadline and this confession will be entered in the courts.

15.3 Anyone who discovers any SATELLITE BLOCKER technology after the deadline, is required to immediately report it to the Russian government. Those who neglect to do so will be given the death penalty as 666-Computer conspirators and/or space conspirators, except for the exceptions noted in Section 15.12 and 15.13.

15.4 If all SATELLITE BLOCKER technology/technologies is/are discovered, Russia may waive Sections 15.1, 15.12, 15.13, 15.2 and 15.3, depending on if Russia has anymore problems which require the use of SATELLITE BLOCKER technology/technologies.

Time now is 9:55 a.m. (11-8-03) and right before I went outside to get the newspaper, the Jesuits instructed some family in some weird-looking contraption (that looked like the trucks lawn workers use when they do yard work) showed up in the cul-de-sac.

The Jesuit agent man said, “Good morning” and waved at me.

I ignored him and got the paper and left.

This is an attempt to draw attention to a conspiracy and is a violation of my conspiracy laws. Investigate this matter, and any willing conspirators involved will be executed. I do not appreciate any attempt to draw attention to me or to my activities, as I have stated many times in my statements. These are not innocent activities, but are set-ups for MURDER. Those guilty, will be tried and punished (according to my laws) regardless of their citizenry, religion, race, gender, age, etc. We will punish strictly according to the laws I’ve written regardless of other factors, like age, race, citizenry, religion, etc. which are irrelevant. I do have special guidelines set up for the punishment of juveniles (who are used extensively by Jesuits) and I know those guidelines will be followed.

With regard to the Neo-Nazi groups in Germany:

In cooperation with Gerhard Schroeder, chancellor of Germany, all those in Germany involved in Neo-Nazi groups will be subjected to 666-Computer surveillance and all their memories will be analyzed. Any analysis of a Neo-Nazi member’s memory which reveals JESUIT involvement with this Neo-Nazi member will be written into a statement (with the evidence for the JESUIT involvement into the German Neo-Nazi group attached) and all such statements (which reveal JESUIT involvement into German Neo-Nazi groups) will be considered addendums to this statement [with all the rights of my written legal documentation as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document].

Vladimir can translate any of my legal statements into any language he chooses, and publish (in part or in whole) them in any manner he deems fit.

From flipping through the news channels, it appears a latest Jesuit strategy is to cause the front two teeth of commentators in the news to stand out. This is a new phenomenon which I have not noticed before, but have noticed within the past couple days. They are doing this because my two front teeth are like buck teeth. This is an attempt to draw attention to my two front teeth. My bottom teeth are pretty crooked as well. ANY overemphasis on the deformities or irregularities of the teeth, which is more than the usual emphasis (and this can be determined by comparing the present camera coverage and the coverage within the past week, with the camera coverage on teeth which has normally been done over the past year) will be considered an attempt to draw attention to my teeth (or possibly to my son’s teeth, since he just had his braces removed) and will be suspicious activity which will be investigated according to my conspiracy laws. If it is determined that this overemphasis on the irregularities of the teeth or on the teeth is an attempt to draw attention to either my son or myself, those WILLINGLY involved in such a scheme will be guilty of the death penalty.

Actually, I think that the 666-Computer has been used (over the years) to worsen my two front teeth (and my teeth and dental health in general) so that my two front teeth are more protruded (and my dental health is worse) than they (it) would otherwise be. This emphasis on the two front teeth or ANY OVEREMPHASIS ON THE TEETH in the news, needs to be investigated and all those willingly involved in this attempt to draw attention to my two front teeth OR TO THE TEETH–PERIOD–(via the news media) will result in the death penalty.

I desire to be as inconspicuous as possible. I don’t need any help from the Jesuit-controlled news media. I have been primarily watching FOX news and I have noticed that the Jesuits seem to get most of the guest commentators on FOX. Just because I watch FOX news does not mean I (or Vladimir Putin) endorse FOX news or that I (or Vladimir Putin) feel FOX is exempt from my charge that the news media is run by Jesuits. FOX seems a little more reliable than the rest, so I watch it the most, but I don’t completely trust any news media source. Vladimir does not tell me how to watch the news. I need to keep up with current events as a President’s wife and, for now, this is my only source of news.

Time now is 6:05 p.m. and all the televisions and radios are off in this house. Though I have noticed that the next door neighbors seem to want to draw attention to the “news hour” by having on their garage lights as they appear to load something into their car. These neighbors were instructed by Jesuits to move in next door to my mother, and have behaved like Jesuits from the very start. Investigate them and find out why they have on their garage light during the “news hour”, and if they were instructed to do this by PLPs, investigate the PLPs and make arrests; and for those guilty, mete out the death penalty.

I would like to say this. The Jesuits are very frustrated that I insist on anonymity and that I desire to avoid all press coverage. One of their main weapons is to use publicity in order to create conspiracies, so that they can murder and blame it on another party. They claim that their enemies LIKE PUBLICITY and that the publicity is used to frame Jesuits with crimes. In actuality, IT IS THE JESUITS WHO LIKE PUBLICITY, because it makes it easier for them to claim that they are being framed (when they orchestrate their murderous conspiracies). They are trying to trick me into publicity and, it appears, they have the cooperation of my mother’s neighbors. Investigate these Jesuit neighbors, and mete out the death penalty, if appropriate.

From my observations, I have concluded that what I write in these statements gets more international coverage than any major news media outlet out there. The Jesuits have gone to such extremes to try and stop me that they’ve turned my statements into the most widely read news source in the world!! In fact, I’d go so far as to say that what I write in these statements gets more coverage than any major TELEVISION news outlet out there. We can thank the Jesuits for this. In their fanatical attempts to stop me, they have had to inform all their agents about my statements and they HAVE A LOT OF AGENTS. So, by WORD OF MOUTH, my statements have turned into the most comprehensive news source and the most widely read and observed NEWS SOURCE IN THE WORLD!! I outdo FOX news, the BBC, CNN, the German news, Russia’s TASS?? News. I don’t know what the Russian news network is called. I forgot. But I bet the Russians pay more attention to what I write in these statements than what is played on their news stations. The Jesuits realize that my statements have TREMENDOUS INFLUENCE and that’s why they are trying to make it appear that Bush and Putin and my statements and the major news media are working together against the Jesuits–THEY WANT TO DESTROY MY INFLUENCE, by discrediting what I write–making me appear to be part of a well-paid and organized conspiracy and that I don’t write the truth, but am paid or influenced to write falsehoods.

If I’m getting paid, please give me some of the money. My financial situation is disastrous. That’s one of the biggest reasons I want to be with Vladimir, so I don’t have to deal with the stress of money problems. The Jesuits use my poor financial situation to manipulate me into conspiracies that will make it impossible for me to be with Vladimir. When I don’t have money, they can manipulate me more the way they want–so I don’t like being this poor, it gives me less choices when I’m in a Jesuit orchestated tight situation where they try to corner me into conspiracies designed to PERMANENTLY BLOCK ME FROM VLADIMIR. They use my poverty to manipulate me and they always try to manipulate me away from Vladimir. When you don’t have money, your choices are limited. I’m not asking for riches, but I’d like to have more income so that the Jesuits can’t corner me so easily.

For instance, they’ve tried to corner me with Chrysler Financial because I have car payments due every month. When my payments are not current, they can harrass me over the phone and use this as an opportunity to create conspiracies which will prevent my marriage to Vladimir.

The same with the money I owe to my K-Mart card, which the Jesuits turned into the M.R.S. conspiracy. If I didn’t owe money on this card and if my payments weren’t behind, the Jesuits couldn’t use the M.R.S. conspiracy against me. The name of the collection agency for this card is M.R.S. You see what I mean? I can’t stand being this poor!! This extreme poverty gives me so few options when I’m cornered by them. My love life is paramount to me and the Jesuits will never be happy until they DESTROY MY LOVE LIFE. My poverty makes it easier for them to corner me.

You might say, how did you manage to become such a famous news commentator? I don’t know. I didn’t plan it this way. People must think I’m smart and honest and that they’ll find out what’s really going on by reading my statements and that they’ll get news from my statements which they won’t get anywhere else (which is probably a correct assumption). The Jesuits have the laws rigged so that if any respectable news commentator out there dares to report on what I report on, they’d be sued in court until THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS. I haven’t heard any news stations reporting on the 666-Computer and space technology conspiracy which IS THE BIGGEST NEWS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. So people turn to my statements for the LATEST AND MOST IMPORTANT NEWS IN THE WORLD.

Look, I don’t consult with Bush or Putin or any news media source when I decide what to write in these statements. Sometimes Vladimir will tell me NOT to write something in my statements, but he rarely tells me how to handle or write my statements.

I don’t care about being a famous news commentator, except I do this, because I know all this publicity intimidates the Jesuits and I want to intimidate them to the point that THEY WILL LEAVE ME ALONE. They always get in my face. Unfortunately, from my experience in dealing with these criminals, they are more stubborn than anyone I know and I fear they will never give up. So I want to become a lawyer since I know I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life.

My biggest complaint is that I’m too poor and it makes it easy for them to manipulate me. When you don’t have money, YOUR CHOICES ARE LIMITED. Money is not a problem for the Jesuits, so they take full advantage of this poverty which they’ve created for me. They have successfully isolated me to the point that I am in financial destitution and must depend on my mother for survival. I hate this. This has been my biggest complaint to Vladimir. If I was with him, they couldn’t use my financial situation to manipulate me away from Vladimir.

Vladimir is in a difficult situation, but he’s kind of chicken about me and I fear if he takes too long to move, the Jesuits can use my desperate finances to permanently keep us apart. The Jesuits killed his first wife and he hasn’t gotten over this, so he doesn’t have the courage he needs to claim me. I fear if he takes too long and allows the Jesuits to paralyze my finances, he’ll lose me anyways–so he needs to move and claim me as his wife, so the Jesuits can’t manipulate my financial situation to prevent us PERMANENTLY FROM COMING TOGETHER. I pray for him because I know he needs courage and wisdom. It’s not easy dealing with Jesuits.

But the problem is the Jesuits killed his 1st wife and he has emotional scars from this. He hasn’t gotten over it and he’s chicken about me. I think they used the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulator to give his 1st wife cancer. Vladimir doesn’t talk to me (via 666-Computer) much about his 1st wife. Like I said, he has major hang-ups over this. I know he didn’t kill her, but he knows the Jesuits want to make him look like he did. And he’s afraid they’ll kill me and frame him for my murder. He won’t take any chances with me, except he’ll allow the Jesuits to financially destitute me, HE’S SUCH A CHICKEN ABOUT ME. I guess he figures I can recuperate from bankruptcy, but if they kill me, he’ll lose me permanently.

The Jesuits have tried to give me money, but I won’t take their money. I just wish I could have income DIRECT from Vladimir because I know income I receive directly from Vladimir WON’T KEEP ME FROM HIM or destroy my relationship with him. I have to be SO careful how I get my money when I’m not with Vladimir. If I was with him, I wouldn’t have to “walk on glass” in the way I handle my finances–that would remove a major headache from my life. I’m so afraid I’ll make a poor choice with my finances and accidentally cause the Jesuits to strengthen their case against Vladimir to the point that I could never be with him. If I was with him and he supported me, this fear would be eliminated. It would be one less thing for me to deal with. My finances are a major tool in the Jesuits’ strategy to destroy my relationship with Putin and I have to be SOOO WISE in what jobs I take, how I handle my jobs, and how I handle my finances. I hate this. I want to be with Vladimir, so I don’t have to obsess about how to handle my money all the time. If I am unwise in what job I take, how I conduct myself on the job, or how I manage my money–the Jesuits can use this to manipulate me into saying or doing things that may strengthen their case against Vladimir to the point that I WILL LOSE HIM PERMANENTLY. That’s why I HATE BEING THIS POOR, it really limits my legal options in dealing with Jesuits!!!!

It’s not just the poverty, it’s the fact that I NEED MONEY to survive, but that now the only legally safe way for me to get the money is DIRECTLY FROM VLADIMIR. If I get the money I need from other sources and those sources appear to be in a conspiracy against the Jesuits, then the Jesuits can use my source of income as a tool to PREVENT MY MARRIAGE TO VLADIMIR. If I get my money DIRECTLY from Vladimir because I am his wife, then the Jesuits wouldn’t have this tool (my poverty) which they can use against our relationship. This is one of the biggest reasons that I want to be legally married to Vladimir, so he can financially support me DIRECTLY. He’s trying to help me out financially, but it’s NOT DIRECTLY, and this gives the Jesuits opportunities to create conspiracies (which appear to be against Jesuits) THROUGH THE people or organizations HE USES TO TRY TO FUNNEL FUNDS TO ME.

It would be to Vladimir and myself’s legal advantage, if I got from money DIRECTLY from Vladimir as his LEGAL WIFE. The fact that I am his legal wife DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ADVERTISED, it just needs TO BE SO. This would eliminate the Jesuits’ abilities to create “anti-Jesuit” conspiracies which revolve around the people and organizations he uses to funnel funds to me. The GO-BETWEENS he is forced to use to give me the money I need to survive often turn out to be JESUIT AGENTS and he doesn’t know it. That’s why I want Vladimir to pay me DIRECTLY. Any job I take, the Jesuits try to make it appear that the organization I work for is in a conspiracy against the Jesuits and then they try to use this organization to prevent my marriage to him. I hate this. Vladimir, I NEED FINANCIAL SUPPORT DIRECTLY FROM YOU.

XXX–G.S. (11-7-03), (11-8-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-7-03), (11-8-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-7-03), (11-8-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-7-03), (11-8-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-7-03, 11-8-03
Place: Melbourne, FL