Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-12-2003)

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12-12-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

The Jesuit response to yesterday’s statement, is that it is now 3 a.m. and the Jesuits (using satellite interference) have awakened me and are causing me to notice my breathing. This is a form of torture. Their goal right now is to create the impression that Vladimir Putin is a cruel, cold man who likes to kill and likes to torture.

Again, I would like to emphasize that I have absolute confidence in Vladimir Putin as a father to my son and have no doubt in the goodness of his heart and of his love and concern for my son and for me. I would like to say that in my 15 year marriage to David Schuler (which only lasted so long because I am a very persevering woman), I noticed a cold and cruel streak in David (which worsened over the years–to the point that I had to get out of the marriage to stay alive). David Schuler is a very good actor and he is not what he appears to be.

The difference between Vladimir’s acting and David’s acting is that Vladimir, when he acts, he’s not too good at it and he knows that everyone knows the truth about the fact that he’s acting. When David Schuler acts, he’s brilliant–a typical Jesuit. AND, not everyone is aware that he is acting in order TO DECEIVE. Vladimir acts to SAVE LIVES. David Schuler acts TO DECEIVE IN ORDER TO PROMOTE MURDERS. This is my own opinion and Vladimir (and no one else) told me to write this opinion about David. David is a very good actor.

David Schuler is a Jesuit and has been a Jesuit for many years. We have intelligence to confirm that this man is a Jesuit. This intelligence and the evidence for our assertions (that David is a Jesuit) will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. David became a Jesuit after his marriage to me and the Jesuits trained him using 666-Computer methods and through the computer (I believe). David is very good on the computer. Currently, he is in jail under a suicide watch. Vladimir and I did not want to mention that David is a Jesuit while he had custody of Erich, because we thought it would be too overwhelming for Erich to handle. But now that Erich is with Vladimir, it needs to be mentioned.

By the way, David comes from a family of criminals. Most of his brothers have been in jail. And his sister was married to a drug dealer. If David Schuler continues to cause problems, we may need to mention this (about his family background) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS and to present the evidence for our assertions. What is written in this paragraph is my own decision (with no influence from Vladimir or anyone else).

Vladimir and I do not enjoy having to proclaim our willingness to die in order to attempt to save an innocent life. Both Vladimir and I would like to live and to be left alone. But we know that if we live and the Jesuits kill Erich or some other SIGNIFICANT PERSON (and frame it to blame it on us) that our life will be a living hell.

I want “Perspectives from History” (RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) to go back into history and show how the Jesuits love to torture their victims. Jesuits don’t just kill their victims, they TORTURE THEIR VICTIMS and they enjoy every minute of it. Have a special presentation which highlights the cruelty and coldness of Jesuits in the way they kill and in the way they torture. And they haven’t changed, they are as cruel and cold as they’ve always been.

Also, do an EMOTIONAL HISTORY search on both David Schuler and on Vladimir Putin (going back into childhood) to determine which of these men loves to torture–and present the highlights from these HISTORIES on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS (with comments by various clinical psychologists–and these comments will be verified by lie-detection). Again, what is written in this paragraph is my own decision with no influence from anyone else.

Vladimir has always been kind to me. Even when I dated David Schuler, I noticed a cruel streak in him and I never should have married him. That is a mistake that I live with to this day. When I married David Schuler, I made one of the worst decisions of my life because I knew he was cruel to me and I married him anyways. As a result of my experience with David Schuler, I have been determined never ever to marry a man who does not love me. Both Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin love me. David Schuler never did.

My son Erich inherited a lot of my temperament and has been a sweet boy. Both Vladimir and I love him.

Please pray for us, that Vladimir, my son and I can get out from under the cruel and cold torture of the Jesuits. They won’t leave us alone. The only reason I haven’t changed my last name is to avoid confusion. I want to get rid of the Schuler name eventually, though I am not ashamed of its German origin. David Schuler is less German than Vladimir; and David does not speak, read, or write German.

When I got out of my marriage to David, I wanted to get on with my life. Because David is a Jesuit, he won’t let me. He likes to TORTURE ME. I can tell you that David is not what he appears to be–he is a cold, cruel man (who feigns that he is nice–a typical Jesuit).

Now I hope the Jesuits will let me sleep and will stop torturing me. I know Vladimir would NEVER DO THIS TO ME. Vladimir does not enjoy torture. He is not like David Schuler. Point this out from Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY.

Some lady named Jeannie (not sure of spelling) is on the phone right now with my mom (time now is 11:35 a.m.), I want a FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORY done on her. She is suspicious. I answered the phone and she was too familiar with me. I gave the phone immediately to my mother because she wanted to speak with my mother. I am not friends with this woman and know nothing about her, except her name.

The phone has been ringing all morning. I want FINANCIAL HISTORIES done on all phone callers to this house. The results of all FINANCIAL HISTORIES done on all phone callers to this house will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, CONSPIRACY HISTORIES will be done on Vladimir, my son, myself and Bill Fuller and my mom to determine if we knew about these phone calls and why they were made. CONSPIRACY and FINANCIAL HISTORIES will also be done on all phone callers to this house and on anyone who knocks on the front door or attempts to “visit” or “communicate” with this house in any manner. Highlights from these CONSPIRACY and FINANCIAL HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Also, my son, Erich, has requested his own television spot on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. He wants to have anywhere from a half hour to an hour or more in which he will be interviewed. We will not limit the format of his time on television to an interview, but will let Erich choose the format for his own show. Erich can choose the title for his own show, also. It was my son, Erich, who chose the title for my novel Silver Skies. After prayer, I have decided that if this is what Erich wants, we will give him his own television spot. He can have this spot up to 7 times a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and it can be for any time length that he wants. Erich says he wants a spot on televisionn every day and Vladimir and I are willing to give it to him. It appears the audience wants to give it to him as well. Erich was on television this morning (by his own request) and his spot had the highest ratings of any news program in television history. Erich beat out the ratings for FOX’s Bill O’Reilly’s time, and the ratings for Bill’s guest spot on our RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS were phenomenal.

Vladimir thinks it’s a good idea to allow Erich to have his own television spot on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. He says Erich is a very smart and charming boy and has a genius ability to connect with an audience; and, so far, Erich is a big hit on television. Vladimir and I want to make it clear that this is Erich’s own decision (to have his own spot on television) and we want Erich to say so on television (Erich will be under 666-Computer lie-detection as he makes this statement that it is his own decision to have his own television spot on television–and we will present the results of this lie-detection on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS). As part of this statement (which will be under 666-Computer lie-detection), we also want Erich to say that Vladimir and I will allow him to cancel his show anytime he wants–that he has total freedom to organize this show anyway he wants. Erich will be in charge of his own show.

I just received something in the mail today from Check Processing Center, P.O. Box 4900, Fenton, MO 63099. I made a copy of the envelope I received (and the letter which was enclosed in the envelope). The letter doesn’t have a date (SUSPICIOUS). The check (which I won’t cash) is dated December 1, 2003 (my father’s birthday?). I think his birthday is 12-1, I’m not sure. You better put protection around my father–I think they are up to something with my father. Because when I typed something in my statement yesterday about my father, I noticed extra car activity (and dogs barking) outside. When Jesuits get nervous, sometimes they are obvious.

The letter claims that I completed and submitted a claim form. I did no such thing. I have never completed and submitted any claim form in regards to any class action lawsuit. Somebody is pulling off a hoax; which, apparently, involves my forged signature. I want FINANCIAL HISTORIES and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES done on all involved in this hoax, and those who are willing participants in this “forgery conspiracy” will be executed. Because we figured out that the Jesuits faked my son’s signature (with the humdinger “Christmas cards” they [via David Schuler] sent to my mother and myself yesterday through the U.S. Postal Service–I made copies of this “Christmas card” humdinger today on my copy machine), now they want to create the “forgery conspiracy”. This conspiracy garbage never ends! By using CONSPIRACY HISTORIES we can prove that we did not KNOW about this. FINANCIAL HISTORIES should help us figure who DID KNOW about this conspiracy. By the way, check out the mail woman who did today’s mail (at my mother’s house). She lingered in front of the house for fifteen minutes, in order to draw attention to her mail truck. I went out and confronted her–to get her to move her mail truck away from the front of my mother’s house. Give my mother and Bill Fuller a CONSPIRACY HISTORY to establish that they did not KNOW that this incident would occur. You can use video footage of this confrontation I had with the mail carrier (or make a written transcription of it) and show it on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, if you like. But then, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea. This is another Jesuit attempt to orchestrate a conspiracy and to blame it on either Vladimir or myself.

I suspect that some Jesuits used their ability to forge signatures (with their computer technology) to cause someone else to fill out a claim form (as part of this class action lawsuit) and to forge my signature. Find out who’s behind this “forgery” conspiracy and give them the death penalty. They are obviously JESUIT CONSPIRATORS.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-12-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-12-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-12-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-12-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-12-03
Place: Melbourne, FL