Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-11-2003)

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12-11-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I covet the prayers of Bible-believing Christians all over the world. The Jesuits are attacking me and my son with their satellite technology because pioneer work is being done on my brain right now. A sealant is being applied to my brain (all my brain cells have been shielded from the Jesuits’ satellite technology) but the sealant is needed to give the brain the most protection from the Jesuits’ satellite technology. What is being done to my brain will be a model to be used on all brains all over the world to protect every human being from Jesuit attack (via satellite and 666-Computer). If this operation is successful, it will be a major defeat for the Jesuits because they will not be able to use satellite (and 666-Computer) to overcome our PLPs. This operation is being done on me right now. The Jesuits are attacking me with the strongest satellite technology they have to prevent this operation from being successful.

Vladimir tells me that the German PLPs are doing excellent work, but they have experienced TREMENDOUS satellite interference from American PLPs who work for the Jesuits.

Currently, at this time (2:50 p.m.) the Jesuits are attacking me and my son with the strongest satellite technology they have. This is in God’s hands. We believe we have the technology now to prevent Jesuits from overcoming our PLPs (via satellite) and the Jesuits are trying to prevent this technology from being applied to my brain right now.

Pray for my son–because as the German PLPs work on me, the Jesuits attack my son (who is with Vladimir Putin). Vladimir has told me (via 666-Computer) that he and my son share the same hotel room. The Jesuits would want to kill my son, because my son could vouch for Vladimir’s love for me.

Also, the Jesuits have used the U.S. Postal Service (in combination with my ex-husband) to mail me and my mother Christmas cards (to create the false impression that my son, Erich, is still with his dad). I noticed that the card I received, which (supposedly) was from Erich–that the envelope was addressed by his dad. I recognize David Schuler’s handwriting on the envelope. I believe that the card (which Erich supposedly signed) could have been a computer generated imitation of Erich’s signature. Erich’s signature looked genuine, but I believe it was a computer generated signature and that Erich, himself, did not sign the Christmas card. I have seen Jesuits make very good computer generated imitations of the signature of Pastor Couey–when I tried to get some character references from Pastor Couey, so I know they are capable of making good imitations of signatures. If I am correct that what we received in the mail today were fakes and that Erich had nothing to do with these Christmas cards, I want this exposed on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

We need to do something serious about David Schuler. I’m not sure what. David does everything the Jesuits tell him to do. Maybe he needs to go to jail, so we can completely monitor all his activities. Find out who was willingly responsible for these fake Christmas cards which we received, and follow the guidelines from my CONSPIRACY LAWS to determine appropriate judgments.

Anyways, I request prayer. The Jesuits are attacking me and my son, in order to prevent the German PLPs from successfully applying a seal over my brain, which we can use to prevent the American Jesuit satellite criminals from overcoming the German PLPs (assigned to my care and to my son’s care). There is serious danger that if we are unsuccessful in applying this sealant to my brain, that the Jesuits will use their American PLP satellite practitioners to murder myself, Vladimir Putin, and my son and many other innocent people (and that these murders could occur within a week). This sealant must be applied to the brain, or else the Jesuits can knock out Vladimir, myself, my son or anyone they choose with satellite technology. They had this ability before (to kill us with satellite by overcoming our PLPs), but they kept it secret (too lull us into a false sense of security) so we wouldn’t do more research on satellite technology. Now that it’s all out in the open, it also means that we are in open satellite warfare and the Jesuits are baring their fangs and making it plain that they WILL USE THIS SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY and they are no longer concerned about keeping it secret.

CONSPIRACY HISTORIES need to be done on myself, my son and Vladimir Putin to see if we knew before (several weeks ago) that the Jesuits could have killed us with satellite technology (by overcoming our PLPs and taking over the control of the body of the one manipulated). The Jesuits are trying to create the impression that the Russian government knew all along that satellite technology could overcome our PLPs. But I want CONSPIRACY HISTORIES done to prove that WE (the Russian government) DID NOT KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THIS SATELLITE TECHNOLOGY IS–that we actually thought that if we could solve the problem of traitors in the PLP ranks, that our problems with the 666-Computer would be solved. We were unaware that satellite technology could be used to overpower and wrest from our PLPs 666-Computer control over a person. Now that we are aware of the danger of this satellite technology, we are determined to employ the technology needed on all brains to protect the innocent from Jesuit-directed 666-Computer practitioners. THE JESUITS ARE FIGHTING THIS ATTEMPT TOOTH AND NAIL. THIS IS A FIERCE BATTLE AND REQUIRES MUCH PRAYER..

Apparently, the Jesuits could have killed any of us off before we discovered they had the ability to overcome our PLPs with their satellite technology, but this has been one of their hidden cards. They feel if they kill us now, that they will have the legal advantage–so now they may attempt it. Again, whether or not this operation (to seal my brain from satellite interference) is successful could determine the outcome of the war of terror. Vladimir, my son and myself request the prayers of Bible believing Christians all over the world at this crucial time in this war against Jesuit treachery.

If this sealant is successfully applied, computer models of this will be applied to millions and billions of people to protect them from the Jesuits’ ability to overcome our PLPs with satellite technology. Obviously, the Jesuits want to prevent this operation on me from being successful. We can immediately transfer the computer program applied on me to billions of others, and it will work on other people–to protect people from being murdered by 666-Computer and by 666-Computer (enhanced by satellite technology).

During this crucial time, the Jesuits also attack my mother (xxxxx xxxxxxx), who is Japanese. You can see why they wanted to nuke Japan off the map. Pray for my mother and for her family in Japan. She has a lot of family in Japan. They also attack my step-dad, Bill Fuller. Pray for my step-dad and for his sons and family. Pray for those at Landmark Baptist Church in Haines City, FL–especially the Andrew Pitts’ family and the man, Rich Lemon (who the Jesuits have tried to kill with 666-Computer induced cancer).

Pray for my sister, Sandra Metcalf and her husband Troy (and his family–his father is an attorney) and my sister’s 3 daughters. The Jesuits may attempt to attack my sister and her family.

Pray for my uncle in Atlanta, my cousins, and my uncle’s family (from my father’s side) in Georgia.

Pray for my father and his family, who happen to live here in Melbourne, FL. I’m sure the Jesuits were behind my father’s move to Melbourne.

Pray for Vladimir’s German mother (and for Vladimir’s family) and for Lyudmila (and her family), who has stood by us in this crucial time. Pray for Vladimir’s two daughters, one of whom was attacked by an American satellite practitioner, as Vladimir flew on a jet to come to me.

In fact, when the Jesuits attacked Vladimir’s daughter, that is when we became aware that they could overpower our PLPs with satellite technology. I want CONSPIRACY HISTORIES to verify this (that we were unaware of the full extent of the Jesuits’ satellite technology) and once we have to evidence to prove that we were unaware of the power of the Jesuits’ satellite technology, I want this broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I am certain that if Vladimir was aware of how powerful the Jesuits’ satellite technology is, that he would have never left Russia with his two daughters (to come and get me) until he was certain he could deal with the Jesuits’ satellite ability to overcome our PLPs.

Ask God to give special wisdom and help to the German PLPs who are doing this pioneer operation on my brain, in order to create a computer model which will protect billions from Jesuit 666-Computer manipulation (via satellite).

Vladimir and I would like to say that we have had 100% cooperation, so far, from the German PLPs. I feel they should all get a medal.

If anything should happen to Vladimir, myself, or my son or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON, I want Vladimir to assign a person (or person) to take up the legal battle against the Jesuits–someone to take my place or to take Vladimir Putin’s place. Maybe someone like Pres. Bush or Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. Dr. Ruckman may be able to give you some good ideas for a successor.

If anything should happen to Vladimir, myself, or my son or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON–have FINANCIAL HISTORIES, CONSPIRACY HISTORIES and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on all PLPs or 666-Computer practitioners who may have been involved with myself, Vladimir Putin, my son, or on any other SIGNIFICANT PERSON. Broadcast the results of these histories on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

I instruct Vladimir Putin to assign persons who can take up the mantle (in case something should happen to myself, Vladimir or my son). We cannot lose this war on terror. Write up a legal document and assign someone (or several people) to continue to write CONSPIRACY LAWS in order to continue this legal fight against Jesuit terrorism. Maybe give the mantle to Pres. Bush or Dr. Peter Ruckman and ask Bush or Dr. Ruckman to pick people to continue the work which I have started.

In the meanwhile–pray–this is a crucial battle and we must win it. We must find a way to prevent Jesuits from overcoming our PLPs with satellite technology. Our present strategy, is to use my brain as the model from which we can apply shields over brain cells of people all over the world. It is a complex operation involving a complex computer program and copies of it are being transferred all over the world as the operation is in progress.

What I’ve written in the following bracketed section is totally my own opinion and the only input I received from ANYONE regarding the following bracketed section has been from Vladimir Putin:

[Vladimir has told me (via 666-Computer) that if anything (because of the Jesuits’ treachery) were to happen to me or my son, that his life would be so bad that he wouldn’t want to live anymore. I believe this is how he really feels. I want an EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on Vladimir, that is updated hourly. The highlights from this history will be verified by lie detection and will be verified by several clinical psychologists. These clinical psychologists’ opinions (and the emotional readings by which they deduced their conclusions) and the lie detection which was used to verify that they speak the truth, will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I want the world to see whether Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY backs up what I just said about him, and that is, if anything happened to me or my son (because of the Jesuits’ treachery) that Vladimir Putin would rather be dead, that he doesn’t want to live without me or my son. Should the Jesuits succeed in their murderous schemes, it would be justice to show the world the caliber of the people that they have murdered–so everyone can see just how low and despicable and filthy and dirty and cold and cruel the Jesuits are. We want to expose all the dirt and filth in the Jesuits’ heart by contrasting their filthy, dirty hearts with our great and generous hearts.

Vladimir and I know that whatever happens, we are born again Christians and heaven will be our home. If we are great and generous, it is because our faith is sustained by a great and generous God, who generously gives us poor sinners a token of His great and generous Spirit. But, it would not be justice to allow the Jesuits to kill us without exposing the depths of depravity which lies within the Jesuits’ hearts. And to show the world that the Jesuits are led by the darkest of spirits–the spirit of Satan or 666 or the Beast (the worship of man).

The world needs to know that GOD IS AGAINST THE JESUITS AND HE IS FOR THOSE WHO SUPPORT HIS KING JAMES BIBLE (not just with beautiful words from one’s mouth, but by OBEDIENCE to His Word). 1 Samuel 15:22–“To obey is better than sacrifice.”]

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that he has requested (and put into a legal document) that if my son or I are murdered by Jesuits that he will be executed by his PLP. He does not want to live if my son or myself are killed. It has occurred to me that if my son dies by the hands of Jesuits, that I will lose a son and a husband (Vladimir) at the same time. Therefore, I want to write the following legal document:

I, Gail Schuler, being of sound mind, on this 11th day of December 2003, do request that if my son is murdered by Jesuits; and, therefore, Vladimir Putin (by his own request) is executed by his PLP– that I, also, will be executed (at the same time that Vladimir is executed) by my PLP. I would never willingly commit suicide (and have never ever attempted suicide), but will trust my PLP to execute me and to honor my request (should Vladimir Putin be executed by his PLP)–if my son is murdered (by whatever method) by Jesuits. I will not execute myself (because I may not have all the facts and may be incorrect about the status of Vladimir or my son), but will let my PLP execute me. I do not think I could bear the loss of my husband (Vladimir) and son all at once and would prefer to be in heaven with them, then to remain on earth to deal with fanatical and stubborn Jesuit thugs (who will never allow me happiness in this life). If I am executed by my PLP and my son and/or Vladimir Putin are still alive, then my PLP will be guilty of murder. The conditions (as I state them in this paragraph) must be met before my execution takes place.

XXXX–G.S. (12-11-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-11-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-11-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-11-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-11-03
Place: Melbourne, FL