Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-10-2003)

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12-10-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Before I type the following section, I would like to state that my mother has not discussed this material with me or influenced me in the least in regard to the following material. The only person I have discussed the following information with has been Vladimir Putin (via 666-Computer).

NUCLEAR HIGH ALERT!! Vladimir and I have credible intelligence that the Jesuits are planning a nuclear attack–possibly using North Korea to attack Japan. Vladimir warns North Korea that he wants its government to strictly monitor its nuclear activities and that he would thoroughly denounce any nuclear attack instigated by North Korea against any country. If North Korea attacks any country using nuclear warfare, Russia will declare war on North Korea.

Anything I write in any of my statements can be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Don’t forget to use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES whenever necessary. If we don’t KNOW about a conspiracy, how can they accuse us of being involved in it? Vladimir and I only recently figured out the nuclear plot and this was because yesterday while I was at Publix, the bagger made a comment about being “nuked out” and I told Vladimir (in my car) that the Jesuits were dropping “hints” about a possible nuclear attack. You may want to do a CONSPIRACY and FINANCIAL HISTORY on the bagger who took care of me at Publix yesterday. I told Vladimir that this nuclear matter needed to be investigated, and so what this bagger said to me yesterday caused me to direct Vladimir to start an investigation into the nuclear matter.

It is a good thing I noticed that bagger’s nuclear comments (which struck me as very strange coming from a grocery bagger)–because Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the Jesuits planned to use North Korea to nuke Japan off the map. They were going to hit Japan with such a strong nuclear bomb that the whole Japanese nation would have been obliterated. Evidence for the Jesuit involvement in the North Korean plot to nuke Japan will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. This is very disturbing to Vladimir and myself, and Vladimir and I will be in prayer over how we should respond to this new discovery.

. . .After some prayer, I propose a possible solution: Let Russia consult with Japan and let our 2 countries (Japan and Russia) join our militaries for the purpose to defend both our countries against the threat of North Korea. Japan and Russia will unite Japan and Russia’s military and armed forces against North Korea and both countries’ militaries will UNITE to form a military alliance and to formulate military strategies to deal with North Korea. Russia is fully aware of Japan’s military capabilities, since Japan beat Russia in war.

Japan’s military will merge with Russia’s military and the two countries militaries will become one unit and will work together to deal with North Korea (which threatens both our countries’ borders). Russia may decide to include China in the alliance (if both Japan and Russia agree that it is in Japan and Russia’s best interests to allow China into the military alliance). Every single person involved in this military alliance will undergo thorough FINANCIAL HISTORIES (which will be updated hourly). The FINANCIAL HISTORIES of every person in this nuclear defensive (multi-nation) alliance will be published as an addendum to my statements with all the legal rights granted to my statements as defined in my 3-9-03 Power of Attorney document. Highlights from these histories may be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Russia will work with Japan to help Japan build an effective nuclear defensive arsenal and to help Japan build effective nuclear defensive capabilities. China may assist Russia in this effort (to help Japan build an effective defensive nuclear capability), if China is included in our alliance.

All those involved in this nuclear defensive (multi-nation) alliance must undergo thorough FINANCIAL HISTORIES (which will be updated hourly). See asterisked sections of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS for how to administer the FINANCIAL HISTORIES to every single member of this military alliance [which is formed to create a nuclear defensive network (which will involve Russia and Japan and possibly China and South Korea)]. Russia may also include South Korea in this alliance.

All activities of our multi-nation (Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, etc.) military nuclear defensive alliance will be documented and filed in Russian courts. If it does not threaten the security of Russia, Japan or any other country that is a member of our nuclear defensive alliance– Russia will broadcast the activities of this alliance on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. But any and all activities of this alliance can be obtained from the Russian courts. There will be no undocumented activities. The alliance may expand to include other countries.

It has only been very recently that Russia has become aware of the imminent nuclear threat posed by North Korea.

On RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS’ “Perspectives from History” have a special segment that highlights Jesuit involvement in Asia. The Jesuits truly have a world-wide operation and the world needs to know that. Jesuits have not done too well in Japan and this may be why they want to nuke Japan. It would be helpful to show from the history of the Jesuits why they would resent Japan and would want to nuke Japan. The history of Jesuit involvement in Japan (and Japan’s reaction to Jesuit infiltration of their country) needs to be shown in “Perspectives from History” on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I know a little bit about this Japanese history involving Jesuits, and from what I know, the Jesuits truly have a reason to hate Japan.

During this historical presentation about Asia, have an interesting sidenote: Show how Russians intermarried into Japanese royalty and they became some of the best samurai warriors in Japan– and have intermingled into Japanese culture. Some very influential “Japanese” were actually very Russian in blood. Japanese historians can help you in this matter. Also, show recent evidence that we’ve uncovered which shows that the Ainu or Emishi of Japan may have been descendants from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. Make sure to go into the history of the royal Russian bloodlines in the Oshu Fujiwara family. Mention that I and my mother are descended from the Oshu Fujiwara family. Get Japanese anthropologists to help unearth the evidence for this royal Russian blood which seeped into this royal Japanese family, and present this evidence on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. This is truly fascinating history. Japan will probably cooperate with you as you present this historical material. Borrow some of their film documentaries and footages to show clips from these on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS’ “Perspectives from History”. I believe that Grand Prince Vladimir’s children or grandchildren emigrated to Siberia and eventually to Japan and became the Emishi and married into Japanese royalty –the Fujiwara family (from which I am descended). I am not sure about this, but if it is true, this is fascinating history. Maybe the Jesuits wanted to nuke Japan to erase evidence that I am truly descended from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. A nuclear bomb would thoroughly destroy any genetic evidence from Japan that I am descended from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. I do know that the mummies of the Oshu Fujiwara family are in Japan (this is a very honored royal family in Japan). But if Japan was nuked off the map–all this evidence about my royal Russian ancestry (in Japan) would be destroyed. Surely these mummies contain the genes to prove that I am descended from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. Be sure to present all this evidence (when it is found) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Japan is proud of her history and should be glad to assist in this matter. Maybe Russia should request samples from these mummies which can be preserved in Russia (in case something happens to Japan). This is precious historical evidence and is of interest to both Russia and Japan.

What’s even more interesting is that I believe Vladimir Putin is also descended from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. Vladimir and I are descended from the same Russian prince. If this is so, present this evidence on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. This is absolutely fascinating history. Russian people have emigrated quite a bit to Japan and have influenced Japan in many ways. Show from history, how Russians and Japanese have often banded together, like when Japanese blue bloods helped defend the Russian Emishi tribe against imperialistic Japan and sacrificed their lives for their Emishi (Russian) friends and wives. There has been heavy intermarriage of Russians with Japanese, which has even created a race (called the Ainu or Emishi).

It may be helpful to focus on some recent history. I think right now the Jesuits are afraid that the Japanese scientists on our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM will be very helpful to us in our war against the Jesuits, and this is the Jesuits’ biggest motive for nuking Japan. They may also want to destroy all evidence (which is in Japan) that I am truly descended from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. Make sure to uncover all genetic evidence in Japan (regarding my royal Russian and Japanese ancestry) before the Jesuits destroy it.

Vladimir has also told me that the Japanese scientists on our team are producing the best research, so far–so the Jesuits want to get rid of Japan.

Let Dr. Ruckman help in gathering the material for these historical documentaries involving Japan and Jesuits. Go into the history of Korea, China and the rest of Asia. Jesuit infiltration into Southeast Asia is VERY HEAVY. Dr. Peter Ruckman can help you find the material in order to create these historical news documentaries. Dr. Ruckman used to be stationed in Japan. You might say. . .well Japan beat Russia in war and so Russia has a reason to hate Japan. Well, in order to prove that Russia has forgiven Japan, Russia will work with Japan to build up Japan’s military nuclear defensive arsenal.

I just watched the BBC World News and I want to report that the Jesuits are in charge of the Nobel Prize Committee. I want FINANCIAL HISTORIES done on everyone in the Nobel Prize Committee.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-10-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-10-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-10-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-10-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-10-03
Place: Melbourne, FL