Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-9-2003)

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12-9-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have some research suggestions for our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM:

See if we can come up with a way to kill sperm in semen. Jesuits can reverse a tubal ligation or vasectomy (via satellite or 666-Computer) in a matter of minutes. Diaphragms don’t work because satellite technology can rip a hole in a diaphragm anytime they want (like in the middle of intercourse). Condoms don’t work because satellite technology can rip a hole in a condom. I don’t even think the birth control pill is foolproof with 666-Computer technology because the 666-Computer can mess with the hormone cycles. So we need to take a new approach to birth control, like the following:

1) Kill or inactivate the sperm in the semen, so that the man’s semen is incapable of impregnating a woman.
2) Destroy the zygote (newly fertilized egg) as soon as the egg is fertilized by a sperm. This is what I would call a very, very early abortion. I believe the Bible teaches that life begins with the breath.
3) Maybe use the genetic manipulation functions of the 666-Computer to change the structure of the egg or the sperm so that the egg cannot be fertilized by the sperm.

With this new technology we are dealing with, we will have to quit using ineffective methods and use methods that will work.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

I am concerned about the recent publicity from major news media outlets that portray Vladimir Putin as some sort of dictator in Russia (because of the victories he has had at the polls in the recent parliamentary election). I would like RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to do a special in “Perspectives from History” that highlights Putin’s compassionate and generous side. My experience with Vladimir has revealed to me that he is a very kind and caring man with a deep sense of justice and fairness. I want scenes on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS that show him giving comfort to those in emotional or physical pain. Let the world see the compassion in his eyes. Vladimir is a very nice person.

Also, do a special segment in “Perspectives from History” which goes back into history and educates about the various forms of government. Though Putin’s government is being criticized by the media now, I feel that Russia is returning to a form of the monarchy. And that to portray the changes in Russia as some sort of evil dictatorship is a false characterization of what is occurring in Russia right now. To deal effectively with terrorists, it is essential that a country’s leader has enough power to get the job done. Russia realizes this and strives to give Putin the power he needs to eradicate terrorist elements in Russia. Russia is striving to give Putin the power he needs (kind of like he is a king) so that he can effectively deal with the sophistication and brilliant infiltration tactics of the Jesuit infiltrators into Russia, and to deal with those Jesuits who would attack Russia from the outside (like the U.S.).

In the Bible (Ecc. 10:16-17), the monarchy is presented as the best form of government. The Bible claims that a monarchy with a GOOD leader is the most effective form of government in the world. I feel that Putin is striving to reinstate a type of monarchy in Russia. The monarchy gives the leader the power he needs to get the job done: to execute terrorist criminals and to write laws that are good for the country. If the laws don’t work, they need to be changed–and a king will have this power.

Ecc. 10:16-17 does not support a wicked or a drunkard for a king, but states that a king with good moral standards and one from ROYAL BLOOD is very good for a country.

Vladimir, myself, and Pres. Bush all have royal blood. Let the facts speak for themselves.

In “Perspectives from History” we will do a study of the various forms of government from history and analyze their pros and cons. A democracy is not a perfect form of government, despite what the mass media tells you. If, in a “democracy” the laws are corrupted, the leadership is evil and the country is poisoned with treachery (as in the present U.S.)–then “democracy” is no good. Pres. Bush, because he has to work within the framework of a “democracy” has his hands tied and cannot do his job effectively. If he had the powers of a king, he could be a more effective leader.

Get Dr. Peter S. Ruckman to help us in the research as we define the various forms of government for RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS: a republic, a democracy, etc. Ruckman is very knowledgable in these areas. The United States started out as REPUBLIC form of government and is now a SOCIALIST state. This needs to be mentioned on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. The U.S. is not really a democracy. This word “democracy” is used too loosely and needs to be defined clearly on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Get Ruckman’s help. Show how the term “democracy” has been misused.

In the Bible, a perfect government is described: It is a MONARCHY-TYPE dictatorship with a PERFECT KING. It’s the 1,000 year reign of Israel over the earth (FUTURE). This is a MONARCHY. No government is any good without a GOOD KING and the KING must have the power to execute criminals. He can’t have his hands tied like Pres. Bush does in the U.S.

Kings are not limited to 8 year terms. If a king is good, why get rid of him after 8 years? This doesn’t make sense. That is why Russia is reconsidering eliminating the 8 year term limit for President. Russia likes a strong leader. Peter the Great was one of Russia’s greatest leaders and he was a strong king with a scientific mind (brilliant). If Peter the Great was alive today, he would probably be characterized by the news media as some sort of Hitler–like the news media attempts to do with Putin right now. Russia is returning to a monarchy style of government.

The last Russian royal family was butchered by the Jesuits. I want this shown on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. There is documented evidence that the last Russian Czar was murdered by JESUITS. SHOW THIS ON RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. The murder of this royal family was done in order to pave the way for the Jesuit puppet STALIN. The Jesuits hate the monarchy, especially if there is a good ruler in charge of the country who can EXECUTE CRIMINALS. They like to murder good kings and queens. THE JESUITS WERE BEHIND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MONARCHY IN RUSSIA and were behind the dictator STALIN and the set-up of communist Russia.

England, under Queen Victoria, ruled the world. That was a monarchy. England is not doing so well now.

Again, I want special emphasis on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS that shows Putin’s softer, compassionate side. He is a very nice person. We need to counter this news media TRASH that portrays Putin as some sort of evil dictator, just because the Russian people love him and voted in a manner to give him the support he needs to do his job. I trust him absolutely with my son. He is also an effective and courageous leader– which is what we need in these perilous times.

I would like to emphasize that Vladimir did not even HINT to me that his softer side should be portrayed. In fact, NO ONE HINTED THIS TO ME. IT WAS ALL MY OWN IDEA.

The Jesuits want to make Putin appear mean, so they can kill people and blame it on Putin or his government. Vladimir is so far above the Jesuits and so much bigger and greater than they, that he would never stoop to such despicable behavior. He is heroic, brave, compassionate and truly crusades for the rights of those who suffer under the hands of terrorists like the Jesuits. For this, he is BLASTED by the Jesuits, who take his valor and his courage and twist it to make him appear to be a dictator. He is a strong leader, but he is about as opposite of Stalin as you’ll ever find. It’s the JESUITS WHO ARE LIKE STALIN. STUDY HISTORY!!!

Putin is a sheep in wolves’ clothing. The Jesuits are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

My personal experience with Vladimir is that he is a brave man and a very nice man. I insist that RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS show Vladimir’s compassionate side. I have seen it. I have been a recipient of his kindness. He wants to help me and my family more than he does, but the Jesuits always BLOCK HIM. They don’t want me to marry him, because they know I make him stronger. I am largely responsible for the landslide victory Putin had in Russia. BLAME ME, don’t blame him. A ruler’s wife has a strong influence on how the people perceive their leader. What would Pres. Bush be without his wife, Laura Bush? Because of my influence on Vladimir, he has become more powerful in Russia. It’s MY FAULT, that he had this landslide. AND THAT’S JUST THE REASON THAT THE JESUITS WANT TO KEEP VLADIMIR AND I APART. They want to destroy me by bankrupting me. Once I’m with Vladimir, they can’t bankrupt me–this upsets them greatly. Vladimir feels for those who suffer. He’s tough, but he’s soft, too. Yet, he’s not too soft–you can’t be too soft if you want to be an effective world leader–not when you’re dealing with Jesuits.


Show Vladimir as a smart, brave leader, who has true compassion for those who suffer and a real sense of justice. This would be a correct characterization of him. This is how I want him portrayed on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I know him. This is what he’s like.

Time now is 12:35 p.m. and I just found out (from FOX News) about the bombing in Moscow’s parliament. Vladimir said nothing to me about this bombing. Sometimes he will deliberately withhold things from me. This Moscow bombing, apparently, was something he didn’t want to discuss with me this morning. What I wrote in the section above the $$$$$$$, I wrote (before noon today) and I wrote this BEFORE I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE BOMBING. Apparently, I am very perceptive. You can see that the Jesuits consider Russia’s new monarchy a real threat to their goals. They want to eliminate this form of government. They don’t like the fact that Russia is headed back towards a monarchy. Jesuits are famous for murdering royalty. Study history. I want a special done in RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS in “Perspectives from History” regarding the Jesuits’ role in toppling royal governments and replacing these governments with Jesuit-run governments. Vladimir, myself, Pres. Bush, my son, my mother–WE ALL HAVE ROYAL BLOOD. And I have more royal blood than Vladimir, Pres. Bush, my son or my mother. My mother lacks my royal Jewish bloodlines, so I have more royal blood than she does. I have the most royal blood of all of them and so the Jesuits despise me and God has given me the genes to be a leader of a country, and that, I believe, is why we had the bombing in Moscow today. The Jesuits know that if I marry Putin, that I will be the true leader of Russia; and the Jesuits despise me. Vladimir does just about everything I tell him to do. He thinks I’m brilliant. He’s told me many times that I should be President of Russia. The Jesuits hate my royal bloodlines. I would be the good leader described in Ecc. 10:16-17. I am descended from King David and Solomon of Israel.

I just came back from the college library where I found out on an internet site that Vladimir’s birthday is 10-7-52. By the way, everyone at that college (BCC) library works for the Jesuits. I’d like to say that I have never been big on birthdays or on holidays. Ask my son what I normally do for holidays. He knows. It’s usually –NOTHING– unless I’m obligated to do something. Though I do enjoy cooking holiday dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas (sometimes).

My previous family (ask Erich my son–he’ll tell you) nicknamed me the SCROOGE because of my lack of participation on Christmas. I usually never bothered to open presents until I was reminded about 3 times, simply because I was occupied with other things.

In fact, I’m not sure when (my step-dad) Bill Fuller’s birthday is and I always forget to buy Bill a card for his birthday every year (until my mother reminds me). If my mom didn’t remind me, I’d completely forget about his birthday. Check out my memory readings for the end of July (I know Bill’s birthday is at the end of July or the beginning of August) to see if I’m telling the truth. My mother always has to remind me because I always forget Bill Fuller’s birthday and I’ve lived with this man for about a year. This shows you how much I pay attention to birthdays!

Anyways, just because I don’t know the exact date of Bill Fuller’s birthday (and I don’t)–does not mean that I do not know what Bill Fuller is like as a person. By the same token, just because I don’t know when Vladimir Putin’s birthday is, does not mean I don’t know what Vladimir is like as a person. I just don’t think birthdays are a big deal, unless I can get some Biblical perspective from them (see my previous statements).

You might say, you knew Brent Spiner’s birthday. That’s because I used to be an internet freak and as I searched the internet they always mention a celebrity’s birthday. But I have pretty much avoided the internet (since around 2000) and so I haven’t kept up with birthdays. And I used to subscribe to a Brent Spiner fanzine.

However, I did know (or strongly suspect) that Vladimir was 50 (see June 23, 2003 statement), and I figured he would turn 51 sometime in the fall. You can verify this through my memory readings. Apparently, Vladimir isn’t too big on birthdays either, since he never bothered to correct me about his birthday. Maybe it’s because neither he or I really cared. Check my emotional readings (via 666-Computer) to see if I cared at all whether Vladimir paid attention to me on MY BIRTHDAY in 2002 and 2003–this will give you a feel for how I care about birthdays.

You can broadcast the results of the emotional readings on my two birthdays (9-15-2002 and 9-15-2003) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, to show the world whether I cared if Vladimir paid attention to me on MY BIRTHDAY. You’ll see from my emotional readings on my birthdays that I was totally apathetic to whether he would give me any special attention on my birthday.

You see, I think EVERYDAY is special and a holy day for God. I don’t think we should single out Sunday or Christmas or Easter or birthdays as a day that is more holy than any other day. That’s a Catholic philosophy, not a Bible philosophy.

Besides, the Bible says that the day of one’s death is more significant than the day of one’s birth. Ecclesiastes 7:1. Hey, you Jesuit Bible blockheads, get your priorities right! You sure have an obsession with birthdays, don’t you? Like Loree McBride’s birthday dinner, that you wanted me to read about?

If anyone cares about birthdays, it’s the Jesuits. I found out about Brent Spiner’s “girlfriend” when I read about a huge birthday dinner Brent sponsored for Loree’s birthday, which was at some fancy restaurant in L.A. called Spagos (Houston Chronicle). That was one of the worse days of my life. I remember the date the article (in some society column) was published:

6-26-96. The whole article was about LOREE’S BIRTHDAY and the Jesuits were behind that article and they were behind Loree’s BIRTHDAY bash. I don’t think Brent really wanted to do the birthday bash and I don’t think he wanted it publicized. THAT WAS THE JESUITS’ IDEA.

You might say you told Vladimir to come get you on what you thought was his birthday (11-9-03). Well, I think Vladimir chose not to correct me about his birthday because he was afraid the Jesuits would make a conspiracy about his birthday. And they probably would have (see my above comments regarding Loree’s birthday). So he decided to allow me to believe his birthday was 11-9. But I knew he was 50!! Check out my memory readings (via 666-Computer). So I was a month off, that’s not too bad. I got his AGE RIGHT.

Read my statements (in the summer of 2003) where I commented about how significant it was that Vladimir was 50 (U.S. has 50 states). I’ve felt (for the past year) that the U.S. would be judged by how it treats Vladimir Putin and myself. That’s why God chose that the Russian leader would be 50 (until recently).

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-9-03
Place: Melbourne, FL