Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-14-2003)

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12-14-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I want RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to put Dr. Peter S. Ruckman on as our guest commentator, to comment on the significance of the capture of Saddam Hussein. Maybe give him about an hour (or however long he wants). We will make it clear that Dr. Ruckman will have total freedom; and that we, in no way, will influence him in what he says. RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS will give Dr. Ruckman a regular guest spot. His role will be to comment about the War against Terrorism. Make sure to mention that Dr. Ruckman comes from a family of generals and is a former military officer. Mention that Dr. Ruckman reads a book a day and has an earned Ph.D.

All regular news media outlets have their military commentators; and Dr. Ruckman will be a regular military commentator on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Dr. Ruckman can come on as often as he likes (to comment about the war against terrorism). He will be our primary commentator about war events and about the war against terrorism. Over the years, I have developed a great respect for Dr. Ruckman’s military observations and his astuteness in understanding world events. This man has a lot of common sense and is worth listening to. He is a voracious reader and keeps up with everything.

As a note of interest: Dr. Ruckman is German American and he loves Germany and the German people. His German background does not have to be mentioned on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, but I will mention it here in this statement.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$
I need to make some modifications to my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT:

Anyone who is listed as a beneficiary can “opt out” of being a beneficiary (if they desire). All they have to do is to make this request (that they do not desire to be a beneficiary in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT) in writing and to sign it in the presence of witnesses.

Those who remain as beneficiaries in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, (and who are still listed as beneficiaries in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT) will have thorough FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES conducted on themselves, and the results of these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. If the Russian government determines that because of what we find in a FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and/or CONSPIRACY HISTORY, that it is not wise to use a certain person as a beneficiary, then that beneficiary will be eliminated from the list of beneficiaries in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. I trust Vladimir totally in this matter and will let him decide if a beneficiary needs to be removed. Vladimir is the 1st beneficiary in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, so Vladimir’s decision to remove any beneficiary will not be for monetary gain–SINCE HE IS THE FIRST BENEFICIARY. If a beneficiary is removed, whoever I list as “next in line” (if that person has not been removed) to receive proceeds from my novel Silver Skies will be the beneficiary(ies) to receive the proceeds from my novel. See MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. I submitted this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT to Vladimir through my Tallahassee mailbox and he has a copy of the document. Please note the revisions to this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT which I have made today.

I give Vladimir permission to decide who should (or should not) be a beneficiary in MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. The percentages and all other details of my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT should remain the same. From what I understand, my novel Silver Skies has made quite a profit–so how this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT is written must be done wisely. Vladimir and I will use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES, FINANCIAL HISTORIES and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES to help us make wise choices in who will be the beneficiaries to the proceeds from Silver Skies.

I have many possible beneficiaries in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT (including the German Chancellor, the Japanese Prime Minister, the Israeli Prime Minister)–so, you see, we need to be very wise about how we handle beneficiaries in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. At the time I wrote the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, I did not know about the 666-Computer or the Jesuits’ satellite technology (and a lot has changed since I wrote it), so it needs to be updated. Nor did I know (at the time I wrote it) that I would make Japan, Germany and Israel BRANCH COUNTRIES. Nor did I know (at the time I wrote the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT) that my legal writings would shape the laws of all countries on the planet. Nor did I know (when I wrote the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT) that Silver Skies (in its unfinished version) would be a blockbuster in Europe and Russia. So. . .this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT needs some updates. This LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT could become a problem, if I die–the Jesuits could make a conspiracy out of it. I foresee that the biggest problems in my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT would revolve around the beneficiaries (so some of them may need to be eliminated).

These are my comments about the capture of Saddam Hussein:

I have always stated that Saddam is only a symbolic leader in Iraq and that the true trouble makers in Iraq (and in the Muslim world and the world in general) are the Jesuits. I firmly believe that the Jesuits are the prime strategists and military leaders behind this war we fight against terrorism (which is occurring in Iraq and throughout the world). I predict that the timing of this capture was a clever strategic move by the Jesuits, because. . .

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ they plan to have the U.S. or someone capture OSAMA BIN LADEN on the day that Vladimir Putin comes to get me.]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

. . . This is done to create the impression that this whole 9-11 WAR AGAINST TERRORISM has been orchestrated in order to frame the Jesuits. In other words, they want to create the impression that 9-11-01 (and the war that followed) was orchestrated by Bush or Putin or other world leaders in an elaborate and clever attempt to frame the Jesuits.

The capture of Saddam Hussein is a great SYMBOLIC victory in this War Against Terrorism, but that is all it is. The prime strategists (in the enemy camp) are still on the loose and these are the Jesuit generals WHO ARE THE REAL LEADERS IN THE ENEMY CAMP.

A much more significant victory in this WAR AGAINST TERRORISM will be the removal of the Jesuits’ ability to manipulate people via satellite and 666-Computer. This is what they’re nervous about. They are afraid they are about to lose this prime advantage which they have had over the years. So they are creating SMOKESCREENS (like the capture of Saddam Hussein) to downplay the significance of the fact that we are about to remove from their grasp the ability to manipulate people via satellite/666-Computer. I think the Jesuits allowed us to capture Saddam Hussein, in order to weaken our victory over them when we remove from the Jesuits the ability to manipulate people via 666-Computer/satellite technology. They think they can weaken THIS VERY SIGNIFICANT VICTORY AGAINST THEM (which is MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT THAN THE CAPTURE OF SADDAM HUSSEIN). You must remember Saddam is only a SYMBOLIC leader. He is a puppet of the Jesuits. By making it appear that we have orchestrated this whole WAR AGAINST TERRORISM IN ORDER TO FRAME THE JESUITS, they hope to weaken our victory against them when we remove from them the ability to manipulate people via satellite/666-Computer.


The capture of Saddam Hussein will not affect the outcome of the war that much. He is only a SYMBOLIC leader. I would say the same for Osama Bin Laden. Osama is only a SYMBOLIC leader. However, it is good that we have captured Saddam, because we remove further the ability of the Jesuits to use Saddam as a symbol–but remember he is only a SYMBOL–he is only a Jesuit puppet.

I want a thorough CONSPIRACY HISTORY and FINANCIAL HISTORY done on all involved in the capture of Saddam (including President George Bush) and for a CONSPIRACY and FINANCIAL HISTORY to be done on Saddam himself. The highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

The Jesuits are also distressed that they can’t make the U.S., Russia and Germany appear to be more “buddy buddy” in this war against the Jesuits. Now that Saddam has been captured, they hope that they can create the impression that the U.S., Russia and Germany are “buddy buddy” in this war, and that the U.S., Russia and Germany now have no excuse to claim PUBLICLY that they don’t get along in this Iraq war. After all, now what is Russia’s excuse for not cooperating more with the U.S. in this Iraq war, since Saddam has been captured? So, by his capture, the Jesuits hope to frame and extort Russia and the U.S. into a more obvious “buddy buddy” relationship, which the Jesuits will “jump on” in order to claim that this whole TERRORISM WAR was orchestrated to frame the Jesuits. By creating the impression that the U.S., Russia and Germany are “buddy buddy”–they hope to strengthen their argument that they are framed by Russia, the United States and Germany. And that this whole 9-11 War Against Terrorism was orchestrated in order to frame the Jesuits.

I also want CONSPIRACY HISTORIES done on myself, Vladimir and Brent Spiner and Pres. George Bush–to see if any of us KNEW that Saddam would be captured today. This is important, because if we did not KNOW that Saddam would be captured today (or anytime soon), then obviously we did not orchestrate this WAR AGAINST TERRORISM in order to frame the Jesuits. The results of these CONSPIRACY HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

By the way, Vladimir has informed me [(via 666-Computer) at around 3 a.m. today] that if my son, Vladimir and myself are murdered by Jesuits, that Brent Spiner also desires to be executed by his PLP. And, from what I understand, Brent has put this request into writing and Brent’s request has been broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.


The Jesuits are as nervous as hell. They are getting exposed in a major, major way and the whole world can see just how evil, fanatical and busy they are; and the whole world can see the monumental amount of money and time they invest against innocent people (including innocent celebrities and world leaders) IN ORDER TO FURTHER THEIR GOAL OF A WORLD-WIDE DICTATORSHIP UNDER JESUIT RULE.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Since the Jesuits have allowed us to capture Saddam Hussein, this seems to indicate that the Jesuits have abandoned any hope that Howard Dean will be able to wrest the American Presidency away from George Bush.

So, they are changing their strategy.

It appears the present strategy is to create the impression that Pres. Bush (in league with other world leaders) is on a massive campaign (involving the orchestration of wars) to frame the Jesuits. And they hope to blame Bush and/or Putin for 9-11-01.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that his Prime Minister is guilty of high treason against the Russian government. The Prime Minister secretly hid Saddam Hussein in Russia (without Putin’s knowledge). It appears Saddam may have been hid in Russia for about 8 months. This information was acquired from Saddam’s HISTORIES (obtained via 666-Computer). Vladimir did not know that his Prime Minister was involved in this Saddam conspiracy (because all the FINANCIAL HISTORIES involving the Prime Minister were forged, and Vladimir was lied to by his own government).

Give the death penalty to anyone who forges any FINANCIAL HISTORY or CONSPIRACY HISTORY (in accordance with Sections 1.13 and 1.14 of TERRORIST MONEY LAWS).

What I’ve written in the following bracketed section is the result of my own research into the Russian Constitution. Vladimir did not help me in deciding how to handle this Saddam/Prime Minister problem. All Vladimir has told me is that Saddam Hussein was hid in Russia (without informing Vladimir) and that the Prime Minister was part of this conspiracy.

Now. . .as a result of my own research into Russian law (and I may have goofed since I am not too familiar with how the Russian government operates). But here are my conclusions (and Vladimir did not help me with these conclusions) as to how to handle the Prime Minister. . .

Follow the principles in Article 117 of the Russian Constitution. After presenting evidence about the Prime Minister on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, put the question of confidence in the Government of the Russian Federation (I believe this is the section of the Russian government where the Prime Minister is in charge) before the State Duma. I prefer to let the Duma handle this, because the Duma are the representatives of the Russian people. So, in essence, by allowing the Duma to handle this, this allows the Russian people to decide the fate of their Prime Minister. See if the State Duma gives a non-confidence vote concerning the Government of the Russian Federation (which would mean non-confidence in the Prime Minister). If the State Duma gives a non-confidence vote concerning the Government of the Russian Federation, then call new elections for the Government of the Russian Federation. AND THIS WILL REPLACE THE PRIME MINISTER and will give the Russian people the opportunity to chose the replacement.

Now, I am not sure of the workings of the Russian government and my copy of the Russian Constitution does not mention a Prime Minister, but mentions a “Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation subject to the consent of the State Duma”. I believe the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation is the Prime Minister. If I am incorrect, then just follow the Constitution to find a way to get a non-confidence vote regarding the Prime Minister and to call for a replacement (through an election). So that Vladimir will not be accused of supporting dictatorial regimes like Saddam Hussein’s, let the people choose the new Prime Minister and how he must be punished.

No one has discussed the Saddam–Russia plot with me except Vladimir. I want full CONSPIRACY HISTORIES and FINANCIAL HISTORIES done on the Russian Prime Minister and on Vladimir Putin to determine who KNEW that Saddam was in Russia and who did NOT KNOW. The highlights from these will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I think the Jesuits know that they are going to be exposed (because of my new TERRORIST MONEY LAWS and especially because of the double asterisked [**] additions I made to TERRORIST MONEY LAWS recently) and they are frantically trying to orchestrate conspiracies to save their butts before they will be FRIED and EXPOSED by the revelations that will come out from the FINANCIAL HISTORIES and the CONSPIRACY HISTORIES. Apparently, the CHARADE IS OVER and the Jesuit actors and actresses are coming to the roost, and the Jesuits are frantically trying to cover their butts, and to save their reputations by framing innocent people or by making their agents appear to be in alliance with these innocent people.

Oftentimes in Russian history, monarchs have allowed the people to participate in some crucial decisions in order to give them a say in the government. This creates goodwill with the people.

Following the principles in Article 47 and Articles 52 and 53 of the Russian Constitution, the Russian government will pay out to the Iraqi people all the money that was paid to Saddam Hussein by any officials in the Russian government during the U.S. led war in Iraq. The guilty Prime Minister will be in charge of this campaign to pay back to the Iraqi people all the money that was paid to Saddam Hussein (while Saddam was in Russia); and the Prime Minister will be in charge of the campaign to give this same amount of money (that was funneled through the Russian government to Saddam Hussein in order to hide Saddam in Russia) BACK TO THE IRAQI PEOPLE. The Prime Minister should use the same source of funds that he used to pay Saddam Hussein (while Saddam was in Russia). If the Prime Minister can’t find the Jesuit source of funds that was used to pay Saddam to stay in Russia, then he goes to jail or gets the death penalty.

In the meanwhile, do a thorough FINANCIAL HISTORY on all involved in the Saddam-Russia scandal, to find the Jesuit funding for this scandal. You may have to go back quite a bit and go through a lot of people (and go through quite a convoluted mess), because the Jesuits channel their funds through quite a convoluted and complicated hierarchy in order to cover their butts. Criminals always have to be complicated and convoluted because they are criminals. Honest people are straight forward. Criminals are crooked and convoluted.

If the Prime Minister is removed from office by the Duma, then have the Russian people vote to determine the fate of the treasonous Prime Minister. Offer them several choices on a ballot like: 1) death penalty, 2) prison, 3) financial renumeration, etc.

The Prime Minister may be required to make public appearances to create a sense of normalcy (and he is only to say what Putin tells him to say–he is not to draw undue attention to this Saddam scandal). Vladimir will not allow the Prime Minister to draw undue attention to this Saddam scandal in Russia (which would give the Jesuits much pleasure). Since Presidential elections are in March 2004, it should not be difficult to replace the Prime Minister without fanfare. It can be accomplished quietly, without drawing news media attention to this “Prime Minister and Saddam scandal” which has been orchestrated by the Jesuits against Vladimir Putin’s government.

Don’t feel so bad about Russia’s crooked politics, the U.S. could match Russia anytime. Unfortunately, there are Jesuits in EVERY COUNTRY.

As a result of this scandal involving the Russian Prime Minister, I propose the following amendment or addition to the Russian Constitution. This will be Section 8 of my TERRORIST MONEY LAWS document:

No person shall hold any government office (local, regional or in Parliament, the Executive Branch of the Kremlin, or in any judicial post) unless he/she has undergone a thorough FINANCIAL HISTORY and CONSPIRACY HISTORY. The FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES of the candidate (for an official government position) must indicate that this candidate has no conspiratorial involvement with Jesuits (and no history of involvement with Jesuits). No one, who has a history of involvement with Jesuit conspiracies can run (or be appointed for) political office or for judicial office (of any kind) in the Russian Federation.

Those who hold a government position and are determined to be JESUIT CONSPIRATORS (because of evidence obtained from a FINANCIAL HISTORY or CONSPIRACY HISTORY) will be removed from office; and, if necessary, another official will be appointed in their place OR elections will be held from candidates screened (to make sure all government candidates pass FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES) by the Russian government and the people will vote for one of the screened candidates.

The FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES of all government and judicial officials throughout the Russian Federation will be publicly posted and available on Vladimir Putin’s website. Any significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. No JESUIT CONSPIRATORS will be tolerated in the Russian Federation. And JESUIT CONSPIRATORS will definitely not be allowed to hold government office in the Russian Federation. If they are found out, they will be removed from office.

I will add the following section to my CONSPIRACY LAWS, but it’s late and I need to rest: All countries which are BRANCH COUNTRIES must have the same requirements as Russia (for all those in their government), or else they will lose their BRANCH COUNTRY status. The Russian government will allow for a phasing out period, but all new government appointees (in a BRANCH COUNTRY) must pass thorough FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES before they are accepted as a government official.

12-15-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I have added important sections to my CONSPIRACY LAWS–refer to the documents for the new additions.

Time now is 2:23 p.m. I am experiencing tremendous satellite interference with the xerox machine and my computer and printer as I strive to print and make copies of my resume for employment. It is making this relatively simple job (of making copies of my resume) almost impossible to perform. It appears the satellite interferes with the xerox machine as it makes copies, so that there are streaks in the copy and it is not readable. The printer stops in the middle of printing and won’t do the job I programmed it to do. This is all abnormal and definitely due to satellite interference, because I am certain that I did everything right on the xerox machine and in the way I set up the print job.

Time is 3:10 p.m. and I just checked the mail. I received from the State of Connecticut, Dept. of Social Services, an order to make immediate payment of child support. I made copies of this order off of my mother’s xerox machine, so Vladimir can retrieve the copies for evidence. The postmark on the envelope is Dec 11 2003, mailed from ZIP CODE 06360. The postmark has a #0004331899 on it.

Find out who is behind the mailing of this order (which I received) and prosecute them according to my CONSPIRACY LAWS. Get FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on anyone and everyone (directly and indirectly) who is involved in the mailing of this order; and broadcast the highlights from these HISTORIES on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, force David Schuler (under penalty of death) to write an ORDER TO STOP ANY ATTEMPT TO COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT FROM ME and he must direct this order to the state of Connecticut, Dept. of Social Services. We will make sure to obtain proof that the state of Connecticut, Dept. of Social Services received David Schuler’s order to STOP ALL ATTEMPTS TO COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT FROM GAIL SCHULER (in which he admits he no longer has custody of Erich Schuler). I’m not exactly sure what this order would be called, but have our lawyers draft the document and we will send it to the State of Connecticut, Dept. of Social Services with David’s witnessed signature. David will be required (under threat of death penalty) to write a written order to the state of Connecticut ORDERING THEM TO STOP ALL ATTEMPTS TO COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT from me, and in this order he WILL ADMIT THAT HE NO LONGER HAS CUSTODY OF ERICH SCHULER. A copy of this ORDER TO STOP CHILD SUPPORT COLLECTION ATTEMPTS (from David Schuler to the state of Connecticut) will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, this ORDER TO STOP ALL ATTEMPTS TO COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT FROM GAIL SCHULER will stipulate that if further attempts are made to collect child support from me by the state of Connecticut (or any party affiliated or connected to them), that those willingly involved in this attempt will be prosecuted and jailed as JESUIT CONSPIRATORS and will be given the death penalty.

Once this Order TO STOP ALL ATTEMPTS TO COLLECT CHILD SUPPORT has been received by any parties who would attempt to collect child support from me, any further attempts from these parties to collect child support from me will result in a jail sentence (with a very possible death penalty) for those who attempt to collect child support from me.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Please pray for myself, my mother, my son and my step-dad (Bill Fuller)–but especially for myself (at this time). Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the German PLPs are very close to completely sealing my brain (so that the Jesuits will not be able to manipulate me via 666-Computer or through satellite). Once my brain is completely sealed, copies of the program used to seal my brain can be immediately transferred to billions of people so that they will have the same protection that I have. I have noticed an intense attack on my brain today with satellite technology. The Jesuits realize they are about to lose their battle to manipulate everyone (via 666-Computer and satellite) and they are intensely, intensely attacking my brain to prevent the operation from being successful. Vladimir has informed me that my mother is currently under a severe attack (through satellite). As long as there are any gaps in the seal over the brain, the Jesuits can use satellite to manipulate the brain. The German PLPs are sealing my brain cell by cell (according to cell type). It is a tedious and painstaking process.

Once the brain is completely sealed, the Jesuits cannot manipulate a person’s brain through satellite or 666-Computer. So they are fighting this operation tooth and nail. I request the prayers of all Bible-believing Christians all over the world that God will allow this operation to be a success, and that the Jesuits will not be able to prevent this operation from being a success.

This is the JESUITS’ LAST STAND (when it comes to controlling people via satellite and the 666-Computer) and they are hitting me with everything they have in their arsenal.

I ask prayers, not only for myself, but for all people. Because copies of the program used on my brain will be applied to all people. The operation is about finished and we are very close to a complete seal over my brain; and the Jesuits are fighting hard–this is what Vladimir has told me. Please pray that the Jesuits will not succeed in foiling this operation.

My mom and I cannot completely feel the intense attack launched on us by the Jesuits. But Vladimir informs me that he and the German PLPs are aware of it. Though I have noticed an extra feeling of pressure over my brain today and am more disoriented than usual. Vladimir says the Jesuits are hitting me with the strongest disruptive space waves (from their satellites) in their arsenal, but the Germans are putting up a valiant effort. Vladimir says the German PLPs’ work on my brain is brilliant and they are making fast progress. It also helps that I follow all Vladimir’s instructions regarding what I should eat, when I should exercise, when I should drink, etc.–this makes the operation go more smoothly and efficiently. I am an excellent patient.

Vladimir says most of the satellite practitioners who are interfering with the Germans’ work are Americans and Syrians, with American interference the most prominent.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that some woman was found dead who was pregnant with Brent Spiner’s baby. Vladimir says that some physician (Expose this doctor on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS–also, expose his Jesuit connections) tricked this woman and impregnated her (probably during a gynecological exam) with Brent’s sperm and then the Jesuits murdered the woman. Do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin and the guilty physician and on any other person who is relevant to this case. Broadcast the results of these CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Obviously, if Brent and/or Vladimir did not KNOW about this pregnancy-murder conspiracy–then they had nothing to do with it. In the meanwhile, find out who did KNOW about this pregnancy-murder conspiracy and expose them (and their Jesuit involvement) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, do FINANCIAL HISTORIES on all involved in this conspiracy and expose those who are innocent and who are guilty. Any significant findings from the CONSPIRACY HISTORIES or the FINANCIAL HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

[[I told Vladimir the Jesuits don’t have a case because we can prove Brent’s innocence with the CONSPIRACY HISTORY. But Vladimir says the Jesuits are so brazen that unless they suffer massive exposure, they will push this case to the limit and will bring it up over and over. So we need to expose the case, for the fraud that it is, in the hopes that the Jesuits will drop it (isn’t THAT a joke!). If we ignore this, then the Jesuits will blow it all out of proportion and cause problems and use the lying news media to spread propaganda–and the fanatical and stubborn Jesuits will claim that Brent and Vladimir are egocentric fiends who have a lust for the legal spotlight and who have no better things to do with their time than to spend 24 hours a day orchestrating schemes and convoluted plots in order to frame Jesuits and to be back in court in the glorious war against the Jesuits. OH, WHAT A GLORIOUS WAR–WE JUST LOVE FIGHTING JESUITS ALL DAY LONG–24 HOURS A DAY. WE DREAM ABOUT JESUITS IN OUR SLEEP. WE THINK ABOUT THEM ALL DAY LONG. THERE’S NOTHING WE’D RATHER DO THAN THINK ABOUT JESUITS, JESUITS, JESUITS AND TO COME UP WITH ALL SORTS OF WAY TO HAVE LEGAL BATTLES WITH THEM. OH, ISN’T THIS FUN! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! Oh, we just LOVE TO BE IN COURT AND HAVE LEGAL BATTLES WITH JESUITS. I MEAN THIS BEATS SEX, PLAYING GOLF, WATCHING TELEVISION, READING BOOKS, — WE DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE BUT TO BE IN COURT, TO BE IN COURT, TO BE IN COURT–TO FILL OUT LEGAL PAPERS, TO ANSWER SUBPOENAS, TO APPEAR BEFORE JURIES AND JUDGES. OH MAN! ISN’T THIS FUN! We think about Jesuits when we have sex. We think about Jesuits when we eat. We think about Jesuits when we work. We think about Jesuits because there’s nothing more important in this world than to think about Jesuits. It sure beats thinking about romance or satisfaction in work or a good movie or playing a sport or anything else in life. The most important thing in our lives is to obsess about Jesuits and to dream about legal cases against them ALL DAY LONG. OH, ISN’T THIS FUN! WE JUST LOVE BEING IN COURT ALL THE TIME! We like having legal battles with Jesuits on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We never want a vacation from legal cases with Jesuits. We just LOVE BEING IN COURT WITH JESUITS. All we can is think about Jesuits and scheme legal cases AGAINST THEM all day long. We have a JESUIT CASE FIXATION.

Brent and Vladimir, love playing lawyer so much that they spend all their time dreaming of ways to drag the Jesuits back into court and to drag the Jesuits into the media spotlight. They just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to spend all their time dealing with legal cases all day long–and nothing else in this life interests them.]]

Please broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS the preceding bracketed section as my joke over the million cases that the Jesuits come up with–in which they claim that we are behind them because this is all we care about. Oh come on, Jesuits–you are claiming that we are behind the million cases and plots that you orchestrate? Even lawyers don’t like being in court that much!! I mean, all of us need a break sometime. You never give us a vacation.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-14-03), (12-15-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-14-03), (12-15-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-14-03), (12-15-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-14-03), (12-15-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-14-03, 12-15-03
Place: Melbourne, FL