Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-17-2003)

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12-17-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Today I have included the United States as a BRANCH COUNTRY in my General 666-Computer Laws document. See Sections 3.71, 3.72, 3.73, 3.74, 3.75 and 3.76 of this legal document.

It appears that my brain has been completely sealed and covered, but, unfortunately, the Jesuits went on a massive campaign to murder their own during the final phases of this operation. Vladimir has already informed me (via 666-Computer) that the German PLPs cannot allow me to regain 100% of the health (at least not all at once) that I had before the Jesuits latched onto me with their 666-Computer. It appears the Jesuits have been “on me” since the 1980s. For me to all of a sudden be in perfect health (like I was before the Jesuits attacked me with their 666-Computer) will draw too much attention to the fact that it is from much of the program used on my brain, that copies have been made (to release billions from the grip of the Jesuits’ 666-Computer). Already, the Jesuits are trying to make a conspiracy out of this–they have killed their own (en masse) and timed these murders to occur when my brain was almost completely sealed (in the last phases of the operation on my brain).

I would like CONSPIRACY HISTORIES done on myself, any German (or other) PLPs who may be implicated, Bill Fuller, my mom, Vladimir Putin, Pres. George Bush and any other person who may be important to this “last ditch” attempt by Jesuits to save their reputation while we removed their ability to manipulate people (via satellite and 666-Computer). At least, we hope we removed their ability.

Also, I don’t want innocent German PLPs implicated about Pres. Bush’s knee condition. Make sure to do CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on all German (or other) PLPs (directly or indirectly) involved with the care and/or manipulation of Pres. Bush (via 666-Computer or satellite) to establish which PLPs KNEW about his condition and which PLPs did NOT KNOW about Pres. Bush’s knee condition. Do CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on any satellite practitioners involved with Pres. Bush’s knee conditon as well. In the meanwhile, make sure to find out who DID KNOW about his knee condition. All significant results from these HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Use these CONSPIRACY HISTORIES to determine who KNEW and who did NOT KNOW that a massive campaign would be launched to murder Jesuits during the final phases of the seal placed over my brain. Broadcast the highlights from these HISTORIES on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Also, I would like a list (to be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) of all Jesuits that were murdered (via satellite interference) while my brain went through the final phases of the operation to seal it from Jesuit interference. In this list (which will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS), mention the occupation of all Jesuits that were murdered (and all groups, organizations or associations that these murdered Jesuits were affiliated with). I want to erase the misconception that all Jesuits go around in a black Catholic robe with a Catholic collar. Beside each murdered Jesuit on the list, state the reason why we were not able to save this Jesuit from being murdered by the Jesuits’ own satellite interference. ALL THIS WILL BE BROADCAST ON RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Jesuits love to murder their own. It gives them MARTYR STATUS. See my comments about Loree McBride.

I would also like a list of all Jesuits that WE SAVED FROM BEING MURDERED BY SATELLITE INTERFERENCE while my brain went through the final phases of the operation to seal it from Jesuit interference. For each Jesuit we saved (or each group of Jesuits we saved from murder by their own people) state the reason why we were able to save them from being murdered by the satellite interference (as the German PLPs worked on the final phases of sealing my brain). Also, list the occupations of those Jesuits we saved (and of all groups, organizations and/or associations that these saved Jesuits are affiliated with). Again, I want to erase the misconception that all Jesuits go around in a black Catholic robe with a Catholic collar.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the Jesuits used satellite interference to put a “cap” over Pres. George Bush’s knees so that our German PLPs were unaware that a cancerous condition had been induced in Pres. Bush’s knees. Our German PLPs inform us that the condition is curable because we caught it as soon as the “cap” was removed–and this “cap” was removed when my brain was completely sealed–because we were able to eliminate the Jesuits’ satellite interference. But, unfortunately, Pres. Bush may need to be in a wheelchair for several months while we operate on his knees and while he recuperates. Apparently, this satellite-induced “cap” was applied to Pres. Bush’s knees so that we were unable to read his knees with our 666-Computer (because of satellite blockage of our readings).

I would like to state that the Jesuits induced dizziness in me (in 1998) so that I fell and injured myself and hurt my left knee (it required 9 stitches in my left knee). I lived in Charleston, SC at the time. Everytime I went grocery shopping, I had to use a motorized cart to shop (for about a month). If you can find any video footage of this (where I went grocery shopping in a motorized cart), you are welcome to use it on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. The time frame when I went grocery shopping in a motorized cart (would have been June/July 1998 in Summerville, SC). Dr. David Castellone was my physician (at the time). Though he was not the doctor who put in the stitches. That was done in the emergency room. Dr. Castellone took out the stitches and he was distressed to learn of my condition. Dr. Castellone is a nice person. I had to use a wheelchair and crutches for at least a month. So, it appears, the Jesuits strive to imitate with Pres. Bush what they did to me (back in 1998).

After I heard about this clever Jesuit plot against Pres. Bush, I decided to give the United States status as a BRANCH COUNTRY. See the updates I made to my General 666-Computer Laws document. Also, because it will be necessary for Pres. Bush to undergo some surgery to fix this problem, the Russian government will build Pres. Bush a special house (designed to accommodate his knee surgeries and his temporary inability to walk–so that he will be able to do his Presidential duties easily with a wheelchair or other accommodations). It will be a house designed for a President (who has knee problems and is unable to walk). He will have ready access to all forms of communications and whatever else he may need to do his duties.

Vladimir told me to go to God in prayer and ask God what we should do regarding Pres. Bush and this is what God told me–that we should build Pres. Bush a house to help him continue his Presidential duties (while he is unable to use his legs–because it will be necessary for him to undergo some operations on his knees). It appears we will use a combination of traditional surgery (with 666-Computer surgery) to fix his knee problem. God also told me to give the United States status as a BRANCH COUNTRY. God speaks to me as I read the Bible and pray.

The Jesuits pulled a surprise on us. After all, it was they who invented the 666-Computer (and the satellite technology to enhance it), NOT US.

On RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS, we will host a special segment where the Russian government will dedicate this house that we build for Pres. Bush to honor the United States’ leader (who will have THE POWER OF THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT to administer CONSPIRACY LAWS) and to honor him as the leader of a new BRANCH COUNTRY.

Russia highly recommends that the United States amend her laws, so that a good President can have a term of longer than 8 years. Once the U.S. removes those politicians with unclean FINANCIAL HISTORIES, it seems reasonable that a good President (with a clean FINANCIAL HISTORY) should be allowed to have a term of longer than 8 years.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$
In the meanwhile, Vladimir, don’t forget that I need some money. I have a car payment due on the 28th and you know what those Jesuits do to me when they have me cornered financially.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$
Right after I typed the above paragraph, I got a call from the Dept. of Insurance Fraud, Law Enforcement of the State of FL.

Do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on Vladimir to see if he KNEW that this agency would call me when it did. Also, do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on this Dept. of Insurance Fraud to see who DID KNOW that they would call me and find out if there was any Jesuit involvement. The highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

This call I got was, apparently, for some job I applied for (and there were very few openings for state of FL jobs) where they want to interview me for a Clerk-Specialist position on Dec. 23 at 9:30 a.m. in Plantation, FL at 499 N.W. 70th Ave., Plantation, FL. I applied for this position, because I was forced to apply for what was available (the Jesuits decided which jobs they wanted available for me).

The American Jesuits have formidable control over the U.S. and state jobs in the U.S. That is why I was reluctant to give the U.S. status as a BRANCH COUNTRY, because Jesuit infiltration into this country is so severe, I wasn’t sure it was possible to give the U.S. status as a BRANCH COUNTRY–but God said to do it.

I would like to state that because of a very successful Jesuit bankruptcy strategy against me, that I have been driving without auto insurance and without the required vehicle registration on my car since about Sept. 2002.

I absolutely hate my financial situation and really, really, really want to be with Vladimir (so that I don’t have all these money problems)–because when I am this broke, it gives the Jesuits too many opportunities against me. The Jesuits have so targeted me, that I have not been able (since Sept. 2002) to afford auto insurance or to have the required vehicle registration. I have been driving illegally since Sept. 2002, and let me tell you, I HATE IT. Every month I wait for Vladimir to come and get me and it hasn’t happened yet.

In the meanwhile, I try to scrap together enough funds just to eat and stay alive. And then I keep writing statements, so that I can help Vladimir with his case–because if I don’t, then the Jesuits will kill me and blame it on Vladimir. So I have to continue to write statements and legal documents for Vladimir (so I can STAY ALIVE), while I look for work in some low paying job (in order to keep up appearances in order to weaken the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir). I have to keep up appearances because the Jesuits have created the MRS conspiracy, along with the U.S./Russia conspiracy and all sorts of conspiracies that are designed to create the impression that Vladimir enjoys killing people (and that he schemes everyday of plots to blame these murders on Jesuits) in order to further his political agenda (while he lies and pretends like he loves me and wants to marry me). This, of course, is BALONEY. But Jesuits never give up. Because they’ve created so many conspiracies to create these murderous impressions of Vladimir– I have to keep up appearances (to an extent).

Because I write such effective statements, sometimes I can be more transparent and reveal the true nature of my relationship with Vladimir. But the Jesuits have still brilliantly prevented me from even having enough money to afford to get the legally required vehicle registration on my Plymouth Voyager Van. That IS MY CAR. THAT IS MY TRANSPORTATION.

If I don’t write these statements and write my CONSPIRACY LAWS, then the Jesuits’ case will strengthen to the point that the Jesuits will feel confident enough to kill me or my son and to blame it on Vladimir. So I have to write the time-consuming statements and CONSPIRACY LAWS, and YET I DON’T GET PAID FOR WRITING THESE TIME-CONSUMING DOCUMENTS (the Jesuits have made sure that I don’t get paid for this–they didn’t miss a thing) and yet it is probably the most important job that I do and it takes up almost full-time hours.

My biggest complaint about my life, is that the Jesuits have blocked funding to me (using my ex-husband, employers, potential employers, stealing money from my IRAs, using the 666-Computer and satellite to make me too sick to work, etc.) so that I am financially destitute. If anyone pays me too much, the Jesuits can say that the organization or person (who funnels the money to me) is part of a conspiracy against them–so, in this way, they either prevent me from getting a good job, or they make sure I am terribly underpaid, or they make sure I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get paid for writing statements or CONSPIRACY LAWS.

And yet these laws I write are transforming the legal systems of all countries in the world.

You see how good these Jesuits are? I write laws that transform the legal systems of the whole world, and yet the Jesuits can prevent me from GETTING PAID A PENNY FOR THIS WORK! They use LEGAL EXTORTION (in combination with MURDER THREATS) on anyone who would dare try to assist me financially. And then they use my financial destitution to manipulate legal cases against myself and/or Putin.

My, they are BRILLIANT. In today’s paper, I saw a photo of Howard Hughes and this man has an uncanny resemblance to my dad. I believe my dad and Howard Hughes are related. If my dad and Howard Hughes are related, broadcast this evidence (for the genetic relationship between my dad and Howard Hughes–say what the genetic relationship is and what Howard Hughes is to me–maybe he was my dad’s uncle) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS and put a facial and body photo of my dad next to a facial and body photo of Howard Hughes. Then say this: Gail Schuler, related to Howard Hughes, has been so bankrupt by Jesuits, that she can’t even afford to legally register her car or to buy legally required auto insurance for her car. She is forced to drive around illegally (and has done so since Sept. 2002) because the Jesuits have blocked her from receiving sufficient income or money–even from the famous men who want to marry her. And the Jesuits have successfully used legal extortion and murder threats to prevent Vladimir from giving Gail any financial assistance.

Don’t assume the Russians know who Howard Hughes is, give them a biography about him. He was the first American billionaire. Actually, he was a very interesting man and had a colorful and very private life. HE’S FAMOUS IN AMERICA. In fact, more people probably know who Howard Hughes is (in the world) than know about Pres. Bush. I may be wrong about this. But Howard Hughes was famous long before Pres. Bush was born. Howard Hughes invented the airline industry and the passenger jet. There would be no AIR FORCE ONE (that’s the jet the U.S. President flies on), if it wasn’t for Howard Hughes.

As long as I’m poor, they can continue to control and manipulate me. That’s why they so fanatically and thoroughly have blocked all income and funds to me (because that would give me enough financial independence to get out from under Jesuit control).

Ever since Brent and/or Vladimir have been interested in me, the Jesuits have prevented these men from giving me financial assistance (by using legal extortion against Vladimir and/or Brent in combination with threats to kill me, in which they threaten to frame my murder on Brent and/or Vladimir). The Jesuits set things up so that if either Brent or Vladimir lifts a finger to assist me financially, the Jesuits can kill me and then they make it plain to Brent or Vladimir that they can frame my death so that they can blame it on Brent or Vladimir. They do this by making sure that every channel (or person or organization) that Vladimir would use to funnel funds to me, will be tainted with some sort of criminal activity (which would make Vladimir appear to be in a murderous conspiracy against the Jesuits). And the Jesuits brilliantly set things up to make it appear that Vladimir is behind the criminal activity associated with that “murderous conspiracy” who tries to assist me financially.

This is why I feel it is essential that I be paid DIRECTLY FROM VLADIMIR, HIMSELF. The Jesuits are too clever and are the best infiltrators in the world.

I would like our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM to research ways to defeat the Jesuits’ ability to use satellite technology to manipulate the weather, induce directed lightning strikes, to knock down tree limbs, etc.

Also, I have noticed manipulation of my hair (with satellite), so that my hair sometimes feels like it’s clinging to the back of my neck. This is a new symptom.

I have made updates to Sections 18 & 19 of the Russian Criminal Law: Space Technology document in order to set a deadline (7:30 p.m. on 12-18-03) for any satellite practitioners who have knowledge in these areas (see above 2 paragraphs) to reveal their knowledge to the Russian government. Our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM (in the meanwhile) should conduct searches (via 666-Computer) into the brains of all satellite practitioners to glean any knowledge that we can about how to defeat the Jesuits’ ability to manipulate the weather and to manipulate objects (via satellite).

XXXX–G.S. (12-17-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-17-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-17-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-17-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-17-03
Place: Melbourne, FL