Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-18-2003)

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12-18-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

HIGH TERROR ALERT!! All jets need to be inspected for malfunctions. Vladimir and I have credible information to suggest that the Jesuits’ latest strategy is to use satellite technology to alter the chemical composition of essential components of jets (in order to cause crashes and malfunctions in flight). We have credible information to suggest that the Jesuits’ satellite technology (in the satellite technology’s ability to alter the chemical composition of substances) caused the crash of the Alaska Airlines jet near Port Hueneme, CA in Jan. 2000; and that the Jesuits’ satellite technology (in its ability to alter the chemical composition of substances) caused the crash of the jet (headed for Haiti–I believe) that crashed in Queens, NY (right about the time that Vladimir Putin made his landmark visit to the United States in Nov. 2001).

The Jesuits want to draw attention to aviation because my relative Howard Hughes was a famous aviator. Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that my paternal grandfather’s blood (genetic) brother was Howard Hughes. So about 1/4 of my genes are identical to Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes was my father’s genetic uncle. My great grandparents (the mother and father of my paternal grandfather) were Howard Hughes’ parents. Howard Hughes was my paternal grandfather’s genetic BROTHER (even though my grandfather was raised in a different family–my grandfather was not raised in the Hughes’ family). I just figured out this morning, this information about the fact that Howard Hughes was my paternal grandfather’s brother.

My grandfather never talked about his parents (and especially about his mother) to me when I was a child and when I stayed at his home for summer vacations. And my grandfather never mentioned Howard Hughes to me. Whether this was a big family secret, or my grandfather just didn’t know about his relationship to Howard Hughes–I don’t know.

I want CONSPIRACY HISTORIES done on myself, my mother, Bill Fuller, my sister and any other person that the Jesuits might accuse of being part of the “Howard Hughes conspiracy”–to see if any of us knew that Howard Hughes was my paternal grandfather’s brother. My mother had suspicions that I and Howard Hughes were related, but I don’t think she realized that Howard Hughes was my grandfather’s brother. That is a pretty close relation. So, this is a shock to me and I’m still not over it. I just found out this morning. I got suspicious when I saw Howard Hughes’ photograph in the paper yesterday–because Howard Hughes had an uncanny resemblance to my father. No one in my family has had any contact with the Howard Hughes’ family. Use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES to verify this–that my family has had no contact or communication with the Howard Hughes’ family; and use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES to verify that my family (my mother, Bill Fuller, myself, my sister, Vladimir Putin, my son, etc.) has not expected anything from the Howard Hughes’ family.

As a note of interest, Howard Hughes was from a Harvard and Yale educated family–even though, Howard Hughes’ father dropped out of Harvard law school after the 1st year. I just learned a whole bunch of stuff about Howard Hughes’ yesterday after skimming the book called Hughes. However, Vladimir has informed me that this book called Hughes is not accurate. So Vladimir and I will do our own biography about my grandfather’s brother (Howard Hughes) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Vladimir wants me to report that the book written about Howard Hughes called Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters, copyright 2001, New Millenium Press, Beverly Hills WAS WRITTEN BY A JESUIT. The author, Richard Hack, is a JESUIT. Vladimir has told me that (through his own research) he has determined that the real Howard Hughes was a much nicer and more mentally stable person than how he’s presented in this book.

The Jesuits published this book in 2001, so it was an obvious attempt to slander my character and make me appear to be a “nut case”. Apparently, the Jesuits knew all along (because of their 666-Computer technology) that Howard Hughes was my paternal grandfather’s brother and were prepared to use this information against me (in case this information about my genetic relationship to Howard Hughes came out).

They prepared (in advance) with the publication of this book, to exaggerate the weird quirks in Howard Hughes’ personality in order to make him appear to be a cold, calculating and demented businessman.

I want the FINANCIAL HISTORY of Richard Hack (the writer of this book about Hughes) to be published on Putin’s website and I want significant highlights from Richard Hack’s FINANCIAL HISTORY (which reveal his Jesuit connections) to be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Also, to counter this Jesuit written book–I want a special done on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS which gives the world a true biography of Howard Hughes. He was a mysterious man, but with our 666-Computer technology, we should be able to come up with a more truthful biography of Howard Hughes than what this Jesuit writer, Richard Hack, has done. In the biography of Hughes on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS highlight how Howard Hughes was my paternal grandfather’s brother and how this came about. Maybe make biography about Howard Hughes’ a special presentation on Perspectives from History on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. The world would find this very interesting. Because it was believed that Howard Hughes HAD NO BROTHERS OR SISTERS.

I remember my paternal grandfather. He was a very warm person who had a fierce love for his family (this may be why I never knew about his mother–he may have been trying to protect her). I do recall that he was eccentric, but I would not say that he was mentally ill. He was a very good writer and had a passion for politics and had strong opinions about politics. He was a Republican. He was a good businessman and owned his own motel. He was a renaissance man, in that he did a lot of different occupations during his life (Swedish Baptist minister, motel owner, and many other jobs).

Vladimir and I request the prayers of Bible-believing Christians all over the world to pray for the safety of jets or anything that is in the air or in outer space (and is vulnerable to the Jesuits’ ability [through satellite technology] to alter the chemical composition of substances). Obviously, the Jesuits will target the components (through satellite technology) on the plane or spacecraft which would cause the vehicle to malfunction. In fact, it is very possible that the Jesuits’ ability to alter the chemical composition of substances (through satellite technology) was responsible for the Columbia Shuttle Disaster.

We need to do more research in space technology to determine how we can foil the Jesuits’ ability to alter the chemical composition of substances (via satellite). Make sure that our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM is doing research in this area. Please pray for our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM that they can find a way to foil the Jesuits’ ability to use satellite technology as a war weapon.

I have made updates to Sections 18 & 19 of Russian Criminal Law: Space Technology in order to make it clear that any space practitioner (or anyone) who has space technology information (regarding how we can foil the Jesuits’ ability to alter the chemical composition of substances)–that this information is also required by 8 p.m. tonight or else those (who do not come forward with this information) will be given the death penalty.

My mother washed a sweater that she wore to a party last night and it fell apart in the wash and looked like bits of paper all over the washing machine. First off, I want a CONSPIRACY HISTORY done on my mom, Bill Fuller, myself, and Vladimir Putin or any other person relevant to this “sweater case” to see if she/he KNEW that this would happen to my mom’s sweater. The label on the sweater said it was made of 55% Ramie and 44% Cotton and 1% Other. But when I examined the sweater’s material (after it had been washed)–the substance felt like paper. It appears that satellite technology was used to alter the chemical composition of the sweater material while it was being washed.

This reminds me of something similar that happened to me when I bought some chemically softened sheets from an allergy company in 2000 (while I lived in Mukilteo, WA). I recall that I special ordered some sheets that were chemically treated to be very soft (this, supposedly, helped people who had allergic or itchy skin–because, at that time, I was experiencing very itchy skin and it seemed to worsen when I tried to sleep on sheets). I recall that after I washed these chemically softened sheets and dried them, that they were as stiff as a board. It seemed to me that the sheets’ material had been chemically altered from what it was when I received it from the company. I was puzzled by this, and concluded that perhaps some “powder” from the dryer vent (because the dryer was vented to the roof) was introduced into my dryer (from the roof–perhaps by apartment workers) onto the wet sheets and that this somehow was responsible for the material in the sheets changing their composition and becoming stiff. I gave those sheets to my son, because I told him that they were too hard for me to sleep on.

Looking back, I think that possibly satellite technology may have been used on those sheets to ruin them. Maybe satellite technology works (with some substance in the wash water) to alter the chemical composition of certain materials as they are washed in the washer.

I have noticed some of my other clothes coming out with strange results when I wash them. It appears the Jesuits have been using this satellite technology (in the wash) for some time, but I never figured out it was satellite technology [which was the method used to cause certain materials in the wash to change their chemical composition (until now)].

As I’ve stated in my RCL:ST technology document (see Sect. 1.0 and 1.10), this is an example of DIRECT and INDIRECT TARGETING and anyone found, who is willingly involved in such a scheme (like what happened to my mom’s sweater today or to my sheets in 2000), will get the death penalty. Don’t forget to get a complete 666-Computer memory read-out of any SPACE CONSPIRATOR before they are executed–so that we can glean all the information we can (regarding criminal space technology) before this person is executed.

I want everyone in my mom and Bill Fuller’s AZAN or Shriners organization to have a FINANCIAL HISTORY done on them (which is updated hourly). I have noticed much suspicious behavior from the phone callers (when they call this house) from this organization. Significant results from the FINANCIAL HISTORIES of these Shriners will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$
Vladimir and I have determined that the substance freon (which was banned by the Jesuits in the U.S. many years ago) inhibits the Jesuits’ ability to use their satellite technology to manipulate objects. Freon is used for air conditioning systems. The emissions from freon which go into the air (when freon is used) counter the polluting substance– which the Jesuits need in order for their satellite signals to be effective at targeting and manipulating objects, the weather and substances.

Vladimir and I recommend that the use of freon be reinstated. Freon is a good OFFENSIVE weapon to be used in our war against Jesuit satellite technology.

In order to ban freon, the Jesuits created a propaganda campaign to make freon appear to be a cancer promoter and an environmental hazard. Both claims are BALONEY. Freon is cheaper to use than the present substance which is being used in the place of freon. In fact, the present substance used is more cancer promoting than is freon!!

RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS will have a special presentation called “The truth about freon, and the real reasons why the Jesuits wanted to ban freon”. In this presentation, we will show that freon is superior to the present substance used on air conditioning systems and present the scientific evidence for freon’s superiority. We will highlight how freon’s emissions makes it more difficult for Jesuits to conduct their criminal satellite activities and that this is the real reason that freon was banned.

Freon removes the polluting substance from the air (which the Jesuits need as a catalyst to assist in their satellite TARGETING operations).

The Jesuits have put an additive substance into fuel (for jets, cars, boats, lawnmowers, etc.) which puts a polluting substance into the air (and this polluting substance acts as a catalyst to assist the Jesuits’ satellite signals as these satellite signals are used to manipulate and target objects and the weather).

A POLLUTER is defined as one who willingly and knowingly pollutes (by adding a substance to a fuel or some medium which will produce emissions) with the POLLUTING SUBSTANCE which is used to enhance the criminal satellite activities of SPACE CONSPIRATORS.

Identify and isolate this POLLUTING SUBSTANCE which the Jesuits use to assist them in their satellite TARGETING operations, and BAN THIS SUBSTANCE from all use. No one is allowed to add this substance into any fuel or into anything which can promote the ability of SPACE CONSPIRATOR’s to TARGET anyone (as they attempt to carry out their criminal activities). Anyone caught willingly and knowingly adding this POLLUTING SUBSTANCE into any fuel or into anything that can promote the Jesuits’ ability to TARGET innocent persons, will get the death penalty as a SPACE CONSPIRATOR. Jesuits are going around adding this substance into people’s gas tanks without the owner’s knowledge, so the death penalty will be given only to those who KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY cooperate in these schemes. But those who are knowingly putting this substance into people’s gas tanks or into any substance which can produce emissions of the POLLUTING SUBSTANCE (without their knowledge) will get the death penalty.

Confessions may be substituted in lieu of the death penalty in certain instances. Highlights from the confessions of POLLUTERS will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. If any POLLUTER confessor is caught deliberately polluting again (after a confesson), he/she will get the death penalty.

A specific search will be made (via 666-Computer) to determine who is WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY adding this POLLUTING SUBSTANCE into fuel or other sources of emissions. Those found guilty of being willing POLLUTERS with this POLLUTING SUBSTANCE will get the death penalty. Highlights from the FINANCIAL HISTORIES of willing POLLUTERS will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$
12-19-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that my relative Howard Hughes was murdered by the Jesuits in 1976. And the Howard Hughes’ brother (my grandfather) was murdered by Jesuits (via 666-Computer) around 1981. The Jesuits used a combination of 666-Computer technology and other methods to bring on the death of Howard Hughes and to make the death appear to be of Howard Hughes’ own doing. It was their goal to destroy Howard Hughes, because they feared he would stand in their way of a takeover of the United States. The evidence for this will be presented in our special biography about Howard Hughes, which will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

I am especially suspicious that the Jesuits murdered Howard Hughes because (without his knowledge–because he was so ill that he was totally “out of it”) and when his illnesses became very serious, HE WAS MOVED TO A HOTEL IN MEXICO. Why Mexico? Unless, the Jesuits wanted to control him more, by moving him to a country where the Jesuits were in TOTAL CONTROL. It was from that hotel in Mexico that he was flown to Houston SUPPOSEDLY in order to save his life.

Howard Hughes died on this flight from Mexico to Houston.

The Jesuits made sure to fly him out of Mexico in order to create the impression that he died in the United States. THEY DIDN’T WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO ADVERTISE THAT HE DIED IN A CATHOLIC COUNTRY. Apparently, the thorough Jesuits knew that someday, the 666-Computer and their satellite technology might be exposed, so they wanted to create the impression that Howard Hughes DIED IN THE UNITED STATES.


Well, he did die in the United States, he died right AFTER the plane crossed the Texas border over Brownsville, TX.


My sister lives in Brownsville, TX right now. Hmmmmmm. These Jesuits are master orchestrators. They don’t miss a thing. Apparently, the Jesuits were prepared to make a conspiracy out of Howard Hughes, in case it became known that my sister and I have 1/4 of his genes.

Currently, we are striving to wrest some of Howard Hughes’ relatives out of the grasp of the Jesuits’ 666-Computer. ENEMY SATELLITE PRACTITIONERS and ENEMY (JESUIT) 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS currently have control of most of my family (on the Howard Hughes’ side). The problem is, the same shield which we have developed to protect us from interference by JESUIT PRACTITIONERS is being used on us to prevent us from wresting away from these JESUIT PRACTITIONERS control over Howard Hughes’ relatives. We want to have Howard Hughes’ family under the control of our PLPs (for their own safety), and so that we can access their brains to get the information we need to present a truthful biography about Howard Hughes. So far, we have killed about 200 JESUIT PRACTITIONERS (who have Howard Hughes’ family under the grip of JESUIT PRACTITIONERS) in our attempts to wrest control away from JESUIT PRACTITIONERS. As soon as we kill one, another JESUIT PRACTITIONER is there (they have one back-up after another and they’re all dying– because we’re executing them– and they’re dying to prevent us from getting control over the brains of Howard Hughes’ family members). The Jesuits are on a rampage–they are horrified over what we will find when (and if) we finally are able to get Howard Hughes’ family out from under the control of our PLPs. I ask for prayer for the families of Howard Hughes, that we can get these family members out from under the control of JESUIT PRACTITIONERS and learn the truth about what happened to Howard Hughes.

By the way, Howard Hughes was descended from Kings David and Solomon of Israel. My royal Jewish blood came from the Hughes family. Howard Hughes’ real mother was Jewish. Howard Hughes was raised by his Gentile step mother and his Gentile dad. My paternal grandfather was raised by Howard Hughes’ real mother and a Gentile step-dad (whose name was Chord). Apparently, Howard Hughes knew something about the Chord family and its relationship to him. See the movie The Carpetbaggers (which was Howard Hughes’ autobiography in movie form).

In the meanwhile, the German PLPs are allowing me to feel some of the discomfort that the Howard Hughes family is feeling (from the JESUIT PRACTITIONERS who won’t let us wrest control away from them). And it is 1 a.m. and I have a splitting headache and can’t sleep.

Please pray for the Howard Hughes’ family. The Jesuits are trying to kill them, just like they killed Howard Hughes. They got my aunt (who had ½ the genes of Howard Hughes) back around Christmas 2002.

Time now is 1:45 p.m. After killing around 8,000 JESUIT PRACTITIONERS, it appears we have finally removed the JESUIT PRACTITIONERS from 666-Computer/satellite control over Howard Hughes’ family members. I find this whole thing nauseating. I can’t believe how stubborn these Jesuits are. When I hinted to Vladimir that possibly the reason we couldn’t get the Jesuits to give up is because the one last Hughes’ family hold-out may have information about Howard Hughes’ will–it was then that the Jesuits let go and we were able to get the last Hughes’ family member’s brain sealed against interference from JESUIT SATELLITE PRACTITIONERS.

You see, it is assumed that Howard Hughes did not leave a will–which seems kind of strange. So, if there is any information out there regarding his will, and especially if he may have left anything to the Chord family (which is my family–and Howard Hughes’ family from his mother’s side)–the Jesuits would fight this tooth and nail. They don’t want me ever to have financial independence–because then they can’t control me.

In my mind (via 666-Computer), I have been talking to Vladimir and discussing with him what I feel the real Howard Hughes was like. I have skimmed the Jesuit book, Hughes, written about him and have drawn my own conclusions and I may be wrong, I am going by my intuitive hunches and by the fact that I have 1/4 of his genes and, therefore, may have inherited some of his temperament (this may give me an advantage in “reading” Howard Hughes). I feel Howard Hughes had a complex mental make-up, due to his genius intelligence, but I will strive to give a brief (probably too brief to be accurate) synopsis of how I perceive him (based on my own mindset–about 1/4 of which I’ve inherited from Howard Hughes).

I feel Howard Hughes saw himself as a reformer to weed out criminals in this world. He felt that by amassing wealth it would help him in his mission. I call it the KING DAVID AND SOLOMON COMPLEX or the DAVID AND GOLIATH COMPLEX. You must recall that Howard Hughes (like myself) was descended from Kings David and Solomon. I think he always felt like he was David against Goliath; and it was life and death for him to beat Goliath. Yes, he was a controller–but his motives for controlling were to eradicate evil (he considered people that were money vultures or that were corrupt politicians as being the evil he needed to deal with, etc.). He felt he could do this more effectively if he had money–so his goal was to get the money he needed to give him the power to kick the bad ones in the butt. He was very smart in the way he went about this (and knew how to manipulate people to get them to do what he wanted), and was more concerned that he come across as powerful and in control than about his reputation as a nice person. He knew that the evil ones would not bend unless he could intimidate them and impress them with his abilities. If he was alive today, he would have absolutely detested the JESUIT ORDER. That’s probably why they killed him.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear he was too interested in computers and that’s where the Jesuits got him. He never realized he was being manipulated by a computer. And, apparently, his own workhorse ethic worked against him, because he was too busy to figure out that he was being manipulated by satellite and 666-Computer technology. A very goal-oriented man, he went forward like a steamer once he made up his mind, and was oblivious to everything else. This is why he never noticed how his health and mind were being manipulated. I think he had this mindset that he could control his own body (even when it was sick), like he controlled everything else. It never occurred to him that a satellite in outer space could out-control him. It just never entered his mind. Maybe the Jesuits induced AMNESIA in regard to this, to cause him to completely forget about satellite and computer technology. Even a genius has no control over a 666-Computer, when that computer gives you amnesia.

It appears his step-mom smothered him when he was growing up. So in his early years, he was determined that no woman would smother him again. Later, when he got older and tired, he looked for a woman who reminded him of his real mother (that would have been my paternal grandfather’s mother). At this point, he was looking for a life companion. I think he felt he found this woman in Jean Peters. So when this woman left him, he was devastated.

Most of his life he was lonely because he never really found a woman (until Jean Peters) who understood him. But by the time Jean came into his life as his wife, his mind was falling apart (due to Jesuit manipulation via satellite or 666-Computer), so that relationship didn’t work. His DAVID AND GOLIATH COMPLEX was life and death to him and for most of his life, he hung around with glamorous women who were not interested in figuring out this aspect of his personality. He handled women 2 ways: 1) Use them to enhance his image as being a controller and in charge–he liked this image, because he felt it intimidated his enemies, and 2) Love them, if they seemed to understand him.

He had a strong sense of fairness and never let any woman who got involved with him want for anything financially. He made sure he took care of the financial needs of his women–even the ones who used him. It was a matter of pride with him.

Unlike the Jesuits, who want to control people in order to amass power and wealth–Howard Hughes’ motives for controlling people were different. He wanted to control people to reform the world in order to get rid of criminals. He really did have his own moral standards (and he was consistent to those standards), but he refused to allow anyone to dictate to him what those morals should be.

His morals could be summed up like this: If you are a person who is fair and who does not try to take advantage of the innocent or to brutalize the helpless, then I’ll be with you. If you’re smart and brave and loyal and a big person, I’ll stick with you through thick and thin. If you’re a bully and a bastard, and all you care about is to take advantage of people and use them for your personal ambitions or to promote yourself (at the expense of the innocent), I’ll kill you and use every strategy in the book to bring you down, even if those strategies make me look like an evil man. I will do whatever I have to do to take care of money sharks or bastards–my reputation doesn’t matter. If you share my vision to bring down the bastards, we’ll make a great team Because I’ll bring them down no matter what I have to do, even if it means becoming the richest person in the world. He knew money gave him power–the power to bring down the bastards. He saw himself as a pioneer whose mission was to be DAVID AGAINST GOLIATH.

Vladimir can use any of my impressions about Howard Hughes (from what he gets from reading my mind) along with any comments I’ve made about him in this statement to help in the biography we will do on Howard Hughes on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Howard Hughes did not see himself as a bad person. He saw himself as a ruthless reformer determined to rid the world of money sharks, corruption, power mongers, and money vultures–and MONEY WAS HIS WEAPON TO DO THIS. He knew that because of his mission, that his reputation would be ruined by those he attempted to eradicate (this was his GOLIATH mission TO ERADICATE TO EVIL ONES). He expected it. He didn’t care. All he cared about was to get the JOB DONE (which was to KILL GOLIATH).

This attitude is what I sense in Vladimir Putin and that’s why I fell in love with Vladimir. It must be the Howard Hughes in me. Vladimir and I have the same mission: to KILL GOLIATH. It’s the same mission Howard Hughes had.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hughes did not realize that he would be beaten by the very technology (satellite) that he financed himself.

It looks like GOLIATH killed Howard Hughes’ body, mind, and his reputation–but Howard Hughes’ DAVID AGAINST GOLIATH spirit lives on in myself and in Vladimir Putin.

I will admit that Howard Hughes had some strange behavior which began around the 1950s. My personal opinion is that he was targeted by the Vatican and the Jesuits, and they used Howard Hughes as the first guinea pig in order to perfect their use of satellite technology on people. The first satellite went up into space around 1961 and it was a PROJECT FINANCED BY HOWARD HUGHES. So, therefore, the Jesuits may have chosen to use this satellite (funded my Hughes himself) in order to attack Hughes. This way they could get out of being blamed for attacking Hughes. I believe the Jesuits deliberately used satellite technology on Hughes’ brain (starting in the 1950s) and were experimenting on him and perfecting their technique. At the same time, they conducted a massive propaganda campaign to portray him to the world as a man with serious mental problems. After they experimented on Hughes, they began to reach out to the general population–picking their targets. I think they STARTED WITH HOWARD HUGHES.

I don’t think Howard Hughes was good at managing money and may have been too big a spender. But he was good at making money because of his inventiveness and his genius. He wasn’t really obsessed with money. He was obsessed with the power and control that money would give him and he wanted to use money to be a reformer. I’m certain that he wasn’t the type to stash money away, but would invest it in new projects. He saw money as a tool and not as an end in itself.

If you’ll notice, he appears to have lost his ability to attract woman (after 1961). It was in 1961 that the first satellite went up. It doesn’t matter how rich a man is, if he is as obsessive-compulsive and crazy as Howard Hughes became, no sane woman would want to live with him.

The Jesuits used satellite technology to destroy Howard Hughes’ mind and to induce mental imbalances. They noticed any eccentricities that he already had and exaggerated them, in order to create the impression that his mental problems were of his own doing. I believe Howard Hughes was the Jesuits’ first guinea pig. They concentrated on him ALONE because that way their experimentation would go unnoticed. They weren’t dumb enough to experiment (in the 1960s) on the general population. After their success at destroying Howard Hughes (via satellite and 666-Computer)–they then proceeded to “work on” everyone else. They probably were very selective about who they targeted in the 1970s, and then in the 1980s they began targeting more people. They were very careful to use this advanced technology in a manner so that they could sneak it on the population without anyone’s suspicions being alarmed.

I believe the Jesuits have always known that 1/4 of my genes are identical to Howard Hughes. They watched me carefully to see if I could become a threat (like Howard Hughes). When Brent Spiner became interested in me, they determined they needed to take serious measures to deal with me. But, they didn’t start on me in 1991, I believe they started on me in the 1970s. They intensified they efforts against me though, when Brent Spiner became interested in me. They were watching me like a hawk because of my “genius” –Howard Hughes–genes. They watched me like a hawk ever since I was born, because of my genetic background–the Howard Hughes genes.

Howard Hughes always considered himself a reformer and a pioneer, but the Jesuits destroyed his mind and he wasn’t able to function well in his later years. You see, IT WAS HIS MIND they were afraid of. Just like IT IS MY MIND they are afraid of.

A genius, who despises the Jesuits’ objectives, must be eliminated.

There is a common misconception that geniuses tend to be crazy. The Jesuits played on this to the hilt (with Howard Hughes). I want RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to present a study about genius and to show whether it is true that geniuses tend to be mentally imbalanced. I believe this is not correct and let’s correct this false conception.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-18-03)
XXXX–G.S. (12-19-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-18-03, 12-19-03
Place: Melbourne, FL