Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-20-2003)

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12-20-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

More comments about Howard Hughes. . .

I recall that my paternal grandfather gradually developed some eccentricities that seemed to worsen every year. I used to visit him every summer as a child. I had been told by family members (around 1977 or so) that my grandfather in his 30s and 40s did not behave like he did in his 60s. And that in his younger days, he was quite normal. I believe that while the Jesuits experimented on Howard Hughes, that they also (at the same time) experimented on his brother (my grandfather). Though, my grandfather’s eccentricities were not nearly as severe as Howard Hughes. Of course, it would not have been smart for the Jesuits to give my grandfather the exact same symptoms as his brother, Howard Hughes–and we know Jesuits are not stupid. For one thing, they didn’t want it known that Howard Hughes was related to the Chord family, because that might expose their plot against the Chord family, because it would reveal their motive for targeting the Chord family. My grandfather’s eccentricities (apparently 666-Computer induced) were a Jesuit attempt to make it appear that insanity and weirdness ran in the genes of the Hughes’ and Chord family. In this way, the Jesuits attempted to ruin the reputation of these families so that they would have no influence. The Jesuits were very worried about Howard Hughes and about ALL HIS FAMILY MEMBERS.

My older half-sister Robyn Chord has had considerable “mental problems”. I want a full HISTORY done on her to see what, if any, 666-Computer interference has been done to her brain. Broadcast any significant results from Robyn’s HISTORY on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Robyn, like myself, has about 1/4 of Howard Hughes’ genes–though she has a completely different mother.

I have some more opinions about Howard Hughes: It seems to me that Howard Hughes was not too interested in medicine. Though he contributed a lot of money to medical research, it was not a passion with him, like his passion for airplanes and mechanics. Two areas that he seemed to be rather disinterested in were medicine and computers. The Jesuits picked up on this and decided to attack him primary through medicine and computers (because he had not studied much about medicine and computers). Howard Hughes, like myself, usually learned on his own (through self-study) anything that interested him. Apparently, he never bothered to learn much about medicine or computers.

In his later years, he got involved financially in a lot of projects and he had to delegate a lot of the responsibilities for these projects (simply because one man can only do so much). He had so much going on, that he couldn’t keep up with every aspect of all his various projects. I believe two areas where he delegated a lot of responsibilities were in medicine and computers. He, himself, did not study much about these 2 areas. So, because of his ignorance in medicine and computers, the Jesuits found a vulnerable area with Howard Hughes. I don’t think he was too interested in satellites, either. He invested in satellites, but he didn’t do personal research about satellites.

In his younger years, he always did personal research into every project he got involved in. But in his later years, he had too many projects and too many investments, and probably limited his personal research to those projects that interested him. Apparently, personal research (by Howard Hughes) in satellite technology, computer technology and medical research were neglected.

And this is where I’m different from Howard Hughes. I inherited from my mother a medical aptitude. Howard Hughes is from my father’s side of the family. On my mother’s side was a woman physician who (during the Tokugawa reign in Japan) was one of the top physicians in Japan. A whole section of Tokyo is named after this famous woman doctor (who was one of my ancestors). Because of my interest in medicine, in combination with my Howard Hughes’ brains, I was able to figure out the 666-Computer and its ability to manipulate the health of people. I also would like to give God (and the excellent assistance I have received from Vladimir Putin) credit as well.

Anyways, because Howard Hughes lacked aptitude or interest in medicine, computers and satellites–that’s why– when his mind began to go and his health to deteriorate– it never occurred to him that he was being manipulated by a computer (via satellite).

I would also like to say that I have read considerable portions from the book called Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters. To my amazement, this author (Richard Hack) has nothing good to say about Howard Hughes. And I mean he has NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT HIM AT ALL. He presents him as a cold, brutal, uncaring, demented, paranoid, manipulating business executive in EVERY PAGE OF THIS BOOK (over 300 pages). He starts off the book describing Hughes’ appearance during his last days, which isn’t too flattering.

As a note of interest, Hughes’ appearance is described as thin and anorexic. . .and before Vladimir was able to wrest some control of my body away from the JESUIT 666-Computer practitioners (in Jan. 2003), I was as thin as a rail and weighed about 108 pounds and I’m 5′ 7″.

Were the Jesuits trying to make me appear as demented and anorexic as my relative Howard Hughes? What was this–an attempt at a repeat performance? I guess the Jesuits wanted to emphasize that all relatives of Howard Hughes are sickly, on pills, have phobias and obsessions, and are so thin they look ready to die.

Anyways, every page of this Jesuit written book, called Hughes, and I mean– EVERY PAGE– is colored to make Howard Hughes appear like a cold, demented, paranoid, obsessive-compulsive. Mr. Hack has the audacity to describe what Howard Hughes is THINKING and FEELING (in a BIOGRAPHY?) as Howard Hughes’ carries out certain actions.

In fact, for every character in this Jesuit’s book (Hughes), Mr. Hack delves into the thoughts and feelings of all his characters. I describe this “autobiography” or “biography” of Howard Hughes as if it was a novel, because it’s written like a novel in the omniscient point of view. In the omniscient point of view (which is a point of view for works of FICTION), the author inserts his opinions about how the characters are feeling and thinking, instead of just allowing the characters’ to speak and act for themselves without the author injecting his opinion. Mr. Hack is a very opinionated writer and this “autobiography” or “biography” is written more like a novel than an autobiography or biography. If the publishers were honest they would put Hughes, not under non-fiction, but under fiction.

I wouldn’t even give this book a good review as a work of fiction, because as every good writer knows, even an antagonist (bad guy) is supposed to be presented three-dimensional–that means that even bad guys have aspects to their personality which appear good. And no bad guy (or good guy) is completely believable if he/she is presented as totally good or as totally bad. And the Howard Hughes character (in Hughes) is presented as TOTALLY BAD. Howard Hughes’ characterization is flat and two-dimensional. He’s just presented as a stereotypical ruthless and genius billionaire with the typical genius idiosyncracies. He’s a FLAT CHARACTER–there is no depth to his characterization–and, therefore, the characterization is like a paper mache or a stick puppet on the stage. Howard Hughes’ characterization in the “autobiography” or “biography”, Hughes, doesn’t seem like a real and living person–or like a real, three-dimensional human being. The reader doesn’t really have a clue into the inner workings of Howard Hughes’ mind. Howard Hughes’ characterization is like a character on the stage THAT HAS NO SOUL. Since this book is supposed to reveal all the mysteries about Howard Hughes, I’d say the author failed to teach us anything about Hughes at all, except maybe to provide us with the dates in Howard Hughes’ life and a panorama of his outward activities–and all the rest is a sorry work of fiction with a mechanical and two-dimensional presentation of a character called Howard Hughes. We never really learn what motivates Howard Hughes–and so the mystery about the man remains. No mystery is solved. We just hear the author’s opinions about Hughes, backed up by scenes which reinforce the author’s opinion.

On just about every page, the Jesuit, Mr. Hack, inserts Howard Hughes’ THOUGHTS and FEELINGS as Howard Hughes’ carries out various actions. Howard Hughes’ thoughts and feelings are never presented in a flattering manner either–they are presented to reinforce Howard Hughes’ image as the cold, demented, paranoid, obsessive-compulsive. You’d think Howard Hughes was a machine with no heart and there isn’t a clue given as to why Howard Hughes would be like this, except that the author constantly portrays Howard Hughes as the money hungry automaton without a soul (and assumes we will accept the author’s opinion that this is so–because the scenes in the novel are so skillfully crafted to portray him this way) and the author obsessively injects his opinion that this is the way Howard Hughes was.

It makes one wonder, if maybe some scenes got LEFT OUT. Or maybe there are some scenes that should be omitted. Because something about this flat characterization doesn’t seem genuine. There’s no inner dimension to this character.

If you ask me, it’s the AUTHOR who is cold and obsessive-compulsive. I think Mr. Hack is projecting his own personality onto Howard Hughes.

From reading this book, you’d think that the only way Mr. Hack could know all this stuff would be if Mr. Hack was spying on Howard Hughes in his bedroom and everywhere. I would imagine this would be rather difficult, since Mr. Hughes was obsessed with his privacy. But maybe for a Jesuit, it would be possible. Jesuits are good spies.

Hey, JESUIT Richard Hack, how would you know what Howard Hughes was thinking and feeling when he did all this stuff? First off, how do we know that you are telling the truth about what he was thinking and feeling (assuming you actually knew what he was thinking and feeling at the time)? Secondly, how could you possibly know what Howard Hughes was thinking and feeling (and what he did in his bedroom) when Mr. Hughes committed these various actions (which you claim he did) in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s? Now, granted, you may have known what he was thinking and feelings from the 1960s and onward (after all, you Jesuits invented the 666-Computer), but how can we trust the Jesuits to tell the truth about a man that they murdered in order to ruin that man’s influence? You, yourself, admit that he was a very complex man and hard to understand.

No, Jesuits, this is not a Republican conspiracy against you–BRENT SPINER IS A DEMOCRAT. Besides, plenty of Jesuits are Republicans.

I recall that on my 16th birthday, my grandfather (who was Howard Hughes’ brother) and his wife (my grandmother) heard me sing the song “I am Sixteen going on Seventeen” from The Sound of Music. As I sang this song to them on my birthday, both of my grandparents broke down into tears and I saw tears just run down their face (the whole time I sang that song). Now this was my paternal grandfather who had tears running down his face as I sang. Yeah, this was Howard Hughes’ brother who broke down into tears as his granddaughter sang a birthday song to him. It appears that my grandfather had feelings and was not an automaton.

How could Howard Hughes’ brother be so different from Howard Hughes? I do not believe that Howard Hughes is as Mr. Hack has portrayed him–because I knew his brother (my grandfather) very well and my grandfather was a very warm person. And I just can’t believe that Howard Hughes (who had the same set of genes as my grandfather) could be the cold automaton that Mr. Hack claims he was.

When I visited my grandparents in Tampa around 1980, I invited my friend, Linda Faust, into my grandparent’s house. Linda was my fellow nursing student at F.S.U. She graduated in 1979 with a B.S. in Nursing. She lived in Tampa and is a physician’s daughter. She married a medical student at U.S.F. I do not know Linda’s married name. I recall that she told me that my grandparents were really glad to see me and she made a comment about how attached they were to me. I bet if you checked Linda’s memories (via 666-Computer) you will be able to verify what I have just claimed about my grandfather. She noticed how much my grandparents felt for me. She met my grandfather.

Linda’s father, Dr. Faust, was my grandfather’s attending physician when my grandfather died. I do not believe that Dr. Faust was part of the Jesuits’ plot to kill my paternal grandfather. I never met Dr. Faust, but I knew his daughter. Apparently, Dr. Faust did not realize at the time that he treated my grandfather, that my grandfather was being murdered by the 666-Computer (in which the 666-Computer’s genetic manipulation abilities were used to induce cancer in my grandfather).

In fact, check Dr. Faust’s memories (via 666-Computer) about my grandfather. I don’t think you will find that my grandfather was remembered as a cold, uncaring man. I’m assuming Dr. Faust is still alive. In fact, Dr. Faust may be able to give you some interesting insights into my grandfather’s death. He was the attending physician when my grandfather died. The Jesuits knew I had a high regard for Linda Faust, who was a devoted Christian, like myself. It’s possible that the Jesuits, who knew of my friendship with Linda, arranged to have her father, Dr. Faust, as my grandfather’s attending physician in order to minimize the impression that my grandfather was murdered by the 666-Computer. The Jesuits were prepared for the possibility that their murderous use of the 666-Computer might get exposed. The Jesuits knew I trusted the Faust family because of my high regard for Linda.

Also, my grandfather and grandmother were in a happy marriage. I know, because I lived with them every summer. I recall that my grandfather used to go in the kitchen and hug my grandmother and kiss her over and over and she would laugh and giggle. I don’t know what happened to my grandfather’s brother (Howard Hughes), but my grandfather loved his wife. His wife was his first wife and he stuck with her his whole life. It was at least a 50 year marriage. Towards the end of his life, my grandfather got eccentric and was difficult to live with (when he wanted to argue with you or get across a point), but my grandmother knew how to handle him. He looked out for his wife.

I do recall that though his arguments were irritating, he had some brilliant perceptions. It was just irritating because once he got irritated and “onto something” that he wanted to convinced you of–he wouldn’t let it go until he was convinced that you agreed with him. And, you couldn’t fool him, my grandfather was brilliant at reading people–he could tell if you agreed with him or were just pretending like you agreed with him.

So, if you didn’t agree with him, he wouldn’t let it go (or drop the debate and his forceful persuasion)–until he had given you a thorough presentation of why he was right. And he used to get really animated as he would present his case, even yelling and cursing–at times. His face would literally turn beet red and he’d go after you like a fire drill, until he was convinced you agreed with him.

I recall the way my grandmother handled it was, “Yes, Bob. Yes, Bob. You’re right, Bob.” Fortunately, his big heart compensated for these irritating moments.

He still wouldn’t be quiet, even if you agreed with him.

I used to ask my mother if he was always like this. My mom told me that in his younger days, he was more normal. But that in his later years, he became eccentric. Looking back, I think he was being manipulated by the 666-Computer to make him appear mentally unstable and an eccentric (like his brother–Howard Hughes)–because this was the image that the Jesuits wanted to create about my family–because they wanted to totally discredit Howard Hughes and all his family.

But my grandfather was not a cold person. He was fiercely protective of his family and very proud of his family. He wouldn’t let anyone attack or harm his family. Maybe that’s why he never betrayed his mother and I never knew about Howard Hughes or that his mother was Jewish.

My grandmother was a spotless housekeeper. I recall that the house was always clean, orderly and dusted. The sheets were clean, the beds were made. The clothes were pressed. Laundry was done almost daily. The floors were mopped and clean. The yard was kept in order. The garden was trimmed. And my grandfather was a neat person. He wasn’t a slob. Howard Hughes is portrayed as an obsessive-compulsive slob. If that was the case, he sure was different from his brother. But my grandfather was not obsessive-compulsive. I mean the house was clean, but us kids felt comfortable and they let us make a bit of a mess in our bedroom. Though I do recall that my grandmother (very rarely) got mad at us for having a messy room. It usually made quite an impression on us, because she rarely got mad at anybody. She had a sweet, humble and compliant disposition. So, if she was mad, we knew we probably deserved it. Usually, our grandparents spoiled us.

My grandparents had a black and white cat named Smudgie and they pampered that cat. Though when my grandmother became very ill with a mysterious illness (where she had symptoms like hepatitis)–the cat was put to sleep, because my grandfather thought that maybe my grandmother caught it from the cat. They had that cat for over ten years. Looking back, I think she may have been made ill by the 666-Computer. Because she just–all of a sudden–got better. Grandpa took her home from the hospital, because the hospital wasn’t helping her, and he took care of her at home–and she just mysteriously got better. She was very ill for over a month–vomiting and vomiting. He claimed that they overmedicated her and so he took her home and took care of her himself. My grandpa put his wife first. He took care of his wife.

Anyways, because of how my grandfather was, I just can’t believe that Howard Hughes could be as bad a person (like this Mr. Hack portrays him). I understand Howard Hughes was raised in a different family from my grandfather, but still–Mr. Hack’s portrayal of Howard Hughes just cannot be accurate. He had the same genes as my grandfather–so Howard Hughes can’t be the way that he is portrayed by Mr. Hack.

I spent many months with my grandfather. Every summer, for 3 months, over a period of about 10 years, I lived with my grandfather.

My grandfather had a good relationship with his black maids. He was a motel owner. I don’t recall him ever making a racist comment about blacks. If he did, I don’t remember–maybe because it wasn’t a big issue in the house. Though he did mention that his negro maid, Alberta (who I remember as being a real nice lady), would instruct my grandfather not to drive through the black neighborhood when he sometimes took her home in his car. He thought it was ironic that his own black maid told him not to drive her home through the black neighborhood.

I wrote a story about my grandfather as an assignment for The Institute of Children’s Literature–it’s based loosely on an incident from my childhood–but I captured well the spirit of my grandfather in this assignment. I believe it was assignment #3. I wrote it in 1992. I don’t have it on me, because I couldn’t afford to move my stuff from Seattle. I kept all my completed assignments from The Institute of Children’s Literature in one section. It would be in that pile with my stuff fromThe Institute of Children’s Literature. But possibly my teacher, whose name was Jim Murphy, might have the story. In the story I was in the room (where my sister and I always stayed when we stayed with our grandparents in the summer) and overheard my grandparents talking about me and comparing me to my sister. This really happened. If you can find this story, you are welcome to present it on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. It’s short but captures the personality of my paternal grandfather (brother of Howard Hughes) well. I described well the home that I used to live in with my grandparents in the summer.

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Date: 12-20-03
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