Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-21-2003)

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12-21-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I want Dr. Peter S. Ruckman to do a special 7 day presentation on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS on the subject: “A Biblical perspective about the life of Howard Hughes”.

Have him base his presentation on Ecclesiastes 7. Give him about 50 minutes a day and give him 7 days–this is what the Lord seemed to indicate to me.

As I read this chapter in Ecclesiastes this morning, it seemed particularly relevant to the life of Howard Hughes. Before Dr. Ruckman starts his presentation each day, Dr. Ruckman is to mention that he is making this presentation at the request of Gail Schuler (who is a relative of Howard Hughes). The reason I want him to mention that I requested him to do this, is because he is making his presentation on a news station. Tell him to come across calm, cool and factual and not like an evangelist or preacher. Also, he is to mention that I requested that he focus the Biblical perspective about the life of Howard Hughes around Ecclesiastes 7. This way, the world will see that I have chosen Dr. Ruckman to be the spokesman for my response to the shocking revelation that I am closely related to Howard Hughes. Because we are currently doing a biography about Howard Hughes and he is my relative, it is a relevant piece of news to show my response to this shocking realization that I am so closely related to Howard Hughes. In essence, we are showing my reaction toward this shocking revelation that this very famous man is my relative. This way, Dr. Ruckman’s presentation should come across as Gail Schuler’s response to the startling revelation that she has about 1/4 of the genes of Howard Hughes–and, in that sense, Dr. Ruckman’s presentation can pass off as a news item.

I would like to say that my paternal grandfather (Howard Hughes’ brother) was an ordained Swedish Baptist minister and he had the whole first Psalm (from the King James Bible) memorized. I know–because he quoted it to me from memory many times and he was proud that he had it memorized. It looks like Howard Hughes had a very unique family and unusual relatives. Also, my grandfather rarely cursed, even when he got mad. But he did curse sometimes.

Dr. Ruckman can cross-reference to other verses and sections of the Bible as he makes his presentation about the Biblical perspective about the life of Howard Hughes. I don’t want him to come across like a preacher. Dr. Ruckman can have access to my thoughts (as I studied the Bible this morning). You can give him a transcription of my thoughts (from 666-Computer readings). Actually, you can give him a transcription of all my thoughts as I’ve been studying Ecclesiastes. He can jump off from my thoughts and base his outline on my thoughts, if he chooses. We will give him complete liberty. I just ask that he focus his 7 day presentation around Ecclesiastes 7. I started Ecclesiastes yesterday.

I believe my grandfather (Howard Hughes’ brother) was a born-again Christian and that I will see him in heaven. I’m not sure if Howard Hughes was. Howard Hughes probably was not a born-again Christian. In that sense, his life was a tragedy. It’s too bad my grandfather did not tell his brother about how to find eternal life through Jesus Christ. Though I was raised a lot by my grandfather, my grandfather never told me how to be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ–but the Lord used my teenage friends to lead me to Christ. However, my grandfather had a respect for the Word of God which he passed on to me.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Don’t forget to use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES. For instance, it may be necessary to prove that Vladimir, myself, and Howard Hughes’ family members know nothing about this Jude Law actor who, appears, to have all of a sudden become a celebrity. I never heard of Jude Law until I read about him this morning in the paper. I’ll admit, I haven’t kept up with Hollywood too much lately. Apparently, the Jesuits want to make a conspiracy out of the name JUDE LAW–because I’m interested in law and because I have Jewish blood and because I’ve mentioned the book of Jude in my statements.

Regarding the article “Russia less enchanting to West” in today’s Florida Today, p. 19A. I want FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES done on every member of the Associated Press, (especially in relation to this article, “Russia less enchanting to West”, and regarding the photo of Vladimir which accompanies the article). Find out who’s behind this article and this photograph, and any significant results which we obtain from the FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on Associated Press members will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. A FINANCIAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORY will be done on EVERY PERSON in the Associated Press. This article neglects to mention that the Communist Party in Russia was DEVASTATED (not just splintered–now we know the REAL REASON why the Jesuits are upset about who controls the Parliament in Russia) in the recent Parliamentary elections in Russia, and that the party which favors the Kremlin is actually more “democratic” than the so-called pro-Western parties. The Russian Parliament is now more democratic because it will give Putin the power he needs to take care of Jesuit criminals–and this is just the reason why the Jesuits are so upset that the Kremlin favored party has done so well in the Parliamentary elections. Isn’t it democratic to take care of Jesuit criminals so they can’t terrorize us?

I want RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to do an analysis of the different parties in Russia and to present this analysis on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, come up with a clear definition of “pro-Western”. Does “pro-Western” mean something similar to what the U.S. had with the Clinton administration? If so, then “pro-Western” is actually a veiled version of Russian communism. Because though the “pro-Western” Clinton administration outwardly appeared democratic, in fact, it operated like the Russian communist government behind-the-scenes. Witness what happened to the Russian Kursk submarine. Russia had done nothing to provote this attack. It was attacked by American Jesuits under the Clinton administration.

Who was behaving like communists in this instance? Russia or the United States?

Maybe the term “pro-Western” should get a new definition: Russian communism parading as pro-Western democracy.

Check out what happened at Waco, TX or the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City or with Randy Weaver’s wife in Idaho (under the Jesuit-run communistic Clinton administration)– because THIS IS EXACTLY HOW RUSSIA OPERATED UNDER COMMUNISM.

Get Dr. Ruckman’s help in defining what the Associated Press means by “pro-Western”. We need a clear definition of this loosely used term “pro-Western”. And then maybe we’ll get a clearer picture of what this article “Russia less enchanting to West” is talking about.

Vladimir has informed me that the hand with the wedding ring (which appears towards the bottom of the photograph in today’s article)–that this hand was inserted into the photograph and that he has never had a photograph of himself taken like this. Apparently, the hand is not Vladimir’s hand–but is made to appear to be Vladimir’s hand. This makes sense, because it would not be a good legal strategy for Vladimir to advertise any wedding ring–since the Jesuits have been so fanatical in creating a “ring” conspiracy.

Vladimir has my permission to use the video footage of myself (when I taught school in October 2003 at Landmark Christian High School) in which a student rolled a ring toward the front of the classroom and I picked the ring up and threw it in the trash. And then I had the student search threw the trash bin to get his ring. In fact, this is one of the reasons I lost my job. Vladimir can use footage from this incident on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. However, protect that student by not showing his face or enough of his features for anyone to figure him out. In fact, you may not need to show that student’s body at all. Just show his hand digging through the trash. I want Vladimir to show this footage on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to show how Vladimir and I feel about the Jesuits’ “ring” conspiracy against us.

Vladimir and I would like to say in regard to this blasphemous article called “Russia less enchanting to West” and, that is, that Russia’s relationship with the United States is the closest it has ever been in all the history of U.S./Russia relations–thanks to the close friendship between Vladimir Putin and Pres. George W. Bush. Russia has begun building the house to honor Pres. Bush.

Though Howard Hughes was anti-communist, both Vladimir Putin and myself admire him for his anti-communist stand and we believe that is why the Jesuits targeted Howard Hughes. Because at that time (in the 1960s and 1970s), the Jesuits were behind the Communist movement. Actually, they still are.

Isn’t the U.S. Pentagon building shaped like a ring? I don’t know if I’m onto something or not.

But maybe anything shaped like a ring had better watch out for a Jesuit attack.

I wonder what would happen to jets, if satellite technology was used to cut off (like a ring) sections near the openings where the jet exhaust comes out–you know the two sections (holes) on each wing and the hole at the end of the jet? Maybe satellite technology could be used to cut off the edge of the hole where the jet exhaust comes out. Doesn’t exhaust come out from two holes on the two wings and then one hole at the end of the jet? This makes a total of FIVE HOLES. Maybe five “rings” will be lopped off the jets (using satellite technology)–I imagine the jet wouldn’t work so well, if this happened. In fact, it would crash and be totally out of the control of the pilot.

I believe I noticed an emphasis on the number 5 in today’s paper. The article “Texan flew first, town says” (Florida Today) in the Space and Science Section says at the bottom: See Texan, 5C. But it says this also at the bottom of another section of the article ON ANOTHER PAGE. This is a deliberate mistake and is an attempt to draw attention to TEXAN and 5 and C. The Jesuits are up to something with the number 5.

Texan–like my sister in Harlingen, TX?
Or like where Howard Huges died–which was over Brownsville, TX?
Or C like the C in Chord?
5, like the 5 holes on a jet? Or the five RINGS on a jet?

Do a FINANCIAL HISTORY on everyone who wrote this article, “Texan flew first, town says”. Both Howard Hughes and Brent Spiner are/were from Houston, Texas. Pres. Bush is from Texas. My sister lives in Texas. I used to live in Houston for 3 years.

The Jesuits are up to something in Texas. The Columbia shuttle crashed over Texas.

I guess the jet would crash, if all five of its “holes” were lopped off. Is this the Jesuits’ “ring” conspiracy? I may be wrong about this. I’m not as smart or as interested in jets as my relative Howard Hughes was. I’m not even sure a jet has five holes, maybe it has three–but maybe it has five. If so, I may be onto something. Also, notice the big picture at the bottom of page 5C–there are 4 holes plus one big hole or “ring” (it looks like the hole where the exhaust comes out of a jet)–kind of like 4 holes “rings” on the two wings and the one big hole “ring” at the end of the jet? And the construction workers look like they are sitting on the edge of the wing of a jet. This is a careerbuilder ad (and I have a job interview in 2 days)–where the 5 holes are. Find out who is behind this ad and do a FINANCIAL HISTORY on everyone behind this ad.

Note: All this is in the MONEY Section. Howard Hughes? Pilot? Billionaire? Chord family? Financed the first satellite? And then this satellite was used by Jesuits to kill him.

Also, notice the steering wheel (it looks like an illuminated ring–and it’s very close to where pg. 5C is printed) in the photo in the upper right corner of pg. 5C. It looks ILLUMINATED–and then there’s an American flag right above it. It looks like an ILLUMINATED (or on fire ring). It’s also a photo of a PILOT in the cockpit. Pit for Andrew Pitts? Are the Jesuits planning on crashing a jet by lopping off the five rings (holes) on a jet. That means five fiery rings would fall off the jet or maybe what’s left behind would be on fire and in the shape of 5 rings (on fire).

Time now is 2:21 p.m. and Harold Copus (guest commentator) on FOX News is behaving like a Jesuit–give him a FINANCIAL HISTORY and broadcast the results on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Laurie Dhue is interviewing him.

Time now is 3:30 p.m. and Vladimir tells me (via 666-Computer) that we have already found hundreds of jets where satellite technology has been used to weaken the area near the holes (where the exhaust comes out on the wings and at the back of the jet) and these jets have been grounded. So, apparently, we have (hopefully) foiled another Jesuit plot. Of course, now the Jesuits are going to claim that we framed them.

Do CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on all involved in this latest Jesuit plot (involving the exhaust holes or “rings” of jets) to see who KNEW and did NOT KNOW about this latest plot and WHEN they KNEW about it. Obviously, if Vladimir and I just figured it out today and some others knew about it two weeks ago, we can pretty much figure out who is really behind this latest “jet ring–exhaust” orchestration to crash jets (with the assistance of satellite technology). We will publish the results of these CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Because our intelligence has improved (thanks to my CONSPIRACY LAWS)–we are getting better at foiling Jesuit plots against us.

Actually, I don’t think I’m too smart. I think God helps me a lot. To me, it’s not a big deal that I inherited Howard Hughes’ brains. Apparently, it didn’t help him. They killed him and he never figured out that he was being attacked by computer and satellite. When you’re dealing with Jesuits, you need more than a genius I.Q.–you need God.

Bible believers: Please pray that we find a way to block the Jesuits’ use of satellite technology as a war weapon. It appears, despite the deadline with the death penalty in my RCL:ST document, that we haven’t yet received much useful information about how to deal with this satellite problem.

I have made updates to my Russian Criminal Law: Space Technology document to help us deal with the threat of SPACE CONSPIRATORS and the use of criminal satellite technology. I have added Section 20. Please refer to the document for this update.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-21-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-21-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-21-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-21-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-21-03
Place: Melbourne, FL