Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-22-2003)

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12-22-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir seems to tell me (via 666-Computer) that the man who is supposed to interview me for a job tomorrow (Bill Santner) is a Jesuit. I called Mr. Santner this morning to let him know that I seem to be suffering from the flu and have a ways to drive, and that I’m willing to show up for tomorrow’s interview, but that it may not be advisable. I’m waiting for him to call me back. He wasn’t available when I tried to call him this morning at (954) 321-2902.

Also, Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that after reading the Jesuits’ memory banks, he has determined that the Jesuits conducted genetic profiles on people to determine those whom they felt would be a threat to their goals. Those with negative genetic profiles were targeted, in order to be eliminated or for their influence to be ruined. Vladimir seems to tell me (via 666-Computer) that the Jesuits determined from my genetic profile that my profile matches very closely the genetic profile of Howard Hughes (more so than some of his other relatives). And, for this reason, the Jesuits paid extra attention to me and watched me very closely. Apparently, they determined this about me in 1957 (when I was born).

This is new information which we just acquired (as a result of reading the Jesuits’ memory banks via 666-Computer).

I do recall that about 20 or more years ago, my mother told me that I almost died as a newborn infant because the 1st month of my life I was very ill. Now that we know about the Jesuits’ genetic profile of me, this illness may not have been an accident.

Do CONSPIRACY HISTORIES on myself, Vladimir Putin, my mother, Bill Fuller and any others relevant to this case–to determine who KNEW and who did NOT KNOW about the use of Jesuit genetic profiles (to determine who they would target and who they would not target). Important highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Obviously, if my mother, Vladimir or myself did not know about the Jesuits’ genetic profiles (until today) then what we say is true about them (if the Jesuits are the only ones who KNEW about their genetic profiles–then we have not framed them and they are truly guilty of using genetic profiles on people in order to determine who they will target).

Vladimir and I have determined that the Jesuits’ present strategy against us is to try to draw attention to Howard Hughes and anything about his life, because by doing so, this draws attention to my ethnography. Any willing attempt (direct or indirect) to draw attention to Howard Hughes (outside of RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) will result in the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR (especially if this attempt is designed to draw attention to the fact that Gail Schuler is related to Howard Hughes). Vladimir and I do not desire to draw attention to Howard Hughes, since this gives the Jesuits more opportunities to create conspiracies in which to kill people and to blame these murders on us. Gail may watch The Carpetbaggers in order to determine ways to come up with a good legal defense against the Jesuits, but she will do this privately (if she does so). See Section 6 of General 666-Computer Laws.

At around 2:19 p.m., the Jesuits synchronized a “conspiracy”–they somehow turned off the water in the spicket where I was doing dishes, turned off the television set in the living room (I was watching FOX News) and turned off my computer (all at the same time). I generally keep the computer on all day, so that I can have ready access to my statements–but when I’m not at the computer, I “hide” my work–I hit the button that “hides” it–I don’t know what this procedure is called–usually the screen saver is all that is seen on the screen. I had to come back into WordPerfect and start up the program, because it was turned off by this clever Jesuit synchronized maneuver. Find out all who were involved in this synchronized effort and give those willingly involved the death penalty. Any attempt to draw attention to a conspiracy, is an attempt to kill and to blame it on an innocent party.

Time now is 2:24 p.m.–I just heard about an earthquake that hit near a HEARST (William Randolph Hearst–the ROMAN CATHOLIC news media giant??) castle in California. I heard about it AFTER I WROTE THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH. It hit around 2:15 p.m. EST. I would like to mention that William Randolf Hearst is/was a Roman Catholic publisher. Present evidence on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS that William Randolph Hearst is a ROMAN CATHOLIC publisher (and then mention all newspapers and news media outlets controlled or significantly influenced by William Randolph Hearst). By the way, this is the publisher that controls and manages Florida Today (which is the newspaper received at this house). Very interesting. . .The Gannett string of newspapers (USA Today, Florida Today) are managed by William Randolph Hearst. And this publisher controls most of the news media in the United States.

We know what God thinks about the U.S. news media, when it’s controlled by the Roman Catholic Church!!

I’m not sure what to make of this earthquake, but it appears (to me) that God sent it. It seems a little too deep in the earth to have been engineered by humans. Apparently, the Jesuits orchestrated the above incident which involved my television set, my spicket water and my computer (see paragraph above) to make it appear that humans (who were against the Jesuits) engineered this earthquake.

Do a special on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS about what types of earthquakes can be engineered by satellite technology and what types of earthquakes could not be engineered by satellite technology–and then make an analysis as to whether today’s San Luis Obispo, CA earthquake could have been engineered by humans. This would be an interesting study (to determine what kind of earthquakes could be human engineered). Have a special presentation on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS regarding this. Satellite technology can engineer some earthquakes–present a study to show what kind of earthquakes can be engineered by human advanced technology and what kind of earthquakes cannot be engineered by humans (with our present technology).

I want FINANCIAL HISTORIES done on everyone who works at CNN News. Broadcast highlights from these HISTORIES on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. There was a headline on CNN Headline News that described the earthquake as “shallow” in quotes–imitating my writing style. Of course, this was on CNN HEADLINE NEWS. Actually, the name of our news station is RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS, so, from now on, that’s what I’ll call it.

RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS will do a special presentation in “Perspectives from History”, in which (using the book The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan as our primary source) we will show how much wealth the Vatican has (which means how much the Jesuits have)–how this wealth was acquired, what it has been done with this wealth, etc. Check with Dr. Ruckman for more references about the Vatican’s wealth. We will give the world a thorough history lesson regarding Vatican finances. Also, if (through 666-Computer studies) we determine that the Jesuits have stolen money from Howard Hughes (including confiscating his will and stealing some [or all] of Howard Hughes’ inheritance–so that his relatives would not get what they should have gotten when Howard Hughes died)–this also, will be exposed on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. All allegations which we bring up against the Vatican and/or the Jesuits (regarding their financial crimes) will be backed up by evidence. Because the Jesuits are so good at covering up their crimes, we will probably have to rely heavily on 666-Computer evidence.

I feel it is necessary to educate the world regarding the Vatican’s wealth because it is tremendous and the Vatican is the most powerful stockbroker in the world. When we realize the tremendous wealth of the Vatican, many of the orchestrations (which the Jesuits pull off) will make more sense.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-22-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-22-03
Place: Melbourne, FL