Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-24-2003)

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12-24-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

See Sect. 77.03, which I’ve added to all my CONSPIRACY LAWS. An EMOTIONAL HISTORY is necessary every time a FINANCIAL HISTORY is conducted to determine if the person was forced (against their will) to take a Jesuit bribe.

I would recommend that PLP networks from each country not allow integration of PLPs from other countries into their network. This should simplify law enforcement (whenever any PLP is determined to be an alleged JESUIT CONSPIRATOR). For instance, there should be no Israeli PLPs in the German PLP network. No German PLPs should be in the Israeli PLP network. Each country’s PLP network should only have PLPs who are citizens of ONE COUNTRY (as much as possible). I recommend this, in order to lessen legal complications. I highly recommend that each NEIGHBOR country mete out the judgments and penalties for its own citizens, including its PLPs (who are determined to be JESUIT CONSPIRATORS); and that (if possible) other countries not get involved. Let each NEIGHBOR country have its own autonomy. If you have PLPs from another country within the PLP network of that country, it overly complicates matters. So I recommend no integration of PLPs from one country into another country’s PLP network. This does not mean that a PLP cannot have 666-Computer control over a DESIGNATED PERSON (see CONSPIRACY LAWS) from another country (just don’t make it so that the PLP has 666-Computer control over a PLP from the other country)–it just means that the PLP, himself, should only be under the 666-Computer control of his own countrymen. I don’t want an Israeli PLP to have 666-Computer control over a German PLP, for instance. The membership of the PLP networks should be strictly segregated (by country)–and should only include PLPs who are citizens of that country (and that the PLP network should not include PLPs who are citizens of other countries). I don’t encourage a PLP network that has a mix of American and German citizens (as its PLPs), for instance. Make the PLP network all German citizens, or all American citizens. We need to keep this simple and keep the countries segregated (when it comes to the PLP networks), or it gives the Jesuits too many opportunities to use the “race card” in orchestrating conspiracies (which revolve around the PLPs).

Any PLP (who, himself, is not an extortion victim) that extorts another PLP to take a Jesuit bribe or extorts another PLP to commit any act (which is an act of a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR) will get the death penalty.

I want a special presentation to be done on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS about church history. Have Dr. Ruckman determine the content of this church history documentary, which will be presented in RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS on “Perspectives from History”. Dr. Ruckman is very knowledgable about church history. I believe it is very possible that if my relative Howard Hughes was knowledgable about church history, that he may not have been murdered by the Jesuits, because he would have figured out a way to expose them and prevent his own death. You see, Howard Hughes’ problem was that he was attacking the part of the enemy plant ABOVE THE GROUND and he didn’t attack the ROOTS. He really did not have a clear picture of who his enemy was, and so his enemy got him. If he had known church history, he may have been wiser in dealing with his enemies, and may have been more clever in outwitting his enemies. I think it is very important that the world have a knowledge about CHURCH HISTORY. Let Dr. Ruckman organize the presentation of this church history special for RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Dr. Ruckman will be able to help you find the documentation you need for the church history special on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. Give him the amount of broadcast time that he feels he needs to do this subject (church history) justice. This is a very important subject.

The missionary (to Brazil) who was arrested in Miami–I want a thorough FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on this guy to determine his Jesuit involvement. The highlights from these HISTORIES (done on this missionary to Brazil) will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

I listened to all the tapes in Dr. Ruckman’s church history series and it was one of the best educations I ever received. Present evidence (from my 666-Computer memory searches) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS that I listened to Dr. Ruckman’s church history tapes (back around 1988 or 1989); and because I did, and because of the knowledge which I received from this very important subject –that is why I recommend that this very important history be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS’ “Perspectives from History”. This may be the most important history lesson yet on “Perspectives from History”. My personal opinion is that if one does not know church history, that one knows NOTHING about history!! Time now is about 12:45 p.m.

Time now is 12:55 p.m.–I want a thorough CONSPIRACY HISTORY done on my mother (and on anyone else the Jesuits may bring up) to determine if she (or anyone else the Jesuits bring up) knew that my genetic profile was almost identical to Howard Hughes. Though she was aware that I may be related to him, I don’t think she had any idea how close my genetic profile was to him. Also, use this HISTORY to determine if she knew how obsessed the Jesuits were (and are) about my genetic relationship to Howard Hughes. I think she had no idea that the Jesuits considered this such a big deal and I want her CONSPIRACY HISTORY to be presented to prove that this is so– in order to establish that my mother had no idea how significant my relationship to Howard Hughes was to the Jesuits. Any evidence presented from the CONSPIRACY HISTORIES (of any person the Jesuits may accuse of being part of a “Howard Hughes” conspiracy) will be verified by SWORN STATEMENTS from those who do the 666-Computer search and from attorneys and from whoever else may be necessary. Anyone who makes a deliberately false SWORN STATEMENT in regard to this matter will get the death penalty.

This knowledge that my genetic profile so closely matches Howard Hughes is a shock to us all. It seems the only ones who knew about my “Howard Hughes” genetic profile were THE JESUITS. And now that we know their secret, they are claiming that we are lying and that we knew about the importance of Howard Hughes to this Spiner/Putin/Schuler case all along. We most certainly DID NOT know about this! Do any CONSPIRACY HISTORIES you have to do, to establish that we are SHOCKED that my genetic profile so closely resembles Howard Hughes– and that this is a VERY RECENT REVELATION TO US.

Confirm that my mother, Vladimir, myself and all my family members (if this is the case) had NO IDEA that my paternal grandfather’s brother was Howard Hughes. My dad is a stranger to me, so I’m not sure what my dad knows (or knew) about this matter. But my dad is a very quiet man and he knows how to keep his mouth shut. It’s possible he never told my mother. If this is the case, use CONSPIRACY HISTORIES to verify that my mother DID NOT KNOW THAT MY GRANDFATHER WAS HOWARD HUGHES’ BROTHER. MAKE SURE TO USE SWORN STATEMENTS (UNDER 666-COMPUTER LIE DETECTION) FROM THOSE WHO ARE PRESENTING THE EVIDENCE. You can use FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES (as well) if you feel these would be useful. Make sure all evidence presented regarding this “Howard Hughes” conspiracy is backed up with SWORN STATEMENTS that are verified by 666-Computer lie-detection. Anyone who makes a deliberately false sworn statement (in regard to this “Howard Huges” conspiracy) will get the death penalty☛this fact will be mentioned on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

If it is correct that my mother and most of my family did not know (what the Jesuits claim we knew) about Howard Hughes’ significance to the Schuler/Putin/Spiner case–then the SWORN STATEMENTS regarding this evidence that we did not know all this stuff the Jesuits claim that we knew about Howard Hughes (along with the evidence that we did not know Howard Hughes was my grandfather’s brother or about the close match between my genetic profile and Howard Hughes’) will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

If my father knew, establish that my father NEVER COMMUNICATES WITH US and he kept this a secret from us.

Time is 10:05 p.m. and I just added Sect. 2.305 to 666-Computer Laws for PLPs. Please refer to this document for the update.

XXXX–G.S. (12-24-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-24-03
Place: Melbourne, FL