Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-25-2003)

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12-25-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time now is about 10 a.m. I do not feel that God sent the recent California earthquake to honor me, though He may be honoring the fact that I am descended from KING DAVID (simply because that is Jesus Christ’s family). The best way for God to honor me would be to let me marry a great man and have my own home, so I don’t have to live with my bossy mother. Everytime my mother opens her mouth, she dishonors God with her speech.

I feel the reason that God sent that earthquake was to CONDEMN THE WHORE or the JESUITS. In fact, I think all the earthquakes which He has sent are earthquakes of JUDGMENT.

When you study the Bible, earthquakes are associated with JUDGMENT. If you’ll notice, in the Bible, God sent a BIG earthquake when CHRIST DIED. CHRIST’S DEATH WAS A JUDGMENT ON SIN BECAUSE HIS DEATH WAS THE PAYMENT FOR MANKIND’S SINS. My point is that earthquakes are associated with judgment and not with the worship of puny men. I believe, that earthquakes are a JUDGMENT.


You must understand God. And the only way to understand God is to read the Bible–which most people never do. You want to know what God thinks about mankind’s habit of extolling men? Read 2 Corinthians 10:12–”For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”

You might say, but you claim to be descended from Kings David and Solomon and you say God honors your royal Jewish line. Well, I do know that God (in His Word) honors the Jewish race and His royal Davidic line–but that’s only because that is the family of Jesus Christ. You must also understand that God expects more from those who are from His family. That is why the nation of Israel is currently under a severe judgment from God (for her sins) and this judgment will only get worse, since Israel, in her current state is in rebellion to God. Until the nation of Israel recognizes (as a nation) that Jesus Christ is her Messiah, God will continue to purge the nation of Israel until she repents and humbles herself before God and purges herself from her idols. AN IDOL IS ANYTHING THAT IS WORSHIPPED ABOVE GOD. Believe me, the United States is full of idolatry. I’m in the book of Isaiah right now and my personal opinion is that the BIGGEST ANTI-SEMITE OF THE UNIVERSE IS GOD ALMIGHTY.

Read the book of Isaiah for yourself and see what I mean.

Now I happen to be a sinful person of royal Jewish descent who has accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and maybe for this reason, God chooses to use me as the sorry instrument to glorify His own family (the royal Davidic line). But I am certain that God’s purpose for doing this is not for people to GLORIFY ME, but for people to recognize that JESUS CHRIST IS DESCENDED FROM KING DAVID and for people to GLORIFY JESUS CHRIST. Also, just because a person is descended from King David does not mean they will be sinless. Many of those that were descended from David, like Rehoboam, were evil kings. But, for some reason, God chooses to use me to draw attention to His royal line.

Maybe God deliberately allows the world to see my sins, so as to insure that I WON’T BE GLORIFIED–and yet, God chooses to use me to glorify the ROYAL DAVIDIC LINE because I am descended from King David—and because Jesus Christ, the Son of David, will be the supreme ruler of the world.

I think God wants to make it plain that it will be a SON OF DAVID on the throne in Jerusalem and NOT A POPE OR A FALSE CHRIST, or one who falsely claims to be a Son of David.

Anyone who claims to be a Messiah, who is not descended from King David, is a FRAUD–


He says: Don’t trust any Messiah, who is not descended from King David.

The Bible says OVER AND OVER AND OVER that the Messiah will be a Son of DAVID.

The Bible predicts that a FALSE CHRIST WILL ARISE, WHO WILL CLAIM TO BE JESUS CHRIST–but this false Christ will not be descended from King David–so he will be a FRAUD. By the way, the real Christ, who will be a SON OF DAVID, will not show up until the nation of Israel recognizes that the SON OF DAVID, Jesus Christ, is her Messiah. Israel has not done this yet, so THE NATION OF ISRAEL IS UNDER SEVERE JUDGMENT FROM GOD.

Worse yet, the Jews said that they had NO KING BUT CAESAR–John 19:15 (while they crucified their own Messiah–the SON OF DAVID). And who has been the greatest persecutor of Jews since they said this? Take a guess. The ROMAN Catholic Church.

However, don’t take this to mean that God supports those who target Jews. If you study history, every nation that has harmed the Jewish race has paid for it dearly. And God will destroy the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (don’t get Catholic people confused with the organization called the Roman Catholic Church). And, by the way, I admire Pope John Paul II for his courage in allowing us to expose the corruption within his own church. The Jesuits are mad at this pope.
In fact, have Dr. Ruckman sponsor a special study in “Perspectives from History” about what has happened to nations that have harmed the Jewish race. The Jewish race is GOD’S FAMILY and you don’t attack His family without getting into BIG TROUBLE. God made special promises to Abraham in the Bible and God never breaks His promise.

In Acts 7, when Stephen was stoned, God HAD IT with Israel, and temporarily cast the nation of Israel aside. But God is not FINISHED WITH ISRAEL, as the Bible-rejecting ROMAN Catholic Church has claimed over the centuries.

This FRAUD or FALSE MESSIAH will be 666 or the ROMAN JESUIT POPE (notice in Rev. 17–the Whore sits on ROME’s 7 hills). From what I understand, the FRAUDULENT MESSIAH will not be a descendant of King David, BUT HE WILL BE OF JEWISH ANCESTRY (so he will be a clever imitation). HE WILL BE A LEOPARD or a MIXED BREED. He will be a clever imitation. Yeah, we know the Jesuits are good at this.

When Israel gets right with God–and SHE WILL. Then God will rule the world with Israel as the lead nation and with Israel’s Messiah, the SON OF DAVID, JESUS CHRIST, as the supreme dictator of the world.

And, I think that’s why God sends the earthquakes, in order to honor His ROYAL DAVIDIC LINE and to show His judgment against those who OPPOSE HIS ROYAL DAVIDIC LINE.

What God, in effect, is saying with the earthquakes is this: “You can stick up your nose at me all you want and continue to serve the Whore–BUT I’M GOING TO WIN IN THE END! And my Son, who is DESCENDED FROM KING DAVID will rule over you, whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. And I’m going to kick that Whore (along with her phony JESUIT POPE) off her throne.”

If any Messiah shows up and he isn’t descended from KING DAVID, he’s a FRAUD. God uses the earthquakes to emphasize how important it is that anyone who claims to be the MESSIAH MUST BE DESCENDED FROM KING DAVID.

Have you noticed how brilliant the Jesuits are at FRAUD? And how good they are at imitating the genuine? Can’t you see they are the precursors to 666? 666 is the FALSE CHRIST who will temporarily rule over the world–that is, until the REAL JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF DAVID, COMES BACK TO BEAT HIM UP☛THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON.

Read the Bible, you Bible jack-asses and get an education. Time now is 10:50 a.m.

I just turned on the news at around 11 a.m.

Time now is 1:35 p.m. Jesuits are using satellite to mess with my mom’s washing machine and trying to make it look like she’s trying to show off her satellite knowledge. Do a CONSPIRACY HISTORY on my mom (and anyone else the Jesuits may bring up) to see if she is aware of what the Jesuits are up to with her washing machine and to see if she expected her washing machine to “act up” today. Broadcast any significant findings from these HISTORIES on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Let’s find out who KNEW and did NOT KNOW that my mother’s washing machine would act up today. By the way, if you find out who is REALLY BEHIND this satellite “washing machine” conspiracy–give them the death penalty for drawing attention to my ETHNOGRAPHY. I’m attempting to wash my underwear and clothes and the Jesuits want to draw attention to this.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Time now is 3:45 p.m. I just had a phone conversation with my sister that struck me as strange. I want a thorough FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on my sister (Sandra Metcalf), who lives in Harlingen, TX. Do FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES on all of my sister’s family (including her husband and the family of her in-laws) as well. Also, do a thorough FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on my father, Robert Leonard Chord, (who lives in Melbourne, FL) and his wife and on all his family and on the family of his in-laws. I want a thorough FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY done on all of my blood relatives and on all of their spouses and of the families of their in-laws. To be fair, also do a thorough FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on myself, my mother and Bill Fuller (my step-dad) and on all our relatives and Bill Fuller’s relatives (including relatives in Japan or outside of the United States). Any significant or important points from these HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Don’t forget that many of King David’s descendants were responsible for the downfall of Israel. There was quite a line of evil kings (who were descended from King David) that followed after King David. I believe that if this royal Davidic line had stayed right with God, that Israel never would have lost her country. It was the sin of Israel’s kings (who were descended from King David) that caused the nation to fall. But God still honors the Davidic line, because He chooses to have His Son come from this family.

It’s obvious that God doesn’t want people to worship me–which is a GOOD THING. THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER. Lest we be too hard on the Jews, I’d like to say that I don’t think any other race is better than the Jews. We live on a sin-cursed planet. Every race and nation bombs out–as far as God is concerned.

But God makes it plain that he HATES THE WHORE. See Rev. 17. If there’s ever an organization that God despises–it’s the WHORE or the JESUIT ORDER.

The only perfect descendant of King David is JESUS CHRIST.

Howard Hughes’ genetic profile is about a 90% match up to King David’s genetic profile. Now how this has happened, is strange indeed–since Howard Hughes would be about 40 generations from King David. We figured this out by studying the genetic profiles of Howard Hughes’ family (going back generation by generation). Jews DON’T CREMATE THEIR DEAD.

Vladimir seems to tell me (via 666-Computer) that my genetic profile is almost 90% identical to Howard Hughes–the other 10% of my profile lines up very strongly with my royal Russian blood from Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. My father’s genetic profile is about 70% identical to Howard Hughes. My son’s genetic profile is about 80% identical to Howard Hughes. My sister’s genetic profile is about 70% identical to Howard Hughes. Vladimir and I are still trying to figure out why the genes line up like they do. Royal genes are dominant and royal genes attract royal genes, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. So, if both mother and father have royal genes, it seems to indicate that the offspring will have a heavy line-up of royal genes–but maybe this isn’t so.

Also, the Jesuits used the 666-Computer to remove some of my brain cells (over the past 20 or more years) in order to lessen my I.Q. Vladimir is trying to replace these brain cells.

You want to know what I think about all this obsession over my genes. I THINK THIS WORLD IS CRAZY!!!

Have Dr. Ruckman do a Biblical study on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS about the Beast or 666–you can make this a combination interview with video footage format–kind of like a documentary with Dr. Ruckman as a commentator. This study about the Beast can be incorporated into “Perspectives from History”. In this study, show the connections between the Beast and the current day Jesuit Order. Make sure to show the Biblical evidence for the Jewish ancestry of the Beast. This study about the Beast is relevant to “Perspectives from History” because the Jesuits are a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. Our prime terrorist is a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION–so we need to delve into some religion to explain how this organization operates.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-25-03
Place: Melbourne, FL