Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-27-2003)

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12-27-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Time is around 9 to 10 a.m. I received a phone call from someone (who hung up on me) at NATIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT. They said they wanted to offer me a pay-off for my Capital One card, but Vladimir tells me the card has already been paid off. See my previous statement regarding my K-Mart/Capital One card. I want this call traced and all persons (directly and indirectly) involved with this call (including my mother [who overheard the conversation], myself and all my family member) must undergo thorough FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORIES. The death penalty will be meted out (according to my laws) for anyone who was willingly involved in any attempt to draw attention to this card. I was informed by Vladimir that this card has been PAID OFF with funds from Howard Hughes’ inheritance to me. So, whoever was behind this phone call to me is trying to draw attention to my ethnography and deserves the DEATH PENALTY. Nevertheless, we need to determine who is an extortion victim, because only WILLING JESUIT CONSPIRATORS will be executed.

I want Dr. Peter Ruckman to assist us in giving us the documentation for a program on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS where he will assist RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS in its respond to any Catholic/Jesuit attempts (especially through the news media) to justify the Jesuit Order. Dr. Ruckman does not have to assist us (in this matter) everyday, but whenever he has the time. Eventually, we may be able to wean ourselves from his services (in this area). Our RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS team will have a group of researchers who will specialize in scouring the worldwide established news media to see what the Jesuits are putting out through the established press. These researchers will be called the PROPAGANDA RESEARCH TEAM. The PROPAGANDA RESEARCH TEAM will report their results to Dr. Ruckman on a daily (or more often) basis–to help Dr. Ruckman keep abreast of the latest Jesuit activities through the news media.

This is something Dr. Ruckman is probably not really interested in–since he finds the news media nauseating. Maybe just have him teach our researchers how to research (because Dr. Ruckman knows many of the unconventional news sources that we may not be aware of) and to just give us the sources we need to deal with the propaganda (which comes out). After this, we may not need Dr. Ruckman for this, except for on an occasional basis.

What Dr. Ruckman is really interested in are Germans, the Bible and the military. The news media is a bore to him, but he happens to be very knowledgable in this area.

The Jesuits are constantly coming up with new strategies (via the news media and the press) to make themselves look separate from the Al-Qaeda organization and other terrorist organizations. They are also attempting to make themselves look like a benign CHRISTIAN organization and that they have no interest in manipulating a nation’s economy or in manipulating the finances of people who are of interest to them. This is baloney. They are using the news media to spread this propaganda. So we will ask Dr. Ruckman to help us find the documentation to counter the baloney the Jesuits pour out through the news media. He will assist us in our attempt to help the world have an accurate picture (through RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS) of the true nature and attitude of the Jesuit Order.

Dr. Ruckman is an excellent researcher–but I am aware that he’s not very interested in what the news media has to say–so we will not force him in this area. The Jesuits are attempting to make themselves appear to be a benign organization. Let Dr. Ruckman assist us (if he wants) by giving us the documentation for a special program on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS to counter the Jesuit propaganda campaign. This Jesuit propaganda campaign is an attempt to make the Jesuits appear to be a benign organization. Anytime the Jesuits use the news media to justify themselves or use the news media to change their image (in order to fool people about their true nature)– allow Dr. Ruckman to assist us in our response–which will be a response to counter the Jesuit news media propaganda [which is designed to “sugar coat” the Jesuit Order and its motives and attitudes].

We will call this program, “Our Response to Jesuit Propaganda through the Established News Media”.

Let Dr. Ruckman be in charge of preparing the documentation for this program, and allow him all the input he wants for this special program☛ which will be our attempt to counter Jesuit propaganda lies (via the established news media) with the truth. I anticipate that eventually our PROPAGANDA RESEARCH TEAM will get so good, that we will be able to wean ourselves from Dr. Ruckman.

Make sure Dr. Ruckman helps us to cover the Jesuits’ extensive criminal financial network and that he mentions their INTENSE INTEREST IN FINANCIAL MATTERS and their interest in manipulating nations’ economies and in manipulating the finances of people who are of interest to them. In fact, that’s why the Jesuits have very successfully kept me in poverty.

Have him show from history how manipulating a country’s economy and inducing poverty among the populace helps Jesuits to control a country better. Have Dr. Ruckman show that most Catholic-dominated countries are poor countries and that this is no accident–it’s part of Jesuit strategy when they takeover a country. It’s easier to manipulate poor people than rich people.

Regarding p. 39A from The Herald (a Broward Country, FL paper) 12-26-03–”Royals try to regain glory — or at least property” and p. 43A “Some Secrets should not be taken to grave”. Scour this newspaper and any other newspaper that is significant to the Schuler/Putin legal case and if anymore articles (or anything is found) in these papers which are designed to draw attention to mine or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography, mete out the death penalty to those who are willingly involved in such a scheme. Do a FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and CONSPIRACY HISTORY on everyone that is behind these articles. Any significant findings will be broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. These articles seem to be an attempt to draw attention to my ethnography and if that is the case, mete out the death penalty.

As for my response to the article on p. 39A, read Ecclesiastes 10:16-17 in the Bible. We’ll let God have the final say, men’s opinions don’t matter.

Time now is 6:11 p.m. My left eye is itching and Powder’s left eye has been acting up for months. Even though the itching is not severe, it is not good to draw attention to my left eye–since this draws attention to the 666-Computer. Find out what’s going on. Also, when I went to get the vacuum cleaner and had to open the garage door to get it, Powder (the white cat) came up to me from the driveway outside in order to go inside–which is unusual for this cat, since she usually never volunteers to come inside when I call her. So, it appears, there is an attempt to create a “Powder–left eye” conspiracy.

At around 6:45 p.m. the Jesuits used satellite technology to cause the wind-up clock in my mother’s room to go off. The Jesuits have done this before. Find out who’s behind this and execute anyone who was a willing partner in this scheme. This is another attempt to draw attention to my ethnography and deserves the death penalty.

All attempts to draw attention to my ethnography (or any SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography) are attempts to set up murders and to blame an innocent party for the murders, so we have absolutely no tolerance for any attempts to draw attention to any SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography.

I made important updates to Sections 6.0 and 6.6 in my GENERAL 666-COMPUTER LAWS document. Please see the document for the updates. I have clarified what is in an ethnography and the importance of meting out the death penalty for those who attempt to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography IN ORDER TO SET UP A CONSPIRACY.

Vladimir has informed me that U.S. Presidential candidate Howard Dean was behind the alarm that went off in my mother’s room and that he is a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. Howard Dean (as willing and knowing conspirator) is also part of a plot to murder my sister (via 666-Computer). Probably the worst punishment we could give this Jesuit (Howard Dean) is exposure. So make sure that what I just typed in this paragraph is broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. We will think of another punishment (besides the immediate death penalty) for Howard Dean–since the immediate death penalty (in this case) would strengthen the Jesuits’ case. We are not violating my conspiracy laws by not immediately executing this Jesuit–see Sect. 77.13 of all my CONSPIRACY LAWS. If Mr. Dean has already made a confession and must be executed because he continues to commit capital crimes (see Sect. 77.13), we can give him a delayed execution. It’s up to us how long we want to delay the execution! Make sure that everytime this Jesuit (Howard Dean) commits crimes that he gets MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for all his crimes on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. That would be the worse punishment for this Jesuit. We won’t let this two-bit punk (Howard Dean) defeat us.

Just because the Jesuits have promoted Howard Dean (like they did Loree McBride) and put him in the spotlight (which is what they did with Billy Graham, Loree McBride, and a lot of other two-bit punks)–doesn’t mean he’s anything special or hot. He’s a two-bit punk, who had Jesuit support to bring him into stardom. Jesuits are experts at making a star from GARBAGE. Yeah, but to God, Howard Dean is no star–he’s a two-bit punk (and a NOBODY) and we are going to treat him like a two-bit punk (and a NOBODY). By the time we’re through with him, he won’t stand a chance of getting the U.S. Presidency. I hope President Bush slaughters him at the polls.

Please pray for my mother’s 4 cats, Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that he feels they may be in danger from a Jesuit satellite or 666-Computer attack. If anything happens to my mother’s cats, it could strengthen the Jesuits’ case enough to the point to prevent me from being with Vladimir at this time. And the Jesuits really have me cornered.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-27-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-27-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-27-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12 -27-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-27-03
Place: Melbourne, FL