Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-28-2003)

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12-28-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I read in today’s paper that Libya is calling for Israel to follow Libya’s example in dismantling its nuclear program. I recommend that Israel make the following deal with those nations that have warred against her and are continuing to war against her (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc.). This warfare against Israel is mostly conducted by the sponsoring and the financing of terrorist attacks against Israelis. Israel will dismantle her nuclear program only if all attacks against her (and this includes all terrorist bombings, suicide bombings, nuclear threats, threats of chemical and biological warfare, etc) cease for a period of 3 years. If Israel is not attacked by her neighbors for a period of 3 years, she will dismantle her nuclear program. But if there are any attacks against the nation of Israel within the next 3 years, this indicates that her Jesuit-run neighbors do not have peaceful intent and that she needs the nuclear program in order to defend herself in case of nuclear attack against Israel.

Also, the fact that the Jesuits have a keen interest in genetic profiling of those of Jewish ancestry (see my previous statements regarding how they profiled me for my Jewish ancestry through Howard Hughes), indicates that the JESUIT ORDER is strongly anti-Semitic and would devour Israel in a second if ever given the opportunity. If Israel dismantles her nuclear program–this may be the opportunity the Jesuits seek to destroy Israel. For this reason, Israel has concluded that she must have defensive warfare capability and does not feel it is prudent to dismantle her nuclear program. Israel has concluded that her neighbors are strongly influenced by the JESUIT ORDER and that her neighbors’ goal is to put all Jews in concentration or death camps. Also, Israel believes that the war between the Palestinians and the Jews in Israel could stop within 24 hours if the Jesuits desired to stop this war. Therefore, as long as the terrorist attacks continue against the Jews in Israel, Israel has determined that she is still threatened by the JESUIT ORDER–because this terrorism indicates that the Jesuits still have a desire to eliminate the Jewish race from the planet–as they attempted to do under Adolph Hitler and many other despots. Why else would the Jesuits be so fanatical about genetic profiling–other than to put the Jews back into the camps? Therefore, Israel must have nuclear capabilities to defend herself from all nations which are run by the Jesuits. And, unfortunately, most of these Jesuit-run nations surround Israel.

Israel feels it is a shame that many Palestinians are dying (as well as Jews) from the Jesuit sponsored terrorist attacks. The Jesuits do this to give the Jesuit agents martyr status. Jesuits are famous for killing their own. See Loree McBride. Unfortunately, Israel has no control over Jesuit activities–other than to defend herself from them and to attempt to eliminate Jesuit headquarters (where terrorist activities are plotted and carried out).

You might say, you’re not Ariel Sharon and you don’t represent Israel.

My response: I’ll let Ariel Sharon decide if he wants to use any of my comments in this statement. If he wants to, he has my permission to do so. As far as representing Israel. . .I don’t claim to represent Israel, but I will allow Ariel Sharon to decide if he wants to use any of my comments. From what I’ve observed about Ariel Sharon, I think he agrees with me or that he would not oppose what I have just said. I am descended from King David and to the average Israeli, this would make me one of them. I think the Israelis consider me one of them, even though I am a Christian and was not raised Jewish. I have been a persecuted Jew, just because my genetic profile indicates that I have royal Jewish blood–so, I believe, the Israelis identify with me. I have had many attempts on my life and have really been targeted by Jesuits because of my Jewish genetic profile. So, for this reason, the Israelis would probably respect my opinion. The Israelis and I are partners in suffering under the heavy hand of the Jesuits.

I have an advantage over many Jews in that my whole life I believed my ancestry was totally Gentile (that is, until I was 44). So, because of this, I have a real understanding of how the average Gentile perceives the Jews and I probably have a pretty accurate picture of who the real anti-Semites are. I am not tainted by the preconceptions that many Jewish people are raised with.

For example, I don’t feel Germans are anymore anti-Semitic than anyone else, despite an intense Jesuit propaganda campaign to make them appear this way. I also believe that many Muslims that are anti-Semitic would take a more sympathetic approach towards the Jews, if Jesuit influence was removed from the political and religious systems of the Muslim religion.

I believe the most anti-Semitic organization on the planet (throughout history and currently) is the Roman Catholic Church–and presently, this anti-Semitic attitude in the Roman Catholic Church is very focused in the Jesuit Order. Pope John Paul II seems to be an unusual pope, in that he allows RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS to expose all the corruption in the Roman Catholic Church, so I no longer consider Pope John Paul II to be my enemy or the Jews’ enemy.

My current support for Pope John Paul II does not mean that I support the Roman Catholic Church, it only means that I support Pope John Paul II.

Time now is 2:52 p.m. I just came back from a flea market which is located off of Eau Gallie Rd. and is very close to I-95 (here in Melbourne, FL). I went to this flea market to look for temporary work; but, instead, discovered a very aggressive and comprehensive attempt (by the Jesuits) to draw attention to many SIGNIFICANT PERSONS’ ethnographies. I want thorough FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on everyone who visits (or has visited) this flea market and on all those who organized or had any part (direct or indirect) in the set-up and management of this flea market. Any significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. I am certain that the death penalty will have to be meted out to many people. The Jesuits are testing us to see if we will consistently carry out our laws–IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT WE LET THEM KNOW WE MEAN BUSINESS. If we are inconsistent in the enforcing of the CONSPIRACY LAWS, then the Jesuits will lose respect for our laws and the laws won’t have power to hold back the Jesuits’ criminal activities. We must clamp down and enforce our laws on those JESUIT CONSPIRATORS responsible for this flea market or else we will develop a reputation of being “all talk and no do”. THE JESUITS ARE TESTING US. In fact, if we don’t clamp down on those JESUIT CONSPIRATORS responsible for this flea market–this will encourage the Jesuits to create more criminal conspiracies and to blame us for the conspiracies.

They will say this, “Well, you don’t arrest everyone who is involved in a conspiracy–so that must mean that you were part of that conspiracy and that’s why you didn’t arrest those in the conspiracy.”

We have to be CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT, CONSISTENT in enforcing our laws. If we make an exception for the death penalty–we will document the reason why and back up our reason with evidence. Other than that, METE OUT THE DEATH PENALTY for those who are guilty.

As I walked through the flea market, I pointed out booths that I felt drew attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography. Feel free to use any camera coverage of me (as I walked through this flea market) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

I’ve added Sections 77.14 & 77.15 to all my CONSPIRACY LAWS. Please refer to these documents for the additions.

Do a CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on Dr. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When I glimpsed his program tonight, his behavior was very strange. I don’t consider myself a Presbyterian, but I have often watched Dr. Kennedy’s program in the past. I had some friends at F.S.U. (Jeff Stull) who were from Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (back in the 1970s). Jeff was a pre-med student. I have completely lost track of him, but you may want to give this guy a CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORY (if he’s alive). He was from Plantation, FL and I just went to Plantation for a job interview–so you may want to check this guy out. The Jesuits may be up to something with Coral Ridge and Jeff Stull (not sure of spelling). He was a year behind me at Florida State University and very involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. I haven’t communicated with Jeff since around 1979. Jesuits have made heavy infiltration into the Protestant churches. I do not endorse Campus Crusade or Coral Ridge Presbyterian. I had thought about attending Coral Ridge if I lived in Fort Lauderdale–but I’m not a Presbyterian and I don’t think the Presbyterians teach the Bible correctly.

My experience with Christians has been that I place no trust in any human being or in any church. Dr. Peter Ruckman is a more reliable Christian (I’ve observed him over the years), so I trust him more than any other preacher (not to give in to Jesuit pressure). He’s former military and comes from a family of generals, so he’s tougher than most Christians and is less likely to give in to Jesuit pressure.

Most American Christians don’t have the toughness required to deal with Jesuits. When the pressure’s on them, they “give in” to the Jesuits. Jesuits can be very intimidating and the pressure they put on you is catastrophic. I know. I’ve dealt with them. They literally threaten you with death threats and THEY WILL CARRY THEM OUT. So, you almost have to have the mentality that David had against Goliath to deal with Jesuits, and most Christians don’t have this. This is what it takes to deal with Jesuits–anything less than this approach (that David had against Goliath), and Jesuits can get you to compromise your honor. They are brilliant intimidators. That’s how we know they sponsored the death camps in Nazi Germany. That’s why I think the Jews in Israel can identify with me. I’ve been through experiences very similar to what Israeli Jews have had to deal with in Israel. Most Americans can’t handle pressure like this–they flake out.

You might say, it must be in your genes–that’s why you’re tougher. No, I don’t think that’s the reason. I think it’s because I’m a battle hardened soldier. I’ve been at this war a long time–since around 1991–and I’ve had experience as a soldier in dealing with Jesuits. The difference between myself and the average American is that I’ve been through “Jesuit boot camp” and have had some training and am more fit for war than the rest. What’s happening to Americans is that they are being thrust into war conditions and they haven’t been through boot camp. So, they aren’t mentally and physically trained to deal with war conditions and so they flake out. I’ve been through the training (because Jesuits have intensely targeted me since 1991) and, therefore, I have more mental and physical strategies which I acquired through “boot camp” (because of my tremendous experience in dealing with Jesuits) to handle the intense pressure which the Jesuits put on you.

Believe me, we are in a WAR. I’m used to being under attack and I’ve developed strategies to deal with it. Most people haven’t had to deal with what I’ve had to deal with, and so when they’re hit with it, they’re overwhelmed.

So, you might say. . .what’s your strategy? I call it a “do or die” attitude and yet you can never, ever afford to lose your cool. And you have to read the Bible and BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ. And you have to pray ALL THE TIME. And you have to have the guts to “go it alone”. And you have to have a lot of love in your heart, so you can see beauty around you–even when ugliness screams at your face–this way you don’t get depressed. You can’t risk the luxury of self-pity or tears–your tears have to be controlled. You have to keep your head and you cry in your heart to God (but you don’t indulge in self-pity because you have no time for it) and stay strong– because God’s honor and the lives of innocents depend on your strength. That’s my approach. And, above all, you PRAY LIKE IT ALL DEPENDS ON GOD and you WORK LIKE IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU. And you have to have a very strong devotional life with God and you catch God in “snatches”–in-between the Jesuit blitzkrieg attacks. You try to make those “snatches” real times of communion with God because this is where you get your strength.

You have to see the “big picture” and not get caught up in all the pettiness. I try to see my life as God sees it. And I always remember there’s a heaven and that God rewards faithfulness.

Above all, I fear God and remember that there’s a judgment. I saturate my life with the Bible. I don’t depend on a church or other Christians to give me spiritual strength–I go straight to God in prayer and have a very strong devotional life. Some of the greatest generals in history have had my approach. When your body is in pain or discomfort, you pray, and ask God to give you grace and the courage to not let Him down. When you are faced with death, you ask God that your death will not disgrace God’s honor. You are more concerned about God’s honor than in your own life. This is my approach–and most American Christians don’t have this approach– and so the Jesuits get them. My body has been so attacked by Jesuits, that I am used to bodily discomfort–I think most Americans are not used to bodily discomfort. With Jesuits, you have to have an attitude of mind over matter when it comes to your body and how your body feels. I consider myself dead to my body and ask God to help me to ‘DIE TO SELF’. Yet you try to take care of your body (if you can) because you can do a more effective job if you have some health. So, if you can get some rest–you get it. But you often have to push yourself when you’re tired–you pray more on those days. You don’t deliberately neglect your body, but neither do you indulge it. I don’t let my body rule me–I try to rule my body. I ask God everyday to make me brilliant–because when you deal with brilliant Jesuits you have to be very smart and wise. You make every minute count. I don’t consider my devotional time wasted time–those are my most important minutes. I don’t just work hard. I ask God to help me work smart–because I’m greatly outnumbered.

Americans like to be “comfortable” and like their life to be in order and predictable and not chaotic. This doesn’t “cut it” when you deal with Jesuits. They’ll get you everytime. You have to learn to be comfortable with uncertainty and only have certainty in God alone.

I don’t feel superior to those who fall. I pity them, because I understand the pressure. Unfortunately, everyone who falls affects others around them. So, it is very important to stay strong–so that this war can be won. I guess you just have to love God and love honor more than you love your life–that’s the approach it takes to withstand the Jesuits and do right (despite all the pressure).

It’s a samurai approach. But I still don’t think I do better than others only because of my genes (though that may play a role)–I think I’ve just had more experience in dealing with Jesuits and I’ve discovered some successful strategies to deal with them.

It’s 8:30 p.m. and I can see my neighbor’s television set from here. This may be an attempt to draw attention to my ethnography. You may want to run CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES on any neighbors who are doing stuff like this.

You can broadcast significant results from any HISTORIES I request on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-28-03
Place: Melbourne, FL