Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-29-2003)

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12-29-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

We are continuing to have problems with Howard Dean. I have concluded that the American medical system is hopelessly saturated with Jesuits. Howard Dean has been under the care of an American jail-practitioner. Vladimir and I have received very bad cooperation from Americans. The American PLP system is hopeless, until the Americans can train a new group of doctors who are not Jesuits. See my suggestions for this in Sect. 12 of 666-Computer Laws for PLPs.

Put Howard Dean under the 666-Computer control of a Muslim country. We will give this Muslim country specific guidelines (in written form) regarding how Howard Dean is to be monitored, while he is under the care of their 666-Computer practitioners. These written instructions to this Muslim nation (regarding the monitoring of Howard Dean) will be broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. In these instructions, we will state that the Russian government (in cooperation with the American government) has turned over 666-Computer control of Howard Dean to that Muslim nation’s PLP network.

Vladimir Putin will decide which Muslim nation will be given 666-Computer control over Howard Dean. Once we give this Muslim nation guidelines about the management of Howard Dean, we will no longer communicate with that nation regarding Howard Dean’s management–but will give that nation autonomy in the management of Howard Dean. We will just give them written guidelines about how to manage Howard Dean.

It is our policy to give each nation autonomy with its PLP network. This is a very strict policy and once Howard Dean is turned over to the Muslim country’s PLP network–we will allow that country to manage Howard Dean without input or interference from us. We will just give that Muslim country guidelines that we want them to respect. The PLP networks of each nation are to be strictly segregated. There should only be citizens of one nation within each PLP network.

Howard Dean claims his wife and kids are Jewish, so put his wife and kids under the care of Italian PLPs. His wife and kids will be under the 666-Computer control of the Italian PLP network. I choose Italy, because this is the headquarters of the Vatican and the Jesuits don’t want the Vatican to come across as anti-Semitic.

As far as any other family members of Howard Dean’s, put them either under the care of a Muslim nation or of Italy. I’ll let Vladimir Putin decide.

In this matter of Howard Dean– President Bush will stay out of this.

In the written guidelines to that Muslim nation, we will state that Howard Dean is not to be killed. We will stress that he must not be permitted to participate in any conspiracies and that he should be punished if he is caught participating in any conspiracies.

It was totally my own decision to put Howard Dean under the care of a Muslim nation. Vladimir only mentioned to me that Howard Dean was still causing trouble, and Vladimir said there was much betrayal (or violation of Vladimir’s instructions) in the American PLP-network and this is why Howard Dean is able to continue to cause problems. So Vladimir asked me what we should do.

I told him this was difficult and I would go to God in prayer.

After prayer, I decided to remove Howard Dean from the American PLP network and to put Howard Dean under the 666-Computer control of a Muslim nation’s PLP network.

Both decisions that I made–to put Howard Dean under the 666-Computer control of a Muslim nation and to put his wife and kids under the care of Italy were totally my own decisions and I received no input from ANYONE about these decisions (regarding who should have 666-Computer control over Howard Dean and over his wife and kids).

A relative of mine in Japan, I believe she is a cousin, just got married. Her name is Satchko (not sure of spelling). Pray for her safety and the safety of her husband and all her family members. Because Vladimir is very close to marrying me, the Jesuits may try to target Satchko or her family (or in-laws) in order to create a “marriage” conspiracy.

And pray that Vladimir and I can get together safely soon. The consummation of our relationship has been unnecessarily delayed for over 2 years because of intense Jesuit targeting on myself. My financial situation is disastrous because the Jesuits have been on a rampage of obsession with all my affairs and have interfered with all my employment attempts (as they attempt to prevent my marriage to Vladimir).

I believe the reason that the U.S. is just now introducing armed marshals on some flights is because of the CONSPIRACY LAWS which I’ve written. Because of these laws, the U.S. feels more comfortable about using armed marshals because we are able to gather more complete or comprehensive intelligence about the armed marshals we are using. Before my CONSPIRACY LAWS were passed and enforced, it was risky to have armed marshals–because we didn’t know if we could trust these marshals. We were afraid that a marshal might be a Jesuit in disguise, and that maybe the marshal, himself, would hijack the jet. But because of the CONSPIRACY LAWS which I’ve written, we can get more information about armed marshals and, hopefully, eliminate those who would use their guns to hijack the jet instead of to protect the jet. JESUITS ARE MASTERS AT BETRAYAL.

Regarding Syria’s request that all the Middle East be a nuclear free zone– this is not realistic.

I have a better proposal. Each Middle Eastern country will only be allowed to have nuclear DEFENSIVE CAPABILITIES and will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons designed to ATTACK. So, instead of a NUCLEAR FREE zone, the Middle East will have a zone of nations that only have NUCLEAR DEFENSIVE CAPABILITIES, no Middle Eastern nation will have OFFENSIVE NUCLEAR CAPABILITIES.

However, I am dumb about nuclear warfare and maybe it’s not possible to segregate the nuclear arsenals into defensive and offensive categories. If it is possible to segregate them into offensive and defensive categories, then it may be a good solution to only allow defensive nuclear programs for all Middle Eastern countries.

In any case, Israel will not dismantle her nuclear program until she experiences 3 years without suicide bombings and other attacks against her citizens. As long as there is evidence that the nations surrounding her have the intent to annihilate the Jewish race, Israel will not dismantle her nuclear program.

RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS will have a time of mourning for the Pope’s ambassador who was murdered in Burundi. This was probably the work of Jesuits, who have murdered Catholics in the past to create the image that the Jesuits, along with all Catholics, are being unfairly targeted. Russia does not encourage the killing of Catholics. Nor do we want to see Pope John Paul II murdered, since he is giving us excellent cooperation. We will have this time of mourning to show our support for Pope John Paul II who has been very cooperative with the Russian government in its war against Jesuit-sponsored terrorism.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-29-03)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-29-03
Place: Melbourne, FL