Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-5-2003)

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12-5-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Let me throw out some possibilities for our new NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM:

I believe it is possible to use the 666-Computer to create a shield which will scramble or disorganize incoming satellite signals from ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS. What we are doing now is trying to create a shield (which relies on confusing the signal) around every cell in the brain which makes it unable for the signal to latch onto the brain cells. I call this a DEFENSIVE shield.

To win this war, we must also have OFFENSIVE weapons, which go out and ATTACK the enemy signals and disorganize them so that they are ineffective. I believe the 666-Computer can also be used to create a shield which goes out and disorganizes and scrambles all signals which target the brain (except for the signal from the PLP). This way only the signal from the PLP can target the brain, all others are scrambled as they attempt to reach the brain.

After reading my Bible this morning, specifically Psalm 68:30, 68:13, 68:33 & 34–I believe that possibly colloidal silver could be used in jet exhaust or on jet wings to act as a catalyst to promote the kinetic energy (which would be used) to scramble SIGNALS from ENEMY 666-COMPUTER PRACTITIONERS. This silver might be a catalyst for the kinetic reaction necessary to use a SCRAMBLER TECHNOLOGY against enemy signals (in order to protect those on the jet from enemy SIGNALS). This silver would work by hastening the scrambling process required to make the enemy SIGNALs ineffective against those (who would be targeted by these enemy signals) on the jet.

Once this enemy signal bounces onto our shields, maybe the energy of the enemy SIGNAL could be used to ricochet that signal back to its source (so that the intensity of our scrambling would match the intensity of the enemy signal). The enemy signal’s own energy would be the kinetic energy which would be used for our SCRAMBLER against it, and then if we added some colloidal silver into the atmosphere around the SCRAMBLER, we could intensify the disorganization and scrambling of the enemy signal even more. The principle behind this is to feed the strength of the enemy signal into the SCRAMBLER, so that the SCRAMBLER matches or exceeds (with the help of colloidal silver) the intensity of the enemy signal. The silver could be programmed to disorganize only those signals which it’s programmed to disorganize because it will be in a colloidal form–therefore, the good and useful satellite signals will be left alone. It will work kind of like colloidal silver works in the body against disease microorganisms, where the silver only targets the bad guys (the germs) and leaves the rest of the body alone.

Maybe this SCRAMBLER could be installed or fed into all T.V. receivers, radio receivers, brains, etc.) so that enemy signals would be disorganized. Maybe clouds (or outer space) could be seeded with colloidal silver to hasten the scrambling and the silver would target the enemy signals and disorganize them. Maybe this silver could be spread around every satellite to disorganize any enemy signals which emanate from the satellite. Maybe the silver (in the atmosphere) could be used to reflect enemy signals back into space.

Maybe receivers/reflectors could be placed on mountains or on the ground to attract and scramble enemy signals. Maybe these receivers/reflectors could be placed on all satellites to redirect all enemy signals (from or through that satellite) back out into space (away from earth).

Maybe we could put some of these SCRAMBLERS or receivers on the ocean floor and use ocean water to act as a catalyst to hasten the scrambling process to absorb and scramble enemy signals. Ocean water has many minerals. Maybe the silver could form an ionic bond or some sort of loose bond (with chemicals in the ocean water) and we could use these bonds to help us target enemy signals through ocean water. There’s a lot of ocean out there–this is quite a potential area for research.

These are some ideas that I suggest for our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM.

In Psalm 68:30, God seems to indicate that the metal Ag or Silver may be our SCRAMBLER. Read the verse. Silver is the 25th word. SCATTER is the next word after silver. So, God is saying that silver will scatter the American (25) satellite signal. Spearmen (in this verse) seems to refer to the Jesuits’ attempt to spear through our magnetic shields.

If you cross reference to Psalm 68:13–you’ll see where I got the idea about putting silver in jet exhaust or on the jet’s wings. Could yellow gold be of help? Check out the verse.

I also got the idea of seeding clouds or the atmosphere from Psalm 68, see verses 13 and 30 and 33, 34. Scatter is mentioned everywhere in Psalm 68. If we want to scatter the enemy signal–THE ANSWER IS IN PSALM 68!! And God seems to say that SILVER is the answer. Tell the scientists to read Psalm 68 and pray, because I think God is helping us out. I think the answer is in Psalm 68.

I got the idea of mountains from verse 15. The outer space idea came from verse 18. Seeding the clouds came from verses 8 and 9. Verse 21 seems to indicate that maybe the silver could be applied to hair or the scalp. Verse 22 seems to indicate use of the ocean depths or the floor of the ocean. Verse 32 seems to indicate that a study of sound or singing might be a good idea. Verse 33 seems to indicate a focus on the satellites which ride upon the heavens.

I believe the scientific solution to our satellite problem is in Psalm 68, I recommend all scientists (every morning before they start work) ponder this Psalm and ask God for wisdom.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Because of the commuter train explosion which occurred near Chechnya today, Vladimir and I require all Russian citizens to undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES. These HISTORIES will be updated daily. We must weed out Jesuit treachery from Russia. Any significant findings from these HISTORIES will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

From now on, Russia will require all NEIGHBOR SET-UP COUNTRIES (see General 666-Computer Laws document) to require all their citizens to undergo FINANCIAL HISTORIES and these histories will be updated daily. See update I made today to Sect. 2.9011 in General 666-Computer Laws and in Russia’s NEIGHBOR LAWS.

Dr. Georgia Witkin (psychologist) on FOX News is behaving suspiciously. Give her a FINANCIAL HISTORY and find out what’s going on. Time now is 4:46 p.m.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

I received in the mail today two legal documents from my ex-husband (where he is attempting to collect child support from me). As most of the world knows, I am unemployed and don’t even have health insurance, and lack many of the insurances and licenses I am required to have, because I can’t afford to pay for them. As I stated in my 11-19-03 statement (Bemerkungen), if David Schuler attempted to collect child support from me, then all lawyers and judges involved in my divorce case (from the past) and all those involved recently (like Tom Kruse of Everett, WA) and all of David’s lawyers involved in this divorce case and child support case (past and present) will have important points from their FINANCIAL and/or EMOTIONAL HISTORIES published and broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (in all languages that Vladimir desires and these may be updated daily to reflect recent activities). ALSO, David Schuler will be forced to make a confession as to all his involvement with Jesuits. This confession (by David) will also be aired on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS (in all languages that Vladimir desires).

At this point in history, when so much is at stake for Russia and the United States, which are two countries that are very, very important in world history at this time–to allow this two-bit punk of a cheapsake (ex-husband) of mine to prevent Russia and the United States from remaining FREE COUNTRIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The actions of my ex-husband (at this time) are putting the freedom of billions in JEOPARDY, and the only fit punishment for this cold, cruel man (who is so small and petty that he can’t see past his nose), who will quibble over $1,500 (which he knows I can’t afford) IN ORDER TO ALLOW A HITLER TO TAKEOVER THE UNITED STATES AND RUSSIA is wickedness beyond belief.

David Schuler MUST CONFESS (with a confession that we can record and enter into the Russian courts– all his involvement with Jesuits). Too many lives have already been lost in this fight for freedom and we will not allow David Schuler to cause us to lose this war against terrorism..

If David confesses, this confession from David Schuler will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS (and possibly in its entirety and in any language Vladimir desires to broadcast it in)–I will let Vladimir decide how much of the confession to include in the newscast.

David’s confession must match exactly all the incriminating information we have about him from his FINANCIAL HISTORY. The Russian government will check to verify that everything he confesses is accurate and matches what we have found in David Schuler’s FINANCIAL HISTORY. If David deliberately omits something that is important (in order to establish his guilt) or adds something extra that is irrelevant or which makes him appear innocent (when he is not), then David’s confession will be invalid and he will be executed. If David chooses to make a confession, it will be checked for completeness and accuracy (by comparing it to his FINANCIAL HISTORY) by our attorneys. David can work with our attorneys to ensure that his confession is accurate, since he is not a good writer. 666-Computer lie detection (which is very accurate) will be used as he reads or writes his confession to establish that what is in his confession is the truth. The results of this lie detection will be published and/or broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

Once it has been verified that David’s confession is accurate, the signature of those attorneys who have checked David’s confession (for completeness and accuracy) will be signed next to his own signature (David must sign his confession) to show that his confession is accurate and complete. Any attorney who deliberately and inaccurately signs David’s confession and with such signature claims that David’s confession is accurate and complete (i.e., it matches all legally relevant information that we have from David’s FINANCIAL HISTORY regarding his Jesuit involvement); when, in fact, David’s confession is not complete or accurate– that attorney will receive the death penalty.

This confession is a very important legal document and it must be complete and accurate and it must be valid–that is, it must match and include all the legally relevant information we have about David Schuler from his FINANCIAL HISTORY regarding his Jesuit involvement, and it should accurately and truthfully reflect what we have learned about David from his FINANCIAL HISTORY (regarding his Jesuit involvement).

As an attorney, who has been fighting (with my life, literally) to keep Russia and the United States free–I can see that if we do not carry through with what I ordered in my 11-19-03 statement–that the Jesuits may strengthen their case enough to the point THAT WE WILL BE IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY OF LOSING OUR LEGAL CASE; and, therefore, will lose this war against the Jesuits. We cannot afford to lose this war. The price we will pay for losing this war will be too dear.

As far as who will take care of Erich–once I marry Vladimir, Vladimir and I will gladly adopt Erich for our son.

I do not recant anything I wrote in my 11-19-03 statement. Please refer to it for more information about how to handle Erich, David, myself and others involved with this child support garbage (which the Jesuits brought on).

I would like to say that Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that the attorney I hired in WA state to represent me for child support modification is a JESUIT. His name is Thomas Kruse. So my mother and I got ripped off big-time with Thomas Kruse. Thomas Kruse’s brilliant legal advice to me after we paid him around $1,000 was that I was forced to pay David child support and that there’s nothing I can do–that my bankruptcy filing doesn’t help me, that the fact that I can’t get a job doesn’t help me, that my poor health after the divorce doesn’t help me. So, even though I have ZERO income (and owe everybody money) and haven’t seen my son in years because I lost custody of him through a very unfair (Jesuit-rigged divorce trial). Not only have I unfairly lost custody of my son, but I am forced to pay child support (even though the Jesuits have bankrupted me). WA state has very evil law and if I was an attorney in WA state, I would be a reformer to change their FAMILY LAW–which stinks! All this corrupt WA law should be exposed on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS (and expose how the Jesuits influenced this law–do a FINANCIAL HISTORY of all the lawmakers who created these family laws in WA). I want a history done on how WA state came up with its legal system and laws (especially in the area of family law) and in this history highlight any Jesuit influences. Present this history on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. You may want to do the same for the state of Connecticut and its legal system (especially in the area of family law).

Unfortunately, I have read the two legal documents which David sent me and this puts me in a very bad position, because it corners me and forces me to make an issue out of the child support (which I have been wrongly ordered to pay). This is just what the Jesuits want–that is why I have been so tough about this issue. I made copies of these 2 documents on the copy machine. Earlier (about a year ago), I gave Vladimir permission to retrieve anything I copy from my mother’s copy machine, so he has the documents which I received from David Schuler today (from the Connecticut Child Support Office). You can retrieve them and publish and/or broadcast them on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS or elsewhere.

Please honor EVERYTHING I requested in my 11-19-03 statement. I brought up other issues (like what to do if harm comes to Erich, etc.). Pray for my son. This is not his fault and ask God to give him strength and courage for whatever may come up. Ask God to protect my son.

My present strategy is that I will ignore both documents which I received from David today–which means I cannot get a passport (if my child support obligation goes above $5,000) UNLESS I APPEAL TO THE U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE. And it looks like any income tax refund (I would otherwise be entitled to), will be used to pay for child support. And if I get a federal job, my pay will be docked until my child support is current. I currently owe about $1,500 and the amount increases by about $240 every month. I have on my person about $20 and I have no job. This child support garbage draws attention to Pres. Bush, the Secretary of State Colin Powell (for the passport issue–read the document), and to any federal civil service job I may get. The Jesuits have about 90% control of the United States and I wish to leave this country. They have me completely cornered, so that no matter which way I earn money, I will be forced to do things that will strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir. I need to leave this Jesuit infested country. I do not like Americans. Americans have been unfair, cold and cruel to me; and I think this nation deserves to be taken over by Jesuits. This country is full of ungrateful wretches who take their freedom and prosperity for granted, and I do not desire to remain in the company of such garbage.

By the way, Vladimir has informed me that the horrible train crash which occurred near Chechnya was orchestrated by Americans; and, it appears, this was an American Jesuit attempt to implicate the Bush administration (Bush is a good man, but he’s too good a President for wicked Americans). [If Americans get Howard Dean for President, that would be the President THEY DESERVE. Since Americans love Jesuits so much, maybe God will give them a Jesuit for a President. HAVE FUN, U.S.A.] This train crash in Russia was made to appear connected to Donald Rumsfeld’s visit in Georgia (which occurred at about the time of the crash). You see what I mean about American GARBAGE? Stinky Americans won’t leave poor Russia alone. The average American makes 20 times more money than a Russian; and Russia has been through hell to free herself from her previous Soviet bondage –and it looks like the Americans are trying to shove her back into it. AMERICANS ARE BASTARDS. The Americans torpedoed the Kursk submarine, too.

I think God’s on RUSSIA’S SIDE. He’ll probably turn the United States into a SOVIET UNION, since she’s so eager to shove Russia back into the Soviet Union. That would be a fit punishment against the United States, since the U.S. is trying to stop Russia from becoming like the country the UNITED STATES USED TO BE, and bastard Americans try to extort poor Russia back into the Soviet Union (while Russia valiantly struggles against tremendous odds to become a country like the U.S. USED TO BE). I fell in love with Vladimir Putin because he is the heroic leader in this valiant struggle.

America is no longer great–SHE IS TRASH.

Russia and Germany have more virtue than the United States.


Deutschland über alles! Ich liebe die Deutschen.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-5-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-5-03)
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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-5-03
Place: Melbourne, FL