Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-6-2003)

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12-6-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I want a special investigation into the FINANCIAL HISTORIES of all persons and organizations that have managed my IRAs (both the ROTH IRA and the traditional IRA). The significant findings from this investigation (into those who have managed my IRAs) will be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. I am certain the Jesuits have stolen about $6,000 from me and that they are trying to blame this Jesuit conspiracy on an innocent party. In order to promote justice and to make sure the proper party gets the blame for this financial racketeering and criminal activity, I want significant highlights from the FINANCIAL HISTORIES of all those involved in managing my IRAs to be presented on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Let’s expose the TRUE CRIMINALS.

Also, I want a special investigation into all Hollywood productions (throw in the news media since that is also a production) that have aired on television, cable, over the internet, in the movies, etc, since 1990. Study and analyze the FINANCIAL HISTORIES of all those involved in all Hollywood or American productions since 1990 and highlight and broadcast any significant findings from this study on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Extend this special investigation into the film industry (and news media) of other countries as well, and do a comparative study to show which countries’ film and television industries and news media have the highest percentage of Jesuit infiltration (into their film and television industries).

These FINANCIAL HISTORY investigations into the film and media industries of the countries of the world will be a regular feature on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. We may present results from these investigations on a regular basis (like once a month).

In all these investigations, make sure to highlight those innocent persons who may have been caught up in a Jesuit conspiracy unwillingly or innocently, in order to prevent the Jesuits from making martyrs out of an innocent pawn who may have been caught up in a Jesuit conspiracy.

An example of this would be the actor Ken Watanabe in the production The Last Samurai, or Brent Spiner from Star Trek. It appears that the Jesuits were somewhat involved in this production (The Last Samurai), but that many of the actors (including Ken Watanabe) or producers were not willing Jesuit agents–so be sure to mention those who did not willingly participate in Jesuit schemes.

On a positive note, it may be useful to highlight those films or productions that were NOT influenced by Jesuits, to show that there are still some courageous and daring producers and filmmakers left in this world (who have the guts to be independent and not be a Jesuit robot).

Actually, I’ve heard (from Vladimir) that The Last Samurai was a well-intentioned production and that those who made it did not make it with the motive to help out the Jesuits. Nevertheless, it may be useful to mention how and when the Jesuits managed to infiltrate the making of this production–since, it appears, the Jesuits are trying to make a conspiracy out of this recent Hollywood release (The Last Samurai).

During all voting which takes place (all over the world) for all government positions, use FINANCIAL HISTORIES to see if the Jesuits are paying people to vote or to support their Jesuit politicians.

These investigations into the voting patterns of people (all over the world) and how they may be PAID TO VOTE FOR A PARTICULAR CANDIDATE and any other political bribery (and this information can be obtained via FINANCIAL HISTORIES) will be a regular feature on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS (maybe cover this about every couple weeks). We will make sure to have plenty of documentation and evidence to back up our assertions, because Vladimir is a President, and the Jesuits may accuse him of presenting false information in order to bolster his own political career. I would like to say that this is totally my own decision to broadcast this study of the voting patterns of people (and to make this a regular feature on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS). Vladimir did not even hint to me that I should do this.

I am not Vladimir’s puppet. He gives me a lot of autonomy and respects my brain and my judgment.

For all films shown in the theatres, use FINANCIAL HISTORY studies to see if the Jesuits are paying people to flood the theatres. They did this with Legally Blonde when it was released. You may want to present this fact on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Show the connections between Legally Blonde and the Brent Spiner/Gail Schuler legal case, this would establish the motives for why the Jesuits would be interested in starting a new studio (which they did), and they used this new studio to produce Legally Blonde.

Vladimir has informed me that David Schuler has made a confession. However, David must also withdraw his child collection efforts against me, or else the Jesuits can nullify the confession by claiming that we are trying to make a conspiracy out of the publicity generated from the confession. Vladimir and I just want to be LEFT ALONE. We do not want to be harassed with unnecessary and unfair legal actions, nor do we enjoy generating publicity regarding Gail’s divorce matters. The confession will do us no good if David continues to try to collect child support from Gail, because his collection efforts “make the News” (and give the Jesuits what they want–a chance to blame Vladimir for another conspiracy). So if we allow David to continue to try to collect child support from Gail, this makes it appear that Vladimir and I are not against the publicity that all this generates. And David’s collection efforts will make it appear that we enjoy all the publicity this “child collection conspiracy” generates. His attempts to collect child support (after we’ve shown the world that all this child support garbage is a Jesuit conspiracy) will only strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir; and, therefore, cannot be tolerated. If we tolerate this criminal activity, we risk losing the war against terror.

Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that David has made a confession and that (so far) David has not withdrawn the legal paperwork or any of the legal actions which he took to try to get child support from me. I logically concluded from this information, that we have a problem. David must withdraw his efforts to try to collect child support or his confession could do more harm than good.

It appears that my son, Erich, wants to make statements on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. At least, this seems to be what Vladimir is telling me (via 666-Computer). Erich has my permission to make any statements he wants to make on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. If Vladimir wants to give Erich an interview or allow Erich to write a statement (which will be aired and/or read on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS) this is fine with me. How (or what method) Erich uses to make his statement(s), I will leave up to Erich and Vladimir. I will leave all this up to Erich and to Vladimir. Erich and Vladimir can discuss this, and I trust Vladimir’s judgment in this matter. Please make it plain when Erich’s statement is broadcast, that this is all Erich’s decision and that Erich was not coerced by Vladimir or myself to do this.

It appears Erich has done an interview on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS and he has become a public person. I predict the Jesuits will look for inconsistencies in my son as he makes public statements. Therefore, Vladimir may broadcast in languages besides Russian and German the EMOTIONAL HISTORY, FINANCIAL HISTORY, and CONSPIRACY HISTORY of Erich Schuler, David Schuler, and myself, and of himself–and highlights from these may be presented (broadcast) on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Analyses by 4 or 5 clinical psychologists may be used to analyze and comment on the highlights. These HISTORIES may be updated as often as Vladimir desires. In the EMOTIONAL HISTORY, it is very important to note (and point out) when the emotions have been “fed into” the person (via 666-Computer) and are not the natural emotions of the person.

XXX1/2–G.S. (12-6-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-6-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-6-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-6-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-6-03
Place: Melbourne, FL