Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-7-2003)

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12-7-03 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

It’s obvious the Jesuits are nervous about our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM. . .

Have the scientists from our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM scan the Florida Today newspaper for clues about SATELLITE BLOCKER technology and SCRAMBLER technology. Let them scan the papers that have been published over the past couple weeks. I believe the Jesuits are dropping hints about SATELLITE BLOCKER technology and SCRAMBLER technology in the Florida Today newspaper. These Jesuit scientists don’t want to come out and just give us the answer, but want to drop hints about it in the American newspaper because, by doing it this way, they think they can accuse Vladimir of using American newspapers to advertise his “secret” knowledge (this is to insinuate that Vladimir knew the required technology all along and that he’s playing dumb and this also bolsters their argument that Vladimir and the American news media are in a conspiracy against the Jesuits).

I am very suspicious about the article, “Did Hollywood get time travel right this time?” from Florida Today (12-7-03). Please pay attention to the following sections in this article. I will quote exactly from the article:

Efforts such as theirs are aimed at explaining black holes, collapsed stars with gravitational fields so strong they prevent even light from escaping their grasp. . .It suggested black holes rotating about one another might create a tunnel connecting different parts of the universe, or a “wormhole.” They found that negative energy, a type of theoretical energy associated with antigravity, would be required to hold a wormhole together. And quantum teleportation was reported in 1997 by Germany’s University of Innsbruck (this insinuates that our German scientists figured out the solution back in 1997 but kept it SECRET) researchers, who instantly transferred the properties of one light particle, or photon, to another. Black holes are pretty tough to come by, and negative energy remains theoretical (maybe the Jesuits discovered negative energy and kept their discovery SECRET). . .Plus, the power needed to control such objects would be many times stronger than the power generated by the sun.

And quantum energy teleportation works so far on tiny photons. . .not real-world objects like people. (My comment: I wouldn’t be too sure about this. Besides this is a lying newspaper) “Still, nothing in physics prevents it from happening,” he says. “It’s just not within our current technology.” (Yeah, but it might be within the Jesuits’ technology–they just KEPT IT SECRET.)

A few experiments were proposed to send tiny subatomic particles back in time. . .Experiments would rely on repulsive forces between closely spaced metal (silver????) plates, the “Casimir effect,” to generate a kind of negative energy.

Find out who’s behind this article called “Did Hollywood get time travel right this time?” from Florida Today (Section C, 12-7-03) and do a 666-Computer search through the minds of those who created and were (directly or indirectly) behind this article, so that we can arrest the scientist who was behind the writing of this article and get more information from him/her. I believe the scientist behind the writing of this article has some important knowledge about SCRAMBLERS or SATELLITE BLOCKERS.

I am also suspicious about the article right above it, on p. 5C called “December sky offers thrilling views.” Is this supposed to draw attention to the title of my novel Silver Skies? I think this article “December sky offers thrilling views” also drops hints about SCRAMBLERS or SATELLITE BLOCKERS. Find out who is (directly or indirectly) behind this article “December sky offers thrilling views” and do a 666-computer search through the minds of those responsible for this article, so we can find the scientist who is using this article as a forum to “drop hints” about SCRAMBLERS or SATELLITE BLOCKERS. We need to find these elusive scientists who attempt to use the American press to give us the technological information we seek (instead of going directly to the Russian government) and do a 666-Computer search of their minds for all information they have about SCRAMBLERS or SATELLITE BLOCKERS.

If, by chance, we get some important information as a result of the 666-Computer searches we conduct on the creators of these newspaper articles, it is important that a CONSPIRACY HISTORY be done on all involved in the investigation (and on all those investigated) to establish who KNEW and who DID NOT KNOW about this important technology. Those who KNEW about the technology are obviously the conspirators. If, as a result of 666-Computer memory scans, we can establish that the scientists from our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM did not KNOW (see TERRORIST MONEY LAWS) about this technology, then the NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM could not have been part of a conspiracy to hide this SCRAMBLER or SATELLITE BLOCKER knowledge or to play dumb about their knowledge of this technology. The results of the CONSPIRACY HISTORIES conducted will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

You may want to check out previous newspaper articles (within the past couple weeks) that discuss scientific principles. Use the 666-Computer to do a search through the minds of those (directly or indirectly) responsible for the writing of any newspaper article that appears like it might hold clues to the technology that we seek. Ask the scientists from our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM what kind of search we should employ in the minds of those newspaper writers we investigate, in order to find the information we seek. Maybe we’ll search for key words like negative energy or something similar. It’s possible the Jesuits have been “dropping hints” through the newspaper about the technology information that we seek. They are choosing to use this method to reveal the information, because this way they think they can accuse us of playing dumb (and that we already knew the answers that we claim to seek).

I also want FINANCIAL HISTORIES and thorough 666-Computer scans done on the minds of everyone in the National Rifle Association (United States). I think the Jesuits may have infiltrated or taken over the NRA. I suspect this– because the NRA endorses the Jesuit Presidential candidate, Howard Dean. This would be a very clever move, since the NRA has been (supposedly) the organization that opposes the Jesuit policy of gun control. Maybe the NRA has changed AND WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT. And now they want their own news station? This is suspicious.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Vladimir informed me (via 666-Computer) several days ago, that FOX News commentator Laurie Dhue (not sure of spelling) is a Jesuit. What’s interesting about Laurie Dhue is that she has a striking resemblance to Loree McBride, even in her voice. I believe the woman with the deep pitched voice (and this voice sounded a lot like Laurie Dhue’s voice–though I am not saying that it was Laurie Dhue who called me back in 1993) who called me around midnight in July 1993 and said, “Hey bitch, what the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend?!!” was Loree McBride. So we have the Loree (or Laurie) conspiracy? Both Loree McBride and Laurie Dhue have beautiful faces and like to wear loud lipstick. And they are both beautiful blondes. Though I believe the Jesuits murdered Loree McBride and she is no longer in existence (despite the T.V. GUIDE article that claimed that Loree and Brent had babies together–which was written about a year after the Jesuits killed Loree). Vladimir and I would not wish for Laurie Dhue to be executed the way that Loree McBride was (I believe the Jesuits blew up Loree’s car). Jesuits are famous for killing THEIR OWN. Like they killed Eugenia Segreda’s husband (which was an attempt to make Eugenia [a Jesuit] appear to be a victim of Jesuits, so we’d TRUST HER). . .or the way they killed Loree McBride. I thought this phone call from Loree in 1993 (though at the time I didn’t know it was her) was humorous. I figured it was some wacko who worked at Paramount studios who didn’t like me (though I had no idea why–because I was only writing Brent Spiner and no one else at Paramount). She (this caller) sounded like a very frustrated, furious woman when she called. At this time I was interested in Brent Spiner and had no idea that Brent had a “girlfriend”. Vladimir and I would like to say that the fact that FOX News was tricked into hiring a Jesuit (Laurie Dhue–the Loree McBride look-alike) for a news commentator, in no way diminishes our appreciation for the fine work that Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren of FOX News did for our RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

I had decided to keep mum about Laurie Dhue until I noticed that she deliberately tries to prevent me from marrying Vladimir by attempting to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against him while she comments on FOX News. She’s a Jesuit, so her motive is to help the Jesuits takeover the world.

Obviously, if I marry Vladimir, the Jesuits’ attempt for a world takeover will be seriously weakened. Laurie does not always follow FOX protocol and has been quite bold in “doing her own thing”. For instance, Laurie (on her own initiative) described the movie The Last Samurai as CRUISING into 1st place at the Box Office and said it with a very sarcastic smirk. The Jesuits have been trying to make conspiracies out of Vladimir’s attempts to give me a cruise for a long time–ever since they figured out that Vladimir wants to have a cruise with me. After this incident where Laurie (doing her own thing) described The Last Samurai as CRUISING at the box office, I decided I better expose that she’s a Jesuit, in order to protect OUR CASE AGAINST THE JESUITS (though Vladimir and I in no way endorse the FOX News station). We just endorse Bill O’ Reilly and Greta Van Susteren.

Though Vladimir and I feel Laurie Dhue is a Jesuit, we do not want her executed. This would strengthen the Jesuits’ case against us (because she’s too visible). She must be punished some other way, I’ll let Vladimir decide which method is best. Whatever is done, try to choose a method that will make her unable to strengthen the Jesuits’ case against Vladimir and myself.

I’m tired of Jesuits trying to stop my marriage to Vladimir and messing with my private life. If Vladimir doesn’t marry me, the Jesuits will kill me by starving me financially. I can’t get money from any source (in the U.S.) without being forced to help out Jesuits while I get (or earn) the money. I AM COMPLETELY CORNERED BY JESUITS IN THE U.S. They have taken over this country. Do an EMOTIONAL HISTORY on me (regarding my feelings towards attractive women and maybe especially attractive women in the news or that I see on television) to establish that I have no jealousy feelings toward Laurie Dhue and never have been jealous of her, I just noticed very recently that she has been behaving strangely on FOX News. I want the results of my EMOTIONAL HISTORY (regarding Laurie Dhue and my feelings toward attractive women) to be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, use the EMOTIONAL HISTORY to study how secure I feel about Vladimir’s love for me–in other words, do an EMOTIONAL HISTORY about my level of trust in Vladimir and whether I have any concerns about his faithfulness to me (and then broadcast the results of this study on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS). It might be helpful to broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS my reaction (you can get this from my EMOTIONAL HISTORY) when I figured out that Vladimir was the victim of a pregnancy plot–where they stole his semen and made a girl pregnant with it. In fact, I believe the way I handled this “stolen semen incident” made quite an impression on Vladimir.

If I have any jealousy towards Laurie, it’s that she doesn’t have to worry about money and I do–because the Jesuits have bankrupted me and I can’t earn money from any other source (besides Vladimir) without destroying our legal case against the Jesuits. They have me cornered. I really, really, really have to leave this country and I want to get my money DIRECTLY FROM VLADIMIR.

It would kill me to betray Vladimir and, it appears, that I can’t earn any money in this country without betraying him. The Jesuits have me completely cornered FINANCIALLY. Vladimir needs to pay me DIRECTLY.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ JE$UIT$

Time now is 7:40 p.m. and my son is flying on a jet towards Vladimir Putin. Vladimir told me about this (via 666-Computer) when the jet took off (which was around 7:10 p.m.). From what I understand, the Jesuits are attacking my son’s breathing (using satellite and 666-Computer technology). I ask all the world to pray for my son–that he will arrive safely to Vladimir Putin and that the Jesuits will not kill him as he flies and while he is with Vladimir. The Jesuits are cold-blooded killers and if they kill my son, this won’t be the first time they have attacked my son’s health with the 666-Computer. While he was under my care, I had to bring him to the hospital many times (where I saw him turn blue) because the Jesuits used the 666-Computer to try to kill him with pneumonia and asthma attacks that came on in a matter of seconds. I actually saw the 666-computer knock my son to the ground and turn him blue (WITHIN FIVE MINUTES), so that he was gasping for breath and an ambulance had to be called IMMEDIATELY. It was literally a life or death situation. It’s a miracle that my son and I are still alive. The Jesuits have tried to kill us so many times. I do not believe my son ever had true asthma, I believe it was all induced by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer. I ask all Bible-believing Christians all over the world to pray for my son as he flies on a jet towards Vladimir Putin. Vladimir felt he needed to immediately remove my son from David Schuler’s custody because he was afraid for my son’s life. It appears as soon as the jet took off, the Jesuits used satellite technology (in combination with their wretched 666-Computer technology) to attempt to kill my son. Like I said, this won’t be the first time they’ve done this. It was kind of risky allowing my son to travel (since we haven’t totally mastered how to overcome the Jesuits’ satellite technology), but Vladimir did not feel it was safe to allow my son to remain in the care of David Schuler, and wanted to remove Erich from David’s care immediately.

I have absolute confidence in Vladimir’s ability to care for my son and have instructed Vladimir to do whatever he feels is best regarding my son. I think Vladimir will be a better father to my son than his real father. The biggest problem we will have to deal with (with my son) will be the intense Jesuit targeting which my son will be a victim of, while under Vladimir’s care. But I am certain that Vladimir will be a great father to my son and a much better role model to him than his real father. Any problems that Vladimir and I will have with my son (his health or his behavior), we know will be induced by the Jesuits. My son is a good boy and I have had a good influence on him. He is not a criminal, though I have seen the Jesuits try to make him one (using monumental peer pressure from his classmates at school).

Vladimir tells me that my son is a tough kid and that he’s handling himself remarkably well. Erich is taking all this publicity and the pressures that go with being associated with a President remarkably well–that is what Vladimir has told me. I’m not surprised. Erich and I have been through so much (because of monumental Jesuit pressure and threats on our life), that it has toughened us. And Erich, like myself, has a lot of royal blood, so we are born to be leaders.

Time now is 8:25 p.m. and Vladimir seems to tell me that the jet has landed and Erich (my son) is OK, but they have him on oxygen just to be safe (in case the Jesuits pull a fast one). Erich’s emotions (which we can read via the 666-Computer) tell us that Erich is very happy to be with Vladimir and feels relieved that he is no longer with his real father. Apparently, Erich was very nervous under his father and did not trust his father. Erich is very relieved and happy to be with Vladimir. This is what Erich’s emotional read-out is telling us (via the 666-Computer).

Now that my son is with Vladimir, I want Erich’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY to be updated hourly (or more often) and for highlights from these updates to be reported on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. From what I understand, Vladimir and my son have a very good and trusting relationship and I want the world to know this. We don’t want to foster any false impressions that my son is scared of Vladimir, because Erich is calm and happy to be with Vladimir and trusts Vladimir (Erich’s emotional readings from the 666-Computer verify this). Erich is absolutely thrilled (and very calm) to be with Vladimir and we will show this to the world by broadcasting Erich’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. Also, broadcast how Vladimir feels about my son (by broadcasting this information as we obtain it from Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY).

We will have the readings/analyses from the EMOTIONAL HISTORIES of myself, Erich (my son), any SIGNIFICANT PERSON that Vladimir feels should be included, and on Vladimir verified by lie detection, so that those who create the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analyses (will be monitored for lying via 666-Computer). We will also be sure to mention when the emotions and/or the body or mind of Vladimir, myself or my son are/is interfered with by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer or satellite treachery. In other words, if an emotion has been induced by the 666-Computer and it is not the emotion that the person would have without the 666-Computer interference, this will be mentioned in the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analysis (if it is appropriate). Or if someone is unable to concentrate, has mental lapses, or has shaking hands or trembles–but this is not the way the person would really behave or feel (without the unnatural interference from the 666-Computer), this will be pointed out in the analysis.

Those who compile the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analyses will be under lie-detection as they compile the analysis; and the lie detection results (from our readings of those who compile the EMOTIONAL HISTORY analyses) will be broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

From now on, do the same for myself (as is being done for my son). Have highlights from my EMOTIONAL HISTORY broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS (on an hourly basis). I’ll let Vladimir decide how often he wants to broadcast the highlights from my EMOTIONAL HISTORY. And be sure to broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS Vladimir’s EMOTIONAL HISTORY analysis (with very frequent updates as well)–”hone in” on how he feels about me and my son. We want the world to know that Vladimir, myself, and my son have an excellent and very trusting relationship.

Vladimir can broadcast on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS any video/camera coverage of interactions between himself and my son, so that the world can see the excellent relationship that Vladimir and my son have. Also, when (and if) I meet Vladimir, if Vladimir chooses, he can show video/camera coverage of interactions between he and myself on RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS. This may not be a good idea since he has been appearing in public with Lyudmila as his wife. But maybe he can show the coverage in a manner where I will not be considered his wife (even though everybody knows that I am). You might say, that is lying. Well, when you deal with Jesuits you have to be very wise and prudent when you deal with the news media. The Jesuits try to use publicity to murder and we want to foil all their attempts. I only give RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS permission to cover myself or my son. Anybody from any other news organization that does so will get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator. The reason I take this tough stance is because the Jesuits have world-wide control over the news media and they use the news media to set up murders. Vladimir and I established RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS to counter some of this world-wide control of the news media by the Jesuits.

Tell Lyudmila that I appreciate her efforts in our behalf. I sense she is uncomfortable about all this roleplaying but, unfortunately, when you deal with Jesuits it is necessary to go to such extremes–because they are FANATICS and they kill.

I’m not a person who desires to be in the limelight, but, unfortunately, I am going to have to publicize some of my relationship with Vladimir in order to STAY ALIVE. The Jesuits are trying to come up with any and every excuse in the book to kill me or my son or my family and to blame it on Vladimir–so Vladimir and I have to organize our own publicity campaign to counter the Jesuits. That’s why we established RUSSIAN HEADLINE NEWS.

I would like to report that as I typed the above report about my son, that I was intensely attacked by the Jesuits’ 666-Computer (as they used their satellite technology on me). In fact, the past couple days, Vladimir informs me (via 666-Computer) I have been attacked like a blitzkrieg with the Jesuits’ 666-Computer (using their satellite capabilities). He says the German PLPs have been excellent, but that the Jesuits are literally hitting me with an onslaught satellite attack as they attempt to oust the German PLPs. I told Vladimir to give the German PLPs a MEDAL. If it wasn’t for the recent research and strides we have made into overcoming the Jesuits’ satellite technology, the Jesuit attack would have been overwhelming, and I probably wouldn’t be able to function at all.

I would like to remind Vladimir that when he and I meet, I want to have ready access to my legal documents (via a computer). I anticipate that I will be writing statements everyday of our “honeymoon”.

I know Jesuits. They never give up.

XXXX–G.S. (12-7-03)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (12-7-03)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (12-7-03)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (12-7-03)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-7-03
Place: Melbourne, FL