Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-5-2004)

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1-5-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

This morning when I awakened I noticed that I had mild feelings of loathing and distrust and repugnance in regard to the African AUDITING team we’ve assembled. I thought this was strange since this was not how I felt yesterday or at any other time when I thought about the African people. I asked Vladimir about this and he told me that the 666-Computer is able to induce these kinds of feelings in a person toward a group of people.

Now that I am aware of this ability of the 666-Computer to induce feelings of prejudice toward a group of people, I feel serious measures need to be taken to deal with this. The Jesuits induce these feelings in order to kill innocent people and to set up wars.

If a PRACTITIONER (directly or indirectly) uses the 666-Computer to induce feelings of loathing, distrust, or repugnance against a group of people, that PRACTITIONER and all who cooperated with him/her in this ARTIFICIAL PREJUDICE conspiracy will be given the death penalty. Attempts to induce ARTIFICIAL PREJUDICE are attempts to set up murders and to start wars and the use of the 666-Computer to induce feelings of ARTIFICIAL PREJUDICE will not be tolerated.

The AUDIT team will also screen the PLP networks of the countries to see if feelings of ARTIFICIAL PREJUDICE against any group of people are being induced by the 666-Computer.

To induce ARTIFICIAL FEELINGS OF PREJUDICE against a group of people with the 666-Computer means to induce feelings of loathing, distrust or repugnance which are not the natural feelings of that person. If the person already has these feelings of loathing, distrust and repugnance toward a group of people and these prejudicial feelings were not induced by the 666-Computer– this is a different matter. The Russian government will not execute people for having NATURAL FEELINGS OF PREJUDICE, as long as these feelings are not acted out in a manner which is dangerous or which destroys the peaceful order of a society. Only when the 666-Computer is used to induce ARTIFICIAL FEELINGS OF PREJUDICE will the death penalty be meted out to the PRACTITIONER who induces these ARTIFICIAL FEELINGS OF PREJUDICE.

I have incorporated the above into my INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS and 666-Computer Laws for PLPs documents (in Sections 51.94, 51.95 & 51.96). Please refer to these CONSPIRACY LAW documents for the additions.

We have found people who are inducing ARTIFICIAL PREJUDICE (see Section 51 of my CONSIRACY LAWS)– do FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES on all involved or alleged to be involved in all these “prejudice” conspiracies. Significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

I have given India 666-Computer control over those persons who could be associated with a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography. See Sections 2.0, 2.3, 35.0, 37.0, 51.0 & 1.40 in INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS. I have chosen India because it seems to be the most neutral country in regard to the Schuler/Putin/Spiner case.

The Kenya AUDITOR team (see INTERNATIONAL PLP-NETWORK CONFIGURATIONS) should get a big raise. They are doing fantastic work and have helped us foil many plots by the Jesuits. The Kenya team has informed us that some PLPs in the Italian PLP network cooked a plot to kill off those Americans who are associated with my ethnography and with Vladimir’s ethnography, and to have this mass killing occur when Vladimir and I meet. It has occurred to me that if they successfully pull this off, they may kill off enough of those Americans who would vote for George Bush to insure that the Jesuit Howard Dean is elected as American President. The Jesuits know that with the current American population, George Bush will beat Howard Dean.

The Jesuit solution: Kill those Americans who would vote for Bush to insure Dean becomes President. A mass killing of those Americans associated with SIGNIFICANT PERSONS’ ethnographies would accomplish this nicely, because most people associated with me would vote for Bush.

If they can’t get Americans to vote the way they want, they will kill those Americans who won’t vote for Howard Dean. This way they can change the demographics of the American voting population in their favor. It doesn’t take much of a change in demographics of the American population to change the outcome of an election. The 2000 American election for President was proof of that.

Don’t forget that the Jesuits can read minds so they know who will vote for Bush. Most of the Americans associated with me will vote for Bush. One of the Jesuits’ biggest problems is Pres. George Bush.

Instruct the PLPs who have 666-Computer control over the American citizens to get a list of all Americans and next to each American’s name–list which Presidential candidate (Dean or Bush) they plan to vote for in the 2004 election (we can determine who they will vote for from the 666-Computer). This way if the Jesuits successfully pull off a mass killing of Americans, Russia can broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS what percentage of those Americans killed by the Jesuits would have voted for George Bush if they had not been killed. Maybe Russia can expose the TRUE MOTIVE for the killing of those Americans! Also, be sure to mention WHO WOULD BE ELECTED PRESIDENT, GEORGE BUSH or HOWARD DEAN, if Americans voted for a President today (and show the percentages and what groups of Americans would vote for Dean and who would vote for Bush and why they would vote they way they do). Do a demographic study of the American population to determine who would vote for Dean and who would vote for Bush and why these different groups would vote the way they would. With the 666-Computer you can come up with some interesting statistics. Be sure to include any significant data which comes up in regard to campaign financing, bribery and how all this could influence the American election for President.

Present solid evidence on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS that Howard Dean is a JESUIT. And, of course, the Jesuits want a Jesuit to be American President.

Another Jesuit plot that the Kenya team uncovered was a plot to use France’s nuclear capabilities to nuke the Vatican and Rome. And, of course, Spain’s PLP network would cover up the French plot. The Jesuits would love to nuke the Vatican. Because then they could get rid of Pope John Paul II, who is giving us full cooperation, and make it appear that Vladimir and I orchestrated this whole thing to blame Spain and the Jesuits for hitting Rome with a nuclear bomb. Also, the Jesuits really want to set up their Jesuit Pope in Jerusalem. The Jesuits would NEVER NUKE JERUSALEM because they want to claim Jerusalem as their own. They want to move the Vatican from Rome to Jerusalem. They despise the fact that they haven’t kicked out all the Jews in Israel, because they want to claim Jerusalem as the capital of the Jesuit run Roman Catholic/Islamic kingdom with a mongrel Islamic/Catholic Jesuit Pope as dictator of the world.

The German PLP network uncovered a Jesuit plot to nuke Japan with an undercover Russian nuclear group (who were secretly planning to hit Japan without Vladimir’s knowledge). Vladimir did not know about this. The Germans (when they recently took over the Russian citizens) told us. Vladimir wanted to puke when he found out about this.

The Germans and the Kenyans deserve a gold medal.

Vladimir and I will retain the Spanish and Italian PLP networks (despite Spain’s cover-up of the French plot and the Italian plot to kill off Americans associated with my ethnography) because both of these networks are cooperating with us and are taking care of those JESUIT CONSPIRATORS within their networks, and are better than the networks of the countries whose networks we have cancelled. Unfortunately, JESUITS ARE EVERYWHERE. The Russian and American PLP networks are DISASTERS, so reinstating the Russian and American networks won’t solve a thing.

I made some significant comments in my car as I drove today. All these can be mentioned or broadcast on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. I’m sure everything I said in the car was on camera or recorded–feel free to use these footages (from my car) on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. I talked about the psychology behind the Jesuit Order and how I felt about blacks and that I considered American blacks different from African blacks.

I want an EMOTIONAL HISTORY to be done about my feelings and Vladimir’s feelings for the black race. Present the results of these histories on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS with comments from several clinical psychologists.

I received a letter from David Schuler today. Vladimir informs me (via 666-Computer) that the photo in this letter (from David Schuler) about my son was pulled from Vladimir Putin’s website. So David pulled a photo from Vladimir’s website and transposed it onto this letter to make it appear that David has custody of my son. It looks like Vladimir bought my son an electronic piano.

Find out who’s behind this letter and arrest all those who willingly and knowingly used this letter as an attempt to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography. Those who willingly and knowingly (with this letter) attempted to draw attention to my or Vladimir Putin’s ethnography will get the death penalty.

I made the best copy I could of this letter on the copy machine (despite significant satellite interference). You should be able to pull up this copy from the copy machine.

After receiving this letter, the Russian government must forbid David Schuler from sending any correspondence to me. This letter is an attempt to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography.

Besides, Vladimir has informed me (via 666-Computer) that David has lied in several places in this letter and these lies are attempts to strengthen the Jesuits’ case. The Jesuits want to strengthen their case so they can kill more people and frame their murders on innocent parties.

If David Schuler willingly and knowingly sends any more correspondence to me or attempts to communicate with me, he will get the death penalty. If he attempts to contact me because he is extorted to do so, those who extorted him (666-Computer practitioners, relatives, etc.) will get the death penalty. David Schuler is forbidden to call or write me. Vladimir and I may allow David to write Erich after Vladimir and I get together.

However, Erich Schuler is not under the custody of David Schuler, and this letter (from David Schuler) is an attempt by the Jesuits to coerce me to take actions which would be detrimental to Vladimir’s case against the Jesuits. Erich is in the custody of Vladimir Putin. I want CONSPIRACY, FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL HISTORIES done on all involved in this letter (which I received today from David Schuler). Significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. The death penalty will be meted out to anyone who was involved with this letter who knowingly and willingly attempted to draw attention to a SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s ethnography.

Any decisions I made about how to handle David Schuler are totally my own. Vladimir only told me that Erich is in his custody and that David lied in this letter. Vladimir has never told me to give David the death penalty. Vladimir believes that David was extorted into sending this letter–so, it appears, David will avoid the death penalty.

But David is forbidden to communicate with me. This is my own decision. Vladimir did not tell me to forbid David from communicating with me.

Any recordings made of me in public can be used on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS.

Time is 9:45 p.m. and some guest (Jack) on FOX News went out of his way to mention the African countries of Namibia and Tanzania (not sure of this one) while talking about deadly crocodiles and peoples’ arms getting mauled off–but he mentioned 2 countries which are on my list of AUDITOR countries. This guy is suspicious– do a FINANCIAL, CONSPIRACY and EMOTIONAL HISTORY on him. He didn’t have to go to such detail to mention these African countries. Significant highlights from these HISTORIES will be presented on RUSSIAN BROADCAST NEWS. His name is Jack.

Right after I typed the above paragragh, satellite technology was used to cause my “ring” finger to fling itself against a T.V. table, so that, I believe, I now have a bruise right in the area of my finger where a wedding ring would go.

I have told Vladimir many times to skip the wedding ring. I’m getting sick and tired of Jesuits trying to make a consiracy out of wedding rings. I never wear rings anyways. You can’t find a verse in the Bible that supports a wedding ring.

XXX1/2–G.S. (1-5-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (1-5-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (1-5-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (1-5-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-5-04
Place: Melbourne, FL